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Al Amoudi concubines fight over crumbs in Virginia

Yet another shameful drama is currently taking place involving Al Amoudi’s {www:concubine}s (የጭን ገረዶች) who misrepresent themselves has officials of the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA). During the past couple of days, the concubines have been holding a meeting in Virginia. They called it a board meeting, but as soon as it started, the participants begun showering each other with insults and kicking each other from the meeting. Founding members who came to the meeting to help rescue ESFNA, which has been completely taken over by a gang of Al Amoudi-hired thugs during the past five years, were {www:unceremoniously} expelled. The cause of the fighting that has been taking place in ESFNA is to show who is a more loyal servant to the drunkard Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi and get some crumbs from him. It’s disappointing that VOA sends a reporter to cover this embarrassing spectacle that only brings shame to the Ethiopian community in North America, while ignoring other Ethiopian events that positively portray our community in the U.S.

13 thoughts on “Al Amoudi concubines fight over crumbs in Virginia

  1. Why the abeshas attend the soccergame in summer. If no body there no fight. Somebody can start another soccer federation which exclude the Tigres. Look Oromos, they have their own.

  2. I completely agree with #2 and expand on what we diaspora Ethiopians must rise in unison and undertake the following tasks:


    2) Expose and publicize the names of Woyane agents (spies) in our midst

    3) Document and publicize all Woyane properties around the world – since it is a property looted from the Ethiopian treasury

    4) Document potential Ethiopian children molestation crimes by Al Amoudi and his cronies and bring him to justice

  3. The servants of Meles being thrown;

    Abadula Gemeda ostracized by OPDO
    The Speaker of the Ethiopian Federal Parliament, Abadula Gemeda, has just been ousted from the executive committees of the Oromo People’s Democratic Organisation (OPDO) and the EPRDF, the governing coalition of which the OPDO is a member. (…) [184 words] [€5]

  4. Dear fellow country men, here in Germany the so called Woyane operatives are giving us a hard time, especially in Frankfurt, at the airport, they observe and follow up Ethiopian passangers.please beware of these idiot !

  5. This is the result of the moral and ethical crisis of Ethiopians for the last 20 years. For we every time happen to sell ourselves and our soul for the sake of trash money and wealth, then we are worthless peoples that every body can spit on our face after throwing a penny of dollars like a dog.
    Every time i happen to remember this man what i really feel is disgrace of humanity and Ethiopiwinet not respect. This man deteriorated the moral and psychological norms of our society and our country using his money and wealth. His damage to this country is more than his benefit.
    We are selling our very humanity, dignity and integrity as and Ethiopian in return for the penny he throws to us like a dog. What did he mainly introduce to this country? Good Education? Good workman ship and management? Good sort of civilization? Corruption? Modernized Adultery? Ethics and morality? Plunder of our resources and wealth? He gives us a penny at one occasion officially and takes the other way round in secrecy a dollar and other invaluable assets like our dignity and humanity at another occasion. When we happen to be worthless human beings who only run after money then we can not see the damages and the crisis that happen to us in different other overt or covert forms.
    We have to always remember the saying that “There is no free lunch as such” and for every thing we take at one occasion we will give back the equivalent or more at the other time. This is the song and modus-operandi of the current intricate and modern world. Time to wake up and see what is exactly happening around us. This man does not have the ethical and moral mannerisms as an Ethiopian and we are better with out this man. This man is in very conceit in that he can do what ever he wants through his money and he wants to buy us like a slave by his penny. And hence it is time to reclaim again our dignity and identity as an Ethiopian. Let’s remember our ancestors. How comes such a historically religious, decent ,proud and humble society is adulterated by such spiteful person who do not have the slightest yardstick for the dignity and respect of humanity except his money and wealth.
    Ethiopia and Ethiopians must not be a dust bin and dump place for any sort of immoral and unethical foreign strange behaviors and acts in exchange for a penny of dollars thrown on to us.
    The essence of poverty as a result of money and material scarcity can be overcome gradually through hard work and knowledge; however the essence of poverty as a result of ignorance, arrogance, immorality, and unethical behaviors can not be easily tolerated and is very damaging and shameful for a certain society. Therefore, we must not open our doors and our hearts openly for any stranger with out reservation just because that some one is with money and wealth. Therefore, the very incident of the concubines is a shame and disgrace for we Ethiopians especially for the women of that sort who sell their soul and integrity and dignity for the sake of money. If some one is to sell his invaluable soul and dignity for the sake of valuable money then what is left as such worthy for him in return?

  6. The last two days ESFNA did a great job voting out the one who make and put this organization a mess. These people have no knowledge to lead their family late alone such a wonderful and colorful organization. Coagulation ESFNA great job

    There is something totally I disagree with the idea to boycott participating the sport event. Why we are boycott? For whom we boycotting? To whom we leave the organization? Who benefit from dismantling such kind organization? It is ours not theirs…My Ethiopian friend take a look at this way we left our country to Melese, he dismantling our country peace by peace, now they cross the ocean and trying to do what they did in our country, divide us, destroy anything that put Ethiopian name first, anything that unit us. This is the country of law we should not afraid to speak out our mind, we should not afraid to tell the people who worked for TPLF or the Shake Al Amoudi to leave the organization or we unit against them so we can force them to leave… they should leave the organization not the other way. I don’t care if they are kissing the Shake Al behind or shoeshine TPLF thugs shoe it is their mind and their conscious… as far as I have seen I am live witness my close friends and so many people selling their sole for $$$.

  7. I agree with #2 and #3, These are new and wonderful ideas.


    2) Expose and publicize the names of Woyane agents (spies) in our midt
    This should be done in an organized way

    By the way where is the so called BEKA, dON’T ALWAYS use mere words of BEKA, be practical!
    Do not be tired thinking again and again, be practical!!!!

  8. Let us talk about the posetive side of ESFNA for a change.
    At the last day of their meetings they held elections;
    and voted for some people who really work for the best interest
    of ESFNA.The hodams like Ayaya Arega & their friends tried very
    hard to put other hodams like Mekonnen,Zulu,and Fasil in the EC;
    but they failed.No Ethiopian organization has better democracy
    than ESFNA.I do believe the new EC will bring real reform to our
    beloved Federation.Let us support it.

  9. I do agree with #10 that eventhough their is corruption
    esfna is more democratic any Ethiopian organization we
    know.You don’t like ESFNA no matter what they do.It is a

  10. Why don’t we ETHIOPIANS rise up and root out enemies of the people. Enemies who will not hasitate to sell their beloved Country and honest to God People for a back. Enogh is enogh, ESFNA has to be open to the public, and the people shall freely choose their leader. General meeting must be setup in every State and people should have to be given a chance for free and democratic election, to choose their own leaders. Untile then ESFNA should be difunctional.


  11. When ESFNA established long time ago, we Ethiopians didn’t know any thing about Whether AL Amoudi or Woyanne. This is our organization, we should protect it. We don’t need those hodams or ass kissers to sell us out again. They supposed to be the founders of our organization. You see my fellow Ethiopians how money change the situation. Endale was at Sheraton Addis recently and he came back and resign from his position because of their mission to divide us. Watch out for these hodams like Ayaya Arega, Sebsebe, Endale Tufar, Yoseph Gizachew, and etc. They might offer you money to divide your team, please don’t do it. They have fund from these shamful “Al Amoudi and Woyanne” to spread their diseases.

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