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6 thoughts on “Ethiopian heritage festival in DC (video)

  1. I am moving to Washington Dc . The food looks spicy and hot just like they make it in Ethiopia . I like it just spicy hot like that , I donot like none of the foods that I find in my town that taste strictly made for Ferenje with no hot spice . EMMEMMmm . My mouth is watering .

  2. I am re-posting my previous comment with minor changes about the LA Little Ethiopia festival here again because the same goes with this one.

    It is funny again.very funny because it was some how similar event like the one in LA.Specially now when our people are dying of hunger and diseases.All those who organize and participate on this event better use their brain and come up with some thing that will bring about radical change within our own home land.They need to search their inner most souls and ask themselves why the real Ethiopia thousands of miles away is struggling for its survival.This is what we should be concerned of.Not showing our cultural dances,foods and so on.

    I remember two yrs ago an oppostion politician on VOA telling local cereal exporter to quit exporting teff to help ease the rising cost of teff and other food stuffs.I have no objection on celebrating heritage or cultural event on foreign land but this is not the right time.Woyane had already done it and will most likely do it over and over again indefinitely to cover up its mess.

    We are on the verge of losing a country.Imagine if we lose it.We will have no heritage or cultural event for us to show of.Let’s not forget this astounding fact;

    We have a monster ruling our country.Let’s just briefly list our weakness and find a way to unite once and for all and that is when we will be able to be in control our own destiny.That is to FREE and SAVE Ethiopia.Root out the enemy first.It is the sacred and unflagging determination of all of us to see this monstrous woyane never achieve its goal.We need to start practising an honest team work.A team work that will bring about the change we need.Let’s start doing our part by helping our freedom fighters.Team work begins here.Let’s take this first step to speed up the fall of woyane.

    With out this, freedom,progress and advancement of our people with a stable and lasting government cannot be realized.$5-10 a month and those who can afford more can do much more.Let’s make contributions to those who are working day in and out to liberate our country.This is the least we can do.Let’s try it this way.$5 or 10 wouldn’t hurt us but it means a lot for those who are on the front line risking their life for our freedom.Thank you.

  3. It is always a proud moment for me when I see our communities celebrating our culture and sharing it with the mainstream society. To my fellowman Abebaw Worku’s point about focusing to better the political problems of our country instead— I say –what the Ethiopian community in DC is doing via this festival as well as other such communities around the US and elsewhere is an integral part of the struggle. These gatherings help build friendship and good will within our communities and help us build partnership with others be it individuals/businesses/other organizations. I have nothing but praise and encouragement for anyone who contributes in anyway to the success of such gatherings. Congratulations!

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