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Psychological Identification with the Tyrant

Sometimes people identify with the tyrant as an extension of their family or ethnic networking. They may feel loyalty to the regime or system similar to the loyalty that they feel to their favorite soccer club. This is particularly true if they have shared the experience of some dramatic historical events, such as a struggle for independence or a series of wars.. [read more]

5 thoughts on “Psychological Identification with the Tyrant

  1. You better believe it. The line up of the struggle is beyond psychology.Just put it simply and say the dark forces are ganging up to do harm to good doers. Finally Ethiopia and ER shall triumph over all evil.

  2. Well,

    I read and liked “Reb’ua’WEdnsday Poem” of Ethiopia Zare. He said “You can run, but you cannot hide” 99% of them still belive derailed. As per the mythitic fact, he meant to said… that… you can deceive human race but not God.

  3. I can sure you and for sure agian and agian meles is alone and thats way he play with fire by the name samethims Woyane,MLLT and Tigria and then he try to play game with Shabia(his gudfather)Then Ethipia first to invaded Eritrea(to kill Eritrean with Amara and to kill Amara with Eritrean) In the power play day 2001 to harm Siye and Tewlde he sided with halv Erityreans Bereket Simon,Teodros Hagos and Haregeweyni Asefa and others so he is a cheap figur and a stum film by Charles Chaplin.He have no any corner.

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