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Tyrant’s Key Pillar of Support – THE MEDIA

Effective nonviolent movements must have the means to communicate their messages to a wider audience. This is why authoritarians in many countries attempt to limit or deny movements access to this pillar of the support. They also frequently invest substantial resources in state-run media. [read more]

4 thoughts on “Tyrant’s Key Pillar of Support – THE MEDIA

  1. Guys please wake up! The Woyane leader Meleze Zenawi is winning the game and pery soon the game will be over. In just about a few months we will be unable to do anything. The man has won in the home front and he is successfully trying to lobby the corrupt senators and congressmen to close the VOA or make it a TPLF mouthpiece. Let’s do something to convince law makers in Washington so that they will put sanction against the ethnic apartheid regime in Ethiopia. Let’s each write a letter to our senators and congressman and woman.

  2. Prof.m Alemayehu, really i have learned from your wonderful writing. But under a prevailing context, under our country situations, this writing by itself doesn’t bring change. The Ethiopian people under are under ruthless oppression for decades which is harsher than colonialism era. Ethiopia needs revolution, the Ethiopian people need change..a change that would establish new Ethiopia on the basis of justice, equality, human rights, and real democracy for its citizens.

    But your writings, I believe, would be a good contribution if it come up with recommedations that enable to design tactical and strategic solutions. Indeed, you have a place of active role to design strategy and practical solutions, otherwise an ocean of words couldn’t bring change in Ethiopia that has been ruled ruthlessly for almost 3 decades.

    V 4 Ethiopian people!!

  3. A simple advice to my dear Ethiopian brothers and sisters: If there is any young Ethiopian who think the old politician will bring a drastic change in Ethiopia, he/she is simply dreaming and wasting his/her precious time. You, the young and energetic, need to rise up and bring drastic change for the Ethiopian people. Make the year of 1896 to be part of your history but for freedom sake quit living in it: create your own one. The sad reality is those old Ethiopian politicians are all but talk. The simply want power for themselves without paying prices. Young Ethiopians need to rise up and quit your regional and ethnical sentimental. Just fight for what is right for the Ethiopian people. Otherwise you will never defeat woyane with your outdated mentality: if you defeat woyane while your old mentality is still intact, you will be going back to score one. Those old politicians, for quite sometimes, have been telling us that woyane is on the verge g of collapse we haven’t seen any sign of that. If woyane collapse it will be so only when the Ethiopian freedom fighters start unite their fighters under one front and gain support from the whole Ethiopian Diasporas, not because of what those Professors or Drs. are saying. Woyane understands only one thing: THE BARRLE OF GUN.

  4. Woyanen Enatifaw,

    I would suggest that it would better for you to go to school and learn the true Ethiopian history rather than being fascinated by a fraud thought. It seems to me that the Prof. Alemayehu has succeeded brain washing you.

    I pray for you to see senses.

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