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Woyanne Diaspora campaign debated on German Radio

Deutsche Welle (German Radio) on its Sunday, 22 May 2011, program interviewed Ato Neamin Zeleke, Dr Messay Kebede and Woyanne ambassador Dina Mufti on Woyanne regime’s failed attempt to get the support of Ethiopians in the Diaspora. Listen below or click here [forward to 8:00 minute mark].


7 thoughts on “Woyanne Diaspora campaign debated on German Radio

  1. Good but where are we going to meet on Ginbot 20? I am still waiting to hear from ‘BEQA’ movement organizers. ETHIOPIA is disappearing. We must unite now now and send WOYANE to China. It is MUST. Woyane has to go.

  2. I’m recent universit graduate from the northern Ethiopia, Tgray. The point i want to say is as long as the Beka Tnsae benefits for all Ethiopians equally, i’m for it and ready to share my skills to my Ethiopian people. By the way, i really admire the unity of ER and Ethiomedia sites. I hope you guys extend your warm support to the Eritrean opposition parties who are attemping to overthow dictator eseyas that has been bleeding our beloved country for over half century, too. Becouse they are pro-Ethiopia, doing so would definetly gain us access to the our natural right sea without any bood on our side.

  3. #3.weghahta,

    To me you suond like a cunning fox dressed in sheep skin and covertly trying your best to organize and create unity and cooperation between the Eritrean government and tplf dictatorial government by cheating Ethiopians to start a dangerous two front wars in order for Ethiopians to become losers just like the pre 1991 warfare.

    As a warmongering habitual cunning wolf, you may take all of your war loving friends from within the boundary of Tigray and go try Eritrea by yourself ALONE.

    You don’t need to invite us in to bloodshed and killing other humans for a port that have been taken under the supervision of the Zenawi tyranny.

    The tyrant who supervised the Assab issue should also go and take it back if he dares with your help and the other Tigrians. Why should the other Ethiopians need to shed their blood over and over again for the resource which we can take back by peaceful negations of give and take.

    Otherwise the tplf who supervised the transfer of Assab to Eritrea needs to go alone and bring it back. Talk about that to dictator Meles and not to other Ethiopians unless you are dreaming to reconquer Ethiopia for the second time by stretching its scarce resources through two front wars that may usher in sure defeat at the hands of two armies. NO THANKS GO FOR IT ALONE WITH YOU HABITUAL WAR LOVING AND WARMONGERING FANATIC TIGRIAN ELITES conspiring day and night.

    “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me” ):

    angargachew eshete replies:

    Amsale, you are a hate moger, and you have no write to grant or take off ethiopianism from any mans heart. so, shut your uneducated brain.

  4. Diaspora does not need a campaign to make financial contribution to Ethiopia . Many times during the early 1990’s diaspora has voluntarily raised funds and tried to help the poverty stricken Ethiopians in many occasions . The problem was when the money arrives Ethiopia the Woyane government kept on stealing the money and the money did
    not reach the intended reciepients at all . Diapora has learnt not to thrust Woyane nomore a long time ago.

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