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Over 70 percent of western Ethiopia is without power (photos)

Ethiopian opposition group Tinsae Ethiopian Patriots Union has posted photos of the power lines that its members cut off on Friday. According to the group’s web site, over 70 percent of western Ethiopia continues to be without power today. The Ethiopian Electric and Power Authority (EEPCo) issued a news release yesterday saying that it is trying to restore power in the area. … [see photos and read more at]

24 thoughts on “Over 70 percent of western Ethiopia is without power (photos)

  1. Do you know all your links to does not work. All related stories have broken links. Please fix the links so we can read the full story.
    Thank you

  2. i want to repeat my previous question. what is Tinsae’s mission and who are its leaders. i am having hard time supporting the group without knowing more about the group and who are behind it. thank you

  3. for the woyanes who trys to stear this strugle by saing …oh the hospitals….. people ….communications..blh blh ..i would say ask ur master(zanawi) how many bridges and schools he distroyed b4 he came to power!!!

  4. mozi

    you are one of those moron woyanes. Ethiopia does not have a gov. Ofcourse, the are shiftas who act like a gove and do what shiftas supposed to do. But, twenty plus years of killing and looting shall end soon. Usless tplf rats like have no any place to hide.

  5. Go Ethiopians go and free yourselves.

    “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret freedom is courage.” ~Thucydides(Ancient Greek historian and author, 460-404bc) :)

  6. # 3 anonymous, your question is clear and i need to tell you who is behind it. Shabia is behind it MIN TAMETALEH? forget to support them you are no thing.
    thank you.

  7. The wayanes are still scared and obsessed with Shaebia. Whenever the Ethiopian people stands against them they try to connect the issue with Shaebia. I think the Ethiopian people are passed that deceit! Freedom to Ethiopians!

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