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Ethiopia’s dictator offers Egypt partial ownership of Nile dam

Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator has offered Egypt a co-ownership of the planned Nile River dam, according to the VOA (read here). Meles Zenawi said: “If there is a reconsideration, there will be time to consider many issues, including possibly joint ownership of the project itself. We are open to such ideas,” said Meles.

Ethiopia has several others rivers that can be used for hydroelectric power. Meles is going after Nile River and picks fight with Sudan and Egypt to divert attention from his domestic crisis, including an impending uprising. What is even more sinister is that he is offering a joint ownership of the dam to Egypt and Sudan, which could threaten Ethiopia’s sovereignty in the long-term.

33 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s dictator offers Egypt partial ownership of Nile dam

  1. If Meles is picking a fight then he is offering Egypt coownership of the dam how is that going to work? I think the above article needs correction. If he is offering Egypt co ownership, he is creating peaceful environment at the cost of our sovereignty which will not create an environment that will thwart uprising.

  2. That was the motive behind all the hype about the use of Abay. Meles is interested to bring Egyptians in to that region and make them his allies in subjugating Ethiopians. In the Southern and Oromia region India and Saudi Arabai have already become partners. They own big chunks of land hence they have a stake in supporting his regime.

  3. Fellow citizens of Ethiopia,

    How many times & for how long can we write articles, go to meetings, organize fund raising and give interviews while the petty dictator continue to sale our land to get kick backs?

    What also can we learn from the actions of a petty dictator, who does anything he wants to distory the young generation, burn the places of worships for both christians and moselms, and launder millions if not billions of dollars out of the country without any fear of what will happen to him and his close associates?

    Finding answer to these types of questions will focus our attention more on what to do next…. to expand the Nile Revolution to the source of the Nile, rather than, waste our time talking about the so called ownership of some lousey dam over the Nile! Meles & Berket come with these types of drama
    for distraction. Let us frame the issues and set the agenda

    Have your say

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia & let all dictators continue to fall one after the other!

  4. What is wrong with that? it is not for free, they will contribute some finance and get the sense of ownership for the proper usage. Think like 21 century person

  5. The glory days of tyrrant Meles Z. are counted.He has to step down within three months voluntarilly. His deal with foreign nations be it nearer or farther is null and void.
    He has not been a lawful ruler of the country since May, 2005. He is ruling the country by usurping peoples’ power by the barrel of the gun.
    Foreigners who are conducting business or any kind of deal are abusing the right of the indigenous people. That might have negative consequences.
    The guy(Meles)should be halted as soon as possible. Otherwise he is planting a poisonous seed on the soil of our country.
    Death to Meles and his cronies.
    Ethiopia sahll prevail!

  6. In addition to what you indicated, why do they have to go so far away from the industrial cities to build hydropower? The project site is the Nile River near the border between Ethiopia and the Sudan. This site is not only remote, almost doubling the cost of building, but also vulnerable to enemy’s attack. The site is not economically viable for agricultural irrigation development because the river is on the average 30 meter below the surrounding land terrain. So, what is attractive about this site?

  7. Elias
    This mental disordered individual is not Ethiopian dictator he is an occupier with very similar way like that of Adolf hitler an austrian man who had a very inferiority complex childhood to make the crime he commited against humanity in a manner that the planet has never sees and hopefully will never happen again but as we have witnessed in the last 20 years,the midjet in the minilik palace
    can make some damage before he get catched by Ethiopians but what i can assure you is all the deals signed by this clown be it land grab dam credit from intl institution are all illigal and wont get validity after his departure as they have done the deal purposely specially the
    west orieted once like imf that he is illigal .

  8. What do you anticipate from this wimp. From the start his dam and Eritrean war thing is the usual Meles’s deafening chatter to change the public’s burning issue such as high unemployment, high living cost because of inflation, lack of freedom and democracy, lack of accountability, high corruption as well as the minority rule over the majority etc. In short Meles says just to change the publics attention from the reality. So the building of this dam is a baseless Meles style white lie just like the five year’s transformation slogan. All of this Meles’s regurgitate talks trust me will come to their usual dead end. Have you ever seen when Meles finishing whatever he started?, he always starts things like elections, wars and promises etc. he does not even remember what he said to the public, I think before he comes to say things for the outside world he must be high on substance like heroin, Chat or marijuana etc. We should look who he is seriously even whites are now becoming familiar with his shameless lie did you listen last week on VOA one German elected official saying he does not believe Meles even though we have known Meles’s lie for many years now his sponsors are becoming aware of his sickness. So please do not post or transmit on the free media his useless building dam and five years transformation chatter.

  9. Too late Meles, your old and stinky trick is not going to work this time. You tried to pick a fight with Eritrea, but Eritrea knows your trick than any one else and they refused to respond to your war drums, not you want to pick fight with Egypt and Sudan. We want our coutry back and with our democratically elected new leaders we are confident that we will live in peace with all our neighbors including Eritrea, Somalia, Egypt and Sudan.
    We are ready to reclaim our fertile land and rivers and use all our resource to alleviate poverty and starvation from our people. Did I mention that we are aslo ready to reclaim our fertile land in Gambela from the Indians ?

    Read our lips, we are all saying NO to Tyranny ! No to War ! No to poverty !

    BEKA !

  10. this weyane rat is going left and right just to avoid the impending revolt by the Ethiopian people against his tyrranical rule by trying to divert attention, first by declaring war on Eritrea which the people were not enthusiastic about, and now provoke Egypt by threatening to build a dam on the Nile, again nobody took him seriously. This shows how desperate and scared he is and doesn’t know what to do. And we will see what his next card will be. He will try everything until he runs out of ideas. My advice to this tyrant and his buddies is, leave the country peacefully while he has the time to do so. But then again, it is not in the nature of dictators to exit gracefully, but rather, they are dragged out of their hiding holes unceremoneously.

  11. It is true we hate Woyane but we hate it out of love to the safety of our country not for sake of hating. We need to differential between the interest of the nation and that of the Woyane. We need also to understand that all the Woyane does is not necessarily harmful to Ethiopia. We need to come out of the small box. The above article typically shows our confusion. It states that Woyane is building the dams to pick up a fight with Egypt or to divert the attention of the peoples, as if the issue of using the Nile never raised by previous government’s of Ethiopia or by Woyane itself long before the current political turmoil in our neighbors. Second, Meles’s offer ownership in the dam to Egypt is condemned for compromising the sovereignty of our nation. In one article we are objecting to two opposite ideas. The notion that “we oppose whatever the Woyane does” is not convincing to the reasonable opposition members who would like to see the Woyane, as a temporary government, different from the long-term interest of the nation. Our short –term political steps always backfired against our struggle against the Woyane. Even activist need to consider our nation’s long-term interests in our daily activities.

  12. Abay(nile) is a God given water for all the people of ethiopia, sudan ,egypt and other people. Itshould not be considered a private property of a particular people living at the source or the destination. It is a good idea to work together for a better use ofall people. Abay shulod be a rope to hold people together not a source of hate war and animosity. Leaders bad or good come and go but abay flow forever tighing poeple of all the countries on its way. My coclusion : it is not a bad idea to hold projects in joint and co ownership.

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  14. Time to act!!!!
    What we say, write and mefoker here doesn’t matter. Let us go back for two weeks in May and join our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and relatives that will be attending the BEKKA rally…….

  15. “Infants and women rule over my people.” – Is.

    The resistance toward T.P.L.F/Assyria/Wolves:

    1. Review the Ten Commandment, all mosaic laws and Sermon on the Mount on daily basis. Exercise it. የታመመ መጠየቅ: የተቸገረ መርዳት: ሰው ላይ አለመፍረድ…
    2. Don’t be a fake/phony toward your fellow people, religion.
    3. Never consider going the Sorcery/Tenquay route.
    4. Never change, alter, doubt, resize… your faith of (Orthodox rel.)
    5. Quit the Khat, Coffee, Liquor, Cigarette, Fornication, Deception, Lies, Anger, Violence, Hodamenet… [ways].
    7. Simply follow the working ways of our people of generation ago.

  16. Yes commentator waka, above you are right any deal by the despotic regimes will be null and void in the the future. As it is consider under International Law as ”Odious Debt,,.

    Meaning when every despotic illegitimate rulers entered in an ilegal dirty deal, be it land lease/sale, loan from IMF/World Bank or from any other lenders, that does not benefit the nation and was not in the interest of the people will not be the nation’s debt.

    It is remained as the despotic regime own debt. Hence, the quicker this despotic regime falls the better, then only then we put the wrong right.


  17. የመለስ እውሸቱ ሀገርን መክዳቱ
    እናልማ እያለ ሰርቆ ማካበቱ
    ወገንን አስርቦ ሁሉን ማግበስብሱ
    ይገርመኝል በጣም የወገን ሰቆቃ
    የሞተልሽ ቀርቶ የባንዳ ልጅ በላ
    መንጋቱ አይቀርም ድቅድቁ ጨለማ
    አንበሳው ሲነሳ በሸገር ከተማ
    አሉላ አባነጋ ተንስቶ ሲያቅራራ

  18. I think he has Enough with selling land now he want to transfer to a water deal. I believe Woyane forgot they are a government and turn it
    self into a business. Since they are sensing change is coming they
    would rather collect as much as they can and leave Ethiopia Bankrupt.

  19. It is too late to negotiate with Egypt or Sudan since time has run out for your legitimacy. The best you can do is to bow out by resigning while there is still time. It is no use trying to divert attention.

  20. Our natural resources are ours and Zinawi can not speak for Ethiopians because he entered Ethiopia via invasion.Period.Moreover,the natural resources of Ethiopia are nonnegotable.Why kind of madness is that this fugitive engulfed in?

    Ethiopians’ issue is Ethiopians.Ethiopians will speak for themselves in any circustances and at any places.That is it.

  21. Differentiate Ethiopia/woyanne

    We Ethiopians had given woyanne 20 years but just he (their leader)thinks that he is smart enough to outsmart us neglecting our patience and hope till he got the pay back by the election 2005 and it was the time where he started to shows his true behavier and comes out open with his long time hidden agenda being adviced by his enablers which is destruction of the nation,so my good friend 20 years is too much
    a new born baby comes adult ,destroying two generations ,divide and rule a system that the world colonial powers were using 100 years before is being applied by these backward groups on the 21st century,
    planting so many weird tactics like religion and ethnicity

  22. የመለስ እውሸቱ ሀገርን መክዳቱ
    እናልማ እያለ ማካበቱ
    ወገንን ሁሉን ስብሱ
    ይገርመኝል በጣም የወገን ሰቃ
    የሞተልሽ ቀርቶ በላ
    መንጋቱ አይቀርም ድቅድቁ ጨለማ
    አንበሳው ሲነሳ በገር ከተማ
    አሉላ አባነጋ ተንስቶ ሲያቅራራ

  23. The Whole Nile treaty story is ridiculous to begin with, How could Egypt owned over fifty % of the water ? and why did we allow it to happen? Actually this
    regime is better than others at least they are trying to use it but for so many
    decades it was not even an issue for Ethiopians. please don’t get me wrong i am not supporting this regime they may have other agenda behind it but regardless let them build any thing as long as it’s in the country. for many years the Ethiopian people are suffering with drought and famine due to lack of rainfall while Egyptians are Enjoying our water by using it for farming and other things and they complain when we ask to use our own water. what is this ? i think let Egypt go to hail. In order to use our own water do we need permission form any body,I believe enough is enough starting from this regime to any one who is against our people wishes.

  24. This man really doesn’t get it! He wants to sell everything Ethiopia and the Ethiopan people own. He has illusions that he owns everything in the country. There is something going on within his head which he needs to have examined or is it the Chat that is messing up his mushy brains! Bereket Simon take your master to have his head examined! You probably need yours examined too.
    God help us from these mad people!

  25. Well, a week or so ago Meles gave us an agenda on possible war with Eritrea, and it has a been a talking issue on many chat rooms. And now he came up with this Millenium Dam thing. All these are futile efforts to divert the attention from the upcoming people’s revolt.

    Meles knows fully well that people’s power is more than Tsunami or anyother natural force. Once coordinated, there is no stoping of it. So, he is simply trying to give us agenda after agenda in a matter of few days.

    Ask yourself, is it coincidence or an ulterior motive behind all the present hoopla?

    We have to say Enough is enough, BEKA, GAYE, YIAKEL, BASS, etc… soon.

  26. We know Meles Banda and his trick very well. Now he is panicking after the North African and Middle East countries Revolution. His time is up. To divert attention from the coming Ethiopia revolution Meles new song is about the so-called millenium nile dam. Everybody know Meles trick and his times now numbered. Meles foot soldiers now in a mission to north America and they need this song of millenium dam to thier diaspora supporters and Hodam. But the beloved sons and daughters of Ethiopian in the diaspora will not give him a single dollar for his new song millenium nile dam.

    We build nile dam after the fall of Woyane and establishing democracy in Ethiopia. But now our prime target and priority is to get rid of the bloodsucker Woyane and fight for our freedom. Ethiopian diaspora participation in development is important but the time is not now. As far as Woyane in power there is no conducive invsetment environment in Ethiopia. We need Ethiopian diaspora money after Ethiopia liberated from Woyane. So the beloved Ethiopian sons and daughters don’t be distracted from the struggle and continue vigourasly campaigning for ‘Beka’. God willing soon we will start our revolution and librate our motherland Ethiopia from Woyane. God bless Ethiopia.

  27. If diversity is good and liberty justice freedom prosperity democracy good health win-win industriousness freedom again liberty pursuits of happiness are good items for Ethiopians natives investors tourists entertainers players traders engineers doctors and every one likes to have it and presuming equal accesses to goods profit money car good house good roads play fields schools could be positive attributes why are being accused of you deny natives and lease to foreign investors by taking land by dislocating natives who presume they are naturally there and have connection with land communities cultures traditions community investments tangible and intangible assets take over steal take by force land from natives by evicting them, they have a lot to loose it is unfair practice those who know law need to look at this naturally who the has ownership entity consideration a fair exchange legacy to charity common good use rights be subject to Woyane/EFFORT holding how can this entity team group in power transfer this peoples asset for any time 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 50 or 99 years can be fair unbiased non-discriminatory reasonable e just yet it fails the test of natural law I say in scales of reasoning thesis antitheses favoring synthesis win-win scales in this quantum world.

  28. Public Enemy Number One Meles Zenawi is trying to bribe Egypt to get support in fighting Eritrea if a war breaks up again. It is obvious the Ethiopian people will not fight Eritreans like they did in 1998. Ethiopians now know who is there real enemy so Public Enemy Number One wants egypt on his side.. and who is benefiting from the war and sacrifices . The Ethiopian people know Meles Zenawi is an Eritrean himself and pressure Eritrea to start a war against Ethiopia so the Meles mercinaries donot get blamed for the killing of Ethiopians . One example of that Ethiopians not willing to fight Eritreans anymore to benefit Meles Zenawi was exhibited During the 2011 World Cross Country Championships race in Spain, an Eritrean athlete suddenly punched the Ethiopian athlete Abera Kuma. Abera Kuma wisely didnot fight back and continued runing in the race with out exhibiting any violence . .It was said the Eritrean runner acted violently during the race so the ethiopian people will focus on Eritrea and not on their internal problem Public Enemy Number One meles zenawi…

  29. Dear readers,
    Zenawi is crying about war with Eritrea and Dam construction. As all said it, it is tactical diversion from the main issue. Onother card to play is, tricking opposition groups into blieving that Isayas is an enemy and make us blieve he is now extending hands to help the opposition. I think we should not forget they are the opposite side of the same coin. We remember what Isayas did to opposition groups in the past few years and esp. how isaysa sabotaged OLF from the very begining. A case in point is, how the OLF army was made to surrender to woyane at the start of Woyane era through the mediation of Shabia.
    These two gangs are sworn enemies of freedom of any sort and we have to be aware of their new tricks.
    After all, all are doomed to fail and be destroyed.
    The Tahir square spirit is lingering around and time for our freedom.

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