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Protesters in Syria burned down ruling party’s office

SYRIA — Protesters in the city of Deraa burned the house of the ousted district governmor as well as the ruling party’s HQ and a local culture ministry office. Al-Arabiya also reported that Syrian army tanks arrived in the city on Sunday.


On Sunday, at least five people were killed and 60 were injured after Syrian officers used live ammunition to disperse protests.

Tens of thousands of Syrians took to the streets as a governmental delegation arrived in Deraa to console families mourning for loved ones killed in previous demonstrations.

The officials promised to release 15 detainees but the protestors remained undeterred. The mourners later gathered at the al-Omari mosque in the old quarter of Deraa near the border with Jordan.

In Yemen, president Ali Abdullah Saleh has suffered a political setback, with his ambassador to Syria resigning and three top generals expressing their support for the anti-Government protesters.

Tanks took up positions around the capital Sana’a today as tens of thousands of people gathered for funerals for 50 demonstrators shot dead by loyalist forces. It’s been described as the biggest gathering of protesters against president Saleh’s 32 years of autocratic rule.

One thought on “Protesters in Syria burned down ruling party’s office

  1. Is TPLF’s general’s have such kind of manliness and gut to do so too.The Yemeni general who defected to the revolution is the HALF-BROTHER of President Abdullah Saleh! Is this kind of thing what Meles fears deep down in his heart? Of course when the tide of change roars, the TPLF generals know where their future lies-Ethiopia and Ethiopians, not Meles and Azeb.

    This is the Christian Science Monitor:

    Several of Yemen’s top military commanders – including President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s half-brother – defected today, pledging to protect opposition demonstrators after unprecedented violence in Sanaa on Friday.

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