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U.S. fires 110 Tomahawk missiles against Gaddafi forces

BENGHAZI, Libya (NBC) — The United States launched its first missile attack on Libyan air defenses on Saturday, NBC News confirmed, as America and its allies began military action to enforce a no-fly zone.

A senior U.S. military official said the missile strikes were aimed at sites along the Libyan coast. The missiles were launched from U.S. Navy vessels in the Mediterranean.

The official said the assault would unfold in stages and strike at air defense installations around the capital, Tripoli, and a coastal area south of Benghazi. That’s the rebel stronghold under attack by Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

Earlier, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said allied air forces had gone into action on over Libya and were preventing Moammar Gadhafi’s forces from attacking the rebel city of Benghazi.

A French official said a French fighter jet had fired on a Libyan military vehicle, in the first reported strike in the international campaign to enforce a no-fly zone. Overall, at least four Libyan tanks were destroyed in French attack, Al Jazeera reported.

9 thoughts on “U.S. fires 110 Tomahawk missiles against Gaddafi forces

  1. Hail to the Chief!!! I am very pleased with Obama action against this mud brain Badwi. Now he is going to taste the wrath of Good Ole USA. We all know what this halwa munching sand brain wants. He wants to be a ‘Martyr’. Ohhhh..poor baby!!! Halwa is going to rain for him from the skies laced with rings of fire. And there will be no place to hide. This is the fate that is waiting for our own cactus-munching thugtator. Some day he also is going to answer all questions about people who disappear, his horrible mud house dungeons hidden well inside the province of Tigray, his lies upon lies about the state of the federation, the killing in cold blood and in broad light of 200 peaceful demonstrators in 2005 and many others earlier in 1990’s. The chickens are coming to roost, tortoise face!!! Innocent human blood whether of white or colored, is still God’s sacred creation. It will continue to cry out for justice to the Almighty!!! And the Almighty shall listen with patience and wait if the thugtators would repent and kneel down in front of their people asking for forgiveness. Otherwise, God will descend his justice upon them. They will die like Saddam and Mussolini hanging on a string of cheap, very cheap sisal. Right On Mr. President, Right On!!!!!!!

  2. When we remember the past in Rewanda the french were there to evacuate their
    citizens but ignored the black Africans and left them to die. There was no
    international community involved then but look what is happening in Libya to
    Still the OIL everybody is running against time and this is well planed and
    organized against Gaddafi like in Egypt but the Libyans should aware who they
    can put in power after Gaddafi otherwise it would be the same all over again.

  3. The U.S took its time until its inevitable intervention is justified even by the pessimist Arabs, which is another brilliant chess move by the Obama adminstration. The outcome of Libya’s current turmoil is still up in the air; Libya suffered for 40 years under dictator Quaddafi while enjoying the best living standard and human development index in Africa. Ethiopia suffered in the hands of barbaric and backward leaders for close to 40 years while retaining the poorest country in the world status. Just like the latest Derek and Beverly Joubert National Geographic movie, The Last Lion, the case of Ethiopia is a vacillation between despair and hopelessness. Just as Mengistu abandoned the country to T.P.L.F, the latter will make way to Extreme Islam, for the seed has already been sown in a fertile era. Quaddafi is finally cornered, and if he does not escape, they’ll drop one of those smart bombs on him.

  4. Poor old Qaddafi, the man has been attempting to fly with one wing for too long, waving some green book, wasting a paper that Rasta’s could use for some “holy smokes”. What is surprising is the God forsaken hypocrisy of the West. Look, not too long ago Qaddafi was dining and wining with Tony Blair, Sarkozy, and he called Obama “ … my son…”, at his UN speech last year. What brought the turn of event so fast, off course it is Qaddafi’s attempt to put a new wine in an old wine skin.

    The old wise man has said long time ago, there is time for everything under the sun, and it is time for Gadafi to go on hejira, and for Libyans to build their nation democratically, and not ethnically. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the West and UN , if they are willing to get rid of draconian and archaic derelict regimes like Esaias,Meles, Mugabe, Bashir,Chavezs, and Musevani to say the least.

  5. I hope this action US and its allies is supported by all peace loving people the world around. The engagement against the brutal dictator in justified and necessary. There is a legitimate backing for the action. The biggest question now is whether America will take similar actions against other butchers like Meles, who never hesitate to massacre their own citizens.

  6. Let us hope next time they hit Qadaffi to spare the people of a prolonged civil war.

    Also let us hope they do the same to the Ethiopian tyrant. That would make life more tolerable for the millions of Ethiopians that suffer under the tyrant.

  7. To the idiots on this website:
    Ask why the West didn’t (and doesn’t) act on behalf of people in other countries suffering in the hands of tyrants.

    Ask why it labels only certain leaders “dictators” and not others, and that after they have a falling out with them;

    And also ask why only oil rich countries are targeted.

    A bunch of benighted morons…

  8. yes thankyou all my European brothers commenting here too.
    Gadafi the Tyrant is so crule he has to go. he used missile and fighter jets against civillians. murder and lie go hand in hand.

  9. Gebetawi,
    You don’t know what you are talking about.
    Obviously you don’t have a full grasp of the issue; you only know a fraction of the story.

    Read my earlier comment…

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