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Disavowing disappeared EPPF fighters

By Elias Kifle

The Asmara office of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) has issued a statement disputing a recent report on about the execution of 17 members, including the former secretary general.

According to the statement that was sent to yesterday, the EPPF leadership does not recognize the 17 individuals who are listed in the report as being executed.

The statement left me speechless since I have met some of the individuals at the Feb. 2010 EPPF general assembly that was held in Eritrea. The general secretary and the commanders in particular are well known by even those Ethiopians in the Diaspora who have been visiting and supporting EPPF during the past several years.

I have no doubt that the outrageous statement — written in a broken Amharic — was prepared by Col. Fitsum Yisehak, an Eritrean “adviser” to EPPF who has hijacked the organization and became its de facto leader. Following the Feb. 2010 assembly, he has dismissed and arrested many of the newly elected central committee members. Currently, the EPPF officials are nothing more than prisoners of the colonel and have no power to issue any statement. Nevertheless, who ever authored the release of such a blatantly false statement that can easily be proven wrong must be a bumbling idiot or an extremely arrogant person who has contempt toward all Ethiopians.

Ethiopian Review will continue to gather information on the disappearances (and possible execution) of the 17 patriots, as well as many others. I also urge the Government of Eritrea to conduct investigation for the sake of justice and peace. The colonel and his willing collaborators must be brought to justice.

46 thoughts on “Disavowing disappeared EPPF fighters

  1. Elias,you and I are on the same page regarding the Amahric written document from Asmara.
    First of all I am not against people who choose to secure their freedom through armed or military means. Above all what most Ethiopians would like to see is not so much total dependence on out side sources for such mission but complete self reliance on all citizens. After I read this disclaimer, I am still not convinced about the truthfulness of this statment.It is filled with propaganda and blame of the ‘Ethiomedia” and “Ethiopian Review”sits.The ten thousand dollar question will be where is the physical evidence in this piece that shows the original report to be wrong. It sounds the statement might have been released as a result of coercion by higher authorities than by a desire to clear the fog.

    No mater what in the end the truth will come out and there will be due recompense for every crime committed by repressive regimes.
    Beside both Eritria and Ethiopia are known prison houses,Here is the report about the currents condition in I.A Eritrea.

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  2. Elias

    You have been to EPPF several times and certainly you have taken pictures of those individuals that you motioned to know them well. Time to show their pictures. Let us see what you are saying is right. The collaboration between you and Ethiomedia at this time smells fishy. Remember Solomon Tekaling was so once upon a time before he becomes who he is now.

  3. Elias, do you really believe that the letter posted at Ethiomedia that you’re now refering to is written by the EPPF in Eritrea? Are you crazy? Why would they deny, in a letter adressed to you, something that you yourself witnessed? This is a cheap disinformation letter manufactured by Abraha Belay or the woyane. Abraha Belay says the he checked the authenticity of the letter, oh give men a break! Elias, you are not that sophisticated.

  4. Mebrek: Excellent comment. You said what i wanted to say. I have a feeling that Elias is playing solomon Tekalign #2. I don’t like it to happen but we saw that from many ‘politicians’.

  5. Elias,you seem inteligent but on this isuue you are acting like a certified idiot. How can you appeal to the government of eritrea?Do you think in a small country and a totalitarian state like eritrea,liquidating these 17 fighters would go with out the knowlege of the President? Come on! Admit it! The PRESIDENT un predictable as he is must have endorsed the execution.Deep in your heart you know it, yet you don’t want to believe it.

  6. Elias,

    Where is the official EPPF seal on the statment? Where is the signature of the person(s) who wrote this? How do authenticate the veracity of this nonsense? Please keep in mind that there are too many copy-cats in this world, as well as too many spoiler and paid-Woyane agents in our midst. So let’s be smart and not just gullible souls.

    I personally think this so-called statement is a big hoax designed to throw a monkey wrench in the already volatile and uncertain situation of EPPF…


  7. If you think Eritrea kill 17-members of EPPF then you must not be a politician. Please Elias go to Asmara to make sure how things are. My be the colonel is not happy by the sedentary life of the leaders of the EPPF. I always told you the Amharas are not for struggle. See how the Oromos, the Ogadenians, and the DEMHIT are doing. Stop complaining and start action.

  8. Dear Elias, Editor in Chief,

    There is no government in Eritrea as it is in Ethiopia or in Somalis or in Sudan or in Ivory Coast; if there were a responsible government in Eritrea, these 17 Amhara soldiers could not have been executed without a fair trial. As I have commented repeatedly on this well-respected web site, Isaiah Afeworki picked up these war-veteran Amhara heroes and ordered them to be killed because they had refused to accept his demand – that the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters should be integrated with the Eritrean army and serve the interest of the Eritrean government, not the interest of the Ethiopian people. Amharas by nature are rock-ribbed people; therefore, they might have refused to meet his demands that ended their innocent lives. From now on, we must condemn the corrupt government of Isaiah Afeworki and expose it to the “international community.”

    Isaiah Afeworki’s terrorist action is not limited to his own people only; it also includes those who are under his protection – the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters who have been terrorized day in and day out by Isaiah Afeworki himself, and, finally, he killed their beloved leaders and enslaved the rest. To tell the truth, those who died in his hands are much, much, better off than those New Oromo Movement members who are now being tormented until they share the fate of those 17 Amhara soldiers. None of them will escape death by the chief messenger of death – Isaiah Afeworki.

    I am totally convinced Isaiah Afeworki, from the beginning, has never accepted the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters to overthrow the Woyanne government; he has accepted them and sheltered them in order to benefit from their free services to his people. He has no intention to go to war with Ethiopia, but he always fears Ethiopia may, one day, invade his country; therefore, he must augment his military by accepting foreign fighters from Ethiopia such as the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters and other organizations.

    Nevertheless, he has committed a heinous crime by murdering the 17 Amhara soldiers, and for such cruel action of his, no Amhara boy and Amhara girl will go to his country to join any organization that pretends to liberate Ethiopia from Dictator Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi). In the final analysis, no salvation comes to Ethiopia and to Eritrea from these two evils – Meles Seitanawi and Isaiah Afeworki.

  9. You know what Elias you are playing bad role or game over the Ethiopian freedom fighters in general and EPPF in particular. Because you are now selling the information of EPPF to the enemy “ wayane ” By saying that they are only 70 are remaining the others are escaping, they don`t have the ability to fight anymore. So and so these are some, and in military science it is # 1 secret to know the number of People. Second you are now telling us this 17 people must die or kick the bucket. Anyhow I can defend your betrayal information. Whether you go this way or that way “ wayane “is going to collapse for ones and for all sooner or later. As everybody knows that the “ Wayane ” is beaten and defeated from every corner of the country. I don`t think even needs strong fighting the “wayane” armies are surrendering themselves. About EPPF struggle for freedom is not easy, there is a lot of up and down so I hope they can manage to handle it if there is wrong. May god bless the people who fighting for freedom and peace.

  10. Whay doesn’t the EPPF if it still exists as an organization issue an official statement instead of writing a letter to Ethiomedia? I don’t trust Ethiomedia at all. This a very sad situation for the Ethiopian people. Sooner or later the truth will come out and we will know what really has happened.

  11. Ambabi #9,

    You wrote thoughtlessly: “I always told you the Amharas are not for struggle.” If it had not been for the Amharas’ struggle against Gragn Muhammad, against Mussolini, against the Somalis, and against various Ethiopian enemies at different times, you, your family, and your friends would not be here today, my friend. Thanks to the Amharas who have kept the unity of Ethiopia with their precious blood, and they are now working hard to preserve that unity for the next generation, and no one else can do that except this distinguished race – the Amhara race.

  12. Elias going to Eritrea at this time, as some people are asking, is not advisable at all, especially after this skirmish. Elias please watch this before you do even if you decide to take the risk. I mean this is the most scariest place to be. “you can’t take a picture of anything with out permission even using your cellphone).

  13. Poor Elias,
    This is what you said,”I urge the government of Eritrea to conduct an investigation for the sake of justice and peace”
    Elias,you must be hullucinating to still think about justice and peace in the shaebia land.The most hated word in shaebia land is Justice and only Justice.I know you have been trying to be politically correct without knowing that you are already on a collision head on with the blood sucking dictators for simply raising the word justice.Elias,I am an Eritrean and I witnessed many untold atrocities committed against people who demanded justice by the evils.There is no law in Eritrea to be protected by.The brute dictator and his illitrate military and security officials are the law of the land.Remember,the only thing shaebia is good at,is deciding on someones fate without deliberation and the ramification it might have.I want you to realize that these cannibals would not blink their eyes to take human life. Thousands of freedom fighters were purged and liquidated by the clique during the war for independence and the pattern continues unabated to this day.Countless innocent citizens were poisoned,hit by a car or thrown off highrise buildings to death but most of their victims were made to vanish in thin air without a trace.If there is one thing you should come to terms with,is that the same trgedy had happened to your comreds.The sad thing is that they are not only purging the real threats but also the percieved would be threats.To sum it up there is no what we traditionally call a government in Eritrea that adheres to the norms and treaties of international law but rather a band of shiftas who have no regards for human lives.Despite all the urges and pleas by the international community to release the G11,jounalists and all prisoners of conscience or bring them to justice,he still continues to mistreat them in the most inhumane way in his dungeons.The only thing you can,is to file a complaint with the ICRC and some other international agencies in regards to their disappearances.We Eritreans are not going to rest until these bastard blood suckers are brought to International Court of Juctice.
    Death to dictatorship,
    Justice will prevail in Eritrea,

  14. Elias

    Please do your home work before jumping into conclusions. I am 100% sure that what you are talking about is simply a hoax from wayane. They have out-smart you. Try to be a little sophisticated. You will learn the true soon.

  15. elias,

    You are such a joke! Stop barking with your Woyane fed news. Steadfastness was/is the grand weapon Eritreans had/have to reach at their ultimate prize – Eritrea as a nation.
    Do you/EPPF have that Steadfastness to obtain your freedom from woyane? There is no a cake walk to freedom.

  16. Mr Elias:
    You are totally lost.You have lost your soul.Weren’t you telling us the Eritrean Leaders are great human beings not a long time ago?EPPF,OLF,and eritrean people are slave of the killers on power.Eritrean leaders have no heart,love, for their own people let along for EPPF or OLF members there.Eritrean leaders are killing their own people everyday.If you try to ran away the Eritrea gov policy is shoot to kill.Even TPLF doesn’t have shoot to kill policy b/c if you ran away TPLF will sell your land to whoever shows up with money.

  17. Well though I dont want to go in answering and go in to back and forth. First of all Ethiopia had never any enemies (the invasion during colonizing era is different for me because all colonizers have wiped out form Africa any way) but Ethiopia actually spend more of its time fighting to each other and or splend in fighting wars that they creat them selves or in just to satisfy thier masters need. Ethiopia is already invaded by Americans because it is America that leads Ethiopia any how. The Amharas are always want to lead the nation with the help of any kind FEREMJI (God according to Amharas) and bleed others in none sense wars such as Somalia, Eritrea, Ogaden and against others now the Tigray equivalent to the Amharas are doing the same splending millions of money for nonsense war and ignoring their poor ppl. Ethiopia have never worked for its Unity as some blabers claim. They are working for its distraction. Keep dreaming, it ridiculose to have a nice history and bad present situation.

  18. TO #14, Way Yene Emebet, 10000 per month lol, by that rate there will be now no one left in th country. This is just the Aljezira English holla boola. We have seen the truth in wiki. Why is then Eritrea economic gonna grow 17%, the fastest in the world? This people are just selling wrong information to make a leaving. Do you think they will report the atrocities of woyanne for truth? I dont think so.

  19. I wonder why some of you bark “information from weyane” as if such things can’t be happened in Eriteria.

    Please take th bitter pill, COL. FITSUM AND ISAYAS ARE THE SAME. How in the hell you expect justice from shabia?? They did it deliberatelly. Who is to invetigate whom?? I hope there will be “ivestigation” to save face. Do you think we will trust any investigation by shabia to be honest. The most they can do is to replace the col with aother one but with the same game.
    WAKE UP. Awko yetegna honk.

  20. Elias, these shaebian puppets should be greatful to you. This website, is making these shallow cadres of Shaebia fell good about themselves, advising Ethiopians how to fight.
    I have said it before, Colonel Fitsum is frightend by Ethiopians. They made him run during badme war, so he decided to excute them.
    These Sheabian cadres are coming to this website to defend the execution of inocent Ethiopans. Shame on you Sheabian cadres,your day in court will be coming soon.
    As defenders of excutions and prisoners, you should be brought to court.
    Go to Egyptian websites, and get new training.

  21. EthioMedia is playing with Elias. lol
    Why should EPPF send a letter to EthioMedia? Elias, you do not deserve to be called a journalist or activist. They are playing with and you are so blind because EPPF kicked you out, that you don´t get this childish game they are playing wit you. kkkkkk

  22. Isaias and Meles are two stinking dead horses; the EPPF is their creation for hoodwing the Ethiopian people. Bury the dead horses to clear the political atmosphere so that peace and stability will prevail in the Horn of Africa.

  23. Elias, you are starting to work with Ethiomedia closely. It smells not good. I feel soory for my Ethio ppl. You were the one I trusted, but I think you are for sale to Weyane. Shame on you!!!

  24. God tolerates and tolerates and tolerates endlessly the amazing people like those who post non-sense on this forum.
    Elias is supposed to be stupid and ignorant just because the news is going to come late to inform us of the where abouts of and the well beings of the 17 EPPF members. Why is the Eritrean government shy about saying something like ok we will look into it or something. Though the Eritrean leader and its government are known for their arrogance, on a matter like this they would have responded. It is clear that the 17 are killed or prisoned under gruesome conditions somewhere in Dahlak islands. Come on guys theis is north Korea. Sorry I mean Eritrea. I do apologize for the confussion. It is easy to make a mistake because both countries end in “REA”. Please do not mistaken this for and acronym that is Refugee Escape Act.

  25. As I said before, Elias. Do not rush to judgement, and Please use your own source, especially when reporting something like this. Ethiomedia simply misguded you and now you have to go back and feel bad for what you repeated after them. I knew this would ultimately turn out to be false. Patience, patience, my friend.

  26. እኔ እንደሚመስለኝ ሻእብያና ወያኔ በዚህ ሰሞን የጠበቀ ግንኙነት እየፈጠሩ ነው
    ኤልያስም እንደተለመደው እየቀባዠረ ነው\

  27. I’ve always could not understand why the likes of Elias who are genuinely interested in the freedom of our people totally ignore the Ethiopian indigenous organizations like Ginbot 7 and put their hope on organizations that are totally controlled by the Asmara regime.

    Remember this is not the first time the Eritrean regime removed/killed and destroyed EPPF. This is at least the third time in my memory that the regime in Asmara totally destroyed EPPF forcing it to reorganize again. Wheter you like it or not the regime in Asmara will never ever allow an Amharan organization to be come strong. This is simply a wishful dream that will never be materialized.

    The only organization left now for Ethiopians is Ginbot 7. Though it is still in its infant age, it has nevertheless a very well organized structure with capable leadership and above all fully Ethiopian controlled.

    So forget EPPF and start helping Ginbot 7 reach its goals.

    Elias, your core weakness in my view is that you do not see any other option or any other way to forge the struggle against woyane other than through Eritrea. It seems this has become like a religion for you. As long as Ethiopians start to be self reliant and support only indigenous organizations, it is really a hopeless dream, wasting human life and resources.

  28. Dear Elias,
    You have been giving Issayas the benefit of the doubt for far too long. The so called colonel could not do a damn thing in Eritrea with out the knowledge and approval of the president who is the supreme master of Shaebia. As aprincipled jornalist and a true patriot of Ethiopia you must now come to the inevitable conclusion that Eritrea under Issayas is not a friend of Ethiopians, but rather a slithering, back-biting and cunning foe that needs to be labeled as such in no uncertain way. Elias, you should be the first to come forward and condemn the regime in Eritrea for the untold misery EPPF patriots suffered in that land.Tell the whole world clearly that Shabia and woyane are the two sides of a coin.

  29. Some times Elias you think of yourself as if you are “leader or Diplomat”
    You want Eritrean Government to give you a proof of what ever you ask?
    You are simple person,If somebody who cares about those people you are claiming disappeared, The people who are fighting woyane, if there is no fighter
    of EPPF remains that is good too, because freedom archieves with sacrifices not by talking….

  30. Many thanks to Anon#1, Emebet#14 and the rest for presenting hard facts about what is taking place inside the iron curtain- Issayas Afewrki’s Eritria.Elias, as it has been pointed out by some we need to alert the death of EPPF members to Human right groups, to civil socities, and the Christians community in the west,and demand justice at the bar of ICC not in Asmara.

    Another point that needs to be raised is the fact that the police state in Eritrea and the atrocities committed against Eritrians, Ethiopians, and other nationals are taking place in Eritrea because of the rigid conformity of Shabian cadres to the party line and the unquestionable allegiance of the same to Shabian Authorities.
    Therefore, the call to justice must include in the list of those who are suspected of abusing the rights of citizens, members of the security and loyalist Shabian ccadres.

    Issay’s Afewrki’s willful slaves ,such as AK #14, know this that the time has come for weyane and Shabian cadres to openly renounce their shameful deed and join the forces of freedom and peace or else be prepared to face justice for your active participation in murder and disappearances of innocent citizens. In the past both of you have used simple categorization to sow discord of say Shabia or Weyane and viewed events and opinions in such terms. This method will not profit you any more.Many embrace the truth that Weyane and Shabia differ only in name but inprinciple are substantially the same.

  31. “The colonel and his willing collaborators must be brought to justice?” hmm…

    Is he not the arresting police officer, the witness to the evidence, the advocate for the guilty verdict and the judge making the guilty verdict which equals an adviser in RAP LANGUAGE?

  32. whatever gose wrong you blame woyane when they don’t even have nothing to do with shabia or eppf as far as we know they are their opponant. woyane is working hard to develope ethiopia and it’s happning. No matter what ethiopia is growing and nothing is going to pull her back.
    sorry my friends don’t waste your time.

  33. Dear ato Elias,
    believe me, if it’s really neccesary contacting ethiomedia, col. Fosum could just do so in tgrina; the easiest langouge its editor understands as president Esayas did for the sevant clilism dictator Meles in regarding to his unnecesary adventurism by pleading him so much for peaceful coexistance and mutual benefit for all our regional people which unfortunately was mistaken crying for help. the sad result was shedding more innocent african children blood for the interest of geopoletical actors, trean elites and their warlord wannabe puppets!
    common sense hints that you seem using a coded words for reffering the GOE as col. Fusum that you used to praise a short while ago for what ever reason. could it be you want to look deplomtic or you don’t want to sound hypocratic critizing them directly now? i just don’t know. what i know for sure is as far as the GOE side is concerned, the detainees are ok unless unfortunately they fell in the hands of hateful indivituals; otherwise, executing them by shaebia would only lessen woyane’s evil standing on the eyes of Ethiopians – of couse, this is only providing ethiomedia is not reporting about ghost persons to seed hatred between our people whome are already divided b/c of woyane’s selfish policies to say the least.
    i was expecting such inciting messages only coming from woyane’s wesites/including the fake socalled Eritrean wesites/ and fortune seeker-supporters but not from the reliable Ethiopian Review that has been visting especially by the horn natives in search of real news and opinions. as you know, the GEZA TEGARU, i mean Ethiomedia folks have a clear stand against peaceloving Eritrea. so, wouln’t that put you kind of snitch/as street haslers call for spyman/ according to the prespective of GOE? i hope not. needless to say, our burning region is begging for brave fire extingushers, puppet exterminators and peace deplomats not warmongers. lets be the later! hope i made myself clear thru my broken english. goodnite,
    unity & peace everwher!
    ps-by the way, i wish knowinng the protocals of posting comments b/c i don’t expect much to be posted this one:)

  34. Mr Elias Your credibility is falling apart just like the ancient ROMAN EMPIRE. What happened to you? Very disappointing! You sound very emotional on every issue and blame others when the going gets though. Please don’t make it sound the struggle as if a tabloids news.

  35. to NO. 42, WEY Mekera says

    As a simple contributer of this forum I would like to ask you or comment on your comment.
    What rational do you present when you say Elias’s creditbility is falling apart. Are you saying the 17 EPPF members are well and alive? If they are not alive and well then your credibility is the one that is falling apart. First of all your are under a diguised nick name like a child hiding behind or inside his mom’s skirt and presenting a comment that is no better than “alubaalta”. Never underestimate the intelligence of people in this forum. When you have such a comment, present evidence that shows or atleast gives a glimpse of where the credibility damage is done. Specially if you leave in the first world you can see that your intelligence level is less than that of a 1 grader. I really mean this because go back and look at your comment.

  36. 10 #.Assta B. Gettu,

    Why do I smell that you are some sort divisive smelly fish undercover agent working for Meles? Your time will come and expose your true identity. Qefo ras!

  37. Emebet,

    Thank you for the video. The so called Eritreans in the diaspora who were born, raised and enriched in Ethiopia would like to tell us, Eritrea is better than Ethiopia and the people are happy. But these hypocrite Eritreans filled with ego secretly go to Ethiopia fro vacations while demonizing Ethiopia at the same time. In fact those Eritreans who were born and raised in Eritrea are much better. Weyane also gives these empty bravado and ego maniac properties and enrich them in Ethiopia while fellow Ethiopoians are starving.

    This is clue for us Ethiopians that Essayas has no intention of making peace with Ethiopians. They fought for years to be oppressed. Imagine, every Eritreans had privilege more than any Ethiopians under HIM and Mengistu and with the short-lived relationship under Weyane. Now they are burning by the fire they started. Let us remember, if they didn’t fall out with Weyane, they are happy sucking the economy of Ethiopia with Weyane.

  38. To Tezibt:
    You sound like one arrogant dictator to me. When someone doesn’t agree with your thinking you start barking like yesefer wesha. You tell me how in the world one Eritrean colonel can run an organization as big us EPPF? You have the right to agree or disagree with other people’s opinions but you have no right to undermined other people intelligence kolet ras!

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