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The Lion of Judah in the New World – book

Prof. Ted Vestal is releasing a new book titled The Lion of Judah in the New World: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and the Shaping of Americans’ Attitudes toward Africa

The book relates how Emperor Haile Selassie helped shape America’s image of Africa and how that image continues to evolve in the United States today.

Haile Selassie was the first African head of state to be honored with a tickertape parade in New York City and the first African head of state to spend the night at the White House. What was it about this charismatic leader that so captivated Americans? How did he become a symbol of all Africa?

The book tells the story of a dynamic ruler who influenced the perception of an entire continent. Documenting the Emperor’s state visits to North America, the book explores U.S. foreign policy towards Ethiopia and Africa over two decades. At the same time, it seeks to understand why Haile Selassie enjoyed such celebrity in the United States and how he became so important in determining U.S. attitudes toward Africa.

The book includes a brief biography of the Emperor and also explores the geography and long, colorful history of Ethiopia. The tensions and contradictions that marked Haile Selassie’s life are highlighted in significant episodes that underscore his astute use of public relations and personal diplomacy. His leadership of postcolonial Africa during the Cold War is examined, as is his ultimate rejection by the United States in 1973 that marked the end of the monarchy and ushered in the tragic fratricide of Ethiopian civil war.


• Analyzes how Emperor Haile Selassie shaped Americans’ perceptions of and attitudes toward Africa and its people, shedding light on U.S. relations with African nations today

• Covers two decades of U.S. policy towards Ethiopia and Africa as reflected in the six state visits of Emperor Haile Selassie to the United States

• Delves into the personality of Haile Selassie, one of the 20th century’s most charismatic figures, and explains why he enjoyed such celebrity

• Explores the fascinating history of Ethiopia, one of the world’s oldest civilizations

To order the book, call 800 368 6868

ISBN: 0-313-38620-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-313-38620-6
Price $44.95; £31.95

26 thoughts on “The Lion of Judah in the New World – book

  1. I am also curious read about…the 1973 story.
    I bet this book will be a good addition and credible input to the history of the day, as the author is a well known researcher and an eye witness of the day.
    Looking forward for my order to arrive.

  2. Here we go again. The same old excuse over and over again. “US did this to me, US did that to him, her, them, thy, thou…”. That man did a lot of things considered to be good to that country well through the 1950’s but all of a sudden his desire to change stopped to a screeching halt after that. That was the main factor for his downfall. USA has nothing to do with that. But as a history buff I will buy the book as an addition to my library.

  3. I used to blindly condemn Hailesilassie for being brutal and looter. But having witnessed the cruelty and selfishness of Derg and woyane leaders I can say that Hailesilassie was much much better. Now I can appreciate his achievements and legacies.

    Derg was crel but woyane is the worst. They have introduced a deadly ethnic policy and by organizing a minority ethnic group and controling the military and all key posts they are looting our country.

    Hailesilassie maren!

  4. January 8, 2011 The New York Times

    In Sudan, an Election and a Beginning

    By BARACK OBAMA Washington

    NOT every generation is given the chance to turn the page on the past and write a new chapter in history. Yet today — after 50 years of civil wars that have killed two million people and turned millions more into refugees — this is the opportunity before the people of southern Sudan. Over the next week, millions of southern Sudanese will vote on whether to remain part of Sudan or to form their own independent nation. This process — and the actions of Sudanese leaders — will help determine whether people who have known so much suffering will move toward peace and prosperity, or slide backward into bloodshed. It will have consequences not only for Sudan, but also for sub-Saharan Africa and the world. The historic vote is an exercise in self-determination long in the making, and it is a key part of the 2005 peace agreement that ended the civil war in Sudan. Yet just months ago, with preparations behind schedule, it was uncertain whether this referendum would take place at all. It is for this reason that I gathered with leaders from Sudan and around the world in September to make it clear that the international community was united in its belief that this referendum had to take place and that the will of the people of southern Sudan had to be respected, regardless of the outcome. In an important step forward, leaders from both northern and southern Sudan — backed by more than 40 nations and international organizations — agreed to work together to ensure that the voting would be timely, peaceful, free and credible and would reflect the will of the Sudanese people. The fact that the voting appears to be starting on time is a tribute to those in Sudan who fulfilled their commitments. Most recently, the government of Sudan said that it would be the first to recognize the south if it voted for independence. Now, the world is watching, united in its determination to make sure that all parties in Sudan live up to their obligations. As the referendum proceeds, voters must be allowed access to polling stations; they must be able to cast their ballots free from intimidation and coercion. All sides should refrain from inflammatory rhetoric or provocative actions that could raise tensions or prevent voters from expressing their will. As the ballots are counted, all sides must resist prejudging the outcome. For the results to be credible, the commission that is overseeing the referendum must be free from pressure and interference. In the days ahead, leaders from north and south will need to work together to prevent violence and ensure that isolated incidents do not spiral into wider instability. Under no circumstance should any side use proxy forces in an effort to gain an advantage while we wait for the final results. A successful vote will be cause for celebration and an inspiring step forward in Africa’s long journey toward democracy and justice. Still, lasting peace in Sudan will demand far more than a credible referendum. The 2005 peace agreement must be fully implemented — a goal that will require compromise. Border disputes, and the status of the Abyei region, which straddles north and south, need to be resolved peacefully. The safety and citizenship of all Sudanese, especially minorities — southerners in the north and northerners in the south — have to be protected. Arrangements must be made for the transparent distribution of oil revenues, which can contribute to development. The return of refugees needs to be managed with extraordinary care to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe. If the south chooses independence, the international community, including the United States, will have an interest in ensuring that the two nations that emerge succeed as stable and economically viable neighbors, because their fortunes are linked. Southern Sudan, in particular, will need partners in the long-term task of fulfilling the political and economic aspirations of its people. Finally, there can be no lasting peace in Sudan without lasting peace in the western Sudan region of Darfur. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Darfuris — and the plight of refugees like those I met in a camp in neighboring Chad five years ago — must never be forgotten. Here, too, the world is watching. The government of Sudan must live up to its international obligations. Attacks on civilians must stop. United Nations peacekeepers and aid workers must be free to reach those in need. As I told Sudanese leaders in September, the United States will not abandon the people of Darfur. We will continue our diplomatic efforts to end the crisis there once and for all. Other nations must use their influence to bring all parties to the table and ensure they negotiate in good faith. And we will continue to insist that lasting peace in Darfur include accountability for crimes that have been committed, including genocide. Along with our international partners, the United States will continue to play a leadership role in helping all the Sudanese people realize the peace and progress they deserve. Today, I am repeating my offer to Sudan’s leaders — if you fulfill your obligations and choose peace, there is a path to normal relations with the United States, including the lifting of economic sanctions and beginning the process, in accordance with United States law, of removing Sudan from the list of states that sponsor terrorism. In contrast, those who flout their international obligations will face more pressure and isolation. Millions of Sudanese are making their way to the polls to determine their destiny. This is the moment when leaders of courage and vision can guide their people to a better day. Those who make the right choice will be remembered by history — they will also have a steady partner in the United States.

    Barack Obama is the president of the United States.

  5. abatochachin are not resting in peace!!!! do you guys actually overstand the purpose of our existence as etiopiaweyan???? do you jus know but not relies power does not lay with men but in the wisdom of our bahil n eminet!!!!! n do u actually take n except the sacrifices of our forefathers or do u just think its teret teret???? egziyabher has chosen them, for they didnt shade their blood in vain for the freedom that was handed over to us eeshi!! rather it had to be bought with a very expensive price!!!so as well as yethiopia telatoch you n we who are ethiopians by blood shall be slain by the sword too for mixing the truth with the lie n the clean with the unclean!…n this is a promise.. from he who has created everything for his good purpose, in his people his reasoning is as clear as crystal, who’s people’s blood was shade 4 the preservation of the truth!! but those who interpret n miss represent the truth with your political movement nonsense will come 2be hunted down by the sacrifice of our beloved martyr forefather’s blood…blieve tha!!!you guys cm 2have 4gotten totally n have updated urselves 2this so called technology drivin fake world of ours…what the hell is madeg(meslten)????pls define it for all of us specially 4me!!!..our peoples existance from the start is based on the dailly acknowledgment of the truth of god!!!!!…you the so called yetemare modern day yesletenu ethiopyawiyanoch are just talking with out no action n pulling our peoples future into darkness with ur hopeless, unreasonable false teachings of our day 2day! We refuse meshewedin (POLITICS N DEMOCRACY) ARE FALSE DOCTRINES THAT ONLY EXIST ON PAPERS OF YE SEYTAN AMLAKIOCH ready 2be preached to the un suspecting peopls!!!dividers n rulers of this halafi alem!! falling right in the hands of these men looking beasts plan is the way to nothingness(emptynes,ignorance and self denial are the achievements of their hard work)!!!the viruses that have bn dressed up in such grace n dignification 2 deceive n confuse us the humans yehlim enjera honebin as ethiopians we should specially b ashamed of our lack of overstanding, the knowledge, the undeniable facts of wot we are n wer we are heading as individuals as well as a clan!!, it is a necessity for as to investigate n rediscover!! we all have become sheeps followers n confirmers of yewushet alem which barely exists for a moment u wil be witnesses of its falling hulum begizzew yehonal!!..but i thank god ye ethiopia truth is still safely tacked away in our way of life n our orthodox betechrstian!!!…this is a code written in our life style(bahil) which we r so so so so ignorant of even tho it is still practiced in our daily lives with OUR unaware self of who we are…we have no knowledge of what it means whats so ever…misunderstanding of it has made us so blind we refer to the rich knowledge n wisdom of the gift we have as bn huwala ker n unneeded!! joro yalew yisima ena yikofir!!NOTHING WAS MADE OR CREATED FOR NOTHING SO DONT YOU EXCPECT 4SOMEONE ELSE TO FIND OUT N TELL YOU WHAT THE REASON BEHIND IT IS !!!bahilin metergomina the more we understand it the more meaningful the purpose is.. the clearer it would get.. providing a paltform for us to evolv in our own way with out confusion n lies!!! those who were choosen to maintain the clear n simple truth of existence are the children of wud etiopia…n if u in any shape of form claim to have any ethiopian blood have a responsibility 2 digg and dig and dig more for the wisdom of the truth that has almost bn killed of by the enemies of ours!!! so reclaim wots yours!!!!regain your strength abren by the wil of the almighty!!!…with all the above said it is understandbl 4ur misunderstanding of who you are but you have no excuse when the soon commin the lord of creation appears 4not acknowledgin the truth of him 4his kindness n favour has always bn with us with such constant supply of information frm the start!!… ethiopia wedfit mehed stil lays with the expansion of the kingdom of the lord here on earth lead by his worrior soldjers of zzee emine geda yehuda of the young blood of lion heart Ethiopia defenders of the faith!! Stop fighting for things that are perishable, 4our souls seeks eternal life once gained which is un-perishable!!!! We have better things to be concerned with ever lasting grace n the power of his glory!! Who can touch me in him?? Who can match his strength huh???….come join the crew brotherhood of the lord where the true solution 2our people n where the source of the success of our forefathers is revealed plainly…with overflowing grace which we can pass on to the rest of truth seeking peoples of the world!!!!its up to all of us individually to seek n acknowledge!!…n blieve it!!we are blessed not just enough 4us but molto yiterfal 4th rest of creation by him everything shall come to pass!!… stop falling in the hands of the haters open your eyes::..dont jus look!!! have a proper look!!!!this body is a tent as well as hageree bn a temporary residence!!!! Our original true home is genet…!!!have no hope in the works of men as u most certainly end up bn disappointed..evidently!!!egziabher never gives up on whom he has set his heart on..this gives us continuous prosperity n the means to regroup through out history in order 2 get us back onto that path we r constantly seeking!!!! Come home wede agerbet!!!

  6. HaileSilassie was halv Oromo and halv Tigria from Axumat kingdom and he don’t belong to poor Amhara but for the two brothers people Oromo and Tigria.We,the Tigria peopel had already destored the amhara dinsty King Yikuno Amlak and Meneliks dream.

  7. The Americans took Haile selassie as a progressive leader who they copud use to expand their sphere of influence. They did not have the slighterst concern for the mass of Abysinians and other nations in the horn who were suffering from backward fuedal system. They did so for their startegic interest. In doing so they gave him a diplomatic backing to annex eritea and Ogaden and deligently assisted him in changing the name of the country from Abyssian- as stated in the lague of Nations- to Ethiopia. And hence created confussion, myth and tert tert about 3000 years story of the this reched place in the horn of Africa. In deed Haile Sellassie used it to persue with his brutal rule by killing all his opponents including those partiots who fought against the Italians. I belief this book will shade more lights on the ill intended policies of America and Ethiopia to at least rectify the records.

  8. 8#.youngbloods..ready2go!!!ethiopia tikedmalch!!,

    Come on! You sound like a medieval primitive clergy talking from the shrine’s dark age basement.

    Wake up from long hallucination! Don’t smoke too much. Remember the fact that Judea is another name for Israel or the country of Israel and the Palestinians.

    please, please STOP also stealing dictator Mengistu’s hard fought loser slogan, “Ethiopia Tikdem” empty propaganda. When it came to reality and the fact of life on the ground, it was not mother Ethiopia that came first “Ethiopia Tikedimalech” but smart cunning fox dictator Mengistu who took all the national bank treasures of gold and financial resources, loaded them on private jets and landed them in Zimbabwe where he is currently enjoying life while mother Ethiopia is starving to death.

    Also be careful for copyright infringements and plagiarism when stealing other people’s slogans and even worse claiming other peoples’ territories as far as Israel and palestine(Judea) as if you are the Roman Empire’s chief priest of Judea.

    Or else you will have the real wrath of the liberation fronts, such as the ZEALOTS (Zealous or fourth sect)and SICARII (dagger men) Both groups(Zealots & Sicarii) objected to the way the priestly families were/are running the Temple and claiming all what belongs to the people.

    Don’t claim what belongs to others whether direct or indirect. Be fair and think of justice as belonging to all.

    It is really crazy that you are talking medieval mythology about Judea/ Israel and Palestinian land, God and mythology to far away Ethiopians Muslims, Christians, Waaqefats, etc, while cursing the good modern technology that even enabled you to have lengthy narrations across the planet using just the technology you prefer to insult and down grade. Any way, don’t smoke too much!

    You need to know that Ethiopia means different things to different people and represents different symbols for its ethnically, culturally, religiously, regionally different and diverse population. Your type of parochial blind deniers of realities desperately attempt to deny our precious diversities and make problem solutions based on facts absolutely impossible. You seem to be simply wanting to feed the wretched 80 million Ethiopians only stinky and rotten impoverishing medieval empty mythologies of the past for the purpose of bringing medieval unjust rules of the past.

    Our wisdom of the 21st century for building the the new 21st century sustainable and peaceful society exclusively lies completely in us and the cultural and social values of our diverse and heterogeneous population of all regions and religions. All else are simple teret terent ye keberoo beret

  9. As an eritrean i don’t think we Eritreans will ever be as dignified as we were during Haileselase..never before, never again. we suffered under the worst type of apartheid under Italians not being allowed in Komishtato, but we tent to forget it just because we as askaris were better fed than than the the poor and backward Ethiopians. but now, we are in a worse situation than even during Derg who mistreated both Ethiopians and Eritreans..there worst thing is there is no end in sight…

  10. Do not mix truth and lie.That was the begining of Hailesilassie’s end.There is only one lion of juda.His name is JESUS CHRIST.
    please open the BIBLE and read
    Revelation Chapter 5 verse 5
    may GOD bless you.

  11. 12#.Mebrat,

    Do not ever try to distort the truth. Even though I am absolutely against colonialist dumb rodents I must however say the fact that Eritrea was very vibrant both politically and economically under the Italian rule, having modern active democratic multiparty political system even comparable to modern western political parties as well as lots of manufacturing industries that produced industrial goods for exports and domestic consumptions. There were highly developed beautiful architectural buildings even comparable to modern western buildings as well as modern rail roads, sea ports, airports and beautiful modern urban street networks where beautiful restaurants and coffee houses served communities and families to seat back, relax and philosophize freely about the origin of the world and inception of the human race, the God’s grace, its journey and its foot prints.

    Mind you I was there myself too and that is why I am telling you what is the reality on the ground, rather than conducting pure speculation from a Humberger cellar where poor truth is stuffed between two thin slices of old over refined none nutritive dry bread.

    And then again, which Eritreans are you talking about?

    1) Those few of them kidnapped by the long gone feudals of Addis Ababa who over fed, intoxicated and fattened their few Eritrean captives just to exhibit them for the Eritreans and steal their freedom and their land.

    2) The True Eritreans stayed in Eritrea or fled to other countries as to resist the destruction of their autonomy and federal status, fought with bravery and achieved their holy objective of free and independent Eritrea.

    Please please learn to respect human freedom, independence because you seem to be wishing Eritrea fall again for the second time under feudal colonial rule as if the first was not enough. WHY?

  12. @Marda #1
    You wanted to know “why” the “… ultimate rejection by the United States in 1973 …”
    brother….. Just to give you some basic universal context so that you yourself can find the answe to your own question.
    Haileselaassie was indeed a guest of honour in the US as is Meles Zenawi is now-a-days.
    Haileselassie had always been at the service of the US foreign policy and for that he was accorded with all the accolades in Washington & new York , something that the black African American find perplexing as they were denied of any basic civil rights that their fellow whites Americans enjoy in the then USA.
    It didn’t take long for the wise ones to work it out that Haileselassie was a valued puppet for advancement of the US hegemonic foreign policy. They got rid of Nkrumah for resisting such hegemonic policy on Africa by Proxy, in his book published in 1965, titled “Neo-colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism”. A year later he was deposed from power and 12 successive military juntas wrecked Ghana and each and every single one of them
    except the last one, Jerry John Rawlings, served the Western foreign
    policy. Rawlings is hated & demonised by the west but he is the one who that brought about democracy by breaking away from
    the western patronages that had propped up tyrants & brutal dictators.
    Similarly, following Haileselassie’s 5 days long Moscow visit, ironically, in May 28 1970(Exactly 21 years after the the current puppet Weyane’s entry into Addis Ababa). That Moscow visit at the heIght of the cold war probably was the last thing expected from their puppets. They must have made their decision that HIleselassie’s sell by date has arrived and that “he gotta go”
    But they thought the outcome would be No different from
    that of their playgroung in Ghana. Indeed, Colonel Mengistu was an officer in Haileselassie’s army but this man changed master and turned to a soviet puppet & was converted into communist over night only months after he, in fact, shed the blood of an organic left wing popular movement in his infamous massacre of the “Red Terror”(“Qey-Shebir”). The US got more than they bargained for and their Kagnrw station which was undermined following the Haileselassie’s Moscow visit, was then totally closed and every last US officer left in Asmara’s Kagnew Station were expelled. USSR was replaced & following the coming of another evil empire after the other one expelled, the EPLF underwent their massive strategic withdrawal from the Gates of Asmara in the late 1970’s so as to employ in a protracted gorrilla war to wear out the new empire. The UK had also played a massive part via the BBC to cause an uprising against Haileselassie when Jonathan Dimbleby edited a powerful documentary revealing the “Hidden Famine” showing the emperor feeding his Lions & his Labrador dog while millions of Ethiopians starve yo death in 1973…. By now it was curtains for HaileselassiewoTwo decades earlier in 1953, the BBC & the CIA, in a coordinated operation named “Operation Ajax”, had successfully overthrown a democratically elected government of PM Mosadeqe of Iran only to replace him by another valued puppet the Shah of Iran, who himself was inevitably overthrown by a public uprising in 1979.
    So brother, Marda of #1…… Meles is also a puppet until he is useful but the US have learned to accomodate & tolerate their puppet’s eccentric behaviour against their puppet master often biting and snapping on the puppet strings with which the puppet masters often controls them. Maputo Sesi Seko was also a haileselassie contemporary who destroyed, looted & got his country looted by the West after he was used to overthrow his democratically elected PM Patrice Lumumba.
    I hope this facts can answer your question. Even in the book, there might be some cover ups for the empire’s underlaying foreign policy. The focus should not be on the puppet Haileselassie alone but also on the puppet masters pulling the strings.

  13. mebrat, did u say dignified? This statement isn´t even worth responding to but to laugh at. HS was “respected” in the US because he was willing to do their bidding. Example: allowing americans to open a base in Eritrea is one good reason. The reason the US abandoned him was the same as the reason they abandoned the shah of Iran. They didn´t even allow him to live in exile in the US. Use and throw, american mentality. They realized the anger of the ethiopian ppl cannot be stilled anymore, so they abandoned him. As simple as that. But it seems many ethiopians has yet to realize how the US works and will continue to worship it.

  14. The Parable of the Ten Minas

    11While they were listening to this, he went on to tell them a parable, because he was near Jerusalem and the people thought that the kingdom of God was going to appear at once. 12He said: “A man of noble birth went to a distant country to have himself appointed king and then to return. 13So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas.a ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’

    14“But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him to say, ‘We don’t want this man to be our king.’

    15“He was made king, however, and returned home. Then he sent for the servants to whom he had given the money, in order to find out what they had gained with it.

    16“The first one came and said, ‘Sir, your mina has earned ten more.’

    17“‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been trustworthy in a very small matter, take charge of ten cities.’

    18“The second came and said, ‘Sir, your mina has earned five more.’

    19“His master answered, ‘You take charge of five cities.’

    20“Then another servant came and said, ‘Sir, here is your mina; I have kept it laid away in a piece of cloth. 21I was afraid of you, because you are a hard man. You take out what you did not put in and reap what you did not sow.’

    22“His master replied, ‘I will judge you by your own words, you wicked servant! You knew, did you, that I am a hard man, taking out what I did not put in, and reaping what I did not sow? 23Why then didn’t you put my money on deposit, so that when I came back, I could have collected it with interest?’

    24“Then he said to those standing by, ‘Take his mina away from him and give it to the one who has ten minas.’

    25“‘Sir,’ they said, ‘he already has ten!’

    26“He replied, ‘I tell you that to everyone who has, more will be given, but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away. 27But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.’”

    Luke 19
    New International Version

  15. Hailesellasie was an angel to the outside world but an evil man to some Ethiopians especially to Eritrea and Eritreans. He is the one who abolished the Federation which caused all the blood shed for 30 or more years. If the Federation was respected I am sure Eritreans would have preferred to stay with Ethiopia. Well too bad we cannot go back in time and reverse things, but we can learn from the past.

  16. I totally disagree with the title of the Book- There is no “Lion of Judah” in Ethiopia. These are the self-appointed “Judas” who sub-humanized Ethiopians. May be Haile Selassie and whoever claims to be the “lion of Judah” could be the descendants of Iscariot Judas, and they are!

  17. Very funny comments!how funny?Elias, have you finally noticed the wierdo`s with a`shefafa belief that my king or Ethiopia owed them` their miserable past something or another to this day?!1) Only little Eritreans with no hope in hell for the misery they have created for themselves,2)Our brother Muslims who have surpassed their ivitation as guests who have outwelcomed their stay as squatters and ended up breeding like…
    YOU WANT MORE,my brother,Elias….
    TIME TO RECLAIM REAL ETHIOPIA,bertu at ethiopianreview.xxxx

  18. Haile Selassae was a giant angel compare to the two evil dictators that came after him. Haile Selassie loved his country and did his best for his country and fought with the neighboring countries like Somalia, Sudan and the home grown terrorist evil possessed Isayass, and of course with Italy to keep Ethiopia‘s territories and that kept Ethiopia from being colonized by Mussolini. As a young kid, I remember going to school where students came from every province and poor and rich families. There was no doubt that all of us considered ourselves to be Ethiopians and I enjoyed the friendship I’ve made with students from many parts of Ethiopia that have given me ever lasting memories. Mengestu only brought bloodshed, fear and over all miseries to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. And Meles in the other hand is much, much worse than Mengestu in many ways than we can count. Dictator Meles besides throwing countless number of Ethiopians in prison, torturing and killing, he has given away our land and ports like a piece of candy and who also looted the country to make himself and his family to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. The bloody hands Mengestu and Meles have no room what so ever to complain or blame the late Haile Selassie. No one is perfect, and Haile Selassie has his flaws, but he has done his best for his beloved country and his fellow Ethiopians. How I wish Ethiopia has a leader that believes in her, loves and protects her like the multi ethnic Ethiopian Haile Sellassie. Haile Selassie is truly missed! May you rest in peace!

  19. As opinion every body has his/her opinion but most the time why the people repeatedly say lion Judah. Even 90% of the people they do not know the meaning of it we ethiopian are originated from ethiopia not other outsider. having say that we are not mean to the outsider we are generous enough to the other in the old days and also now. please do not connect every thing to Josh to your country. may be there is lessthan 1% Josh family were live in some north west. they are very minority in their community, by now i do not know their number because some of them gone to their country Israel after they claim they are Josh. My point is we ethiopian are the origin of a human being according to the evidence of we got from the archaeological finding and the other resource too, so we are not Josh or Arabs we are ethiopian. that is the reality and make us to proud to our identity.

    If some people write about who we are it should be agreeable by most of people were belongs. it is not depend to some say them selves we are royal or josh. for the real ethiopian that is phony or fake identity. Clear your self do not put your self in danger situation with out any reason, why we say our self belong to Josh even there is no evidence in ethiopia people is practicing Josh out side ethiopia some attach them selves to the Josh family tree. we were ethiopian we are ethiopian we will be ethiopian we are the origin of human being period. king h/selasse he was an exile when the country was need him at the most the top of that he was not an example good government.

  20. H.I.M. was the man who transformed Ethiopia from the dark edges to a modern country. He is the one who created the modern day Ethiopia which we all proudly call home. He has done his fair share of mistakes as a human being, but the good things he did for the country outweighs the mistakes he did. We the older generations are his products; the education system was compatible to that of the developed world, and we didn’t have a problem continuing our education by presenting our school certificates. I miss the glory days under his leadership. “Moa Anbessa The Emnegede Yehuda Nuguse Negest Ze Ethiopia”

  21. how can i explain to you….you are also part of the plan too…you are talking as though you are un outsider!! you are mis understanding big time…would love to give you a detailed explination so do let me know if there are alternative ways of communicating…..dont doubt about sile ethiopia mekdem!!!we need to talk!!!

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