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A new Oromo political movement formed

A new political party named Oromo People National Unity and Liberation Movement has been formed and is currently introducing its political program to the public. The new party strives to make Ethiopia a country where the rights of the Oromo people are respected, according to Colonel Abebe Geresu, an executive committee member. Col. Abebe, who now resides in Asmara, is one of the high ranking officers who defected from the Woyanne regime along with General Kemal Gelchu and several others. Click here to read OPNULM’s political program.

79 thoughts on “A new Oromo political movement formed

  1. Any problem with Ethiopia is made by Shabia or Eritrea-what a sad story!!
    The pain ,the blood and the suffering inflicted on the people of Eritrea for Years and years where so heavy that it takes chapters to describe it.After all this happenings to tried to forget and move on .It pains me to see such a hate to Eitrea and Eritreans from most comments given.For civilized people,decent Christians and Moslems and people who grew up from a decent family never preach hate.Stop it!! we have enemies at our door step ready to blast our churches and mosques .Like what is happening in Egypt,Iraqand Nigeria.
    Let’s reconsile and becalm and cool and think straight.

  2. Dear all,

    I read the list in the link Mr. Elias outlined about the new Oromo movement. It is with deep disappointment that I express my opinion here. Mengistu had never been an AMHARA. He is an OROMO. my disappointment is he is not in the list. While the new leader included Ethiopian hero’s like Belay Zeleke in the list, he didn’t include Mengistu Hailemariam (the most famous advocate of Ethiopian unity during the Dergue Era.) Mind you, Dergue is a committee not a single person. Perhaps some Oromo elites will call Mengie an Amharazed/Abyssianized Oromo. But what ever outragous crimes he did during his reign, noone can deny his Oromo Identity. He said it so himself. Read some recent books about him or ask Genet Ayele who had original information (recorded and written.) Everyone can also verify his identity before he dies. It is not good to isolate some famous Oromos who did bad while including others who did incridble sacrifice to Ethiopian Unity. Perhaps Mengie’s most beautiful wife (Wubanchi Bishaw from Gojjam) shouldn’t have influenced to change his Oromo identity. But his children are the most typical Ethiopians of mixed blood like many people in Addis or all over Ethiopia.

    Long live Ethiopia and always Ethiopia First.

  3. 44#. Assta B. Gettu,

    We all remember your Nazi style divisive and fanatical religious extremism and shameful crude which have been effectively crushed by the unity of the wise good Ethiopians, including the good, proactive and brave Ethiopian Review.

    Thank you so much for getting the message right and disowning your barbaric medieval fanaticism otherwise we should have campaigned for you banishment from the cyberspaces.

    Unfortunately, you are still at your devilish and divisive activities using ethnicity and your fanatical parochial corner patriotism of my way or no way old super race ideology of the past that brought mother Ethiopia to its death bed. Intolerant and spineless fanatics like you can only destroy, but not build anything. That is also why Ethiopian is still the wretched of the earth and at the bottom of all developments. Get lost with your contaminated mind and leave in peace those healthy and fresh proactive minds to construct the new and vibrant Ethiopia of the 21st century.

  4. I usually do not agree with Assta B. Getu, but this time I can see and understand what he is talking about. The new Oromo political party speaks for itself that, it is the same separatist group that was created by Isayas and Meles many years ago to divide and rule Ethiopia. The name Ethiopia is eliminated from there logo, and it is not hard to figure out that they want to separate from Ethiopia. Now I am wondering if the Oromo separatist groups along with Eritrians are abducting and killing our Ethiopian freedom fighters. It is a great shame to know that Isayas is still using Oromos to weaken the unity of Ethiopia.


    Different organizations claiming to represent the Ethiopian people and olf have sought at various levels to remove zenawi through assistance gained from Shabia. The following Eppf,tpdm and now Oromo peoples unity and liberation movement have all sought assistance there.
    In addition, to the Ethiopian opposition movements, the Eritrean opposition movements are also being trained and armed by Melese.It is a known fact the unity of Ethiopians against weyane and the unity of the Eritrean people against Shabia is seen as main threat to both tyrants and will do their utmost to see both people come short of attaining this goal. Any genuine political party who claim to liberate Ethiopia must work against this principle. The sooner these groups cut their ties with the malignant Shabia/Weyane the faster they arrive at itheir solution of liberating the people. For this reason, the leaders of these organizations that stick as glue with Shabi/weyane need to be told, by their respective people, definitively they need to wage a campaign of true liberation upon their own minds to free themselves from voluntary servitude to the dictators. It is very hard to share the views of leaders who advocate total reliance on the Shabia leaders while they have no confidence and faith in the will and ability of Ethiopians.

    I think this particular announcement speaks loud about the control of shabia on the life of these fronts. When the two Oromo generals arrived in Asmara a little over three years ago they have in view,I suppose, to join OLF and direct the struggle of that organization.Atleast, that is what the news coverage said about their aim.Instead,in the following years the officers find themselves their plans and aspirations being cut short and constantly checked by the Shabian authorities. What is more, there has been allegations of the Shabian leaders passing information conserning the military activity of OLf to Meles there by endangering the life of the movement.Also,there has been repeated news reports about the house arrest of these Military officers in asmara.When Elias reported the arrest of the officers as ongoing activity presently the Olf officials, perhaps under the pressure of Shabian officials, were quick to deny the report.When similar revelation was made about the arres of EPPF officials the Shabian officials must have been uncomfortable of these developments.Considering this it, appears that the OLf officials are being used to defend Shabian leaders.
    In like matter, the timing and announcement of the new OPULM might has to do more with the plan of Shabian authorities to shore up their public relations image than it has to do with the aspirations of the Oromo people to begin with. These political leaders who seem to have undue confidence in the power of their rival tyrants than to have absolute reliance on their own public need to see the short coming of their strategy. My advice to these men is to come out and join their people for genuine change.
    If these leaders insist in staying in the capitals of the rival tyrants, you have but few choices as these.

    In peace time, your new boss might expect you to accept a refuge status, against your will, and there is nothing you can do about it other than to accept it with contentment.

    In a time of hostility, it is given that, you and the small force you are commanding will be wedged between the forces of your current boss and the rival forces where you can’t extract yourself from it. That is very much a pretty picture for those who choose to lean on dictators.

  6. Hi Assta B. Bettu.
    Very excellent comments and I agree with your point. One Ethiopia only no Oromo, no Amara, and no Tigrean.
    We do not needed any group or names. Only we need is unit.

    From: XX
    XX is a Scientist educated in the United States and born north Goder.

  7. It was the fanatism of the Derg which has fueled the Ethiopia’s province of Eritrea to take a firm stand and reach it’s climax stage in which they are today. And today , some die-hard fanatical Ethiopians who have never learned from the past situations are reapting the same things indirectly to disintegrate our country. We are in 21st century, but acting as if we are in 19 century. So i call appon the really democrats and tolerants Ethiopians to start acting positively toward each other to our land from vanishing. One cannot like the container and dislike the content. Ethiopia which our country is our container, and we the diffirent ethnics in it are contents. So fanatism will never take us a long way, than stirring up a volcano eruption. The best medicine for today’s crisis is to reach hands to each other look in each other’s eyes than to turn away from each others.

  8. ‘Who is fooling who’?
    I am wondering why Amhara’s are supporting this new party than other genuine and well established parties. I am not nor criticizing the coming together of parties representing the two largest nation; in fact previously one. History tells us Almost 60% percent of Amhara’s were Oromoo’s by tribe; and the other half Agaw and Tigre. Wollo and Gojjam were Oromoo’s initially but later Amharinized due to mix with Semitic groups. The truth is increasingly more evident in the coming years!
    My issue: the Oromoo struggle for identity, democracy, equality, peace, stability, peaceful coexistence, truth, and development was basically based on self determination unlike the propaganda made on Oromoo struggle by ‘ old Abyssinians’, Derg regime and TPLF regime! It was not basically the struggle for independence. This was, is and will be the firm stand for all OROmoo organization including OLF!!!!!
    I support single United Oromiyaa with in United States of Ethiopia in a framework of Union of Horn of Africa primarily not for Ethiopian Unity but for Oromo benefit and Oromiyaa stability and development!!!!!
    In any case the Oromoo struggle reached at satisfactory level sufficient enough for protecting and keeping Oromoo benefit and Oromiyaa’n sovereignty with in the future True Democratic United States of Ethiopia!
    Dear all fellow other Ethiopians, Oromoo Ethiopians, Other Amhara’s; native Oromoo Amhara’s, some suspicious Oromoo’s: Don’t fear and worry about the ‘New Ethiopia’- not ‘Abyysinia’, charismatic Ethiopians’, not all ‘Habeshas’; “United States of Ethiopia’, not ‘Ethiopian Unity’- we will continue to live together on this earth, if the will of GOD; but let’s change our attitude to one another- struggle for right democracy and equality in a right way!
    May God guide us our steps to His will for Oromoo and Oromiyaa; for Ethiopias and Unites states of Ethiopia!!! In the high LORD, Jesus name!!!

  9. 59 #. Alebachew,

    You are giving GOOD lecture and solutions to dry and cracked gray desert ASPHALT. It has neither ears, nor eyes and brain to react positively for mutual benefit. How can you teach an old DOG new tricks? The solution is concentrating and strengthening one’s own resources.

  10. The Oromo Movement for Federalism and Ethiopian Unity is not a new vision: it is rather a new confusion crafted and engineered by the crafty person – Isaiah Afeworki, who is training some fatuous or weak-minded Oromos, the splintered groups of OLF, to bodyguard him from the impending destructive power of the Ethiopian people.

    People of the Oromo Movement for Federalism and Ethiopian Unity have betrayed the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters for a morsel from the dictator’s table and for some worn out uniforms and shoes that have holes in them because everybody knows Isaiah Afeworki cannot afford feeding such Oromo mercenaries nutritious food and providing them descent uniforms. After he has used them and exploited them, he will finally drive them out of his country as useless and illiterate simpletons who do not speak either Arabic or Italian or Tigrigna: These three are the main means of communications in the palm city of Asmara.

    These Oromo adventurers or fortune seekers have no clue whatsoever why they are in Asmara with strange people who do not speak the Oromo language; neither do these adventures know the geography of that region. Those super officials of the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters are linguistics who speak more than four languages, and they also know the areas very well; most of them are from Wolkait, Tegedie, Telelo, Thelemt, and Armacheho. In fact it was these people and some from Wollo region who defeated the Derg and brought Meles Seitanawi to power. And Isaiah Afeworki knows how smart and well educated the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters are; he is scared of them since they know the language, the culture, and the tradition of the Eritrean people that they may overthrow him and unite Eritrea with Ethiopia. For these and other reasons he has replaced their organization with the New Oromo Political Movement that fits him, pleases him, and obeys him.

    Geographically, Wolkait, Tegedie, Telelo, Thelemt, Adiarkai, and Humera-Setit are closer to Asmara than Oromia is to Eritrea, and that is the main reason why the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters recruited young boys and young girls from these regions of the heroes to defeat the Woyanne regime. How can people who came far away from Oromia region to Asmara cross the Tekezie River, cross the Kaza River, cross the Sanja River and hit the Woyanne army stationed at Azezo, Gondar? They cannot do it because they are not familiar with the Tekezie desert and with the people of Wolkait-Tegedie, and Semen-Armacheho. However, with these young Ethiopians from Wolkait-Tegedie and Semen-Armacheho, the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters could have brought us eternal victory, but Isaiah Afeworki does not want the Ethiopian people to be liberated by the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters; he rather would like to see the New Oromo Political Movement snatch away Oromia from its mother, Ethiopia so that he could get a peaceful sleep, stretching his feet on his two ports.

    My dear Afewerki, I want you to understand the Amharic adage: “ያልጠረጠረ ተመነጠረ,” don’t relax because you have the Oromo mercenaries with you; these speculators cannot protect you from a single shot aimed at you, or can they give you Oromia as a gift to supplement the food deficiency your country is facing. I want you to know that Oromia is one of the provinces of Ethiopia, and those Oromos who are under your protection are run-away servants from their Oromo masters; therefore, it would be very advantageous for you if you send them back home to be united with their family and live in peace in their homeland – Ethiopia. They are no good for you. In case, one or some of them cross the border of Ethiopia and fire a shot at any passerby in the Ethiopian soil, you must know that will be the end of your oppressive presidency and the end of the short-lived independency of the Eritrean people, and, of course, it will be a new beginning for them when they join their mother land, Ethiopia.

    Mr. President, I will give you another advice from the Amharic saying: “እንቅልፍ ታቨዥ ከነብር ትፋዘዥ” Don’t slumber too much and don’t underestimate the determination of the Ethiopian people to overtake their ports by force if that is what you want as you are training some dissatisfied Oromos to satisfy you by creating chaos in the main land of Ethiopia.

    Long live the Unity of Ethiopia! ኢትዮዽያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር!

  11. Anonymous #54,

    I’m glad you agree with me this time that the New Oromo Movement is a movement purposely devised to disintegrate Ethiopia and to satisfy Isaiah Afeworki, and I know where this new movement is heading, but Ethiopia is too strong to be disintegrated easily by such superficial movement.

  12. xx #58,

    I know it is very easy for a scientist like you from the northern part of Ethiopia to analyze such a hidden agenda by the New Oromo Movement, and thank you for understanding my view points on this divisive issue created by some selfish Oromo leaders.

    When you say a scientist born in Gondar, you have given me a hint: you were born in Dabat, and I know who you are; how much I would like to see you and know where you are now living and what you are doing!

  13. What we understand now is that the shaebia tragedy of dividing Ethiopia is starting.Since, Because of that OLF’s motive is to cessed from Ethiopia it doesn’t satisfy Shaebia’s interest, there fore it is a must to form another Oromo Peoples organization that can full-fill the Shaebia’s interest.Second, at this time, OLF is on move to form a united front with Guenbot-7 in which this process is also not liked by Shaebia. Next step is the new formed Oromo peoples front to Join the other four fronts formed earlier by the name of “Ethipioan allies for democratic change”. In case of power sharing, this new formed front may be next of the TPDM. In my assumption, instead of the true Arbegnoch ginbar, another new front that represents the Amara people, called “the Amara Resistance Army” led by Colonel Alebel, will follow and expected to join the formed five allies. In the view of the Shaebia political tactics and strategy, for Ethiopia, this allied groups are on a transitional period now to form an under cover unity government by the will of nationals and nationalties of Ethiopia, after the fall of Weyane. Here, according to power sharing formula of Shaebia, “TPDM” will honored the chairman of the unity governmet,and the remaining fronts will get their power share in accordance the role they play to the interest of their boss Shaebia. In this formula, Shaebia, by any means will control Ethiopia again in the name of solidarity and friend ship among the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea, like the friend ship made with Weyane after the fall of Derg. This is what Shaebia wants, and work day and night sleeplessly, especially at this time. In our say,”Wocho bikeyer Wocho”,means after Weyane TPDM(Tigray peoples democratic Movement) will be replaced. From the experience of Weyane, TPDM will be the super power. He will control the other groups by his cadres and securities as Weyane did now.There will not be free election, free speech, free gathering,and protesting as well as freedom of press. So, we Ethiopians have to do some thing to over come this situation.

  14. Beshaw saya

    You guys need ethiopia unity without Oromo,your problem is known that is the identity crisis you are sufering from it.
    But Oromo peole never compromiseon its identity the OROMO

  15. Assta B. Gettu,

    you are sick and addicted to hatred. But no any tolenrat Ethiopia will care for your out of date long and boaring story. The efforts for united Ethiopia will go on by all Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic back grounds.

  16. From the land of the maniac dictator, Esayas Afeworki, who killed and keeps killing his nearest associates and his fellow citizens; who is the reason for the young and old to leave Eritrea and spread all over the world, from Beijing to Rio de Jenarioo, from Cape Town in SA to the very far cities of Japan; who want us to expect a liberation movement that could salvage the peoples of Ethiopia? This is a tragedy!

  17. 1. If this new party is working with Isayas then it ies DEAD AT BIRTH!!!

    2. For Ereterians: We don’t hate Eriteria or all Ereterians but the dectator Isayas and his group. As we hate MEles not Ehiopia or even the whole Tegrian. I appreciate your national patriotism.

    3. I hope the party will recover from neftegna illness. Negetegna(if there was any) is a dead history. If u want to struggle against neftegna then u r struggling the gohst. Focus on the real enemy, weyane and shabiya and alshibab. If the party is in Eretria then they need to pack and leave before it is to late. I PERSONALLY DON’T SUPPORT ANY PARTY WORKING WITH ISAYAS.

  18. TPLF/WEYANE evil NAZI has installed the cultural and economical hegemony of Tigray over Ethiopia by exploiting the concept of Nation and Nationality’s. An old evil tactics of Divide and Rule is applied for this devilish purpose.

  19. Assta. B. Gettu #73,

    what is wrong with ” Oromo Movement ” if you are not untolerant and stubborn conservative ? Oromos, Amaharas, Tigarus,Gurages and the others are not the objects which are fallen from the Mars, the are the Ethiopians. Without these people one can not creat a ” United Ethiopia ” . It is these peoples who will hammer out the Unitde Ethiopia. You are acting like a crazy driver who does not care about the passenger in the bus and drives the ” Anbesa Autobus ” in to the hell. I am sure that all true Ethiopians will not allow such a driver to take our country in to the hell.

  20. Please start to think out of your “tiny box”. First, the so-called Oromia Nation is a historical myth, invented by fictional romantics with the assistance of European colonialists. As the later created OLF, now Isaias is midwifing Oromo People National Unity and Liberation Movement. Wake up and try to learn (or at least have a courage to do so)a little bit of history. To start with, Oromia never existed except in the fantasy of those fanciful intellectuals or delusional ethnicists. It is a historical fact that the Wallegas do not have anything to do with the Hararis or the Shewans with the Borenas. The only thing that unites them is “Ethiopianness,” and NOTHING else. Those brave patriots selectively listed for their heroism as represenattive Oromos were first and foremost Ethiopians (and they fought as such and under Ethiopian umbrella) to the same extent that emperors Menilk, Haile Selassie or Mengestu Haile Mariam or Teferi Banti or, for that matter, the empresses Taytu or Mennen were. They should know that Ethiopia of the 16th century was different beyond recognition from Ethiopia of today. But these ethnicists are still living in the 16th century Ethiopia (for example, their talk of idealistis “gada” is an example) as if no historical development had occurred since. Good for them! But whether they like it or not history has moved forward since then and will continue its relentless march in spite their ossification. My advice is please “Wake Up and STOP misleading the already disoriented generation!”. My thought to you Military Men (Generals and Colonnels) is to leave history to the historians and engaged yourself fully in the trade you’re trained best. “Bematawuqut neger gebtachehu Atefetfetu”

  21. The Ethiopian affair concerns all Ethiopians regardless of their ethnicities and profesions. It is not as you try to lecture us to leave the Ethiopian affair for historian like you. Every land has it’s myth and fictional story, but it is not important to talk about it on this website. The problem is that today’s Ethiopia has changed it’s gear in to the higher level and you still think as if it is in the first gear. We have to come to our sense and step the modern Ethiopian steps forward.

  22. Excellent vision and mission!
    Close to 50% of all Ethiopians,one of the single largest linguistic and democratic social and cultural values, the Oromos are the only hope both for Ethiopia and the entire horn’s stability, prosperity and sustainability.

    They are the only once who can salvage the exhausted, divided, bickering and sinking Ethiopia by bringing back justice for all and opening genuine dialogues from all sides both internally and externally and make our country the greatest of all countries in the region.

    THUMBS UP! Go forwards proactively and make it happen. Irrespective of religion, region, ethnicity, we are all with you!

  23. This movement might be fishy. If such movement is formed in Eritrea believe me, it is not because this movement wants unity to preserve Ethiopia. Do not be tricked. By using such calm vocabulary they are getting help from Eritrea to make OLF strong in independence. Have you read what Elias posted about the execution of EPPF people? They are trying to destroy the Ethiopia movement and rather Oromo movement to thrive. Oromo means ethnicity not a name that embraces all ethnicity. Becareful what you wish for.

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