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Ethiopians in DC confront Woyanne crumb collectors (video)

The Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), a puppet group that was created by Ethiopia’s despot Meles Zenawi to subjugate the Amhara ethnic group of Ethiopia, held a dinner party last night at the Woyanne-controlled Ethiopian embassy.

The party had attracted the usual {www:bottom feeder}s who have sold their soul for crumbs that Woyanne throw them.

Upon receiving information about the party, patriotic Ethiopians in the DC area quickly gathered and confronted the {www:crumb} collectors outside.

One of the hodams who arrived at the embassy decided to show his Woyanne puppet-masters how loyal he is by approaching the protesters with a camera. Seconds later he left with a smashed camera and a headache (see the video below).

The demonstration outside the embassy caused many of those who arrived for the dinner party to turn around and leave.

The protesters took photos of those who entered the embassy.

The fight against the Woyanne vampire regime is intensifying with new strategies and tactics. Ethiopians are getting themselves organized every where to confront and challenge Woyanne. In the past few weeks alone, brave Ethiopians have derailed Woyanne gatherings in Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, and London.

38 thoughts on “Ethiopians in DC confront Woyanne crumb collectors (video)

  1. It is all thanks to you, dear Elias. We have seen our political would-be heroes crumble and fall one after the other. You Elias, you’re the last man standing. Knowing you, I’d say woyane is in big trouble.

  2. I am not sure who to hate most – thye Weyanes or the Hodams who apparently have sold their soul for crumbs as you correctly put it. Aye Ethiopianotch, ahuns demo beweyanie? engdih, yihen werdet kallhone: minu new?

  3. I Thank God for Ethiopianreview an wavering dedication to Ethiopia and its people.These sold outs and pseudo opposition groups and spies must be exposed and be held accountable.Again Thank you Ethiopianreview.

  4. Why are you trying to limit citizens right to support what they like? you live in the most developed democratic country, use all its previlages and abuse others….not so right.

  5. tegadalay #5 Listen Elyas is enjoying his democratic right. Since you tegadalays are very stupid you think democracy is a one way street. Democracy is works in both ways you buffoon. If you don’t know ask or just shat up.

  6. Ethiopian review is performing an out standing job. Thank you! We have to expose these ‘hodams’ wherever they go!! If anybody knows where there next move is please let us know so that we can get ready to give a lesson to these ‘hodams’. Elias are they coming Columbs, Ohio a number of woyanne puppets(Azeb’s followers/ business partners) resides here.

  7. Thanks Elias.
    Two thumbs up to the brave Ethiopians! You are right again — DEATH TO WOYANES AND THE ENEMIES OF ETHIOPIA!
    Most probable these people are the same HODAM Woyanes pretending to be Amharas to divide Ethiopians. If they are really found to be Amharas who went in to eat the flesh and drink the blood of Ethiopian people with the blood sucker Woyanes — they are the few rotten, disgraced, money worshipers, and shameless, disgusting individuals that have sold their souls to the devil — they should be ousted.

  8. Evil people such as Hitler, Stalin and the likes of Meles stay in power because of selfish, greedy and hodams that went in woyane embassy to eat and dine with criminals. These evil supporters lack conscience and empathy to even recognize what they are doing is so wrong and unethical.
    Every Monday, I look forward to read what Chris Hedges has to say on Today’s message is so related to the likes of Meles supporters, please read his article and the comments as well:

  9. As I watch these blood suckers marching to the Embassy, I couldn’t help it not to think about the students that were picked up and loaded on trucks to be locked up, tortured and possibly to be killed. The students were pleading with the foreign journalists (as it happened in Rwanda) if they could save them — Please save us! Please save us! as they were marching to be loaded on woyane trucks. I also remember that poor mother who lost her two sons in front of her in a matter of seconds. — the family that lost their father, mother and a wounded brother in a matter of seconds in front of their house — The hundreds that were shot and killed by Agazi army — The countless number of Ethiopians still rotting in prison, killed, and tortured, etc, etc, etc…..

  10. I am so pround of my compatriots in DC! Well done! I loved it! “Adwa sibela – B-A-DE-N shama yadj new! Brilliant! Go on brothers and sisters, march on! Teach the traitors a lesson.

  11. The Amhara National Democratic Movement leaders are simply TPLF agents All of them have no goal apart from filling ther bellies. Berket, Hilawi, Tadesse Tinqishu, Tefera Walwa and Addisu are there just to hypnotize the Amhara so that TPLF is in command of everything. As far as the Ethiopian people know TPLF short term plan is marginalize the Amhara by way of dismissing them from their job, by uprooting them from other regions and by killing them. The longterm plan of TPLF is the extinction of the Amhara. The only person who exposed the attrocity was the late Professor Asrat Woldeyes. May his soul rest in peace.

    Now the funny thing is that the so called ANDM leaders as if they accomplished something are wasting our resources on whisky and shampagne in the name of anniversary. DNQEM! It is an occasion just to feed and show belly dance to their TPLF_ Tigre masters so that they continue to get the FRFARI leftover from TPLF. Shame on those who join them to share the BLOOD money and food.

    Those who wine and dine withthe killers have they ever dared to ask what had happened to the 2 million Amhara that diseapeared from woyane screwed statistics? They wont do that they are there just to fill their belly. I “say to them now you enjoy the BLOOD money and Food sooner or later you will regret it!

    I am sure those who arrived to enjoy are predominantly TPLF TEGADALY AND ACHEBCHABIS KERASCHUN MULU Bit the people are starving.

  12. But The feats was still in DC and the USA. HeeHeeeHeeeeee

    They defro and fro and Defro it is found in the accounts of the Lynchers. I hate All of them including the ZIA EPRDFians and Mamo the killer. They stink. They have secrecy ring. The sweet. Congradulate that tough man so Tax Payers wake up and ask why. THe thieves and favoritic assholes are here.

  13. D says,
    obviously you do not understand English. please read carefully before you say something stupid. i hope ethiopians organize every where like this brave brothers and sisters to make woyanes live miserable. i hope you undrestand this.

  14. I am proud of ethiopians who confronted these idiots at woyane embassy.
    ethiopians in every city are watching and confronting woyane activities like in London, DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm etc… GENA gud Yifelal zendro!

  15. excellent job Ethiopians in DC,Especially the broken camera is a record. You would have added his nose too,at times violence like this is justified.
    keep it up guys!

  16. God Bless these courgious ethiopian heroes in Dc.It is a great job. We ethiopians must be united & work together to get rid off fascist Meles /Tplf criminal thugs from our Ethiopia before these evil destroying us.


    Though I am fade up with ethnic politics, I want to use this opportunity and drop a line with regard to Amharas and TPLF.
    As an Ethiopian who has lived with different part of our society, I have observed political assimilationst character of Amharas than any other ethnic group in Ethiopia. It does not matter whether the status qo is a fascist or democratic. There are more Amharas who smile and assimilate easily.
    You will easily understand this when you compare Samaras with the other majority group, Oromos. Currently, there are numerous reports of Oromo defectors from Meles regime but virtually no dominant figure of Amharas. Even some Amharas such as Lidetu, Meles Girl, Engineer… make a u-turn and dance with the devil without difficulty or guilty conscious. Since I was a little kid in Addis I am wondering to learn why?I wish I would be wrong!

  18. Andargachew #14, you need to know the difference between good and evil. Lying, torturing, murdering, looting are the things Satan loves and God hates. I am afraid you have chosen to be on the side of evil.

    Bravo! To that brave Ethiopian who broke that arrogant woyane’s camera. I am sure that camera was bought with the looted Ethiopian money.
    It would be one of the greatest shame if some Amharas really attended the woyane blood party. TPLF have been peeing on Amharas and have been telling them it is raining. Especially, the Gondar and Wollo Amharas have been abused and robbed by Woyanes — hundreds and thousands acres of their land have been stolen from them and given to Tigrea province and worse yet–to Sudan.

  19. wow ,what a wonderful job by this courgious wonderful ethiopians in dc.this weyane servant the so called amharas should be ashamed of them selves.i am sure we will see this video in all ethiopian websites including ethiomedia and emf .good job ethiopian review god bless you.god bless our poor ethiopians at home who have nothing to eat while weyane thugs are enjoing thier black and white whisky.

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  21. After taking over all the powers in to its ONE MAN dictatorial hands and practically making Ethiopia the prison house for Ethiopians, now Wayane is trying to extend outwards that same brutal method in order to make the whole wide world a simple external prison house for the Ethiopian Diaspora.

    We need to reject in unity within diversity Wayane cunning fox’s manipulations and maneuvering by all means possible.

    Wayane cannot force the poisons of dictatorship, exploitations, criminal human rights violations, etc. down the throats of the good Ethiopians and expect to enjoy democratic rights and friendly interactions for its criminal self. Wayane is keeping the spirits of Ethiopians jail.

    “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”

    ~Kahlil Gibran

  22. This is not dirty politics or political blackmail nor is political prostitution MELES style instigated by E.R. the proof is in the pudding Facts Prime minister Meles Zenawi of tigray,foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin of tigray,samora yunis defense tigray,Arkebe ogbay Addis mayor,Berhane Gebre kiristos U.S ambasador,Abay Tzehaye senior adviser,95%military personel from tigray,all security apparatus posts held by tigrayans and the tigrayans comprise not even 6% of the total population.Democracy when the majority is oppressed and is powerless and the minrity rules.Simple logic and truth democracy is when majority rules with equality. Shame for those who sold out souls and weyane puppets like Addisu .

  23. #31,
    In real Democracy there is no such thing as a Minority or a Majority ethnic group. Democracy is a one man one vote political system–case in point President Obama. The reason that is killing our people and destroying our country is not because Meles happened to be from a minority ethnic group — IT JUST THAT MELES HAPPENS TO BE THE MOST WICKED HUMAN BEING THAT WAS BORN WITH AN EVIL HEART, MIND AND WITHOUT EMPATHY.
    If TIGREANS want to distance themselves from this evil man that has the blood of hundreds of thousands innocent people and that is also dragging their ethnic group in the mud. They need to speak out as loud as they can against the killer of innocent people, tyrant Melese every chance they get.

  24. I don’t know how Ethiopians got to loose their ways these much. How there come to be created the type of people that collect crumb from these genocidal government is something that needs to investigated. Ethiopians need to pause for a bit and think of how their grandparents and greatgrandparents protected their dignity and defended what is right. Nowhere in history including the times of foreign invasion Ethiopians lost their freedom to this extent . All Ethiopians need to start imagining what their forefathers would think of them if they saw them now in these days and times. How can a person go to sleep and continue life the next day like nothing happened while their phone is tapped , their bank account is being played with , while their children are languishing all over the world looking for a future that was stolen from them by their own government and so on is really far away from the Ethiopian way.

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  26. Why does Ethiopian Review Delete some commonets? Is it really entitled to stand for democracy? This site will not even be very attractive if different views are not entertained. How could we freely express our ideas? I can see people freely opposing the TPLF/EPRDF government in this website, but if I cannot say even a word against someone or this website (taken for example), how could people talk about democracy? I have written some comments and they are dleted, and in some of them, part of the comments are permitted which twists all the idea contained in it.

    Please Ethiopian Review administrators, don’t do that. I think it is against the principle you say you stand for. If You accept my suggestions today, I will continue participating. Otherwise, it will be worthless for me to visit this website if I am prohibited from giving comments.


  27. I am not a supporter of EPRDF, in fact I hate them! But I dont think breaking someone else’s camera is to be taken as a just move and be bragged about on a news. That is so low, peaceful demonstration is one thing, violence is another. If we want to be heard in the international community, this video/news will have negative effect on this “demonstration”. Shape up guys!

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