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Angry Ethiopians confront Lidetu in London

Brave Ethiopians in London confronted Lidetu Ayalew at a public meeting on Nov. 21, 2010. It took several police officers and private bodyguards to protect him from the angry Ethiopians, many of whom have fled their country after being victimized by his current bosses Bereket Simon and Meles Zenawi. Lidetu used to be a prominent opposition party leader, but in the past few years he turned himself into a tool for the Woyanne regime. Watch the video below.

Video 1

Video 2

26 thoughts on “Angry Ethiopians confront Lidetu in London

  1. Thanks to Elia and You tube the tegadalay government is at the point where it can not cheat any one. Remind these blood suckers that it is to uncomfortable to be hodam for tegadalay.

  2. Being an ally of Meles the Tigray Liberator is ugly. The Tigray Liberator is fixed with his agenda of profiteering on aid money and building an EFFORT empire that checks on who should get land, money, business, jobs, business license, education, and anything under the sun in Ethiopia. This Tigray Liberator is window-dressing with concrete and bricks the shameful favoritism and inequality he constructs. The Tigray liberator believes that the West is weaker economically and he could charm the Diaspora with land and business opportunity in Ethiopia only to trap them and have them kneel down. The likes of Lidetu are nothing but the instruments of the Meles Tigray Liberator. He could be a lunch item for the Tigray Liberator’s uncle’s son who runs aigaforum or the shareholder of Wogagen Ben. But Ethiopians know him as being spineless and confused opportunist.

  3. Thank you Elias, posting this video. we love you man… He’s a messenger of WOYANE JUNTA for diaspora. BRAVO LONDON. how many times we let this kinds of people to kill our struggle for justice in Ethiopia. did you just hear what he said about DR. Berhanu? LIDETU = MERCENARY = WOYANE. Dallas, TX

  4. What is the difference between Solomon tekalign and Lidetu? Do you think solomon went to eirtrea to encourage the freedom fighters?…..My Dear Ethiopians he was not a prominant opposition figure from the very begining. He was trained and recruited by Dehninet. He was fooling us all the was if you think that he turned aruond at some point that is not the truth. There are still others in the opposition camp that are working for woyane we shall watch and avoid them. Unless we avoid this kind of people …it takes us 100 years to avoid woyane……Ginbot7, Aribegnoch ginbar,OLF, and others ….clean yourself first……there are many people who think with their bellys.

  5. We are so proud of you London. True Ethiopians are uniting everywhre and the life of Woyane and supporters will be distroyed soon. Long live Ethiopia. WE SHOULD ALL BE READY TO DIE FOR OUR FREEDOM!!!!!

  6. My only difference with Elias accorss the years has been the Lidetu affair. Lidetu was one of the very few honest and dedicated Ethiopian politicians. The hodamotch in qinijit harassed him like there was no tomorrow, and he ended up on the lap of the pimp Meles. Ethiopia seems to have no use of her honest politicians.

    I’ve began to like Berhanu Nega only after he came to the US. While he was in Addis, his intervention was catastrophic for qinijit and our struggle. He said in his recent speech that he was from the old school and was waiting to have enough cash before he could call mass protests, is he kidding me?

    Lidetu’s case is a tragedy that we ourselves created.

  7. Nice London I am proud of you by not giving him a chance to this treater(BANDA).Evrey hodam must know by now that Ethiopians are not going to be cheated any more.Lidetu must stop making things worest than it is by speaking nonesens againest real Ethiopians who are trying to save our mather land from these invaiders(TPLF).What ever he says about Birhanu doesnt change any thing. We know who Birhanu is he is not HODAM.Birhanu is aVisionery,Honest Ethiopian who really cares about Ethiopia.Viva G7.LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA and Death for TPLF and HODAMS.God bless our mather land ETHIPIA:

  8. ESFNA EC should see an imagine what could happen in Atlanta. NO one is going to get away by been Woyane supporter. ESFNA make up your mind. The mother of all protest is awaiting for you. I hear the echo of Mohamad Ahmed booed of the stage. ESFNA we are coming to teach you democracy.

  9. Great job Ethiopians in London. You make me proud.
    Lidetu has always been a disgrace paid jero tebi for the TPLF and he will always be a shameful human being, hodam aheya and spineless that turned his face on Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Ledetu is a TRAITOR at its best, and one of the most disgustingly wicked human being that sleeps with the enemy, that has tortured, killed and looted Ethiopians. Lidetu has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Ethiopians on his hands, and he deserves more that tomatoes throwing at him.

  10. This guy must be a socio-path, with no conscience, no sense of remorse or guilt. And this is dangerous. He just came here to add an insult to an injury. What a pathetic guy!

  11. Ethiopians in London have always been on alert to repel any unwanted and uninvited woyanne intruders and to protect the treasured and valuable struggle from any third hands of Zinwi. What is Lidetu is doing in London?

    Lidetu, himself is self-explanatory; for that matter; useless boy squeezed in the hands of Zinawi, now, in London to preach or to taste the flavor of democracy or to discharge Zinawi’s trash?

    Obviously, he doesn’t have a troop nor has a dignity; or doesn’t have credibility nor has courage;so what did bring this Z-trash to Ethiopians?

    Can’t be trusted; must be strayed.

  12. I am very proud of the courage and deed of the London Ethiopian residents.It boils my blood when I listen in the video the conversations of our sisters how they blodly stand up to the face of the weyane bandas. Yengede lig Lidetu need not forget his bitryal!He happen to be another case of mixed Tigre-amhare breed that found it easy to cast himself for a part.Our battle against the savage bruets just began.Wherever they are we must continue to comfront and teach them that truth is on our side,that we are the majority,and that God is also on the side of the opperessed.

    If it is convinent we even need to give them a black eye.We want them to know our patiance has a limit.We will not allow weyane leaders to whole sell our country.As in Daallas and in London we will confront wehyane agents and teach them objective history.We ill be a thorn in the flesh for perfidious Lidetu and his a likes.

  13. There is no big surprise in Lidet’s support of Dr. Berehanu’s death sentence.What is surprising is our bravado to bring Melese to justice while his deputy the sadist Tamerat Layne is having a good time in the slopes of Colorado with his family and we do not even speak about him anymore.We should not let such a brutal individual go free!!

  14. Elias, I admire your honesty. You are much better than Siye Media (Abreha Belay’s) commentary on Lidetu. Abreha Belay wanted to take revenge on Lidetu just because Lidetu responded to Siye Abreha in kind.

    Although Lidetu ended up in Meles’s lap, his party and himself have struggled hard against Woyane until the 2005 election. EDEPA has led the 2002 student uprising and big demonstrations. Their members were killed in broasd day light. Lidetu hislef was imprisoned several times. It after the debacle of “Kinjit” that Lidetu became usless and a toy to Meles Zenawi, and all Kinjit leaders are resonsible for the fall of Kinjit.

    Unless we analyze our country’s political situtaion geniunely like Elias did on Lidetu’spredicament, I am afraid we will be going to a down hill and more division will follow. Cool down and find a solution to go forward.

  15. I am shocked to see such an anger, I wouldn’t have believed if some one told me. Thank you for the video, I don’t hate people, but I am so ashamed of Ledetu and pupets try to mislead us hiding under woyane umbrela.

  16. Pls, we don’t have to forget those killers of Ethiopia like Tamerat Layne they should be responsible what they did I agree with #19 we should confront them any where they go.

  17. hello i thought in this protest you have had a good video quality and many people but as far as i see in this it seems like there was some problems in the local pub to be honest. so try to have some more people in you protest for the next time.

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