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Ethiopians gather to remember the 2005 election massacre

Commemoration events for the Ethiopian election massacre 5th anniversary were held Washington DC, and several cities around the world on November 7, 2010.

Silent prayer for the martyrs of Election 2005 – Sunday, November 7, 2010
remembrance of 2005 Ethiopian election massacre

The special remembrance event in Washington DC was broadcast live via video and audio. The event was held at the Washington Marriott Hotel starting at 2 PM.

Tamagne Beyene at remembrance event of the 2005 Ethiopian election massacre

The program was opened by Artist Tamagne Beyene who made an opening statement and showed a short video about the terror campaign that was unleashed against the World Bank-financed blood-thirsty dictatorship in Ethiopia following the May 2005 election.

Tamagne then introduced the guest speakers Judge Frehiwot Samuel, Dr Aklog Birara, Ato HaileGebriel Ayalew, Ato Henock Yeshitila, Dr Berhanu Nega, and Dr Gregory Stanton. Judge Frehiwot Samuel

The first to speak was Judge Frehiwot Samuel, who asked why those who are accountable for the atrocities of June and November 2005 are still allowed to still roam freely.

Dr Aklog Birara discussed that Ethiopians must take matters into their own hands by waging a campaign boycotts such as rerouting remittances so that the hard currency is not used by the Meles dictatorship. He urged every Ethiopian to engage in civic actions that will help bring change in Ethiopia.

Dr Berhanu NegaAs a witness to the post-May 2005 elections massacre, Dr Berhanu Nega gave a firsthand account of Woyanne’s savagery.

Genocide Watch President Dr Gregory Stanton told the audience that Ethiopia, a country with rich history and long civilization, is currently ruled by a barbaric government. He urged Ethiopians in the Diaspora to get organized and work to remove the Meles dictatorship, pointing out that they could be a powerhouse for bringing change in Ethiopia. He also advised the tracking and registering of all Meles regime officials who are engaged in atrocities because there will come a time when they must face justice. He warned that the Meles apartheid dictatorship is hurting Tigreans more than any other ethnic group in the long term by fostering resentment toward them.

Similar events were held in several places around the world, including Seattle, Toronto, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Dallas, London, Stockholm, Cologne, Munich, and Melbourne.

In Ethiopia, due to the Meles regime’s repression, such events are not possible.

7 thoughts on “Ethiopians gather to remember the 2005 election massacre

  1. May The Good Lord Bless All Those Innocent Souls ruthlessly cut down by the hirelings of the current regime back home. Their blood will not stop crying unto Our Creator until they get their due justice. They will never be forgotten.

  2. Ethiopians,we shall bring down the Meles Naziawi’s regime by continual engagement of struggle under one banner of unity.It’s been now twenty eyars since the enemy invaded the homeland and settled in our country,murdering and looting Ethiopians.Dictators always come and go;but,but this evil regime remained stubborn;yes,stubburn.

    In 2005,Ethiopians allover and accross the country crushed Zinawian robbers to their complete defeat;it was the end of invasion,it was the end of brutality,and it was the end of the rule of tribalism;but the robbers got mad,really mad and went out on the streets and murdered Ethiopians;that was genocide.

    Today,Zinawian robbers own,controll,and run everything and anything that is available below and above the lands,in Ethiopia.Ethiopians,Sadam has gone;so shall Zinawian robbers.

    The shooting by Zinawian robbers left more than 200 Ethiopians killed.Thousands more were badly wounded for life,and many more Ethiopians were sent to prisions;from among them they were those tortured to death.Today,at this darkest moment that the enemy brought upon us,thousands of Ethiopians are still suffering in varieties of prision accross the county.Countless Ethiopians were forced to flee their country to escape the brutality of Zinawian robbers.

    when Zinaiwan robbers came into Ethiopia,they were beasts and barefoot and they stillare,but had a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians.Time favored them and invaded Ethiopia;they did not waste time,they quickly scattered around and allover the country and moved into villages,towns,cities,and neighbourhoods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.

    Ethiopians,we can not remove the enemy by tow trucks;but we can remvove the enemy by persistent struggle from the surface of Ethiopia for onece and for all.Yes,we can;indeed,we can.

    Today,we all Ethiopians are mourning for those murdered,our brothers,sisters,and children;whereas,the enemy is partying along with major members of the crimefamilies on daily basis.

    Ethiopians,we stand together to honor our heroes who lost their lives in the fighting aganst the enemy;we can not stop even for a second and think what to do this stubburn enemy;we rather take progressive steps forward and crush the enemy with our united and mighty feasts.

    Death to the enemy!!!!

  3. Eventhough it´s great to remember the victims of 2005 and even try to do something about the perpetrators, I believe it´s equally important to remember the other massacres perpetrated by the weyannes as well, like the massacre in Ogadenia, oromia and the Anuak massacre. First of all, it´s a right thing to do and secondly it reinforces the truth that this regime belongs in the dustbin of history and the leaders of the regime belong, at least, in the Hague facing war-crime and genocide charges or a bullit in the head at best.

  4. I did attend this event. I feel accomplished at last attending the remembrance of the innocent people killed by the tyrant Meles @ Mariotte Hotel in DC. I remember one of the days in 2005… Kudos to the people who organized such an important event in Ethiopian history!!

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