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OLF resolves its internal crisis

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was engulfed by a disastrous internal crisis during the past two years. This week, it was announced that the crisis has finally been resolved. The leadership with split in to two camps — one led by Daud Ibsa and the other one by Gen. Kemal Gelchu.

OLF issued the following statement:

The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is happy to announce that after a series of talks under the mediation of its founders and senior members have agreed to reconcile and unify the organization by signing a major agreement on September 27, 2010. Accordingly, the reconciliation and unification will be finalized within the next five months. The parties availed themselves of the Oromo people’s rich heritage of conflict resolution to reach at this win-win solution.

The Oromo Liberation Front urges its members, supporters, and the general public to leave the past behind and redouble their efforts and rededicate themselves to the unfinished business of achieving freedom and liberty.

We believe consolidating the Oromo camp is of {www:paramount} importance. Hence, we call upon all Oromo organizations to heed our people’s call for unity.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE) has issued the following statement on the news.

Oromo Liberation Front Resolves Internal conflicts and rededicates itself for the historic struggle for Freedom, Democracy, and Equality

The internal conflict that has ravaged the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) over the past two years and, at least, modestly diminished its struggle for freedom, democracy, and equality has come to a {www:triumphant} end. During the peace and reconciliation meeting that took place over the weekend of September 27, 2010 in Washington, DC, the OLF leadership resolved its internal differences and concluded this historic meeting strongly reunited in one voice.

ALEJE extends a heartfelt congratulation to the OLF leadership, its members, and supporters on this {www:momentous} victory that will certainly paves the way for successive victories. ALEJE would also like to acknowledge and thank all the Oromo elders that made this moment possible.

The news of the reunification of the OLF leadership and its determination to reignite the struggle for freedom and equality in Ethiopia will definitely create havoc in the TPLF camp, the only entity that has benefited the most from the split of the OLF leadership in the first place. As an ethnic minority regime that has misruled Ethiopia with extreme savagery and lawlessness, the Zenawi regime clearly understands the important role that the OLF can play in the struggle for democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of in Ethiopia.

Ever so {www:cognizant} of the simple truth that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Zenawi’s regime over the last two years has left no stone unturned to keep the OLF leadership from resolving its internal conflict and stand as a formidable force against the divide and rule policy of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front.

Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia strongly believes that the reunification of the OLF leadership takes the struggle of the Ethiopian people one step closer to building an all inclusive and genuinely democratic Ethiopia where the rule of law, respect for human rights, and civil liberties will be built on the ashes of a brutal dictatorship that has wreaked havoc on our society.

The formation of a united front and central leadership has been one of the most frequently asked but never answered questions in the zero-sum game of Ethiopian politics. ALEJE strongly believes that it is the duty and historic responsibility of the OLF and other democratic forces of Ethiopia to provide satisfactory answer to one of the most important questions in the political history of Ethiopia.

The TPLF regime is oppressing and humiliating all ranks and sectors of the people of Ethiopia and it is looting regional and national resources from all corners of the country. ALEJE believes that unity is strength and the only way to stop the humiliation, the oppressive condition of the Ethiopian people, the wholesale looting, and downward {www:trajectory} of Ethiopia into a 21st century banana republic requires a collective effort.

The Ethiopian people regardless of their ethnic, political, religious, affiliation have suffered too much for far too long while the elites on all sides wasted precious time arguing at times on irrelevant and mundane issues. We believe it is now time to find common ground, work hard, make up for the lost time to find solutions to our common challenges and meet the expectation of the Ethiopian people in their quest for a genuinely democratic political order, liberty, and equality.

Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia feels the “fierce urgency of now” and is confident that the OLF leadership will take prompt, decisive, and groundbreaking measures that will {www:embolden} its constituency to fire the torch of freedom.

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16 thoughts on “OLF resolves its internal crisis

  1. Good news to all Ethiopia loving people over the world.We must work together by all our energy on the all corner. The mad dog Woyane must die by all means.

  2. That is great news. It is a step in the right direction towards a truly united Ethiopia. I look forward to the day when all democratic forces in Ethiopia get together and forge a common vision and strategy to reach historic goals.

    Victory to our Ethiopian brothers as their peace and victory is ours too.


  3. Finally,it redound up on us all at a moment where the developing world is rapidly strengthening reginal ties through trade pacts for market control such as ,NAFTA,E.U-E.C,ASEAN-AFTA, Black African have long way to go to form its own regional alliance at least among those nations where this prospect is possible.Neverthless,when it comes to our case,the news that OLF has resolved its internal differences and has now joined hands with the rest of Ethiopians on the struggle to unshakle our people is exciting. We thank those who contributed this event to happen.We waited patiently for long in the end there is a pay off for our wait.The melses regime has long capitalized on its principle of divide and rule,sure enough,for the last 20 years has convinced its inner circle that weyane alone unresisted can controll Ethiopian politics.We believe this will change soon,from now on Ethiopians need to lessen the rhetoric and adapt realstic approach to the struggle.

    The past form of struggle which is centered on the revelation of personal life on attacking the P/M past life and childreen need to be discarded.Instead,we need consentrate on exposing wrong policies,corruption,and nepotism withen the that system.Obviously,there is much to be done yet,as Ethiopians in unison intensify their sstruggle against the re3gim we excpect to see more action oriented campaign directed it.

    viva to all Ethiopians!
    The days of those who advance self interest before Ethiopian are numbered.

  4. thanks ER!

    we oromos are not greedy,selfish and hate mongers as enemy wants to paint as such.

    we love all peopls of ethiopia regardless of their ethinicity,religion,or language our history can tell this.we hate false and suppressiv system not only for oromos but to all human kind.when big familie get problem it is true that others will suffer by one way or another.therefore this is good news to all peace and truth loving peoples of east africa and the world.

  5. Dear Elias,

    Her u go, another stuff that doesnt serve the interests of Ethiopians incuding Ormia people. OLF is not for good. I have never seen a major people at the middle of a country trying to be separatist. UNHEARD OFF. As ormo, I am ashamed of this organization. I hate woyanie but I hve never doubt that OLF and ONLF are meangless at all.

    Dear Elias, IF you are a true ERITREAN, or as an ETHIOPIAN as you claim to be, you wouldnt support this. YOU MUST BE AN EGYPTIAN, A NATURAL ENEMY OF ETHIPIA FOR CENTURIES.


  6. There is nowhere in the statement that says OLF has abandoned its ‘unachievable dream ever’ in favour of unity for justice,true democracy and respect of human rights under one roof(Ethiopia).
    Infact it is calling on all Oromo forces to join hands so that they achieve the unfinished business of freedom and liberty.
    It even concluded by saying the old motto of ‘victory to the Oromo people’.
    But the truth of the matter is OLF will continue to be irrelevant as it is today in the Ethiopian political arena as long as it sticks to its unrealistic principle and unachievable dream.

  7. …good to see once more OLF priority has always been freedom, democracy and equality. Exactly what the people of Ethiopia have been asking for – a just solution to a complex problem.

  8. Elias you take the painstacking job of moderating the comments, but still you denied people of exchanging their ideas, all your effort is in vain. By rejecting my criticism of OLF you are denying them getting a glimpse of the reality. Where would that leads them? People coming here and committing represent different views, beliefs, ideologies, and the whole makes up the real world!

  9. Mr Guta, u want to debate…go…

    Tell from any history, from any country that the majority people who sitts in the middle of the country occuping the majority portion talking about what very minority people claim. Oromo people should demand bigger than this by saying we love ethiopia and we should dominate the countryes politics and power. Then every fair minded people will join them.
    GOT IT!!!

  10. Dear Hailu and qebea,

    If someone debate an idea run by critizing the government, it shouldnt be supported blindly. I want woyanie to be removed but not by collecting the separatists. We can do it by making sure our beloved country is still undevided.
    Guys open your eyes!!!

  11. Netsanet Betigil and Selamawi

    Could you please try to read the whole article and not bits and pieces, i.e. one sentence here or one phrase there, in order to prove your expectations to yourself? If Ethiopians are really concerned about their country, they have to read and re-read, if necessary, articles that are of interest/concern to our country. Please don’t show your ignorance and write stupid comments without first reading the whole article.

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