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Ethiopia will be middle income nation in 5 years – Meles

Dictator Meles Zenawi said his country is expected to achieve the World Banks’s (WB) lower-middle income level classification by 2015, under the recently launched development and transformation plan – a new strategy aimed at creating an ambitious 15% growth in the Ethiopian economy over the next five years.

By his country what Meles refers to is Tigray, not Ethiopia. To Meles Ethiopia is a country to be looted, not developed.

Also it is to be remembered that 15 years ago he promised that Ethiopians will eat 3 times a day in 10 years. (watch the video on the right) Now, 15 years later, millions of Ethiopians face starvation, while Meles and his TPLF mafia are amassing enormous wealth, most of which are being invested in the U.S. and other developed countries.

Conveying good wishes for the Ethiopian New Year 2003, which was celebrated on 11 September, Meles said that his country will join the lower-middle income category, provided that the nation successfully implements the five year growth and transformation plan set by the government.

He went on to say that – “Ethiopia will then be among the upper-middle income countries in the world in ten years from now.”

11 thoughts on “Ethiopia will be middle income nation in 5 years – Meles

  1. You must be an intelligent person, Mr Elias despite your inherent intolerance for opinions different from yours. You have admitted yourself during the recent discussion you had with Ethiomedia editor, who is rather reserved in many aspects.

    Overall I see a consistence in your stance as far as the Ethiopian Government is concerned. There is no doubt that you care for Ethiopia.

    However, you should not have made a blunder by joining to EPPF that would limit your affiliation to a certain organization, which in case not be successful for one or other reason, then would have impact on your reputation.

    The rest, I say go ahead with your courageous and hard work but try to accommodate some opinions that are not as such significantly different from yours.
    Good luck

  2. may be Meles Satnawe is talking about the income of Tigray. Woyane supporters will be middle income people. but the rest of 95-98% Ethiopians will be more poor the next 5 years and the average Ethiopians will be hungry as always.

  3. Armed with pseudo applied economic model dictator-acquired “scientists” have enticed World Bank, IMF and like sources of money pump billions into deep pockets of dictators for suppression of democratic election, building prisons for holding political prisoners, and commition of human rights violations. Year after years Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, United States State Department Country Report, Genocide Watch ANUAK OF ETHIOPIA.htm have posted reports that is invisible to these armed with conflicts of interest using pseudo applied economic models hidden under every thing being equal phrase. “The west is helping the regime in Addis build and strengthen a stalinist, centralized, top-down, dictatorial system.” Read: Wax, gold and accountability in Ethiopia

  4. Almaz,
    Narcissist Meles, a man that lacks conscience and empathy, possibly that suffers with Bipolar disorder won’t stop his criminal activities as long as his lies getting him more money, power and international recognitions, unless he gets caught and exposed and gets help from multiple psychiatrists. Cold-blooded criminals, liars, thieves, bank robbers, mass murderers, drug dealers, organized crime/mafia group — never stop on their own till the whole truth comes out in the open and get caught red handed.

    Truthfully, Meles is talking about Tigrae province and its people, not only in five years, at present, we are already witnessing the improvement of Tigrea province at the back of the rest of Ethiopians. A week ago, I talked to a relative of mine who lives out side Addis that owns a small business, told me how he and other people’s situations is getting worse and unable to afford to buy materials for their stores, since the value of Ethiopian birr lost its value under tyrant Meles, more than ever before in Ethiopian history. He also said some of the business owners are very distort and loosing their minds not knowing how they are going to go on with their lives and feed their families. Meles has been acting worse than a foreign invaders. Some of you non- woyane idiots that get impressed by Meles because of some cheap roads and building—during the five year war, the Italians that had killed millions of Ethiopians had also built some roads, rail roads and bridges. Meles and his gangs have been behaving like foreign invaders—taking the freedom of its citizens in every way possible, imprisoned non-criminal Ethiopians, looting the people and killing innocent people.

  5. Thanks to Ato Elias…..we have the
    Sarcasm/Humor of the DAY!

    Mr. Zenawi, as expected, is being very modest when he made a statement that “Ethiopa will be a middle income nation in 5 years”. Some local observers believe Ms. Azeb Mesfin’s (his wife) inclusion to the Polit Bureau alone, can easily generate some remarkable achievements for the next five years.

    There are some other items in the “Five Year Development” which the PM felt not to blow his own horn about. According to some local sources, the 5 year plan is expected to show the World that:

    Ethiopia under Meles & co will have the first African (TPLF cadre?) walking on the moon.

    Meles & CO will add five more NGOs to the premier EFFORT Inc.

    Ethiopia under Mr. Zanawi’s leadership will start exporting fighter jets to Israel and nuclear technology to the peoples Republic of Kerkstan & Moldova simultaneously.

    Ethiopia under Mr. Zanawi’s leadership will be the center for the export electricity to African countries from the melting & bolstering of “Khatt” into the mini hydroplants over the Nile River. Egyptian farmers are expected to be too “high” to grow rice! Finally,

    Under Mr. Zenawi’s leadership, The European Union (EU, G8/20) will hold its first meeting on an African continent, either in Addis or Adowa, soon to be deterimened by the new members of the Polit Bureau!

    God Bless Ethiopia & Please let the truth be told!

  6. I don’t buy it too!That is too ambitious,
    unless he is aware of undeclared massive petrol deposit as vast as the Saudis’,even that takes more than five years to develop.
    I am not sure if it was official statement,may be he made the statement unofficially while he was high, entertaining with chat and ambowiha in the beautiful town of Adama(Nazret)after the exhausting EPRDF conference.
    If that is not the scenario then he made it while drinking to break the mirkane(chat induced high).
    I forgot the amharic word for it(drinking after mirkana to bring yourself down)-I miss that life!

  7. Ethiopia currently has a GDP of about 80 billion if it grows again at about 7% that then it grow to about 85 million. If that continues for the next 5 years times around 7% growth. 7% times 5 is around 35% which is 28 billion of the current 80 billion then that totals it up to 110 billion. At the current rate of population grow ethiopia in 5 years will be around 86 million people divde that by 110 and you get about 1300 dollars per captia. Based on the world bank and how the measure countries economy is on GDP per capita The groups are: low income, $995 or less; lower middle income, $996 – $3,945; upper middle income, $3,946 – $12,195; and high income, $12,196 or more

    As I said if the current trend in ethiopia continues it will be a lower income economy. IN 10 years time at the current trend it will be an upper middle income economy.

    All this is a clear estimate and judging by how the world economy seems to be picking up the growth can be over what I estimated of 7% or it could be less

    But you get the idea. I like alot of the current governmments economic policy but I hate its poltics. We need TPLF out but not at a cost of another civil war. It needs to be down by peacful measure. For if another group ovethrows meles and his cronies with the gun. They to will not give it up as they struggled in the woods. Only those that come in peacfully will live peacfully. No more liberation fronts or we will go through the same cycle.

    MAo once said poltical power comes through a barrel of a gun

    I said let it be by the peacful will of the people

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