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Russia donates wheat to Ethiopia. Why?

Russia has donated a large quantity of wheat to Ethiopia, according to a report by Xinhua, a Chinese news agency. Meanwhile, Indian, Chinese and Saudi Arabian corporations are given large tracts of fertile land by Ethiopia’s genocidal regime to grow wheat, corn and other food to be exported to their countries. This the kind of game that is being played on the people of Ethiopia by Meles Zenawi’s junta and its Western backers. Ethiopia doesn’t have a shortage of food. Russia can keep its wheat. What Ethiopia lacks is a legitimate government.

ADDIS ABABA (Xinhua) — Russia donated on Saturday 2, 805 metric tons of wheat to World Food Program (WFP) Ethiopia.

Alexandr Letoshnev, Charge d’ Affaires of the Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa, said the Russian government commended Ethiopia’s success in the agriculture sector.

He said his country will remain a development partner of the country.

The people and government of Russian will assist the development activities in Ethiopia, Alexander said.

Lynne Miller, WFP Ethiopia deputy country director, thanked Russia for its generosity and said the number of people affected by the drought is dwindling.

50 thoughts on “Russia donates wheat to Ethiopia. Why?

  1. WOYANE is good doing that kind of thing selling the land to foreigners and keeping the people starving.. and begging food in the name of the starved then seal the donated food. keep the money for there self and there WOYANE family……the WOYANE have don it in 1985 in Sudan and the area they control in ETHIOPIA.they sold the donation food that was meant for the ETHIOPIAN refuge.heck they are sailing Ethiopian children and our women to slavery to all AREB countries….

  2. As long as there is not a strong opposition that western can count on it, they will be helping the juntas..So get untied be strong, stand together.. you will get the attention.

  3. “Prime Minister David Cameron will promise on Tuesday to fight for Turkey to join the European Union and will dismiss opponents of Turkish membership as protectionist or prejudiced…” head lined today’s (Monday, July 26, 2010) The New York Times. If and when Turkey joins EU, the 450 million population would spiraled by 150 million Turkish and an open back door for even more overnight. Ethiopia was the model that God created for the world: when righteous people governed Ethiopia, slowly but surly the world followed. Today’s topsy turvy thus is the product of abnormality in Ethiopia.

  4. When the Americans are signaling to the Woyanne regime that there will be no more donations from the American tax payers money to the ruthless dictator, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), the Russians, as the old friends of Ethiopia who supplied guns to the Ethiopian army in the 1895 famous Battle of Adwa and who refused to recognize Italy’s occupation of Ethiopia, are coming in with their tones of wheat to help Ethiopia minimize the sufferings of some Ethiopians from hunger because of the draught in some parts of the country.

    The Ethiopians’ relationship with the Russians is not only political, but also religious; the two countries are Christians who have the same doctrine about the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. The Russian Orthodox Church has trained many Ethiopian students and sent them back to help their country. And when Russia gives donation to Ethiopia, such as wheat, I don’t think there is any string attached to it; it is just a friendly donation. Any donation the Russians give to Ethiopia never goes into the pockets of few government officials. The Russians always keep their eyes on how their donation is being used. For example, when the Russians built the Bahirdar Poly Technical School, not a single Russian Ruble was wasted or went into the hands of the Ethiopian thieves.

    Therefore, I prefer the Christian Russians get some farmlands in Ethiopia for helping Ethiopia develop its farmlands: we must take out the Chinese, the Indians, and especially the Saudis from Ethiopia because they are Communists, Buddhists, and Muslims respectively. I will be lenient to the Indians, but never to the Saudis who have refused to allow any Christian to build any house of worship in their barren land.

  5. # 4. Assta B. Gettu

    What is up????????? Did you sleep well?


    Are you sure that they treat you well?

    Your types are ungrateful to those who stood in times of your need. Why?

    This might tell why Ethiopia is where she is right NOW!!!!!


  6. If meles is selling the most fertile land to foreigners, then he needs wheat to feed his overinflated standing army. That´s why. And tt7, WTF r u talking about?

  7. Alexandr Letoshnev, Charge d’ Affaires of the Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa, said the Russian government commended Ethiopia’s success in the agriculture sector. And yet his Government is donating 2805 metric ton of wheat. This is a contradictory statement and it is very hard to believe the Charge d’Affaires. His statement is simply to cover up the failure of the Ethiopian Government in the agriculture sector. The fact remains that millions of people are hungry and to commend the Ethiopian government is a mockery at starving people.


  8. Assta B.Gettu, you are a perfect example of the retarded and bunch of dunces from dedebit. in fact you sound one of their prime member in advocating, that is cool to sell Ethiopian farm lands to Christians but not to any other religions. am sure you are not one of them monks in Lalibela , Axum OR Debre damo , you r un cooked, raw and prematured woyanie cadre since you share of the idea selling Ethiopian farm lands to foreigners no matter what faith they follow up.

    Trying to paint the Russians as the holiest of hollies shows how shallow minded and faint thinker you are. the Russian finger prints on modern Ethiopia only shows distraction and blood spelling. get your facts straight.

    And finally you have done your best to convince us that Ethiopia is a Christian country which shares the same value with Russians. how could you prove that when the fact is that, Ethiopian’s faith is almost equally splits in to fifty fifty of the two major religions mainly Christians and Muslims.

    አረ መች ዪሆን እግዚአብሔር አላህ ከነዚህ የደደቢት ደደቦች የሚገላግለን ?

  9. Weyane is a funny piece of entity. On one hand its feeds of the donor on the other hand the regime main operators sell huge fertile land to “friendly” nations. Although, we call them friendly, but in actuality they have to open their respective countries’ banks for Meles and friends to stash money at the same time they have to have dollar to lease the fertile land snatched from the Ethiopian farmer.

  10. Poor,destabilized,food aid, and foreign aid dependent Ethiopia is and will always be the darling of both western and eastern gangster states and the inferno of the Ethiopian people.All Ethiopians have to know this.

  11. The Russian backed dictator Mengestu had caused horrendous crimes on Ethiopians for sixteen years with Russian trained troops and with no criticism of any kind from the Russian government.. And now, to see the Russian coming back once again to be close to the current Ethiopian dictator gives me a very sick feeling. As worse as it is now in Ethiopia with US government backed dictator Meles, it hard to imagine how worse it is going to get if Russians back Meles. During Mengestu, the government of Russia literally robbed Ethiopians blind. It was reported that, the Russians used to fill many body coffins with Gold and other Ethiopian goods and flew it to their country without being checked at EAL if the coffins were really carrying bodies or not.
    Foreign countries come to Ethiopia and other African countries for their benefit, not to benefit the poor Africans. Africa is the richest continent in the world, and at the same time the poorest continent in the world…And we all know why. God have mercy on Ethiopia!

  12. Liberty #10,

    If the Muslim Saudis are allowed to buy farm lands from the Christian Ethiopia, then why should not the Christian Russia who helped Menelik II during the Adwa War with the Italians be allowed to buy farm lands from the Christian land of Ethiopia?

    Tell me what the Saudi Muslims have done to the Ethiopians except spreading their corrupt religion – Islam – in Ethiopia. The person who made destructions on Ethiopia was Mengistu Haile Mariam, not the Russians. They may have trained the Ethiopian army during the Derg period as many western countries do. If you are talking about destruction on Ethiopia, what is your master, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), doing to the Ethiopian people right now?

    Ethiopia has one faith only, and that is Christianity, one Christian government, the Christian kingdom, one language, Amharic, one flag, the Ethiopian Christian flag, and one Capital city, Addis Ababa. Because of Christianity, you have a country, Ethiopia, but without Christianity, there will be no Ethiopia. You have tried to destabilize the Christian kingdom by supporting this foreign religion, Islam; you had even killed our beloved Christian Emperor, Ate Yohannes. You allied yourself with Gragn Muhammad, and you destroyed our Churches and monasteries, but you were finally defeated. Now you are trying to proclaim that Islam is the major religion; Islam has never been a major religion in Ethiopia, and it will never be (thanks to the brave Ethiopian Christians: the holy monks in Lalibela, Axum, Debre Damo, Debre Lebanos, Mahbere-Selassie, Asebot-Gedam, Waldiba-Gedam, TanaKirkos-Gadam, Aba Gerima-Gedam, Kibran-Gebriel-Gedam, Christos-Semra-Gedam, and many other holy fathers in several places in Ethiopia). All these holy men and women of Ethiopian Christians are ready to defend Christianity with their bloods. You have no clue about the hearts of the Ethiopian Christians; you better learn their holy characters before you spit you pestiferous sputum. No one dares to split the one faith of the Ethiopian Christians: Islam has not power to do it; Judaism has no power to do it, and the Saudi agents have no power to split and weaken the Ethiopian Christian faith. Therefore, you are not LIBERTY but dirty that you have to be swept away from the land of Christianity – Ethiopia.

  13. Abc-ሀሁ #6,

    Don’t look for a better treatment from anywhere in the world: create your own treatment.

    When I was in a dire need of weapons, fighting the Italians in 1895, the Russians provided me with guns, and I was able to defeat the Italians; then, I slept peacefully for over 40 years until the Italians came back and awakened me from my long sleep, but the Italians occupied my country; however, the Russians refused to recognize Italy as a legitimate ruler of Ethiopia. Therefore, I owe the Russians something for their great help. I may give them Oromia as a farm land so that they can help Christianize some of the Oromo Muslims.

  14. dear assta.B Gettu

    if you believe the people in ethiopia are ethiopians,regardless what their believe ,they are ethiopians.cristianity is good for you, and islam also is good for islams. if you put your self in such kind if religious sentiments . you are becaming source of problems for your self and your community (country).try to be free of this kind of shit extremism. God and alah bless you.

  15. The statement that is given by the Russian government as to why donated a large amount of wheat contradicts everything that speaks reality and facts in the existed Zinawians’ regime.Why didn’t the statemnt say this:- agricultural polcy that has been existed in the regime has terribly failed;therefore,we donate this to help people survive.Period.

    Today,the Zinawians’ regime has completely become unfaorable to life;no laws,no rule,no freedom,and no anything.when it comes to respect and forllow the rule,the robbers don’t even follow Robert’s rule in pariliament,let alone they follow the basic principle of agricultural rules.

  16. What do Prostitute and Dictators have in common..they are for sale..that is why the russian gives something to get big things. No one , one gives you donation for free…always there is something attached to it. May be the russians have seen or want something from the banda weyane ..take , buy everything as long as Ethiopia is for sale during the weyane era. 90% discount or buy one take two free.

  17. “Russia… was in fact the only European power to champion Ethiopia at the time of Adwa. The Tsars, who saw the Ethiopians as fellow Orthodox Christians, had no colonial ambitions in Africa…” – The Battle of Adwa: reflections on Ethiopia’s historic victory against European Colonialism. By Paulos Milkias, Getachew Metaferia.

    If recent headlines and bylines are any indication, why sell fertile lands or make business deals with the treacherous when proven ally like the Russians have always been there for us.

  18. My dear east African#18,

    I like your mild comment, but be assured I am not the source of problems either for my self, for my country, or for my religion – Christianity; it is true though I have become a Gordian knot for the moon-god, allah, worshipers – the Ethiopian Arab Muslims. I want to get my Ethiopian Muslims out of darkness and lead them to the shining sun, Christianity and have them live with the Ethiopian Christians comfortably without this foreign religion, Islam, the religion of the Arabs.

    Our foreign enemies always look into our weaknesses, and our weaknesses are to have two religions: one bad, Islam and the other good, Christianity. When they see such differences they take them to their advantages. That was the main reason that we were almost defeated by Gragn Muhammad 470 years ago. Gragn Muhammad took our weakness – Islam – to his own advantage, and he got help from Turkey, a Muslim country; we also got help from a Christian country – Portugal. When a country has two religions, opposite to each other, then the country is in great danger; therefore, it is better for the Ethiopian Muslims to join Christianity; other wise, we Ethiopian Christians never trust them as our Ethiopian Muslim friends, and there will be always a conflict between them and us the Christians.

    Islam, as I have stated in my other comments, is a false religion that has to be outlawed from Ethiopia if not from the rest of the world. Islam is a sign of weakness; Islam is a sign of decadence, backwardness, and Islam is a religion that promises a false Paradise to his followers:

    “Our Prophet, the Messenger of our Lord, ordered us to fight you till you worship Allah alone or pay us the Jizyah tribute tax in submission. Our Prophet has informed us that our Lord says: ‘Whoever amongst us is killed as a martyr shall go to Paradise to lead such a luxurious life as he has never seen, and whoever survives shall become your master.'” (Bukhari: V4B53N386)

    In addition, Islam is the most racist religion in all the religions in this world, and here is what it says:

    “I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful doom.” [9:61] “Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey’s.'” (Ishaq: 243)

    Ethiopian Muslims have been excluded from the Ethiopian society not because of their colors but because of their peculiar religion imposed upon them by the descendants of the false prophet, Muhammad, and now they are demanding more power, more rights, more wives, more lands, and more Mosques from the Christian kingdom. If we say no to them, they will, definitely, start a religious war, a war that involves the Somalis, the Sudanese, the Yemenis, the Saudis, the Egyptians, and the Turks; however, in such a religious war, the Russians, the British, the Americans, the Canadians, the Polish, the Germans, the Romans, the Australians, the Portuguese, and the South Americans will give their hands to the Ethiopian Christian brothers and sisters, and that will be the end of Islam in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Then Christianity will be the only Queen of East Africa with its head quarter in one of the Ethiopian cities, perhaps in Gondar or Bahirdar or in Axum Zion. From there, it will brighten the rest of the entire continent of Africa. Islam will be buried forever somewhere in the Arabian Desert. There will be no more religious war in Nigeria or in any parts of Africa, and as soon as Islam is killed and buried, with it all the Jihadists, the terrorist, the Wahabists, the Janjaweeds, and the Jamia Islamias will be silenced by the death of Islam not only in Ethiopia but in the whole region of Africa and in some parts of the world.

    If we Ethiopians want to grow fast and live in peace, we must kill Islam and convert the 40 million Ethiopian Muslims to Christianity; they are the ones who are holding us back; they are the ones who are consuming our limited resources at an alarming rate, and they are the ones who produce millions of children in a year, and their children are crowding our colleges and our universities. As the Ethiopian Arab Muslims produce more children, they demand more lands and more Mosques, and more burial places. Ethiopia has no problem what so ever, and its problem is Islam, and let us destroy Islam and liberate our country from this unpolished Islam and from its barbaric Sharia law.

  19. It really amaze me about your government and people in leadership. They finally have perfected the art of begging, they are not even ashamed of it in receiving free food, while Melse is reported to be the richest African leader with the tune of $1.2 billion stashed away. Ethiopians are just bunch of beggars, who never get ashamed of begging year in year out. You should be ashamed of yourself begging and leaving in hand out from the others. or you should be whip out of the earth, just to give us a break of looking at your hungry mouth.

  20. Freeman #19,

    Green with envy, you wrote: “Gusts of this web site must understand, Assta b. [B.] Gettu is the manager of ethiopianrevue [Ethiopian Review].”

    That distinguished young man, Elias Kifle, is capable of managing his own productive and day to day channelization; he doesn’t need my help: he is not as weak and malicious as you are.

    Conceived in sin, born to a mischievous family, raised in a time of conflict and war, sent to a school to learn not humility and love of God but catty remarks, never held a steady job in his life, always bloody minded, filled with ornery trick, calculating mind, and penetrating evil eyes, condemned to lead the life of a drug peddler, never graduated from any accredited school and never attended any Church services, this cantankerous and venomous –tongued Freeman #19 should be reprimanded or censured severely for misinforming the Ethiopian Review viewers that I am the manager of the Ethiopian Review.

    I have never met Elias Kifle in my life; my knowledge about my friend Elias Kifle is simply a vicarious one.

  21. Even though I don’t support his extreme views of Assta on religion that is not favorable especially for Ethiopia today, I agree with his views because, people please if you want to protect Ethiopia, know her history, enemies want us to believe to deny ourselves by fabricating our story so that we won’t have a noble history that inspired the world, if we don’t preserve our history, Ethiopia will be gone:

    If it wasn’t for Russia, the West already sold us to Italy during WWII. When Haileselassie spoke in front of league of nation, every Western delegates laughed at him and in fact Italian delegate tore the Ethiopian flag right there and stepped on it. The day Ato Meles said Ethiopia’s flag is a piece of cloth (Cherk) should have been the first indication to Ethiopian to get rid of this man. So, stop blaming outsiders unless those who are aggressively trying to dismantle Ethiopia. It is our responsibility and sacrifice that should take to protect Ethiopia within. Anyways, going back to League of Nations, as delegates laughed and scorned at Haileselassie, it was Russia only who raised their hand that they will kick out Italy. Every delegate froze because they are afraid of Russia’s power in that zone. There was emergency meeting and it was voted British will help Ethiopia from occupation. Ethiopians not British are the one who finally kicked out Italy, the British deliberately arrived in the aftermath, after so many Ethiopians were killed and they freed their country. Of course, British also looted lots of artifacts from Ethiopia before finally leaving Ethiopia.

    It was also Mengistu the evil who turned to Russia not Russia. When Carter refused to sell guns to Mengistu during the Ogaden war, it was Russia who rescued Ogaden for Ethiopia.

    Over all, it is important to have a strong diplomacy with all countries but at the same time know who Ethiopia’s enemies are.

    Even though I support our Ethiopia muslim brothers and sisters. We should not forget fact. Islam was imported in Ethiopia for pure protection of muslims that were being persecuted. There should have been respect for Ethiopia rather than spreading Islam deliberately as being done today by Wahabists, and by having too many wives and doubling the amount of children to increase deliberately the population of muslims in Ethiopia. This is unnatural. The biggest threat for Ethiopia is then Islam, the complacency of the West and division of Ethiopians.

    God bless Ethiopia!

  22. I do not understand why the Israelis do not come and rescue us from invasion of the Chinese, Indians and Arabs. Why do not they use some amount of the over 3 billion dollar US aid they get every year to buy land in Ethiopia. I would like to see that in the future.

    They have the money, the technology, and the brain. At least we can learn many things from them. After all we are their descendants (Zem Negede Yhuda).

    I know we are not as smart as they are. We are uneducated, poor and divided. But you they are our bloods. They are the chosen sons of God.

  23. I do not think that Assta is serious. He consistently writes trash. But when I looked at his comment #16, I realized that is just writes to provoke people or he is the most imbecile the human kind has ever seen. There is no way that he can be part of any opposition. He must be a retarded TPLF or some anti-Ethiopia element.

  24. Meles is starving Ethiopian farmers and their families whose land has been sold to foreigners, so that they send the produce back to their own countries to feed their people. The secret sale of so much fertile land to foreigners has been very lucrative for Meles & Co., who has not divulged the actual sale price of the land, nor the application of the funds for development projects. While Ethiopians are starving, Meles is pocketing the sale of their lands and receiving donations of wheat and other foodstuff to boot! That’s what I call “having your cake and eating it too.”

  25. Mike at #23

    The Ethiopian people did not chose the rotten government – it was chosen for them by the West. However congratulations on your choice of government, which is starving you and keeping you at the poverty level.

  26. Mike #23
    Please write in Tigrinia as your English is appalling! Ethiopians did not chose this rotten government. It was chosen for them by the West. You on the other hand chose your government – and is it doing any better than the rotten one we have? Love to hear your views on your government.

  27. Bibi #28,

    You go back to school and learn to write proper English before you try to use this web site; at this stage of your limited vocabulary and misunderstanding of basic skills of English writing, you cannot post any comment at all because as your impertinent comment suggests, you have not picked up some sentences or phrases from my comment that you don’t agree with and why you hate my views. Does your comment tell me something wrong in my comment? Nothing at all! What your comment tells me is simply I am not serious; I am retarded; I am imbecile, and that my comment is trash. Can you tell me why I am not serious, why I am retarded, why I am imbecile, and why my comment is trash? Since you have failed to support your unjustified comments, then you are the one who is retarded, dyspeptic, plebeian, slipshod, slovenly, waspish, insensate, chapfallen, persnickety, and contumacious; therefore, any cursing word is your copestone. If an educated person curses me, I will take his curse as a blessing, but if a stunted person like you curses me, I will curse him/her out, and that is the only way he/she can learn.

    I have not yet forgotten the blunder you have incurred as you write your comment just to carp in my comment.

    “But when I looked at his comment #16, I realized that is just writes to provoke people or he is the most imbecile the human kind has ever seen.”

    Wrong: that is just writes
    Wrong: or he is the most imbecile
    Wrong: the human kind

    As I told you, go to school and show your blunder to your English teacher to correct your errors.

    Have a blessed night or day school!

  28. Meles is uprooting Ethiopian farmers from their land and selling millions of hectares of land to foreigners so that they can feed their own people, while he lets Ethiopians starve. Meles does not divulge how much he is pocketing from the land sale, nor does he indicate whether the amounts will be applied to developmental projects. He is hoping that it will all be forgotten soon. In the meantime he is begging for more food aid from several countries for the starving Ethiopians and then turns around and scolds the West for saying that Ethiopians are starving! That’s what I call “having your cake and eating it”.

  29. My dear Freeman #31,

    We did not bring ourselves to this earth, and we did not create the earth and the rest of the universe; they created them: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

    We are living in their planet, earth, and we have no choice except to listen to them and do what ever they want us to do: “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I.’” (Isaiah 65:1) Even if we can try to avoid them, they still come and confront us and tell us that we cannot do anything without them: “…for without me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

    They also tell us to be truthful so that we can live with them; therefore, we must avoid telling a lie: “He who practices deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who speaks falsehood shall not maintain his position before me.” (Psalm 110:7”

    And if we say there is no god, then we are considered fools: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.”’ (Psalm 14:1)

    Mr. Freeman #31, you have opened very interesting issues: Evolution, the origin of species, survival of the fittest, natural selection, and the preservation of favored races. But right now, I am fighting with my Ethiopian Muslims to kill Islam, and after I have killed Islam, we will talk about those important issues; however, Evolution is not a pressing issue for the Ethiopian Christians and the Ethiopian Muslims: Islam is. Let us kill Islam that allows the Muslims to multiply without any family planning. To tell the truth, the only species that survive in Ethiopia under the Woyanne government are the few Tegarues and the 40 million Ethiopian Muslims who are the recipients of the Saudi’s petrol money. The rest of the species just die a natural death because they cannot win in their struggle to survive.

  30. Asta,
    Everyone that lives in the US is protected by the Constitution to worship freely whatever they desire, without being degraded by others. I believe attacking other people’s religion on cyber space is a crime; a man in Nebraska has been sentenced to pay $20,000 for attacking Scientology. I am not a regular church- gore, but I am a Christian that believes in religious freedom and I have many non-Christian friends that I love dearly and we often get together and enjoy each others company and culture without belittling each others religion.
    May be you are retired or work in your church, but every time I read your comment, I often wonder how you relate, tolerate and be fair to non-Christians at your work place and if you tell them in their faces what you say on cyber space. You have all the characterization that describes you to be a religious fanatic. Writing in proper Grammar doesn’t mean one has all the Wisdom! Case in point yourself. Christ is all about love, patience and tolerance, not full of anger and venom as you appear to be.
    Good day, sir!

  31. Diabilos Asstta (Asbestos Gint)

    Yes Bibi described you perfectly well. That is what you are. If you are better than imbecile, then probably you are exploring how the Ethiopian Muslims who read your obscene and unchristian comments would react. What a reconnoiter for Ethiopian terrorists? WOW. And may be you or your masters would like to trace the source of the comments. Most people are not as gullible as it seems to your slimy and “harki” conscience. No one will fall into your trap no matter how far you go and we are sorry if the filthy money that you carve to get from your masters dries up as a result. And Ethiopia will leave for ever with all its peoples.

    Kiss #27 (Wish’s) A.

  32. I second ‘east african’ pertinent to his comment on ‘assta.B Gettu’. Even ancient Ethiopians knew that we are a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation, not solely christian. While that is the beauty of our country, those who inject ethnic and religious devisions are the arch enemy of our unity, to say the least.

  33. Do not trust those Russians. Do you know Russians are the most racist people toward Afrians ?
    Let’s feed our selves……I beggar is always looked down.

  34. Christ is Love #37, Wow #38, & Selam #39,

    All of you are the products of the pedophilia Muhammad, the false prophet, who deceived billions of Muslims by preaching there is a false paradise in heaven with 70 virgin girls, free sex, free wine, free food, and no pain at all, but to achieve such a luxurious life, one has to slaughter the infidels (the Jews, the Christians and the other non Muslims) on this earth first. This is the main reason why the 9/11 destruction of human lives was perpetrated by your likes the Islamist terrorists. Why don’t you go and join your cousin Osama Bin laden and fight the mighty Christian soldiers – the Americans, the British, and the others. You are just sympathizers of the bad guys and advocates of Islam (scam). The only thing you know is “Allah Akbar!” for any thing. When you behead an innocent person, you would say: “Allah Akbar!” and when you bomb a hotel or a motel or a Christian Church, you would say: “Allah Akbar?” When you steal money from the poor, you would say: “Allah Akbar!” When you tell a lie, you would say: “Allah Akbar!” What kind of Allah is your Allah? It is a blood-thirsty Allah, a killer. In fact, it is a moon-god; it is an idol picked up by Muhammad among the hundreds of the idols in Mecca. One day your idol will be crashed and grinded into a dust, and you will be better without it; then you will join the civilized Christian community. Let me leave you with one Amharic adage: ተልቫ ቢንጫጫ ባንድ ሙገጫ and that is why I put your abhorrent names on one short line; you don’t deserve to have a separate space or a different page; that is reserved for good commentators, not for unrefined comments like yours

  35. Asta.
    You are the type of people, one of the most humble, kind, spiritual and wise man Mohandas Gandhi had talked about:

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
    Mohandas Gandhi

    “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.”
    Mohandas Gandhi

  36. Look,it is no new beggin for WOYANE A..M. b/c it is their profession they are#1 on it.Second Russian need to feed
    woyane Army(flies)so they could sale guns & US is willing to pay with tax payers $$$. It is a vicious cycle over &over again.

  37. Assta B. Gettu #40

    You said to Bibi#28 that he has to go back to school and get basic English writing skills . . . right?

    First of all English is a colonialist language and I, as a proud Ethiopian, am NOT worried about it at all – be it making a mistake or writing it wrongly. (By the way, welcome to America where English is written and spoken perfectly) However, I get so disgusted when I see my አማርኛ is misspelled or wrongly written. But you didn’t even care to edit your አማርኛ, as you did meticulously line up synonymous curse words.

    Here is what you wrote in my አማርኛ:

    “Let me leave you with one Amharic adage: ተልቫ ቢንጫጫ ባንድ ሙገጫ and that is . . . ”

    What kind of አማርኛ is this? Shame on you!!

    You English tells me nothing but you are ፈረንጅ አምላኩ!!

  38. Lafiw #43,

    I admit my Amharic is deteriorating by the day, and I should have written ተልቫ ቢንጯጯ ባንድ ሙገጯ (ሙቀጯ).

    Since the English language is invading my Amharic territory, let me correct your English error. You wrote: “You English tells me nothing but you are….”

    I say: “Your English tells me nothing, but you are….” I corrected your English error, but you didn’t correct my Amharic mistake. Why was that? Don’t ask me why I did not correct Bibi’s English. Let Bibi speak for himself/herself. By the way, who asked you to be Bibi’s defender?

  39. Ass-ta

    You gotta be ashamed of your አማርኛ – you tried to fix it but didn’t get it yet. Sorry boy! Besides I don’t fix typo errors – you gotta get some keyboarding lessons at your nearby community college or typing school – aight?

    Actually it is not your አማርኛ that is deteriorating, it is your brain. Sorry can’t helpya either.

    But I toldya ’bout my English – I don’t care – got it boy?

    & finally just a friendly advice – instead of wasting your time here u better get life – dude?! Get a part time job or somethin’. K?

    Goodbye Ass.ta

  40. Lafiw $45,

    Born from a piss poor woman and raised by a dipsomaniac father, you have no grasp of the Amharic language, and that is why you have failed to correct the errors if there are any. If you don’t care about the English language, almost a universal language, then stop scribbling on this web site. I don’t think it is a waste of time if I can train a wild beast like you and bring him to the family of educated people. On the other hand, if you refuse to be trained, we will send you to the jungle and live there with your likes, the monkeys. You felt very angry because I have corrected your English boner, and your anger tells me where you are coming from, and that is from a substandard or inferior family. I warn you to clean your mucky mouth and don’t blather before you haze yourself and bring your hepatitis to a deteriorating level.

    Take care, Mr.bumbledom!

  41. Thanks Ass.#48 – if you call me “monkey” then who are you going to be? I mean from the monkey body part. Oh I am sorry – no need to know. Your name tells me so clearly that you’re the monkey’s Ass.ta.

  42. Gintu, ASS ta,

    “. . . you will never get any response from me, Assta B. Gettu.”

    Thank you for this. I made you say so, boy. I am so happy that I hit your nerves. I scared the hell out of you that you promised me not to write back. If you have balls – I mean a real one – a man like – let me see whether you can post the same kind of hate messages – be it religious or political. I promise that I’ll report you. I sure will. I’ll hunt you down. You don’t know who you’re dealing with. And we’ll get you and drag you out from that filthy den you’re hiding. All these mambo jumbo that you wrote by coping and pasting synonymous words are nothing here. It all shows your inferiority and the lowlife you are leading.

    “. . . you will have no right anymore to write to me.”

    Let me tell you here – I’ll write you again and again. I’ve said it earlier, if you ball/s – or at least one that functions well – write the same kind of terroristic and genocidal messages and you will suffer the consequences. Yes you’ll, believe me. You better save your degenerated ball/s for you’ll need it to piss when we come and get you.
    And finally, regarding this “dish washing . . . “ crap that you kept on repeating, I think that is the only job you’re still doing since you moved here in 1939 – before WWII. Oh, I’m so sorry you told me last time that you got promoted to a busboy position. What a change!!

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