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New opportunities for Ethiopian opposition parties

The Ethiopian opposition groups — both inside the country and in exile — are currently in disarray due to Woyanne’s fascistic policies and their own lack of leadership. However, things are not hopeless. In fact, Woyanne’s decision to stamp out any semblance of muti-party politics in Ethiopia creates new opportunities for us. I invite forumers to discuss what these opportunities are and to make suggestions to the opposition parties on how to move forward. My own suggestions are:

1) All the opposition parties need to make leadership changes and get more youth and women involved in the top leadership.

2) Convene an all-inclusive national conference to set up a viable interim government in exile or national alliance.

3) Establish a full diplomatic relationship with Eritrea’s government and set up an embassy in Asmara. Remember that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which was a coalition of several political and civic groups, had diplomatic relations with many countries. ANC had also diplomatic relations with countries such as Libya.

4) Call for nation-wide economic boycott of Woyanne.

5) Organize a systematic civil disobedience campaigns, which include disabling government-owned vehicles, infecting computer networks with viruses, vandalizing government buildings, cutting power lines, making citizen arrests against Woyanne businessmen such as Al Amoudi, etc… while making sure that civilians are unhurt.

If the opposition groups are able to care out the above 4 suggestions alone, Woyanne will crumble in no time. What say you?

12 thoughts on “New opportunities for Ethiopian opposition parties

  1. If the opposition is serious in fighting for the rule of law and tansparent governance, the fight should start with a demand for uncondtional release of Birtukan mideksa. Actually, the oppostion should have demanded her release as a preconditon to enter in to the 2002 election. still, it is the only way forward if any credible outcome is expected of the oppositons’ struggle. The tigrai bandits know very well that birtukan is a galvenizing factor that can bring the country in unison. what the oppostion has been doing is just a charade. ” are you telling us to just keep quiet and do not?” should not be an excuse to be masquadering as genuine oppostioin. If threat of arrest can get the oppostiion leaders to back down, then sitting at helm of the oppostiion and hindering others not to fight back would make them an accessary to this tigrean banditary. Therefore, the oppostion needs to show its seriousness by doing everything it can to get its leader and other oppositon leaders released or else, go to retirement in infamy as dishonourable hailu shawl of AEUP.

  2. Initially I thought about writing a sort of rebuttal to each points you raised. until you block me and stop sending me the very biased negative emails, i will continue to attempt to awaken your conscious. when do we learn to stop fantasizing that a change of backward nation’s fate comes through the change/replacement of the government? we have learned for generation that this effort is futile and useless. as in “gulcha bekeyayer wet ayatafit”.

    please start changing your and your readers thinking process. please please please!

  3. mr. wodeha tigray,
    Don´t u think that participating in the elections at all, against a “party”, which has total power over the media in the country, the army, the police, the judiciary etc is an exercise in futility? I mean isn´t the outcome of the elections in this kind of environment given? Plus considering the regime killed upto and over 300 people in the previous elections, to stay in power, rubberstamping the whole charade, by participating? The only way to get rid of this disgusting regime is by military confrontation as far as I´m concerned!

  4. Ethiopians has never united strongly as of 1998-2000 yet it was a failed union. Sometimes I feel bad for Elias, because he really, I mean he REALLY LOVE his country deeply. I profoundly believe that no one want to see a developed and peaceful Ethiopia as much as Elias. But I am afraid his vision is not shared by many so called Ethiopian intellectuals. The problem is many of them are stuck in the past: to keep blaming Sheabia for their own past mistakes. That is perfect fine with woyanne; after all that is what TPLF wants. Not that I am writing because I believe all the people who categorize Sheabia and TPLF in one basket are all oppositions, but there are lots of oppositions who could have played a major role in launching THE war and ending TPLF’s rule once for all: but they are too hesitant for commitment, and are morally too weak to take drastic measures.
    Elias I wish you long life to see a developed and peaceful Ethiopia.

  5. The problem with the Ethiopian opposition is “AKMEN ALEMAWOK” and “WORETEGNANET, ZIM BILO ENDE KEBT MENEDAT”. The leaders have been friends of Mengistu Haile Mariam and his killer gangs. The diaspora heroes, sometimes referred as ‘Mandellas’ were people like Solomon Tekaligne. As we all recall,this guy sang “Hulum Zero Zero,Woyane Samuna, etc”. Now his new hit has become “YIQETEL” in which he praised Meles Zenawi, the same person that he wanted to be dead and burried a couple of years ago. He says:

    I will now take just three words from his lifetime works or history, if he has a history at all, “HULUM ZERO ZERO”.
    Egziabher yihunat, Yitadegat Yachin Hager. Not Isayas, not Elias, not Ginbot 7, not YeDayaspora Hodamna Afam. Quanqua Enkuan Meqeyer Yemaychilu, Zelalem Balubet Yemiregtu. Edmeyachew Bicha Chemrual, Gobtewal, Shebtewal, Astesasebachew Gin Zarem Yaw New. Kentuwoch!

  6. Hi Elias
    I Appreciate ,as usual, your bold initiative. Yesterday, I watched ERI- TV Amharic programme, Ethiopian Canadians ( Ogadanins, Oromos and other Ethiopians )demonstrating in coperation against the invitation and presence of Woyanne’s Meles at the G20 meeting in Canada on June 2010. The demonstration shows that Ethiopians from diffrent ethnicity and religion can work together in coperation to throw out Woyanne regime. Hence, I support your suggestion that Ethiopian oppostions need to start to talk and listen to each other. There has to be a minimum programme where they start to talk.
    I am disappointed with some Ethiopian intellecuals. There is self-denial and seem to live in the past; create division on ethnicity, religion, blame Sheabia and ending supporting Woyanne.

  7. I agree partially with what “Concerned” said. Our country’s big problem is not solely Woyane related. For me it’s a problem but very minor.

    If by chance Woyane decided today to hand over power, I don’t think that we can find a viable party to take the power. I don’t even see one personality among those Doctors, Engineers, …. (apart from OUR SOLE TRUE leader who is actually suffering in prison)

    Those of you (me included), opposition or achebchabi inside and outside Ethiopia, are simply barking like a mad dog. Ethiopia is dying not only because of Meles, but because of our inability to listen to the Ethiopain people, our inability to listen each other, our inability to consider what says the other. That’s, I think, what “Concerned” said above.

    Today you might be astonished to see that Meles remain in power for 2 decades. Let me assure you one thing. If we continue like this, I promise you, he will there again for another decade

  8. I agree with you about the suggestion you listed. The people are ready and they have been ready for the past years, all they need is a cautious and far-sighted leader.This is the time for the opposition to get united and stand together so they can be strong and help
    the country. DON’T STUCK IN THE PAST,look to the future far-sighted politician always win.

  9. Points 1 – 4 and 5) ‘Organize a systematic civil disobedience campaigns’ if done with determination no doubt will bring woyanne to its knees. And it is a key to make firm relation ship with Eritrea government and nations like Libya. All the best for Ethiopian people

  10. I agree with most of your suggestions particularly point 1, 2 and 4. Yes, they have to be completely changed with everything: leadership, the people and the strategy. Changing the name of a party when it remains months for election. that doesn’t work. this is about country wide management job. Any way, what you said is absolutely right and mature enough and i hope our oppositions leaders will take a note from it.

    May God bless Ethiopia and its people!

  11. What a great philosopher you are. You can not do it because you are one of those who wants to see others do it what ever the cost will be and if it works you want to jump in from the back door if it fails it does not matter. If you are relay concerned why not you come in and confront the Woyanes as you call them and let us follow you.

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