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Memher Zebene’s vanity

By Elias Kifle

Ethiopian Orthodox Church preacher Memher Zebene is once again causing havoc inside the Medhanialem Church in Maryland by turning members against each other so that he can overthrow the elected board members and make the church his personal property.

Most Ethiopian churches in the Diaspora are fulfilling the spiritual need of Ethiopians and providing essential services to our community quietly and with little or no controversy. In this regard, the St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Atlanta is a great role model.

But in some church that are infiltrated by individuals like Zebene, there is always chaos. Recently, at a Dallas church, a church official had called police officers on church members who spoke out against the way the board conducts. The police officers entered the church — without taking off their shoes — and removed individuals whom the officials wanted to silence. This has occurred after the church board was taken over through shenanigans.

Memher Zenebe is trying to do the same thing at the Medhanialem Church that has served the Washington Metro Area for over a decade.

The problem started when the Board hired and brought Zenebe from Ethiopia to teach Bible. His hip hop style of preaching gained him popularity — mainly among the young members — and he soon managed to get himself selected to the Board. He has also accumulated a great deal of personal wealth since he arrived in the Washington DC area. A few years ago, he went to Addis Ababa to get married at a lavish wedding party where Woyanne cade Ato Gebremedhin (formerly Aba Paulos), who claims to be the Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was invited.

Memher Zebene’s recent actions, his endless squabbles with church elders and board members, his power struggle to take over the church all point to the conclusion that he is serving not the church but himself — he is after fame (vainglory), wealth and power over others. It is said that vanity is Devil’s favorite sin.

Click here to read a recent article posted about Zenebe for more information.

81 thoughts on “Memher Zebene’s vanity

  1. Hello Elias:
    What a public Service you have provided by publicizing the turmoil underway at Medhanealem Church. I pesronally was not aware of the issues but I was really amazed at the so called doctors named gebreye and Bekele trying to reveal their ignorance and stupidity at the meeting. These doctors, I might add have no experience of building organization but quite capable of destrying one. Their distructive role at Kenejit and the Amhara organization is recent Memory. And now it is the church. Only GOD knows why they want to anoint Memher Zebene to spiritual leadership when he is not called for by GOD who he claims to be serving. This is the House of God not the house of politicians. People want to worship God not man. The Gebreyes, the Bekeles, the Negatus and their cohorts need to keep their stinking fingers out of the affairs of the church. This time we are sure you will not succed in destroying the church like you did to the political organization. STAY OUT.

  2. #18 and #30, I am very much aware that there are lots of non-Orthodox Ethiopians who are members of Evangelical Christian Churches that look down on our religion and the tradition of our Churches, but my question is—what was the main cause of the arguments? Why is Memher Z. close to the fake Woyane Aba Diabelos, the one that was anointed by Melese against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church traditions and doctrines? Why in the name of God, Memher Z. have any kind of connection with Aba Diabelos that has not spoken against the abuse of Woyanes on Ethiopian people? Why is it necessary nor was it proper for Memher Z. to hold elaborate wedding party for a priest like him at all places–Shorten Hotel? How in the world a priest can afford an expensive party at the most expensive Hotel in Addis? I love my religion and my Church, but knowing that one of our Church leaders is a friend and acquaintances with fake Woyane Patriarchy, is really disgusting.
    Please clarify the above questions for me and for other concerned Ethiopian Orthodox Ethiopians who reside far from DC and Maryland.

  3. I got directed to this website when I was looking for yesterday’s game results and the article about Kesis Zebene caaught my eyes. When i read the article I was amazed by the writer’s illitracy, naiveness and ignorance. I was ashamed by the folks who follow him blindly and happen to beleive whatever he is writing. The writer is not even ashamed when he mentioned Atlanta’s St. Mary church, which is led by Abune Merkorios, as a great role model to score a cheap political point. I am very sad to see that a bigot writer like Elias disrespect our spritual fathers and each passing day he is spreading his hate and illiteracy to others. He just remined me another bigot media personal Rush Limbaugh with his articles. It is because of you and people like you, who are illitrate and bigot, that our church is divided in two. And those who are responsibile for the mess and chaos will get the punishment from God for messing up His church. Our church is started by our Lord Jesus Christ when He gave his life on the cross so that we can be saved and live in peace. This church is not Abune Paulos’s or Abune Merkorios’s or Kesis Zebene’s church. They are just the servant of God. Our church is one as is Our Christ. And I pray each and every day for our spritual fathers to leave what ever happened in their behind, get together and solve this mess so that we can be one as intended to be. Our country can not go forward with “my way or the highway” politics. Whether we agree or not, whether we support the same political party or not, whether we have the same ideology or not; we have to treat each other with respect and have tolerance and understanding to those who doesn’t have the same beleive like we do. For some reason some people who live in U.S, including the writer, doesn’t have this. Imagine this bigot writer is in power or the political party he admired got the power. It would be Rwanda’s disaster all over again. But I am sure God is not going to let that to happen in our country. Please leave your insane and illitrate politics out of our church. Elias, you are just a bigot, illitrate and full of hatred person.

  4. የፈለጋችሁትን ብትሉ ግን እውነት እና ንጋት እያደር ይጠራል መ/ር ዘበነ ለማም አለቃ ይሆናል

  5. #53 “Ethio” above please tell the truth that you read ETHIOPIAN REVIEW everyday. Please appreciate that you relay on it for accurate news and information. Don’t bring your hate and stupidity that by saying “I got directed to this website when I was looking for yesterday’s game results…” Give the appropriate credit to the website. The fact that you mention about Rwanda is very frightening and clearly tell us who you are, i.e. TPLF cadre or member of the Agazi killing squad.

  6. ከላይ በቁጥር 46 አስተያየት የሰጡት ከእናቶች አንዷ ትክክለኛውን መልዕክት አስተላልፈዋል። የገብርዬና የታደሰ አምባቸውን ታሪክ ጠንቅቀን የምናውቅ ስላለን አሁን ደግሞ ቤተክርስቲያንን ምሽግ አድርገው የተለመደውን መርዛቸውን እየረጩ ይገኛሉ። እነዚህ ሁለት ግለሰቦች በመላው አማራ ህዝብ ድርጅት ውስጥ ሰርገው በመግባት ፕሮፌሰር አስራትን ካስገደሉ በኋላ ድርጅቱን በመገዝገዝና በመቦርቦር እንፈርስ አድርገዋል። እነዚህ ግለሰቦች ለባዕዳን እንጅ ለኢትይጵያ አንዳንች ተቶርቋሪነት እንደሌላቸው ብዙዎች አብረዋቸው በቅርብ የሰሩ ይመሰክራሉ። እነገብርዬ የሚገቡበት ድርጅት በቅራኔ ተውጥሮ ሲከፋፈል ወይም ሲጠፋ እንጅ አንዳችም ለአገርና ለወገን የሚጠቅም ተግባር ፈፅሞ አያውቅም። በቅርቡም ገብርዬ አዚሁ ከተማችን ውስጥ ከሻለቃ ዬሴፍ ጋር አብሮ ሲሰራ ቆየቶ በአንድ ጀንበር ከአንቅልፉ እንደተነሳ አውሬ ደንብሮ ሻለቃውን አውግዞ እራሱን ከደሙ ነጻ ነኝ ብሎ የተኮፈሰ ይሉኝታ ቢስ ግለሰብ ነው። የቅንጅትንም ድጋፍ ድርጅት እንደለመደው እንዲዳከምና እንዲሽመደመድ አደጓል። አሁን ደገሞ “ጅብ እማያቁት አገር ሄዶ ቁርበት አንጥፉልኝ” አለ አንደሚባለው የቤተክርስቲያንን ደጀ ሰላም፣ ደጀ ንትርክ ለማድረግ 27/7 በመንደፋደፍ ላይ ይገኛል። ገብርዬ፣ ታደሰና ለሊሎችም የወያኔ የውስጥ አርበኞች ለምን ጥግ ጥጉን መዳከሩን ትታችሁ ያካበታችሁትን ገንዘብ ይዛችሁ ለመለስ ዜናዊ በወዶ ገብነት አትነጠፉም። ደብረ ገነትን የመሰለ ጠንካራ በወያኔ ፋሽስቶች ያዘነና የተከዘ ምዕመን አለኝታና ተስፋ የነበረን ቤተክርስቲያን በግፍ በወያኔ ለታረዱ ኢትዮጵያውያን ጸሎት እንኳ እንዳይደረግላቸው አሳገዳችሁ። ቤተክርስቲያናችን የባንዳና የአባዲያቢሎስ (አቡነ ጳውሎስ) መፈንጫ ለማድረግ የእሳቸውን ካድሬ በአናታችን ላይ እንዲፈናጠጥ አደረጋችሁ። ታሪክና ትውልድ ይፋረዳችኋል!የኢትዮጵያ ነጻነት ግን ቅርብ ነው!!!

  7. Abet Abet Abet Igziabhare lebona yetachu. When Christ was present as a man, man crucified Him, During His presence now within us, we torture him by falling in love with useless rumors or word of mouth about our scholars and church leaders. When Christ returns, I wonder how you will attempt to kill him again. Where is the evidence to all the rumors about Memhir Zebene? Mr. Elias, could you please scan the pictures of Zebene’s palace with him doing the hip hop like you trashed him? Any pictures of the lavish wedding at the Sheraton? Those of you whose eyes are closed, remember just like the blessed times of Abraham & Moses and wicked times of Judah selling Christ for a chump change were written in detail in the bible, one day we will be remembered for not loving each other. Imagine the Ethiopians that were mentioned as the blessed people now in the modern years erasing their goodness rapidly from the bible. Is this our pride to judge one because of their age, knowledge and for telling the truth? Your article can be directed to you if the name Zebene gets changed to Elias. In fact since there are no facts attached to it, I would say it’s a HOAX. If you are a man, don’t be afraid to show the facts. Being in the 21st century, requires evidence to proof accusations. by the way, I suggest that you don’t stitch images using a Photo shop just like you love to stitch rumors for an attractive article. Excuse me sir, is this the Enquirer magazine? The youth of Ethiopian Orthodox Church love Zebene Lema for opening their eyes WIDE and avoid such articles as this. Medhane Alem Church is Here to STAY. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church shall rise! Please don’t waste your time. the more you write junk, the more you unite us, the more you sin, the quicker you age. You HEAR. Open YOUR EYES & EARS!!!

  8. በነገራችን ላይ ኤልያስን ማጥቃት የምትፈልጉ እስቲ እራሳችሁን ዞር ብላችሁ ተመልከቱ:: ኤልያስ መልክቱን አወጣ እውነት የሆነውን ከመካድ የሰው ሃይማኖት

    ከማንጉጠጥ ይልቅ ቤተክርስቲያን ሳሚ ከሆናችሁ ምን ያሳድባል? ባለፈው እሁድ የሆነውን ያየ ሰው ልቡ እያወቀ መካድ ምን ይባላል? አቶ ታደሰ ምነው ይህ ሁሉ አባባል ለኤልያስ

    ይገባል? ኤልያስ አልተማረም? በገዛ ድህረ ገጹ ይህ አባባል ክ አንድ የ ኢትዮጵያ ተዋህዶ ኦርቶዶክስ አማጝ ክ ልጅ አባት መውጣት አለበት? ምንድነው መምህር ዘበነ ሲያስተምር

    የከረመው? እግዚአብሔርን አምልኩ አለ ወይስ መምህር ዘበነን? ምንድነው ይህ ሁሉ ግርግር? እኛ በተክርስቲያናችን በ አባ ገብረመድህንም ሆነ በ አቡነ መርቆሪዎስ አትመራም

    ገለልተኛ ሆና ትቀጥል ማለት አንችልም? የ መምህር ዘበነ አካሂድ አልተመቸንም ማለት አንችልም? በድብቅ ሰተሰበሰቡ አልከረማችሀሁም? አባላት በሙሉ ይሀንን ሰራችሁን

    ያቃሉ?መምህር ዘበነ አዛወንትን አይዘልፍም? ቤተክርስቲያንን እያከበሩ ብዙ ሰዎች አንገታችውን አልደፉም? ፈረንጆች እንደሚሉት cult መገንባት አደለም? መላከ ገነት ሲዋረዱ

    አላየህም? ወይዘሮ ውድነሽ እንዳይቆርቡ ሲሞከር ምን ተሰማህ? መምህር ዘበነ አይዋሽም? ቤተክርስቲያንዋ እዳዋ ቀለለ? ሰንት ሰው የአባልነቱን መዋጮ ዪከፍላል? ስንት ሰው??

    ሊያሳሰበን ይገባል :: መድሃኒአለም የግል ሳይሆን የሁላችሀንም ማምለኪያ ቤት ነው:: ለልጆቻችን መተላለፍ ያለበት ስርኣት ይኑረን:: ስህተቱ ሲነገረው ሰው ሊታረም ይገባል እንጅ

    በግሩፕ ተደራጅቶ እኛ ብቻ ያልነው ዪሁን አያዋጣም:: የ መላው አማራ ድርጅት ፕሮፊሰር አስራዓትን አስበልቶ ቀረ አሁን ደሞ ደብረ ገነት መድሃኒአለም ቤተክርስቲያንን ተውት

    ሰደተኞች ነን መጠጊያ የሊለን:: እባካችሁ እግዚአብሒርን ፍሩ ሰለ መድሃኒአለም ተው:: ለመሆኑ መላክ ገነት በሕይውት እያሉ ለምን መሾም አስፈለገው? ምን ሊያረግ ፈለገ?

  9. #53, you are a bigot yourself. You don’t know anything about St. Mary church of Atlanta when you say “The writer is not even ashamed when he mentioned Atlanta’s St. Mary church, which is led by Abune Merkorios, as a great role model to score a cheap political point.” The writer shouldn’t be ashamed when he refers the church as a role model because the church would not keep and tolerate a bigot like you as a member. Abune Merkorios is the spiritual father for the church. The church is led and administered by its members. What is wrong if Abune Merkorios is a spiritual leader of the church? Please don’t butt in to the things you don’t know. People like you and Memher Zebene are the big problem to our church (Ethiopian Orthodox Church); preach one thing and do something else.

  10. OK, I don’t really get this, isn’t the board members elected by the members of the church? If so why are you guys complaining, since you are the one who put them there;

  11. “Admas says:

    The law of this land clearly put any non profit organization like church must be governed by periodically elected board members, who should not get paid not even a penny from the church. You can not transplant the law from Ethiopia to Ameica and this has nothing to do with Haimanot. Some of you who adamantly oppose the board because it is unorthodox give me a break. If Zebene is paid for the service he gives, he should not be part of the board members. citing conflict of interest it makes a perfect sence. Thank you Elias, you are doing a fantastic job.Hopefully this will open the eyes of many victms of the Mahebre Kidusans and crook priests.”

    well said Admas, and it works perfectly in Los Angeles’ churches

  12. Response to questions for #52 and others:

    Most of your questions as well as Elias’ unfounded article are pointed directly at Memhir Zebene and indirectly at Orthodox Tewahido Church. Even though Elias’ article was written regarding the general assembly at Debre Genet Medhane Alem Church, it does not carry any significant truth in it. As you noted #18 and #30 also #36, #37, #43 and others have clearly described the situation. With respect, I will pass your first question. The rest of your questions are around Memhir Zebene’s relations with Aba Paulos, the patriarch appointed by Meles, as well as his wedding in Addis Ababa. These questions have been raised by the writer of the article and many of the commentators. By the way, this is not the first time Memhir Zebebe’s wedding has been the subject of false rumors and outright lies.

    In order to answer these questions, I met with Memhir Zebene and some of the members of Debre Genet Medhane Alem Church, who attended his wedding in Ethiopia.

    I found that it is true, Aba Paulos was present as uninvited guest during the church portion of Memhir Zebene’s wedding at Kedist Selassie Church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Abune Selama, his teacher from his young age in Arussi, performed Memhir Zebene’s wedding ceremony.
    Additionally, the wedding reception party never took place in Sheraton Hotel. The wedding reception was held at Kokeb College auditorium (a private college) on Asmara Menged. These are the facts around Memhir Zebene’s wedding.

    You said you love your religion and your church. Please do not listen to the rumors. All of the negative comments you are reading are coming from satan to bring chaos to Orthodox Tewahido Religion. In order to bring animosity amongst the believers, satan is using “character assassination of our gospel teacher and religious leader” as well as his students. There is a challenge for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. As a believer, please stand for your religion. If we believe in GOD, all of these negative forces will go away. I do not have any doubt in my mind, due to his strong faith and strong stand for Orthodox Tewahido Church, Memhir Zebene will prevail. If we are a believer of Our Lord Jesus Christ who came to this world and died for our sins, it is our responsibility to defend and protect our religion, Orthodox Tewahido.

    Chir Yaseman – Amen

  13. Mahebre “kidusan”?????? I don’t think so. It is a political organization esablished by TPLF to discredit the legitimate E.O.T.C. Pathriarc so that the fake patriarc, Aba Diabilos (Abune Paullos) can be accepted by Ethiopians.

  14. ሁላችን ይህንን የምጻጻፈው ለቤተክርስቲያን አስበን ከሆነ ጥሩ ነው። ቤተ ክርስቲያን የምታስተምረን ግን መንግስተ ሰማያት ቀርባለችና በወንጌሉ አምናችሁ ንስሃ ግቡ ነው። ይህንን ከጻፍነው ውስጥ ስንቶቻች ነን በዚህ ውስጥ ያለነው ሌላው ግን ትርፍ ነው። በአለም ላይ ላለች ቤተ ክርስቲያንማ አንዴ አምላካችን ሕይወቱን ሰውቶላታል። ከኛ በተጨማሪ በመጀመሪያ ሃይማኖታችንን እንወቅ መብትና ግዴታችንን እንወቅ ለቤተክርስቲያኔ ምን ሠራሁላት እንበል በአጭር ቃል ስሞት ወደ ላይኛው ቤቴ ስሄድ ምን ይዤ ነው የምሄደው አብዛኛው የጻፋትሁት ለቤተ ክርስቲያን የሚጠቅም የለውም።

  15. Thank you #61 for clarifying my #52 questions. There is no doubt that woyanes are working hard to dismantle the E.O.C. That fake Patriarchy Aba Diablose has a nerve to show up at somebody’s wedding uninvited. How dare he! Typical Woyanes, always showing up like uninvited fly.
    Elias, where did you get the news that the wedding reception was held at Sheraton Hotel?

  16. Astewaye says
    To be honest I like the guy called Memher Zebene . I do not know him in person; I am an Ethiopian who files proud when I see another successful Ethiopian. One has to be smart hard working and very calculative to be able to Influence all those so called doctors as “#51 Teshale” says and their tails (ch’ra) to do what ever he wants them to do they will do it with out any doubt by hook or Crook But I don’t believe this is fair for the rest of Church members.

  17. To be honest I like the guy called Memher Zebene . I do not know him in person; I am an Ethiopian who files proud when I see another successful Ethiopian. One has to be smart hard working and very calculative to be able to Influence all those so called doctors as “#51 Teshale” says and their tails (ch’ra) to do what ever he wants them to do they will do it with out any doubt by hook or Crook But I don’t believe this is fair for the rest of Church members.

  18. Tesfaye #63 thanks for shading some light on the issues raised over the past few days. Even though we have been down this road several times before, there are some individuals who will continue to bring up the lies and half truths and not rest until some of the mud they have been slinging at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Memhir Zebene and its young defenders sticks and passes as the truth. Liars and extremists believe that if they keep repeating their lies and character assassination over and over again they will succeed in convincing some unsuspecting readers to believe their lies and innuendo.

    Zealots and gossip mongers hate the truth like Satan hates holy water.

    In the end the truth will always prevail no matter how hard they try to twist the truth and spew their hateful propaganda against decent individuals who stand up for the truth.

  19. Selam #66,

    I like your way of trying to understand the situation before saying something so that you can make informed decision. We as human being are not perfect but able to learn in different ways like the one you did through asking. I know Elias is well aware of the fact that Memeher Zenebe wedding was not in Sheraton Addis but didn’t want to correct his mistake. Even it was in Sheraton it means nothing as we all know some high schoolers are also having their gradation in Sheraton including my College graduation party but doesn’t show that I am rich or woyane or ….. About the wedding ceremony at trinity church, even my mom was there as a regular participant of the Kidase and witness his wedding but she was not envited – it was by chance. Abune paulos also going there as he does regularly but not because memeher Invited him. Elias is posting controversial issue to keep his web site in the first few ranks of all Ethiopian Political related sites as he is doing during the first 6 months of 2010. It is not because he is giving people different from the other sites but because he always sniffs for controversiiea and then adds his spice to make the case look like real and true. Ato Elias people who are giving you piece of information is trying to paint you black not helping you. If you want to report the truths go to the church and try to give people balanced info.
    “The camel marches while the dogs bark” Memehere Zebene is still doing his task of spreading Gods word and make ready people to Godly life. God can make any miracle so Dogs can become Camel with God so please lets join the march and save our church, religion, and have something at hand to give to our children. Ye Kireker bête sayzega yaderal and when a door is open for everybody no one know for sure who is going to inter into the house. If we are really Christians and feel all this for our church lets be hand and glove no one no one will stop us from getting what we want to achieve. Please to understand who memehre zebene is by coming closer only by yourself not by using info you’re getting second hand. He always talks about God fight for a truth in front of God and let me tell you he will not compromise anything which is going to be against God’s truth. Look how many people’s Christian life changed for the good in the past few years? Actually it was the people who should be checked as there are no people who follow his foot step and preach our church teaching after eating and drinking all those lovely God’s words from memeher Zebene. Look what Protestants are doing for the false teaching based on my belief. But we are fighting each other. Not only that but also pulling down Gods messengers. Please lets come to our sense guys, lets open our eyes, ears and see – hear the truth rather than being clueless ship in a big wave going here and there with some crazy people “Abedewu ke miyasabedu”.

    Amelak Hoye lebe seten – Amen

  20. I can see the writter and some of total negative commentors…are totally wrong .if a person has a true holy spirit he doesn’t have such a deomonised words and views. true holy spirit person find solution from GOD by praying for those if they miss their direction. but the way you present your idea and your feeling is from deep setanic spirite.
    I will pray for you , to get the mercy of GOD ! and the holy spirit to show you the right direction how to oppose …in GOD house. Saint Mecheal will show you the right way!

  21. Well Elias, why don’t you go as a real journalist does and interview Memher Z. and report the real truth and stop the rumors and character assassination of an innocent man. I am going to be in DC next week and I am going to try find out the truth.
    Elias, if you are spreading rumors without checking the facts, you are hurting your own reputation not to be taken seriously.

  22. አቶ: ኤሊያስ

    ለአውሬው: የመሳደቢያ: አፍ : ተሰጠው: የሚለው የመጸሐፍ : ቅዱስ : ቃል : እውነት : መሆኑን : ዛሬ : በአንተ : ተረዳሁ :: የምትሰራውን : ስራ : አውቀህ : ቶሎ : ብታቆም : እና : ንሰሐ : ብትገባ : እግዚአብሔር : ይቅር : ይልሃል::

  23. Selam Elias,
    Did you hear the great news that came out of Debre Genet Medhanealem yesterday? Truth Won, Memeher Zebene is elected by a landslide. The count wasn’t even close, it is more like 6 to 1 in favor of our beloved Memeher. We at Debere Genet exercised our democratic rights and chose Memeher Zebene to lead our Church. We are very happy by the outcome. As we never doubted he will win our vote, we wanted to make sure we sent a strong message to people who tried to divide us.
    Elias, you have been spreading rumors, innuendos, character assassination and flat out lies about our Church, some of its members and of course about Memeher Zebene. Why don’t you try to see the truth for yourself? Better yet, why don’t you interview Memeher Zebene in front of observers, and get his side? He is more than capable of answering yours and others questions, and tell you his side. What I have witnessed so far is, yours and your supporter’s sides have been nothing but lies. If you call yourself an “objective journalist”, this is your chance. Other wise, your credibility will be in jeopardy, and we will be hard pressed to take you serious!

    Truth will always be triumphant over lies, rumors and innuendos!!!
    Selam wal yene wondem.

  24. Zebene got it, but he lost in a big way in a church he have been teaching for 8 years not to get all votes is appalling .Zebene is damaged beyond repair ,the fact he is bold and arrogant will not help at all.The church is divided because of Zebene.The problem was Zebene refused to let the elders who were elected by the members to have their report heard what was he afraid of ?.Zebene even said he can lead Ethiopia lol.How can a person who teaches God’s words have lack of manners
    ? What goes up will come down, so Debre Genet Medhani Alem Tewahido Orthodox Church will prevail.All that talk about “Zebene will be removed from the church” was just a lie to put him take the place of our father Melake Genet Woubu. The amazing and sad thing was Zebene took it upon himself to pray for his self centered self in the middle of the prayers by mentioning “Sertse Dengel”while the old man Melake Genet needs it so bad. Melakee Genet have been with us for better or worst til this man came to be on the helm. It is a fact Zebene needs a prayer for what he is doing to us knowingly.

  25. Ashenafi Ewnetu
    I have read several articles that told us how very few individuals at Medhanealem church are trying to divide the church, sell the church to Aba Paulos, give absolute power to Memher Zebene, etc. . I admire people that expose atrocious actions directed at our Ethiopian Orthodox church and the Ethiopian community at large. People like Teshale Ewnetu, Belay Zeleke ( I hope he stands to the standard of the great Ethiopian Patriot – Belay Zeleke), Tazebe and Mamush exposed the minority vicious and divisive people in the Medhanealem church. We should not always talk and write about the bad people alone. We should also be informed of the gallant brothers and sisters who struggle to stop the division and sell out of this gracious church. People whose names (pen names) are mentioned, have the duty to tell us the selfless gladiators of the Medhanealem church so that we can thank them and honor them for their relentless fight against the few monsters. We should know them so we can extend our gratitude and appreciation, give them any support we can, and tell others to emulate these noble and strong defenders of our faith.

  26. I have read the article. And I find it to be a behaviour that is not religious and ethical and its not expected from an Orthodox person. He can make mistakes since he is a human beeing and as the bible says, God will judge who is right and wrong. Lets stop pointing fingers and lets start looking at what we did.

  27. It is only a fool who rely upon his own misundrstanding is my favourite phrase, and here you are!Hip Hop is a world respected style of expression by African-Americans about their struggle.You are trying to judge the very people that opened up the oppourtunity for you. If you don’t know what it is, please, open your eyes, and get a nice dictionary and read history, and listen to what they say. I am sure you are one of those people who never understood Marxism,but enforced it on others,and ended up destroying our country. Read! and when you read, please read carefully.It is sad people like you give us the image that separate us from our brothers, and sisters. I am sure, you are one of those people who claim “other” on those forms.

    It is so sad to read such disgusting chracter assasination article by a fellow country man. I guess you are using the church for a social club than a spiritual place.However, brother Zebene is a person you can not tarnish. Nevertheless,most of you have been always fighting each other or anyone with a different opinion way before Memher Zebene came to the States for many different reasons. Save your breath! you can not fool all the people all of the time! You are the cursed generation. Have peace in the House of God.

    One Love

  28. I don’t. Believe that you saying Zebene is trying to overtake the Orthodox church. I know, he is the true soldier for our church. He is giving answer for those who are attempted to against the orthodox church.

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