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Manipulation of the legal system and the making of totalitarianism in Ethiopia

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June 14, 2007

Over the last 16 years the Ethiopian people have suffered under the tyrannical rule of EPRDF. The gross violation of human rights, the absolute disregard for the rule of law, and the general absence of basic democratic practices, like the independence of the judicial system from direct interference by the executive, has been well documented by various human rights organizations. This sad state of affairs is also well known to western governments who, despite the lofty rhetoric of championing freedom and democracy, continue to bestow external legitimacy on a regime that has completely lost legitimacy at home. The situation has been steadily deteriorating since the botched May 2005 elections in which the overwhelming majority of the people voted out the ruling party. Against popular will it however continues to cling to power by sheer force.

The Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD) strongly condemns the conviction of the leaders of the Coalition for Unity & Democracy (CUD) on trumped up charges. This politically motivated, sudden and unjust verdict by the kangaroo court is another indication of the totalitarian nature of the EPRDF/TPLF regime and a sign of desperation.

Moreover, the ongoing brutal crackdown deliberately targeting the civilian population in Ogaden, the widespread arbitrary detentions of teachers, students and professionals in Oromia, Sidama and the Amhara regions and the general condition of state-perpetrated insecurity throughout the country have created a tense and potentially explosive political situation.

AFD believes the way forward is not more repression and another episode of perverting the rule of law, but rather the convening of an all-inclusive dialogue among all stakeholders leading to a peaceful transition to a more just, representative and democratic order. All past attempts at peaceful resolution of the conflicts in Ethiopia have been frustrated by the intransigence of the regime. AFD warns EPRDF/TPLF that the time of reckoning has arrived and that it will be solely responsible for all the consequences if it fails to reverse course and come to its senses.

We call on the international community to bring pressure on the TPLF regime to secure the immediate and unconditional release of the CUD leaders and all other political prisoners and heed the call for peace and reconciliation through dialogue. While the primary burden to make this regime accountable for its tyrannical acts rests with the people of Ethiopia, it is time for its backers to realize that the patience of the people to living under tyranny has been totally exhausted and that they can no longer be kept subservient even at gunpoint.

During this difficult and most trying of times the members of the AFD stand in solidarity with the unjustly convicted CUD leaders and all political prisoners languishing in the various prisons and secret detention camps of the EPRDF/TPLF and extend deep sympathy to their loved ones.

The just struggle for Freedom & Democracy in Ethiopia shall prevail!

Alliance for Freedom & Democracy (AFD)

12 thoughts on “Manipulation of the legal system and the making of totalitarianism in Ethiopia

  1. Nice to hear from AFD acting in support of CUD leaders!! I hope to see more action from AFD in organizing civil disobedience, military action… all sort of HULEE-GEBB-TIGIL against the fascist Weyanes!!

  2. Good job AFD!

    This was the first reaction expected from you. Now we want to hear from you a call to all Ethiopians for action. This call should be heard in the next ten days.

    Long live Ethiopia.

  3. I would like to salute the heroes and heroines of AFD
    member fronts who are shedding their blood while fighting for freedom, humanity, and democarcy of their people in their own ways against oppression, humilation, and subjugation of their people by the mercenary agents of TPLF, knowing that soon or later time would be on their side as they stand for a just cause; once for all to eradicate superior/inferior relations from their people and their land, to bring equality, justice, and brotherhood to their people. To live in a nation where nobody exploits anybody else, to empower their people of their inallienable human rights- to elect leaders when they see merit and fire them when they become incompetent, corrupt or tyrants.

    Aren’t those freedom fighters the cream of their people? I always admire their courage and determination to fight against all odds- hunger, natural calamity, enormoulsy equipped enemy(though mercenary) etc. Keep on fighting, freedom fighters, we are with you. There will never be peace until people reclaim their own rights. Tyrants always rant and brag about their might. But no body can deny that they will be crashed and tossed to the dust bins of history with the might of the power of the people.

  4. Please keep up the unrelenting pressuring on the regime from all fronts, and let us get free all our people from yoke of tyranny. Way to go AFD, we need more of this and action. Only a united force can earn a respect from this regime and the supporters.

    God bless Ethiopia

  5. Bravo AFD!! please go on. From here on do not spend any time on begging the blood suckers, Woyanes; just move to shake and dismantle the very base of the thieves. Please ,,,please take action, call all Ethiopians all over the world to intensify the struggle. Go…go…go!!!

  6. The solution for Ethiopia is peace and reconciliation. I think AFD is a good start and a good model. The leaders of AF D should work actively everyday to bring the EPRDF to a peaceful table circle. I personally came to a point that EPRDF must be the part of the solution. The EPRDF camp leaders deep inside their heart they know what it gone happen in the future unless they sit and solve the crisis we facing right now . I think EPRDF leaders should come to their mind and stop all this selfishness and greed to save our people. . I believe first thing what the EPRDF camp should do is—
    1. Release all the political prisoners of all parties with out any pre -condition including the leaders of CUD, OLF, ONAF, EPPF, ETC—
    2.P.M Meles Zenawi should attempt aggressively to bring all political parties to a peace table that can reconcile the whole Ethiopia.
    3. The other parties and the Ethiopian people should forgive for their the EPRDF leaders and work together in the future for common good.
    4. Together Opposition parties and EPRDF must implement a new fair election law then bring Ethiopian people to a peaceful election process.
    .5. All looted and stolen wealth of Ethiopian people must returned to the people.

  7. It such actions AFD needs to take in order to motivate the Ethiopian people. Such actions would cement the relationship of the party and the people. After all, the struggle is to make the people be stable, happy, free, and equal. AFD is now playing the art of gaining the trust and suppot from the people, and that is the way to go forward. More is expected from AFD to depict clearly the aspirations of the people. AFD, remember–democracy is not only looking things as a separate entity but also as a unified whole; in the abscence of any one of them, there won’t be any succcessful achievement of the aspirations of the people. History is bestowed on you to take our thoughts to a qualitatively higher and global perspective. We need to be competent to change our life styles. I want you AFD to remember that evil breads evil, and let’s lead by cultivating love, unity, prosperity, heath, peace, and accountablity. you know, we are interconnected, and AFD needs to guide us through the soscio-political journey of which the path is one of continuity, interdependence, growth, and tranquility.

  8. It is good to hear from you AFD.Our country is in a crossroad the exisstance of our land is in question this woyanne tags are togo by any means nessary.This are not even Ethiopians.

  9. Hi Mr. King,

    You asked, “who AFD”. The answer is an AFD who is an Ethiopian. I believe all members in the AFDs are Ethiopian. If they are not an Ethiopian they cannot talk about Ethiopia.
    This should be done now. All should come as one. This is the time to change everyones old strategy and goal of struggle. Goals and strategies always depend on conditions. This massage is particularly for OLF, ONLF and other similar organizations.

    Long live our unity and Ethiopia.
    We will make Ethiopia for all.

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