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Chinese workers injured in clashes with Woyanne in Mekele

By Girmay Gebru

MEKELE, ETHIOPIA (VOA) — An estimated 400 Chinese employees on strike for the past two weeks at the Messebo Cement Factory in Mekele charge some have suffered physical injuries in clashes with company officials over wages.

[Messebo is one of the 60 mega-million-dollar companies in Ethiopia that is controlled by Meles Zenawi’s wife, Azeb Mesfin.]

Ethiopian Woyanne federal police have now placed tight security around Mesebo cement factory expansion being operated by Hafie Cement Research and Design Institute and the subcontractor, Jention.

The workers told VOA that 800 birr, a portion of their monthly wages, is paid to them but the rest of their salary which was to be deposited in their individual accounts is missing. Some of the workers said there was no money in their account for the last three months.

The contractor said they will be paid for their effort and that the two sides will meet to discuss the dispute soon.

5 thoughts on “Chinese workers injured in clashes with Woyanne in Mekele

  1. gm legm abreh azgm–when the western economy revives chines economy will collaps. In the first place they are dumping down graded product specially to the third world country. remember the road that connects wollo province and gonder province during the time of Mengistu they were forced to construct it over and over, because they were doing very inferior quality of work. Now they are the best friend of woyane they are doing the inferior job. China is not to blame. It is struggling very hard to find a seat in the monopolists club. I don’t think it will get any seat at all, it is not that far yet.

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