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Al Amoudi demands retraction

The following is a letter from DLA Piper, a law firm in Washington DC.

February 5, 2010

Mr. Elias Kifle
Publisher, Ethiopian Review
Annandale, Virgina

Re: January 27, 2010 On-Line Article Entitles “Ethiopian billionaire’s daughter faces stoning in Saudi”

Dear Mr. Kifle:

This firm represents Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi and his family.

We are writing to you regarding the content of your article entitled “Ethiopian billionaire’s daughter faces in Saudi,” appearing on-line in the January 27, 2010 edition of the Ethiopian Review. Your article states that the “identity of the alleged Saudi Princess given secret asylum in the United Kingdom early last year has been revealed” as Sarah Mohammed Al Amoudi, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi. The alleged Saudi Princess referenced in your article is not the daughter of Sheikh Al Amoudi, The information in your article making the link between the alleged Saudi Princess and the Al Amoudi family is false, highly inflammatory, and is a defamatory statement.

We insist that you immediately cease and desist from making this false and defamatory statement. We also demand that you issue an immediate retraction of the article by issuing a formal statement disclaiming the link between the alleged Saudi Princess and the Al Amoudi family, by removing the reference to Sheikh Al Amoudi and his family from this on-line article, and by issuing an apology to Sheikh Al Amoudi and his family.

If you are represented by counsel, have your counsel contact us immediately to discuss this very serious matter. If you are not represented, you may contact us directly to confirm arrangements for the retraction and apology.

Very truly yours,
Mary E. Gately

500 Eights Street, NW
Washington DC 20044
[email protected]
T. 202 799 4507
F. 202 799 5507

Ms. Gately,

Here is my formal statement:

Screw yourself. Same goes for all DLA Piper “lawyers.” Stop bluffing and face me in court.


Yours truly,

98 thoughts on “Al Amoudi demands retraction

  1. Dear Visitor on # 36,

    We Ethiopians have all the times been preached on this issue (since the inception of the bilateral trade deal between TPLF & Al Amoudi)- We are now fade up with you first hand beneficiaries or pigs who garner the leftovers.. What you say is a complete bullshit, crap and unwise propaganda of the dictatorial government. For your information, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi was born from an Arab father and Ethiopian mother.. he immigrated to Saudi Aabia in 1965. He is just a Saudi Citizen and Ethiopia never allows dual citizenship whatsoever. It is not a question of Highland or Lowland thing.. this kind of unwise and blind political propaganda is strange to Ethiopians (only you narrow minded TPLF people brought it as a brand new idea in our land Ethiopia).. Ethiopia has been a country where nations, cultures and religions lived in peace and harmony before the coming of the TPLF to power… You TPLF people have always been portraying Al Amoudi as somebody who came to the rescue our nations and somehow became successful on your propaganda for a little while …then Ethiopians started to see the real picture of everything and now know that he is one of the giant foes/enemies of Ethiopia.. an Arab who is using the opportunity he got to exploit the nations and simultaneously play a paramount role in helping Arab nations in the region (who have been historical enemies of Ethiopia in every bit) gain a definite upper hand over Ethiopia.. ..He has been selectively favored by the TPLF regime to have an exclusive control over the resources and gain a monopoly on every bit of businesses in Ethiopia. Narrow minded TPLF leaders never want and never allow whatsoever to empower local Ethiopian citizens economically ..because they know it very well that economically strong society in the long term means a big political threat for them.. Economic dominancy is political power.. These TPLF groups (who are now tyrannically governing Ethiopia) have distinguished themselves from their beginning as narrow minded tribalist who care not for Ethiopia but for Tigray. They created “an independent figure” a puppet Al Amoudi because they knew it would be a grave mistake for them to play the economy and business so openly – and they started to practice a win-win business partnership with him. So long as he benefits TPLF (which he is aggressively doing it so openly) he survives indefinitely. Even, he has been allowed to play politics for TPLF – imagine, no any Ethiopian who earned a citizenship from another country is allowed whatsoever and yet he is allowed – knowing he is half Arab)… And visibly a Saudi Citizen and Arab, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi, is taking Ethiopian’s resources with a spade and giving back with a spoon. So, who is giving and who is receiving? Clearly poor Ethiopians are giving to Al Amoudi in tremendous amounts.. we are giving him jobs and money. And clearly he became the 43rd richest man on earth very shortly (with a systematically stolen wealth from nations). ..that is why Ethiopians are fighting the TPLF system that handicapped the nations and that restricted them from accessing their own wealth.. Ethiopia is now fade up of being observer and is trying to loosen the handcuff. When that day comes – hmmmmmmm

  2. Elias,

    This is courageous statement. But make sure that you are right. You know “might makes right”. Be careful. I know you are not the author of the article. You just posted it with comments and you have the right to express yourself.

  3. “Screw yourself. Same goes for all DLA Piper “lawyers.” Stop bluffing and face me in court.”


    What a perfect response. Short and to the point. Did (DLA Piper) assume that you just got off the Ethiopian Airlines? And they think you don’t know your constitutional rights? We will come out in mass if needed in support of Elias Kefle. Yes DLA Screw yourself.

  4. #36 take your brown nose out of the assess of woyanes and Almoudi once in while to take a breath. By the way you need to inform yourself that the mother of your hero Almoudi is from the north side. The multi Billionaire Almoudi is enjoying the cheapest labor in Ethiopia to benefit himself and his family, he is not there for the benefit of poor Ethiopians. Almoudi paying some of his workers $10.00 and $20.00 US dollars a month doesn’t make Ethiopians get out of poverty. Ethiopians stay poorer year after year and keep on working for almost nothing while Almodi, his close friends and his personal lawyers getting richer and richer by every minute. It is a disgrace and a Human Rights Issue. Shame!!

  5. Wayane and their handlers don’t know how to handle Elias’ truth. Just do what you do best, be the ears and eyes of our oppressed people by exposing Wayne and their handlers untold crimes that has been going on for 20+ years. I, for one, will be more that happy to contribute towards your “defense fund” if needed to!!!

  6. I understand why you edited my last posting. I was just trying to let everyone know what this poor girl has been through. Al Amoudi is spending tens of thousands on the net to claim this woman is a fake. Shameless. I hope you leave in the link below. I think it’s important for the world to know what his daughter had to do to survive.

  7. Al Amoudi’s offering $50,000. to find his daughter. Is that the going price of his children. I wonder what he’ll do to her if he finds her.

    An anonymous source has disclosed to the Sunday Times, that a reward of up to $ 50,000. has been offered to anyone who can provide information as to the actual identity of the alleged Saudi Princess Sarah Al Amoudi, who received asylum in the UK last year. The Al Amoudi’s family attorney has publicly stated that this woman is a fraud. Anyone with valid information can contact Sheikh Al Amoudi’s son, Abdul Rahman Al Amoudi at 00 966 2 6658880 or 00 966 2 6611800 or the family attorney below. The Independent Newspaper of London and Robert Verkaik, who initially broke the story of the alleged princess can be reached at 00 44 207 0052000.

  8. DLA Piper is a firm that is directely employed by Woyane regime as well as the Sheikh M. Al Ahmoudi.
    Evidence: serves as a lobbying agency to counter and screen opposition activities in the USA on behalf of the Woyane regime. It was used to kill the HRxxxx against the interset of the Ethiopian people. It is a documented fact.
    The Woyane regime has stretched its tentacles all over the world to have space and recognition.
    Hence, Woyane has assigned individuals that serve as informants in big international organizations and diplomatic agencies upto US state department.
    According to dissatisfied Woyane officials, about $ 25 Mio per month is spent for retrieval of information, bribery and/or lobby by the Woyane regime.
    Sadly, the peoples money is spoiled to prolong the life span of those parasites. There is no independent auditor in the country’s National Bank.
    Money is taken away without due statement.
    The Sheikh is used as a blessing in disguise for the evils of Woyane . Woyane and the Sheikh compensate each other.
    DLA Piper is a missionary firm that is gonna advocate Meles-led Woyane authorities if the time comes to sue them by ICC(International criminal court) for the abuse of human rights, war crimes and genocide.
    So DLA Piper is also a strategic ally of the Woyane regime.
    That is why the client/server[DLA Piper] is now roaring like a lion but when the real case comes out they will quit their mandatory role in favor of Woyane.

    I and my friends are ready to contribute money in support of our brother ELIAS.

    Don’t care for the paper tigers!

  9. ካንተ ጋራ ብዙ የማልስማማበት ጉዳይ ቢኖርም መብትህን ለመንጠቅ ያሰቡትን ለማ
    ጮል ተዘጋጅቻለሁ። ባለ ገንዘቡን ለማሽነፍ ለምትፈልገው ሁሉ ለመርዳት ዝግጁ ነኝ።

  10. Messing with big men is not for dirt poor immigrants like you. After all this is America the best address for bona-fide capitalism – where money talks.

    I am sure this vulgar response is posted b/c DLA ppl are out of office over the weekend so they can’t read this. I have copied the whole page and sent it to the lawyers at DLA to read and use as a reference in case the editor deletes his response.

  11. When this rich man, Al Amoudi, sues Elias Kifle for defamation, he is not just suing Elias Kifle alone; he is also suing millions of us readers of the Ethiopian Review: Elias enemies are our enemies; his friends are our friends, and we stand up with our friend, our servant, our entertainer, and our future leader, Elias Kifle, the Editor.

    Elias Kifle speaks for the poor Ethiopian peasants, and most of us Ethiopians are the offspring of Ethiopian farmers who live under the most oppressive system of the Woyanne government.

    Al Amoudi is the product of Islam, and Meles Seitanawi is the product of Christianity: two powerful evils from two powerful religions, and I can understand why some Ethiopians totally ignore religion because of the unpardonable sins these two individuals – Meles Seitanawi and Al Amoudi – have been committing by mismanaging the wealth of the Ethiopian peasants for almost two decays.

    Meles’sin involves murder, theft, extortion, perversion of justice, simony, and nepotism where as Al Amoudi’s sin is confined to greed, theft, adultery, and cruelty to one’s own child. Islam allows adultery but Christianity prohibits it; however, whatever law there is in any religion, some people are determined to break it and bring the wrath of God upon themselves.

    Most of the time, the rich and the powerful are the enemies of the common people, and the Scripture gives strong warning to the rich oppressors: “Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you.” (James 5:1-6)

    Dear Al Amoudi, you may run and hide your money deep down in the depths of the Oceans, but you cannot hide yourself or escape from the wrath of the Ethiopian people: the day of slaughter is coming. Depending on the immense of your wealth, you have hired the DLA and sued the defenseless, the poor, the penniless, the innocent, and the hard working person, Elias Kifle. By suing him, you are creating millions of new enemies that you have never met before in your life.

    My sincere advice to you, since you are an Ethiopian, is that you must drop the sue against our brother Elias Kifle; if not, we will sue you for stealing the Ethiopian gold, and you will be thrown into prison, and “you will not get out until you have paid the last penny” left in your bank account. Remember, Elias Kifle’s supporters are everywhere around the globe; yours are limited only to the Middle East.

    Mr. Al Amoudi, take care of yourself and your poor daughter who is living in hiding because of your uncontrollable anger and threat against her and her new-born daughter; she lives in constant fear that you may find her and fulfill on her the Islamic cruel law – the Sharia. For you, maiming a child is pleasing to God and an assurance to inherit the Kingdom of God. What a poor angry person! What a child abusive man! Yes, Arabs are famous for abusing minors and maidens, and that is their daily hobbies.

    My dear Al Amoudi, your defamation comes from your daily dirty business, not from Elias Kifle; therefore, if you want to sue Elias Kifle for defamation, you are just suing the wrong person instead of your family, the source of your denigration, and your master, Meles Seitanawi, who will be your tormentor and his wife Jezebel who will be your crucifier. Turn your eyes to the poor Ethiopians rather than to the rich and criminal Woyanne gang squad, and share your wealth which is the wealth of Ethiopia with the Ethiopian peasants. Don’t screw yourself in this baseless law suit!

  12. God job Elias, Al Amoudi is the worst stupid guy. I know how he spread prostitution/HIV in Ethiopia. He has a house in CMC for this purpose. And he has also a lot of gang men for the arrangement of this girls by the name of fashion show.

  13. Did alamudi care about his personality? I dont think so. Had he been careful and wise, he would have been thinking about Ethiopians than the robbing government. Just alamudi is the most problem equally with woyanne for ethiopians..

  14. Haha… you’re the man Elias. These bloodsucking parasites are the defenders of Africa’s worst tyrant Meles Zenawi and his cronies and they have the nerve to ask you to apologize. This is just unbelievable.

  15. A lot ‘defamation’ has been done to Bush, oprah etc. Al moudi ( whatever his name ) is no bigger than anyone else here in USA. This isn’t Ethiopia. If he doesn’t agree, he can use another media, his own website or weyane website ( as oprah tell us in her show it was false ) to fight back. Be careful, Elias, though, as they might try to get u killed with ‘car..’ or any accident; if they r reacting this way, they r really scared. It is good u posted it here. Update us on their response. Have Meles also denied his daughter when she was posted here? LOL.

  16. This is a new low for DLA Piper, do you have any idea that you are representing people who are engaged in the mafia business in Ethiopia. Stealing is immoral, stealing from poor people who do not have their daily bread is worse, standing by and protecting those who are stealing from the poor is the worst. DLA Piper, don’t you have your ethical values when you operate as lawyers? Would it be moral to advance dictatorship and silence opposition to dictatorship? What else would you do for money?

  17. This will be a good opportunity to rally all peace loving Ethiopians and Eritreans to stand against blood sucker Imperialist and their puppets.Let us stand with Elias.Let them stop rush lambaugh and glenn beck if they can not Elias.We don’t have to give only mouth service but we need to show any attck against Elias is attck against democracy and Ethiopia.

  18. Elias, I don’t think this is the way how to respond lawyer’s “Warning” letter. I hope you did it in different way but I admired your “heroism” response. Screw them as long as you have the tangible evidence to back you up. I think you should start investigating how much these woyane murderers paid to this DLP Hyenas. People are STARVING in our Country and Woyane gives our Lunch Money to foreigners.

    Peace on earth, Death to Woyane!

  19. #60,
    Make sure to include the comments posted by all of us. we all Ethiopians are standing with ELIAS KIFLE AND SAYING


  20. Dear Elias,

    Friendly advice,

    You have to approach this practically and with careful thought. After all, DLA Piper although a corrupt firm, has many power in the congress and senate and if they want could take this matter seriously. They are greedy bastards backed by greedy bastards repulicans and democrats. According to them, money buys everything and Alamoudi has one. In fact Saudi kings have full power in the U.S so I would becareful. Even though we will support you, the Diaspora is nothing compared to the Saudi kings and the immense power they have in the U.S. Out of revenge also, this could hurt Ethiopia. So approach and discuss this carefully with friends, diaspora and Americans.

    Good luck

  21. Elias,

    What you are not considering also America is no longer what it used to be. Our democracy is under threat because of the corruption and how important is money over the American people. Therefore, DLA could have more leverage than you. In addition, I can tell you honestly there are really very few Ethiopians (don’t know about Eritreans) who are strong activists. We might be writing supporting you on this website, but when it comes to real acitivism, we are zero, natha, zilch. In addition, there are many Ethiopains who support Alamoudi as well under false pretense that he is giving jobs in Ethiopia. So, I am not sure you will get full support. I also advice to approach this intelligently rather than emotionally. I don’t think it is professional of your replies. Set aside your emotions and approach this logically because you, Ethiopia could be at stake. U.S is not as it used to be where true democracy flourished.

  22. If you really wrote this back, I really really appreciate your patriotism! I had many reservations about you because of your inclination to Eritrean causes, but I appreciate your stance here and mean it to the end.

  23. Elias,

    I admire your bravery. You are not alone on this fight; you have true Ethiopian people with you. We will contribute our money, if we necessary, we will show up at the court in mass, supporting the great Ethiopian son, Elias Kifle.


  24. Though I don’t agree with every issue and comments ER made before, the approach of these sharks seem despicable and way too much. It sounds the battle of Divide versus Goliath or something has been drawn. Good luck Elias for your just, principled fight against the filthy riches and the powerful.

    To Assta Gettu
    Greed, adultery, sodomy or social deviance has nothing to do with religion. Let alone Islam religion. It is purely private and personal things. Any learned person should cease and desist from making such sweeping statements.

  25. I love u Elias. I will be with you. We all know that DLA pipers are sucking the blood of poor Ethiopians. We know them they tried hard to block Ethiopian human right act (HR 2003), now here they are at individual level. I never keep silent, and let us know how we can help you. We will mobilize and organize Ethiopians and freedom lovers who are living all over the world. DLA pipers are representing genocider, dictator, tyrant TPLF gangs who kill our people in ethiopia. They have been paid for protecting killer and still working with them to make Zenawi able to kill more people in Ethiopia. DLA Piper, shame on you and screw U up is perfect answer for you. I hope DLA will represent Melese Zenawi at International court for the genocide that he committed on Gambella, Ogaden, Somalia and Addis Ababa.

  26. Dear Elias, fight the good fight with your GOD given ability and integrity. No man should intimidate some one like Elias who is committed his life to the Ethiopians who are enable to fight for them. I can guarantee you, these bloodsucker lawyers cannot get away with any lawsuit they bring against you. Patriotic Ethiopians will be all the way with you. Tell them to bring it up. We are ready to fight any time any where according to The United STATE LAW, not Meles’s village law. Again thank you for every thing you are doing for our country. We are blessed to have some one who puts his life in the front line of killers.

    Ethiopia first

  27. Hi Elias,

    You did a good job, of course, as usual.

    Shame on Al Amuodi. Shame on DLA Piper which disregarded its professional ethics and is always after money.

    As to the defense fund and any other support, count on me and all my friends. We all discussed about the issue and agreed to do all what it takes to defend you. Keep up the good job.


  28. Dear Elias,
    After reading all the comments I was really amazed by so many that applauded the way you responded to a formal letter from a law firm. “Screw yourself” is not the answer. You cross posted a news item from another source by changing the heading (the title) to make it appear the alleged story is about Sheik Mohamed Hussain Aloumdi’s daughter. The letter you received from the DLA Piper Law Firm is contradicting your assertion and demanded an apology for defamation and character assassination. You can simply counter argue if your story is true. Resorting to an insult is not a wise thing to do. You may find yourself in a civil court for an extended period.

  29. Moe #83,

    First, you should not write: “Let alone Islam religion.” Islam is a religion, so why do you have to say “Islam religion”? Be clear in what you write and save the readers from confusion.

    All religions but Islam denounce adultery, and religion is part of our lives; we cannot ignore it or put it into the corner. Educated people such as Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine of Hippo, John Chrysostom, and many other learned theologians and non theologians have discussed and written about religion. Avoidance of religion from any discussion is not the mark of a learned person; it is rather the weakness of him or her.

    Like any other religion, Islam is not a private religion; it has been propagated every Friday in every Mosque in a deafening loud speaker, in Islamic schools, in Islamic meeting places, and even in some Christian churches.

    If Islam was serious about adultery, we shouldn’t have discussed about Al Amoudi’s illegitimate daughter, and we could have saved our brother Elias Kifle from being sued because of the adulterous father of this mystery child.

  30. Dear Mary E. Gately,

    Ever since I read the letter you have written to Elias, I’ve been wondering about you if you are a young lawyer who is over the moon for working with one of the biggest firms in DC, or someone who has been working with DLA defending the very rich and the privileged at any cost. If you are just starting out I beg you to do something rewarding that make you proud at the end of the day to defend those who can not defend themselves; I wonder if you ever thought how some of the people you defend made their wealth–have you ever thought if some of the wealthiest people you defend have been responsible for the loss of human life directly or indirectly. I beg you to look into some of your clients background specially some of the African Dictators who are billionaires while the people they lead are dying for a lack of a cup of water and a piece of bread a day; I wonder if you are one of those who careless what happens to others as long as you get what you wanted; I also wonder if you are a mother or not–if you are a mother I beg you to think about all those African mothers who witness on their lap the death of their precious children due to starvation while the leaders of their countries becoming billionaires. And someday when God asks you about all these what are you going to say to him? Is your conscience free of guilt?

  31. DLA Piper LLP

    You better understand that over a million Ethiopians are ready to see what action you would try to take and defend this blood-sucker Arab. You should also note that standing for M. Alamudi is robbing the poor people of Ethiopia in cooperation with this evil person.
    You are told by so many Ethiopian to take your hand from him.

    We wait and see your action.

  32. Elias

    What makes me worry is not their thretening letter rather the truth. Was the news right? If it is not right go and ask them appology. Asking appology for false reporting is the usuall duty in the press world but if the news was right you can go and sue them in reverse. Who knows you may win some million dollar from our gold share. Anyways, “Ayizogn”

  33. Elias,
    Why not give DLA piper a taste of their own medicine. Let us organize a boycott of companies who do business with DLA piper by Ethiopians and Eritreans. Let these companies know the kind of law firm that represent them. Let these companies know they are being represented by a bunch of lawyers who stand for supression of human rights in the third world.
    Here is a list of companies who do business with DLA piper

    DLA piper is nothing more than a hired gun, merceneries without concious. They are simply trying to intemedate you. They know they can not win in a court of law.

  34. #93 Tazabi what a briliant idea Verizon wireless alone have thousands Ethiopians & Eritreans customers.So brother Elias Alamoudi & his hired guns DLA piper have so much to lose.Keep fighting the good fight that is what true MEN of the peaple do.I am Eritrean & i am on your side. Peace & prosperity to Eritreans &Ethiopians AMEN.

  35. It is in the best interest of Al Amoudi (and his “lawyers”)to leave Elias Kifle alone and do his thing.
    If they pursue this matter, it is only exposing DLA-Piper and its client who has
    been linked to supporting financially terrorist elements and has been banned from entering the US. Ethiopians (and Eritreans) alike will do everything possible to expose and discredit these so called lawyers who also represent the most hated man in Ethiopia, prime murderer Meles Seytanawi and his family. if we Ethiopians can’t convince the US admin to stop supporting the tribal junta and his cohorts, we will do everything possible to expose, discredit and humiliate those that get paid millions to represent the public enemy. Elias please update us on what happens next.

  36. Dear Elias, keep strong! god blase you!
    The untold story of AL Amudi is endles,
    AL Amoudi minor girls abuser,looter,
    state terrorism ,Genocide regeem supporter,looter of ethiopians bread!

    God blase you Elias tell them!!!

    we all stand on your back and front!

    Go forward!!!

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