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President Isaias Afwerki’s new year message (video)

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… EPPF chapters resolution and other news. Watch below:

3 thoughts on “President Isaias Afwerki’s new year message (video)

  1. Wellcome Mr President Isaias.Well wish to all two brothers people.we are the one the only enmey we have is Woyane and we can to do to destroy him by our storng unity hand.

  2. Here comes again……I believe Ethiopians and Eritreans are brothers. We can live together helping each other. I know the two brother peoples killed each other for the mere interest of the leadership. As an Ethiopian, my father wounded 4 times in Eritrea fronts during the Derg’s regime. But to tell you the truth, my best friend is Eritrean. Meles Zenwi did not talk much how the relationship b/n these 2 peoples will develop in his interviews. You will sense how much he has inferiority complex of their Eritrean masters. He merely try to cover his complexity. He talk so much about Issayas. Even if you make some conversation with Tirayans about Eritrea, they change the title about Issayas. That’s why I pay attention about Issayas. trying to follow his interviews. He talks only about Woyane as an institution not about persons. I want to see the problem b/n these 2 peoples get-rid-of and live with prosperity.

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