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Bloomberg News reporter detained in Ethiopia

Bloomberg News correspondent for Africa, Jason McClure, has been detained in the northern Ethiopian town of Mekele by Woyanne regime security forces and was ordered to leave Ethiopia in 48 hours, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

Mr McLure has been based in in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa for the past 2 years.

The only foreign reporters who are currently allowed to operate inside Ethiopia by the U.S.-financed brutal dictatorship are those who agree to give blind eye to the regime’s massive human rights abuses and corruption.

10 thoughts on “Bloomberg News reporter detained in Ethiopia

  1. Weyane is a brutal regime that does not like honest reporters, recently Jason McLure has been too honest, and that is one of the worst traits by the Weyane regime. The same happened to Jeff Gettleman three years ago, when he reported about Ogadenia and the people fighting against Weyane. In fact, McLure is lucky to come out alive considering he was in the middle of the Weyane home turf. I guess the Weyanes are a little more civilized in the year 2010 than they wre in the year 2008.

  2. ድሮስ ፡ክውይያኔ፡ ምን፡የጠበቃል፡ለ ሃያ፡አመት፡ሲያጨበርበር፡የቆየ፡ነው
    we will see who is going to win .but woyanne can not rull for ever

  3. Jason McLure is not part of the propaganda machine organized by the US embassy in Addis. The Americans will not say a word and let this guy be deported without any noise.

    Imagine if this guy was treated the way Woyanne treated him in Asmara, the US would have brought a fleet of its ships to threaten Eritrea with extiction. Such is the hypocrisy of the lone super power these days.

  4. First of all,it was not secret that Mr.Bereket Simon has never felt comfortable on his weekly press conferneces,by the kind of questions mr. Jason puts forward to him.On top of this,in the last few months Mr.jason has been reporting on the vital issues of the country,which led woyane to be so concerned on him and take such decition.I am sure Jason is not surprised by the decision as he understands the nature of the regime very well.infact he must have chosen to write the truth and face the consequence.

  5. Mr. Jason McLure must have asked the right questions at the right time, at the right place.

    TPLF plays the Western journalists like a fiddle. I have never seen a group of people so completely out fooled by a bunch of terrorists calling themselves TPLF. I have read quite many times Western journalists interviewing Amare Aregawi of “the reporter” as if he is the voice of the “opposition” or the “independent press.” I would not be surprised if many of these journalists are completely fooled like I stated above.

    I like to think that it takes only few months for them to penetrate through the above kind of shenangian and I believe that is when they get deported.

    Mr Maloney (Baloney??) of reuters seems the earlier stages of the metamorphosis. Let us see what TPLF does when he transforms from a Pupa to an Adult. i am thinking the d word (deport).

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