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EPPF chapters affirm solidarity with Eritrea

Representatives of Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) chapters in Europe and the U.S. held a worldwide teleconference on Sunday and decided on a resolution affirming their solidarity with the people and government of Eritrea.

EPPF representatives from Washington DC, London, Texas, Chicago, Las Vegas and North Carolina had participated in Sunday’s conference. Representatives of Former Ethiopian Soldiers’ EPPF Support Committee also took part in the meeting.

The resolution, among other things, calls on the military in Ethiopia under the current regime not to take orders from the anti-Ethiopia Woyanne junta that is brutalizing and terrorizing the people of Ethiopia while looting and pillaging the country.

The resolution condemns the recent military aggression against Eritrea by the Woyanne junta at Zalambesa. (Read the full text of the resolution here – pdf, Amharic)

The resolution makes it clear that any military aggression by Woyanne on Eritrea is against the national interest of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, EPPF’s London chapter is organizing a historic public meeting on January 24. (Click here for more information). The following week, January 30, EPPF-Washington DC will hold a public meeting.

19 thoughts on “EPPF chapters affirm solidarity with Eritrea

  1. It is a good start. It is encouraging to see my Ethiopian brothers and sisters stick with their brothers and sisters of Eritreans. God help us. I personally don’t blame Ethiopians for having been mislead by woyanne, because woyanne, mislead every one included us the Eritreans.
    I wish swift victory to the Ethiopian freedom fighters.May this year be a year of prosperous for Ethiopians and Eritreans.

  2. Long live EPPF. In sprit and in deed we will support you. Keep up the good work. Unity is power and with that comes a guranteed success. The Eritreans are committed to the eradication of the scam of the earth that hell bent on distroying Ethiopia. No out side interferance will ever achieve the desired solution. Therefore, avoid the interest group as they only care what is best for them. Believe on the Ethiopians wisdom so the blessed land of Ethiopia will altimately be for it rightful owners the Ethiopians. The omens is on each and every Ethiopian to support the just struggle until the cancer is mowed from it root so finally peace can rain on the entire horn of Africa.

  3. for people who are belive in peace full struggle first and most there is no such thing as peace full struggle in aphartide coleny. my next point i want you to think and judge for your self is woyane has been in powere around 20 years now since its arrivale there has been groups and individuals who tried peacefull struggle most killed by woyane the rest are in exhil but in a short period of time look what G7 and EPPF achived they became woyanes night mare as we speak. so it is time to see the reality with different view. lets united and free Ethiopia from the monesters!


  4. Dear peace loving Ethiopians,

    Every time I read and hear that Eritreans and Ethiopians come together aiming for a peaceful coexistence it gives me hope.

    Hope that one day we will get there.

    I am an Eritrean but never wish ill to the people that are so close to us in the whole of Africa. I and the overwhelming majority of my countrymen long for the day to see a political and economical strong Ethiopia that can be rightfully be the pride of Africa.

    I hope more and more Ethiopians wake up and see Eritreans as their honest brothers and sister who don’t want harm to their southern brothers.

    As for the current minority Administration in Addis Abeba, however, the will leave no stone unturned to continue to make you believe the opposite.

    Unfortunately, so far they have been successful.

    Let us change it! They seems to be a movement going on that is gaining some momentum. Hope is in the air!


  5. It is not rocket science. We, Ethiopians, must realize this illegal sanction is against our fighting forces as it is against our cousins to the north. Make no mistake about it. Any person or organization who professes to care about the wellbeing of Ethiopia must condemn this US driven act of UN banditry in no uncertain terms. Otherwise we are being just as phony as the Weyane’s love of Ethiopia or, for that matter, Eritrea.

  6. Meles is an evil man. Weyane is a Mafia company. Weyane has to go. Elias Kifle, you are a freedom fighter for the Ethiopian people. Meles and his company are the one who need to be condemned to death, not Berhanu Nega and the Ethiopian peaceful freedom fighters. Meles’ days are numbered, and he has no place to run in this world, even after his death he will go to hell.

  7. We Ethiopian condemn the ill advised and bogus sanction against the Eritrean people and the recent act of aggression committed by the woyane junta. We are not going to be bystanders where ever there is injustice in our neighborhood. We should not allow the junta to drag us in to war against our Eritrean brothers. I fully support the solidarity and stands of EPPF with the people of Eritrea.

  8. Meles should prove that he is intelligent by not repeating what all dictators did that is to be dragged out of office dead. It is not possible to rule indefinately by terrorizing people.
    Mussoloni, Hitler and Stalin did also several infrastructures which are in use even until now but that does not compensate their evil deeds.

  9. Solid solidarity with Eritrea and strong friendship with the Eritrean people are the only indispensable means to bring down the Woyanne regime within a short time.

    Eritrea has recognized the Woyanne government as a rootless nemesis of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia, and I’m sure the EPPF solidarity with Eritrea will embolden the Ethiopian Freedom Fighters economically, politically, and morally. I believe a combined force that knows the geography of Ethiopia, especially the Tekezie Valley, the Wolkait-Tegedie desert, the Lemalimo serpentine road, and the Semen Mountain, would easily defeat the demoralized and tribal Meles’ army.

    As soon as the Meles army knows that the Ethiopian people are united against the Woyanne corrupt government, then the Woyanne army, in great frustration and confusion, will surrender itself to the overwhelming force – the combined Ethiopian Freedom Fighters’ might and the Eritrean mighty force.

    I think there will be no Mengistu Haile Mariam’s style of surrendering power to the Woyanne. Mengistu Left Ethiopia peacefully without bringing any harm on himself and his family, but it is doubtful Meles will follow Mengistu’s example. Meles, perhaps, will flee to Tigray and from there he may conduct a guerrilla warfare; the problem, however, is that Meles is now spoiled, and he is used to living a comfortable life style for 18 years: his hands are too soft, his knees too shaky, his blood pressure too high, and his wife Jezebel too fragile, and, in fact, she may not join him at all; instead, she may abandon him. In time of crisis, very few women stick to their husbands, and I don’t think Jezebel is one of these few women.

    In any way, whether Meles goes east, west, north or south, he is in a great trouble, and he should surrender before it is too late.

  10. It’s now or never !
    It’s time to give support for any oppositions peace or armed forces who are ready to save and recognize the unity of Ethiopia.
    But , we shouldn’t forget that Isaias must stop his assitance to the somalis ready to invade Ethiopia at any time waiting our internal disorder. Then Probably, we will be ready to make an everlasting peace with him and in general with Eritreans who love Ethiopians.
    We shouldn’t forget that the geopolitical situations in the Horn of Africa and in general in the world are going to change.
    Beleive me , the land of Ethiopia given and sold to foreigners and specially the great neigbour enemies of Ethiopia will be null and void , very soon.
    Think aways that With our TPLF’s gang at home , we have nothing to lose if we die for cause of our freedom.

  11. The Woyanne supporters are so funny and they think they are slick. In one sentence they appeared as support of EPPF and in the next sentence they appear to create mistrust toward Eritreans government and the people: simply by inserting unjustified accusation; such as referring to the groundless accusation of Eritrea providing assistant to Somalis with “firearms “and repeating the same old woyanne’s song “Somalia is a threat to Ethiopia” ““can Isaias be trust?” you guys are a joke.
    I also notice peculiar things about some of the Ethiopian brothers. Some seams to truest woyanne than the Eritreans government. In reality, considering, the past history I think, we, the Eritreans who suppose doubt you. Let us go back few years; Eritreans were not the ones who jumped up and down along side of woyanne on the street of Addis Ababa, when the woyanne soldiers advanced in Badme with the help of Israel and US Satellite. Eritreans were not the one who supported the woyanne junta when they started the useless war. It was not the Eritreans government who put Ethiopian citizens in prison and cut your freedom short; Eritrean government is not the once who is committing gross human right violation and ethnic cleansing all over Ethiopia: Eritreans are not the one who created this deep ethnical hatred in Ethiopian. It is the woyanne junta.
    The Eritreans simply want a good brotherhood, and a good allies, and prosperous neighbor. Eritreans, have no ill wish toward Ethiopians what is so ever. Those who doubt the Eritreans government commitments, unless of course you’re really supporters of woyanne, you can go to Eritrea and see for yourselves the reality on the ground.

  12. Yes, Meles was trying to paly his devil game again by bringing Ethiopian troops to fight Eriterians again. Sorry, he is out of a card to play that game. Anyways, time is running out for Meles. I am 100% sure if he wants or even tries to move the troops it is the end, the troops and the people of Ethiopia will turn their face against him. But he didn’t know the consequences. “Bekilo Maseriawan Betesech Bilu, Eraswan …… Yibalal.”

  13. If there’s anything that keeps Woyane sleepless is the solidarity of Eritreans and Ethiopians.

    Woyanne is squandering millions of Ethiopia’s money & resources to make sure only are Ethiopians divided among themsleves, buy they also view Eritreans with suspicion. But information is power.

    So thank you Ethiopian Review for taking the Lion’s share on the fight against hate, division & complacency.

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