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EPPF public meeting in London (Jan 24, 2010)

The Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF) will hold a big rally and public meeting in London on January 24, 2010.

Date/Time: SUNDAY, 24 JANUARY 2010, From 15:00 – 19:00
Place: Holloway Resource Center, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 7PA UK
Issues to be Discussed:

    EPPF aims and activities
    Current conditions in Ethiopia
    Upcoming election
    Ethiopia-Eritrea relationship and cooperation
    Horn of Africa recent developments

Guest Speakers:

    Ato Ayele Angelo, former CUD Central Committee Member
    Ato Elias Kifle, publisher, Ethiopian Review
    Ato Sileshi Tilahun, EPPF U.K. Representative
    Solidarity messages from Eritrean guests of honor

More information: [email protected]

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EPPF London

7 thoughts on “EPPF public meeting in London (Jan 24, 2010)

  1. Dear Elias,

    If you are to attend the EPPF Public Meeting in London on January 24, 2010, be careful not to walk alone on the 356 Holloway Road or on any of the streets of London because the Meles death squad will be everywhere in London, watching your movements, and if they get a chance to find you walking alone, they will not restrain themselves from taking your precious life.

    As Osama Bin Laden is so important for America, and as America is very desperate to find him, so also Elias Kifle is more important than Bin Laden for Meles Seitanawi. He must be very desperate to quiet you by any means.

    Remember, London is not Asmara where you probably might have the protection of the citizens of Asmara, and this doesn’t mean that the Londoners would allow the Meles’ hooligans to take your life; they just don’t identify them who they are.

    Besides, Meles has over 1.2 billion dollars, and with this money he can hire any person (white, black, Chinese) to harm you.

    I know you are a risk taker for what you believe you think would benefit the oppressed people of Ethiopia, but, if I were you, I would rather like to discuss those five important issues on video satellite from here than going to London and participate personally in the meeting.

    Any way, as the Londoners used to say: “God save the Queen,” I would simply say, “May God save Elias Kifle, our hero and our prince, from the Woyanne death squad.” “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed!” (Psalm 20:4)

  2. While it is always to be careful, I think the “Threat to Elias’ life” by the Weyane criminals is probably overblown. I know the Weyanes are cornered beasts, but their evil is limited to the protection of the US and UK who they love to kiss the sweaty feet of; and without whom they are totally clueless.

  3. Elias go to London for meeting, Weyane evil they don’t do any thing. Please any one Don’t give power for weyane. All Ethiopian and Eritrean people will protect Elias Kifle from Evil Weyane

  4. I appreciate the reminder of Assta, it is good to be careful but as Wegaw said the warning is overblown. EPPF leaders and other prominent Ethiopians are expected to participate. Also London is not country of anarchy and mess for Melese’s squad to come and kill people. I do not think London is less safe than US unless we believe that MI5 also wants Elias dead in which case he cannot hide in the US as well. Londoners aborted repeated terror plots.
    While I appreciate his concern, I do not understand why he tries to compare Elias with Bladen who believes in terror. Assta is always weird. If Elias has a plan to attend and share the outcome with the people who support EPPF but could not attend, he has to go. The fruits of his attendance are more constructive and productive than the risk involved for our struggle against Woyane.

  5. Weyane is threatened by anything that unites the people of Ethiopia and anything that leads to a natural cooperation between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Weyane is a vermin in the horn of Africa, like a tick stuck to the cow sucking its blood. Weyane is one of the last bastion of neo-colonial stooge chiefs answerable to its Empire like masters in Washington and London. Basically a home slave licking the boots of its master and smile while he watches over and whips them with lashes its own fellow “plantation” slaves to please its master as a loyal.
    What Meles didn’t understand is that his way of immoral low life won’t be sustainable. If not him, his frog-like spoilt brat children will pay.
    We have a popular cause but weyane’s cause is serving its masters and itself at the expense of the people.

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