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Ethiopian man indicted in Indianapolis bank robbery shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis man has been indicted on federal charges that he shot a postal carrier in the face during a bank robbery.

The U.S. attorney’s office says 43-year-old Brook Abebe, an immigrant from Ethiopia, was charged Tuesday with armed bank robbery and firearm violations. If convicted on all counts, he could face 10 years to life in prison, although Assistant U.S Attorney James M. Warden says life sentences are rare.

A phone message seeking comment was left with Abebe’s attorney.

Abebe is accused of shooting Robert Norman of Franklin on July 2 when the postman following him outside after the robbery on the city’s southeast side.

Norman was released from the hospital July 10 after surgery on his eye socket and shattered cheekbone.

5 thoughts on “Ethiopian man indicted in Indianapolis bank robbery shooting

  1. I know the guy it was shocking when I heared the story around three weeks, it is unbelievable for the ethiopians community in indianapolis to learn that an ethiopian did commit such kind of horrific crime.

  2. i am wondering why the 1 comment above ( Anonymous ) writes that we Ethiopians not from this planet. This things happen everyday, everywhere. As he said why shame for the Ethiopian community? This is just normal for me and anybody else who can think – Just Happens. I dont consider Ethiopian as if we done only All this good things – But it is not.

    Yehe lene tebebeteghnete newe. malete yechenkelate tebete.

  3. WHo said being Ethiopian entitels us to consider ourselves as angels…Ethiopian are the same as everyone and we make bad discitions at time….it only humanly….

    to strech that further..>I believe Ethiopians are second to Nigereans when it comes to scams and under the table crimes…..As an Ethiopian I will never be surprised for nothing if I happen to find one of us fail….instead i’ll try to help resolve and or prevent it from happening…

    all the parking lot thifs, cash register jackers, etc……are all Ethipian are they not>>>??? so let stop pretending as if we are or were made holy>>>>>

    thats where meles got his crooked self……

    May GOD give up the peace and prosper so that we have no need to fail.>>>>

  4. One might contemplate the reason behind his evil act is the ongoing financial crisis which did hit many people. But whatever the case is, there is no excuse for such kind of devilish attitude. Lets not forget we crossed the seas from home for the betterment of our lives through hard work, not relying upon Shameful acts.

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