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A new book by Esayas Lisanu

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Co-host of the Washington DC-based Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio, Ato Esayas Lisanu, has published a new book in Amharic, “Kenahu Bechereka” (I Envy the Moon). There will be a book signing ceremony at the Unification Church in Washington DC on July 24, 2009, starting at 6:00 PM. See the poster below for more information.

Esayas Lisanu

3 thoughts on “A new book by Esayas Lisanu

  1. Hi Guys,What is the best method to get this book,I sure want to see more of the author cause he’s in my list of good writers.You see I live in GA., and please if anybody out there got a way,let me know.Thank you.

  2. Esayas Lisanu , is my all time favoirite radio host in the Dc metro area……his questions, story telling and mostly brutal honesty when concerning the mother land makes him unique in my opinion…

    Yewebaw lisan is a character I love and listen to every time i get a chance….I chops up.

    by the way, in my early twentys now, and been a listener since i was 15.

  3. Dear Esayas Lisanu

    I would like to express My appreciation for your incredible service as a Yewube lisane. The contributions you have made to our local Community over the past year have been invaluable to All.

    I wish you much success in all your endeavors.


    Tedla Mengesha

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