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Andargachew Tsige in Chicago talks about Eritrea trip – Audio

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Ginbot 7 Secretary General Ato Andargachew Tsige talks about his recent trip to Eritrea, among other things, at a recent public meeting in Chicago. Click below to listen.


20 thoughts on “Andargachew Tsige in Chicago talks about Eritrea trip – Audio

  1. Thanks ER for the clip.
    I love G7 for they are going on the right track of modern political thinking. They well understood, geopolitics, strategical and tactical diplomacy to achieve their goal, emancipation of the country. The diplomatic relationship with neighboring countries without compromising the core interest of the country while negotiating on subordinate interest is, I hope, the strong side of Ginbot7.
    thanks ER once more time.

  2. Despite the fiasco with Hailu Shawl, the most Akrari and tribalist, G7 appears heading in the right direction.

    I am glad that they did not give up, despite the reactionary forces of Woyane, EPRP, and Hailu Shawl attacking them.

    The good thing is that the majority of Ethiopians are against tribalist of any sort, support progressive forces, support unity based on equality and justice.


  3. I think quiet a while when ER and Awramba times reported about Ato Andargachew trip to Eritrea and that he talked to Eritrean Officials, G7 leaders like Dr Berhanu tried to deny it. He said that no meetings were held with Eritrean officials on Addis Dimtse radio

    Also ECADF paltalk rooms and websites like Abbaymedia publicly lambasted ER and Awramba Times.

    Well now the truth has come out from Ato Andargachew itself. Ato Andargachew has gone to Eritrea and has talked to Ato Issayas Afeworki. IT IS OFFICIAL NOW. CASE CLOSED.

    Therefore :

    1. Dr Berhanu, Abbaymedi and ECADF ought o apologize to ER and Awramba Times.

    2. G7 ought to stop flip flopping and work hard to have a unified command. Let there be an alliance. Let G7 be the political leadership of the Alliance and EEPF the military leadership.

    Once we cross the bridge there is no turning back.

  4. Elias, you’re a fighter and we love you for that. You have effected a paradigm shift and everybody is following your lead, even your detractors. You have dragged the whole Ethiopian body politic to the oasis where they can drink clean water and breath fresh air. Keep on keeping!

    My only advice to you (and my only difference with you)is please get easy on yetekeberu Eng Hailu Shawel, he is an honest person and among the very few honest politicians we have in Ethiopia.

  5. Dawit you are a weyanne masquerading as the supporter of Ginbot7 because you are calling the genuine Ethiopians and political parties tribalists. Tribalism is the sole trade mark of the ethnofascists (weyannes) and their likes and does not belong to Ethiopians and their parties. The weyannes work hard to cause splits and disagreements among Ethiopian parties and that is what you are doing by insulting and denigrating some sections of the opposition.
    I appreciate the Ethiopian review for covering the accurate news of ato Andargachew`s visit to Eritrea. Dr. Berhanu Nega should not have denied the visit.

  6. The Audio clip from Ato Andardachew sounds good. Not only that is good but also it touches to the point.

    Some people in the Diaspora wish to have a ready made food. The do not want to engage themselves to the struggle. There are even people who wish the freedom struggle should be commanded by the united States of America. USA could assist the struggle if it is potentially reliable to success.
    Sometimes America is relies on other third parities to achieve its objectives. Those third parties are used as tools fulfil the gap what the great America shames to do.
    One of the third parties is like Woyane government in East Africa.

    Now, unless we have a firm principle regarding our destiny we are doomed to a failure. This applies to any political party or group, be it abroad or inland.

    I am afraid the Woyanes are doing their job in this regard.
    I am wondering about those Ethiopian political parties that are still boasting their celebration of 35-37 years of struggle. None of them have qualified to lead the Ethiopian people in a proper way.
    Ethiopia doesn’t need hundreds of political organizations.
    The more parties are due, the less their achievement.

    Come together!

  7. Ato Andergachew I am very glad thaat you went to Eritria and you explian the diffcult situation in Ethiopia I hope Next time you will explian over all problems we have in Ethiopia particularly the genocid in Ogaden.WE Ogaden we need your help.

  8. Well said Kebede.
    Although I commanded g7 for their trip to Eritrea; however, I strongly believe they should apologize to ER. as well as thank ER (Elias) & EPPF (Sileshi) for their ground breaking trip to unified the people and clarify the misconception that is installed by woyane and the hodams.

  9. well done Ato Andargachew for tactical diplomacy to achieve oure goal. By any means to bring democraciy,unity equality and justice for oure country.

    enough is enough come on Ethiopian stand up for your right!

  10. We should never let weyane chose our friends and our enemies. We can not avoid working with Eritrea anyway and the sooner the better. We must do it in a transparent way. G7 leaders must be bold enough to tell the Ethiopian people about the relationship. Ofcourse it might have some political cost but it is the best way in the long run. Eritreans are there to stay and we should deal with them weather we like it or not.

  11. way to go Andi this is what Ethiopian poletics needs honesty.Unlike the EPRP who go their in hidindng and lie about it. Why is EPRP always Ashemed of what it does? because they are a bunch of back word gulag era hodams. Nex step the liberation of ethiopia by G7 and the duping of woyane and Eprp

  12. This for Mr. Chu Chu comment.

    “I am wondering about those Ethiopian political parties that are still boasting their celebration of 35-37 years of struggle. None of them have qualified to lead the Ethiopian people in a proper way.”

    What do mean? What is your message?

    Do you mean the Eritrean 30 years strugle for independece? Or you mean The(Oromo, Afar, and Tigray)who are struglining in non stop to free their people from the feudalism, the derg and the present regime?
    By the way who are we to qualify or disqualify existing operating organization? We are not the refere or the judge; even EPPF can’t be judgemental except creating united front to fight and resist their common enemy and achieve their goal; which is free Ethiopians.
    Note: The freedom fighter would’t take that long had ethiopian government were not supported by outside sources (namely America, Russia & European).
    Unity is Power

  13. This is for Mr. Chu Chu’s last comment.

    “I am wondering about those Ethiopian political parties that are still boasting their celebration of 35-37 years of struggle. None of them have qualified to lead the Ethiopian people in a proper way.
    Ethiopia doesn’t need hundreds of political organizations.
    The more parties are due, the less their achievement.”

    By enlarge your your comments are positive, but part of your comment you injected whether it is done done knowingly or unknowgly it is diturbing. I quoted you above read it properly.
    What is your message?
    Who are we to qualify or disqualify the existing and operating freedom fighters for their respected nationality?
    (if you mean Oromo, Ogaden, TPDL) The only thing we hope is they will form a united front. Even EPPF does not undermined the efforts and sacrifice being made by OLF, ONLF and TPDF,…and more; the only thing they can do is to call for united front to topple their common enemy.

    To remind you 1. The Eritrean took them 30 year to free their people. (I think you will witness)
    2. The centeral govrnment had and has the backing European, Russian and most important the great American in the history of ethiopia. ( You will agree it is fact)
    3. Freedom fighter arises from hardship, being oppressed, maltreated, and absent of justice. Rather than leaving in such condition they choose to fight till they die. No measurable time table (30-35 years like you indicated in your phrase; they may not be able to see their success but they are fight for it.
    I hope you call for united front.
    Unity is power.

  14. Well done Ato Andargachew !!!!…. Lets talk with Woyane with the language they understand..and thank,s ER and Elias for providing this information….Woyanes will have a bad nightmare….heheeeee

  15. Excellent move, Ginbot 7!!!

    You guys are doing a wounderful job of promoting your self as a major political movement which is soon to make history.

    We hope that you will also be calling on other groups including olf and the ogaden front. What we need now is to put all the available forces into one command in order for us to effectively put the EPRDF regiom completely out of commission and declare victory of freedom to all the people of Ethiopia. This will be the very last time which our country’s enggament of war to topple a repressive rule.

    To all my fellow Ethiopians:

    Let us all set aside our political, philosophical or ideological differneces for now. We all must come together and give Ginbot 7 the support it requires. I am not too happy with the fact that it may be using Eritrea’s soil as command centre, but we have to do what we must do to demolish The aparthaied rule in Ethiopia. And we need to do it promptly before further social, political and economic damages are inflicted up on our nation! Unity is our strength! Thank you all

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