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Election 2008

“Free Market vs. Big Government” & the 2008 Election

by Selam Retta,

Donkey vs. Elephant” “Democrat vs. Republicans” “Socialism vs. Capitalism” “Free Market vs. Big Government”

Free Market? The only time that ever came close to existence is probably during the early stage of this nation’s founder’s time. I mean, the whole basis for revolution was that, taxation without representation to the King, Monarch, Big-Bank, Big-Government, and Big-Corporation who wish to control their lives. They armed themselves to reserve their right to revolt again, if they have to. The citizens then were a lot more informed and aware of things than those of us today. Do we have true free market today? … absolutely not. The term is just passed around to conceal the fact that some are privileged with more access to wealth, influence and power than others. You can call them the “invisible government”.

Over the years, businessmen and corporations have been merging in one form or another, further monopolizing the global industry and eliminating their non-cooperating competitors. They have realized that they could work together to establish and maintain collective power, and that they could work with governments (or rally enough to overthrow governments that wouldn’t cooperate with them) to establish rules which would be mutually beneficial and allow both to share power over everyone else… Read More