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Isaias Afwerki: Reports of my death are highly exaggerated

Recent rumor regarding his state of health “attests to the mounting frustration on the part of its authors.” – President Isaias

By Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Asmara, 28 April, 2012 – In a brief interview he conducted tonight, 28 April 2012, with the national media outlets, President Isaias Afwerki underscored that the recent rumor regarding his state of health attests to the mounting frustration on the part of its authors.

Explaining that in the past week he had been abroad on a 3-day working visit, and that upon return home he has been on a tour of inspection to Gash-Barka, Anseba and the Northern Red Sea regions from 21 to 22 April, the President said: “I am lucky; I enjoy robust health. The speculated ill-health is only in the minds of the authors of such a baseless rumor.”

Elaborating that the issue has nothing to do with his health status but designed to create anxiety among members of the public, President Isaias pointed out that it is but a continuation of the coordinated psychological warfare and anti-Eritrea smear campaign that has been going on for the past decade under various guises. He further indicated that the fabricated ploy was concocted at a time when the nation is registering impressive development stride, coupled with the mounting popular resistance, and that the recent enemy speculation is intended to put their frustration on others.

He went on to underline that as information technology is becoming an instrument of the special interest forces, members of the public should not fall into the trap of being misled by such fabricated misinformation for acts of this nature may be repeated from time to time on the part of the same authors.

Commending the perseverance and resistance of the Eritrean people against all enemy conspiracies, the President called on citizens to continue the national development endeavors without being distracted by futile enemy ploys.


61 thoughts on “Isaias Afwerki: Reports of my death are highly exaggerated

  1. Oh my God, he sounds worst than what i tought, tought it was just a lie….this man sounds very sick, he should not have done the tv interview, the paper would have been enough. I wish you a quick recovery Isais Afiwerk

    passer by replies:

    The peak of Elias and the oppositions, sheer inconsistency and irationality is their collaboration with Shabeia. You support the most repressive government in the world and ask for democracy in Ethiopia? I thought human rights were UNIVERSAL values, that is, for every human being? This just shows that you are not really liberal democrats, liberalism is simply a convenient stick to beat the incumbents with, and when they (the gov) are gone, the liberal values are chucked out the window.

    So my friends dont fool yourself with this “we are struggling for democracy nonsense”, all of you are struggling for personal gain and many of you for ethnic hegemony! Beacause surely your support for Issaias discredits any liberal credeantials.

    Just out of curiosuty, what is your reaction when Human Rights Watch or Amnesty write about HR violations by Issais’ regime? I suspect that you eitherr sound like Meles by saying “there are no tangible evidence” or like the US “Eritreans themselves have to figure their own problems, no external intereference”.


    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    To :passer by,

    I think you made a good point. I am with you on this one. That has been the point I have been trying to make for sometimes now. Ethiopian oppositions have been making grave mistake by practicing ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ The very composition of the opposition group is based on the same philosophy. I can help it, but wonder what happens among these set of individuals and groups who came together today just they all have one thing in common: TPLF/Ehadeg is their enemy.

    Ethiopian oppositions, especially in diaspora, is a collection of people and individuals ranging from one extreme to other; from former Haile Selassie Feudal lord to Mengistu Haile Mariam government’s official to die hard Ethiopian to democrats to etc. As such they luck clear-cut program. They only thing that is clear is that they have to get rid of Meles and his corrupt government. No wonder they experience a constant friction and fracture within their organizations. So long as they maintain such position, they will continue to suffer more frictions and divisions.

    Supporting Isayas is part of the same principle they adopted. How on earth one talk about freedom of speech and associate oneself with a tyrant who played a major role in what is happening in Ethiopia today? What do Ethiopian opposition have to tell democrat Eritreans who have been fighting Isayas’ government to bring about democracy in Eritrea? What do Ethiopian oppositions have to say for to those Eritreans who have been killed and rotten inside remote and hidden Eritrean underground prison?

    Paser-by, I am with you that Ethiopian opposition is all about that bloody power!!

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    Good day

  2. The Lion of Nakfa, he will live 20 more years from now!!

    demozina replies:

    he will die in less than 1 yr. watch!

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    demozina, the funniest thing is, if you die before him. it is so funny how people play God. You seem to know when Afaworki dies. Do you know when you die?

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

    muleta replies:

    he sound and look sick yachi neger satyizew atqerim..menmnoal ..i wonder why he spent his youth and childhood in those arab state…begging for degmo shemonmon yale mekemecha yalew ende esayas aynet wofer yale mekemecha yalew wend ywedalu..weapon=mekemecha=hiv..aleke my drift …

  3. Ay ante demo!!!! Do u think you will topple Weyane using Eritrean soil while our people in Eritrea is oppressed by the ruthless tyrant. Issayas sooner or later he will die Ghadafi style death by our youth movement. Then we will not about Ethiopian democracy. You will wiped out from Eritrean soil. Be ready to fight from ethiopian soil.

  4. Sami what are u talking about are u Eritrean or weyane u have to know weyanes are not Ethiopian !!!i I think u are confused or Sick mentally of course when u see prisdent essayas u have to be sick .we are not talking about soil or toppel weyanes this killers are u trying to hide or what ? How many Ethiopians are killing by weyanes mercenaries every day In Ethiopia we know now weyanes are not gone stay long.on the top of that prisdent essayas afweki is doing his normal job !!!! Long live essayas afwerki

  5. he is the best leader who knows how to stay in power until he dies, he knows how to kill, and to imprison all on his way to sweet power. just speculate whatever you think he is the support of 90% of the diaspora and 10% the people who lives in Eritrea, so get it dummy it adds up 100%, unlike 99.6% to that of Meles.

  6. This dictator is still alive. But one day in near future he will be arrested and die in jail.

    Sammy replies:

    Diha behilmu kibe siteta yadral:)

    Of course, he will die as he is a human being. But, not as you wish!

  7. It is clear there are several forces who are wishful thinkers of the president’s death. The death of Afwerki will not make Eritrea stable, it will create a great vaccum.
    I rather not see him go for the sake of the country and its people.

  8. It’s undeniable fact that president Esayas Afewerki is not only the genuine voice and father of his nine beautiful people but a decent human being who deeply cares about the interest of his fellow africn brothers particularly our troubled region as well which unfortunately seems usually putting him into hot waters.
    That’s why some certain tabloid websites babtized Eritrean names by woyane to decieve unsuspecting souls but in reality designed for one mission and one evil mission only: adding more fires on the horn by disseminating lies operating from the windowless rat infested Aigaforum basement building.(frankly, i feel so sorry for my poor sisters/brothers, the woyane kitfo loftover consumers! where the hell are they the nice sexy ladies of human right advocates:) No wonder, PIA is one of the widely beloved by many peaceloving and law abidding people everywhere.
    In a way, thanks to the destablizing puppies that survives drawing thier monthly allowances from the Ethiopian people’s stolen funds, Esayas unlike the sad fate of his former comrade Naizthgi is lucky that this fictious drama is unfolding while he’s still alive and would definetely make him extra ready for any eventuality as the wise legendary Abrham Afewerki sings ‘meley haderaki aitelemi…metan tsbah khaysh kab lomi’.
    However, it’s naive and an outright insult to the selfless warsay/ykalo, fantizing that Eritrea without Esayas would just desent into choas. Beleive me, nobody knows better this rich exprience lesson than the wicked Universit Of Sahel gratuate woyanes. I guess, call it the beauty of going alone long ardious journey relying on self.
    Can honestly one say same thing about the woyane haynas? No way without ofcourse, rushing the master into the crime scene loaded with all the latest life supporting supplies to resuscitate his obedient servant from the freedom hungry Ethiopian people.

    Ku replies:

    An Eritrean Isayas supporter wishing peace to Ethiopians while you hide the dictatorship in your small nation? Amzing. Help your brothers and sisters who are living under unlimitted millitary conscription under the pretext of “we are fighing CIA”. Thank you for wishing us freedom in Ethiopia though!

    Tazabi replies:

    Mr. “United We Stand”
    Either you are delusional or have been smoking some good stuff.

    “It’s undeniable fact that president Esayas Afewerki is not only the genuine voice and father of his nine beautiful people but a decent human being who deeply cares about the interest of his fellow africn brothers particularly our troubled region as well which unfortunately seems usually putting him into hot waters.”

    Give us a break, would you?

  9. Good news to all Eritreans and Ethiopians.Isaias Afewerqi is a man of man and he will die like lion and I am proud to have him.30 years more to life.

  10. The title is misleading. I listened to the interview he did not say that his death was an exaggeration and couldn’t have said it. I mean one is dead or not, there is no medium. Those who have manufactured the rumor and the ones that fanned it are now realizing their credibility level has hit rock bottom. The erratic behavior is a desperation in camp of misinformation.

  11. one day the presidents of the world were roasting in hell when they decided they wanted to call their countrymen back home and send them
    a message.

    They approached the Devil with their proposal. The Devil thought about it and said, “ok, but it will be a very costly call to make.”

    The presidents nevertheless agreed to the terms.

    First, the president of the United States made his call and sent a message to his people, and the devil requested $200,000 .

    Second, the president of Russia called, and the devil requested much more, $1 million dollars.

    Finally, the Eritrean president made his call and the Devil requested .25 cents.

    Now the presidents looked at one another confused and approached the Devil and asked, … “how come you charged us so much and the Eritrean guy just had to pay a quarter?

    the devil looked and replied,
    “oh, it was a local call”

    Anonymous replies:

    good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!more please.

    demozina replies:

    nice one :)

  12. Let me tell you this Ato Isaias (I will not call you president, because you are not )if you had actually died, Eritreans all over over
    the world would have celebrated. I want you to know that for a fact. We are not in 1991, time converts people more than reason. But it is never late. Introduce change, reform, rule of law. Call for a government of national reconciliation. Get out of your power drunk stupor. You have no choice. Look what you did to your comrade, Naizghi. Worse will happen to you, your history. You are going to die sooner or later may be to night. The worst thing is to be thrown to the dust bin of history like Gadafi, your friend.

    Time is running out, Ato Isaias, repent and reform

    Eritrea will live for ever.

  13. What our bible says, “At the end of the world liars and entrusted people will created, they will lie with no cause, they will lie honestly, but no one trusts them.” I am very sad to hear such intangible lies created by Weyane and his big mouth Eritrean symbol opposition gangs in Addis Ababa. When their master tyrant Meles lies about Ethiopia and they follow him and lie about Eritrea. As we know that Banda Meles has been terribly sick as wikiliky sources said earlier. May be now is worse than before. The new thing is his Eritrean opposition stooges looks like him. Isayas is a human being like us. Whatever he becomes cruel that is for himself. One day he will get his judgment from our Lord. But it is a crime to say he is dead without any tangible evidence. This is totally out of our culture. Especially in our religion Christian orthodox, this kind of lie is a sin. I have no more knowledge in case of Koran but I believe that Koran also may not support such kind of lie and rumors. At this time we Ethiopians and Eritreans share the same religion such as Christian and Islam, the same culture and history, so why we become liars. I am an Ethiopian origin but I choose Isayas to stay in power than those who are lying in Addis Ababa. Even for us Tigreans, Isayas is better than this meles Followers. Even the Eritrean people don’t like them. If you look their political background, they don’t have a political background than Shaebia, simply their agenda is formulated by Meles that he uses to rule and divide the people of Ethiopia based on language and Ethnicity. According to Meles’s agenda Eritrea will divided in too many nations and nationals like Ethiopia, at this time there is no peace in Ethiopia. In this case Eritrea will be divided into pieces. Then there will no peace in Eritrea too. So, Mr. Isayas, long live don’t give your ears to the liars. Please help the Ethiopian people to eradicate Weyane and your enemies in Addis Ababa. God Bless Ethiopia.

    United We Stand replies:

    It should be noted that if Esayas finaly leaves the poletical stage to rest honorably after serving about half century, there are many like him who are ready to step up filling his mighty stature, becuase Eritrea is not voluntarly given or built on sand but with its precious children’s blood and bones. That’s why it’s still proudly standing notwithtsanding all this unjust hostile conspiracies; Eritrea’s testimony of good governance that made its enemies havig sleepless nights. This is the result of when dealing with concious, law abidding and civilized people.
    Truth be told the overnight fast growing middle class tgreans are mostly reaping the fruit of his bitter struggle, but the deceitful woyanes don’t like admitting it for poletics is dirtier than a cheap ghetto whore. Infact, Esayas should have deserved monument in Mekele.
    Anyway, the tgrean elites who are blinded with greedness should play posetive role pressurizing the woyane cadres to do the right thing in the region. They should give chance peace and justice to prevail for all including for the average tgreans. Why should they? Life is so lovely for them after all, just the way it’s; ofcours, on the expense of others.

  14. I like comment on #13.
    Yes, it is a very sad day for the Woyannes and their foot-soldiers.
    Now when their lies is exposed to the world, they are telling us, well he may not be dead, but he looks sick LOL. Where did they get their Medical degree? Mekele Med? LOL

  15. Who cares about Esayas? Poor Eritreans and Ethiopians are alike, If he die Eritrean will call him “Esayas is Agame” He is responsible for all killings and mess. This man came from Ethiopia and cleansing the Eritreans. As long as he is in power, Eritreans still worship Esayas. He is sick in mind!

  16. Aiga forum editors,
    pls stop fabricating news from now on.
    I compared this interview with the previous interviews that he had gave. his condition is the same.some people says he look sick on this interview. that is not true.
    you know why he look sick man in our eyes?
    the reason is simple and clear. In the last days we heared about his sickness and death.he was dead in our minds.(thinking)
    now we are watching the interview of a man who back from, physicologically it’s difficult to accept what we have seen now. that is why some people comment as he look a sick man. believe me. am not his supporter. but i have to speak the truth. he is strong enough phisically still. i couldn’t see a single sign of sickness here.
    Really I ashamed to woyane cadres and journalists when i remember Aiga forum’s news under the title of ‘Isayas Afeworki is terminally ill’
    maferiawoch! pls aiga journalists, news is:- fact,not wish.

    sami replies:

    it amazing that you dening that he seem to me that there is more whisky than blood on his body.

    weyane. replies:

    To sami the looser,
    I said you are looser because you just never learn,
    first you said he was dead and buried, you were proven
    wrong, now you said he is sick, you will be again
    proven wrong just like the prisident said, you guys are
    the one who is mentally sick.
    I know lieing come natural to you people so go ahead
    day dream that his sick, but very soon your mental sickness
    will consume you and drop dead.

    Ezana From Toronto replies:

    Wayane, is it supposed to be a poem?

    Good day

    Ezana From Toronto

  17. Proud eritrea
    H.E Issayas Aeworki the Lion of Nackfa and founder of sawa

    Speaking of taking down, Issaias Afewerki is as healthy as a young horse, and young horses do not go down for a minor stomach flu like feeling aggravated by ulcer (every third Eritrean has ulcer). You will all be shocked when you see him back on his habit of running the fields and climbing the hills like he always does. We can all take a major lesson from this episode, Eris need to have a clean constitution. At least it will be known who is second inline, should his stomach flu turn to strong head cold.

  18. Where did all the rumor emanated from ? the site posted a video stating that he was dead. Why would one would say such a thing only to be proven wrong?

    While i wish for no body to die and that includes the president, I strongly believe that he has contributed his fare share and that he should give others a chance to govern the country at this time. The president will always have a legacy that is favorable by all eritreans. As a human being he has done lots of good and some bad. Over all he is a president that we all Eritreans should be proud of. We can not name any leader in the world history with out a blame.

    I wish the leader and the people of Eritrea a blessed life.

  19. People always see what they want, if you want him dead he is sick, if you want him alive he is ok. As i see it he has more mileage on his hand even if he is sick like a dog. That is not good news for his death wishers.

  20. Grrrrrr! Internet tigers roaring!
    Since when do people truimph by filling up
    comment threads with lots of junks, threats & blubberings? hu?
    You’ve got to pay with sweat, tear & blood as much as your breath full of empty threats aided by your fingers on your keyboard from only from the comfort of your bedroom’s
    armchair….. you lot got to put your money where your mouth is & come out of your hiding places(bedrooms, Internet cafés etc) & go to the bushes with your your fngers on the trigger rather than always on your laptops. The EPLF had done it against all odds…. The OLF, ONLF, ARDUF, TPDM, & a guraghe led GINBOT-7 are doing it too. When are We gonna see the arbegnaw zeraff-zeraff Amara coming
    out of their bedrooms & join their contrymen?. Fukera bicha mn ybejal!
    Good luck Ethiopia!

  21. President Isaias Afwerki, We Ethiopians love you. We need you for our freedom from Weyane. Long live President Isaias Afwerki!! You are honest and the man of word. God bless President Isaias Afwerki. We wish you healthy and prosper life.

  22. President Isaias Afwerki is a visionary leader, like Kwame Nekrumah, Frantz Fanon, Patrice Lumumba, Julius Nyrere etc., the likes of which the African continent hasn’t seen in a long time. He is the best friend and supporter the Ethiopian people have right now. His vision of peace, stability, economic cooperation and integration for Eritrea and Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa is one that is a great threat to the Woyanes and their paymasters USA. Thus the recent intense psychological warfare we are witnessing about his ill health and death. Isaias Afwerki will outlast them all. He will live to see a stable and democratic Ethiopia, strong and united, playing a leading role that it deserves not only in the Horn of Africa, but throughout the continent of Africa. A day will soon come when Eritrea and Ethiopia will be in complete peace, working together in harmony and unity for the betterment of their people, and the peoples of Africa. Because of his leadership and support, Ethiopian opposition is galvanized more than ever. The Ethiopian people are in a massive uprising. This is a death knell for the Woyanes. Thus out of their frustration and desperation they spew forth venomous propaganda and wage relentless psychological warfare against Eritrea and its leader. The aim of such propaganda is to divert the attention of the Ethiopian people away from the weak and desperate situation of the Woyane regime. But in this no one is fooled but the Woyane themselves. Again, Isaias Afwerki is the best friend Ethiopia has! Long live the fraternity and solidarity of the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples!

    demozina replies:

    shut up, hope he and meles die side by side – devil brothers. Sheytanat!

    Anonymous replies:

    I guess you are one of the Woyane “revolutionary democracts”, killing and shutting up every one who dares to speak the truth, and claiming to struggle for democracy. The hard facts on the ground are in today’s Woyane-controlled Ethiopia, there are uprisings in every corner of the country. The “Ethiopia Spring” is at hand. A million people are on the streets of Addis Ababa demonstrating for their rights. And the response of the Woyane? The usual, “shut up”! Gun down everybody in broad day light, while their paymasters in the West are silent, give a deaf ear and blind eye to these egregious massacres of people demanding their rights. As for President Isaias Afwerki, he is a genuine friend of the Ethiopian people. He has been consistent in his principled support of a united and strong Ethiopia and opposition of the Woyane policy of ethnic kililization (balkanization) of Ethiopia. As he told Elias Kifle on record in his interview with Ethiopian Review almost 3 years ago, If he really was against the people of Ethiopia, he would be supporting Woyane, the real enemy of the Ethiopian people, or he would just be watching idly as the Woyane do the work of disintegrating Ethiopia. But no, that’s not President Isaias. He has been putting vital resources at the disposal of all Ethiopian opposition forces who struggle against the Woyane, resources that a small relatively poor country like Eritrea can ill-afford. Why? Because he believes that the Woyane policy is a danger not only to Ethiopia itself, but to Eritrea, as well as the entire region of Horn of Africa. For that principled support of Ethiopia, Isaias Afwerki and Eritrea are paying a dear price: they are targeted by the USA (the main paymaster and supporter of the Woayane). Eritrea is facing unjust UN sanctions, whose aim is to isolate and starve it and make it weaker and easy prey for Woyane’s “regime-change” agenda. But, thanks to Eritrea’s support, and their own determined struggle, the Ethiopian opposition forces are now getting more united and stronger by the day, inside and outside the country. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Woyane minority-regime in Ethiopia — the ushering in of a new era of peace and stability in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the entire Horn of Africa region. With the death of the cancer of the Horn of Africa, i.e., the Woyane regime, all the problems of the Horn will be easily resolved. And this is good news to the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia! Long live the principled fraternity and solidarity of the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples! Down with the Woyane minority regime in Ethiopia!

    United We Stand replies:

    Yes, ato Panafricanist, borderless horn and beyond was indeed shaebis’s ultimate vision but the minority regime in Ethiopia hijacked it for narrow intersts, intoxicated with unexpected megga lottery power and money. Instead of working for mutual benefit has made it official now by spreading false propagandas about the blameless Eritrea in order to hide its own dirty laundries.
    All peaceful Eritrea is demanding to woyane’s abused ugly Ethiopia is not to get jelious of her sexy beauty. Needless to say, for the real Eritreans, woyane is a deadly enemy intended destroying hier country and those puppets who are allied with him are nothing but enemy of thier beloved state who are deriven by greed and personal grudges.
    For example, i know this guy who grew up in my hood and was a once die hard shaebia to the point of posting ‘warsay wedi sawa’ on his car plate tag. Surprise! when he got involved property dispute with his older brother and the villa not awarded to him (according to thier parent will), got angry and immediately threw himself to the socalled fake opposition camps to get even at the Eritrean government. This is because he shamelessly thought his brother was wrongly favored over him simply for being veteran tegadaly.
    Isn’t this childish and selfish act remind you about the old wild west shiftas? I think the requirement of upstanding citizenship ought be first and foremost such as the value of national contribution and principles. damnt only with ancestoral origin when nothig good to show for it!
    The bottomline- the republic of warsay ykalo is securely in good trusted hands which would never betray her to be a play ground of woyane and supporters/pups even with the absence of his excellency, the lion of nakfa. Ever! As a matter of fact, in a fair and just world, they should face justice for thier crime in our region. The bright future is without the parasites, the farsighted vision absolutely will come true!

  23. What can I say, the man must be ” Christos” to be dead and wake up so many times. Long live Issu and if I was god, I would give him another 100 years to live.

  24. As usual his claim and the reality ain’t match -I donot wish death even to the worst criminal on the planet l;ike Esayas and Meles -I want this both Evil-duos to face justice for their heinous crime against the innocent for the last 4 + decades

  25. As witnessed in history seldom african dictators die at home with health conditions ,they will die running from the law after they unseated by popular Struggle. Aforqi and Zenawi -Will have the same fate out as a refuggee in their Crime colaborators nation. most likely Indonesia for Dictator Zenawi and Pakistan for dictator Aforqi

  26. Eritrea has become a hell for the Eritreans especially for the last 10 years. If some Ethiopian oppositions thing Isayas will help them to liberate from Woyane, this is a lie. Isayas fears the ultrantionalists like Elias very much. I don’t know why he fails to realizes this fact!

    weyane. replies:

    eri stop pretending you are not eritrean
    you are agame,just like i am not weyane, i am an eritrean.

  27. #35,
    I am not sure about your Meles’s eventual death in Indonesia, as to our hero Afeworki, he will die and bury like his comerades in the hills of Nakfa!

    Bogale Ewnetu replies:

    Were Naizghi Kifle and all the veteran heroes of the 30 years armed struggle and who survived it buried at the hills of Nakfa? What are
    you trying to prove? You might as well say he is immortal.

  28. Like any human being one day he will die. But his legacy will reign for years. Bear in mind,if our dear president Issaias dies, he is leaving behind millions like him.We shall follow his doctrines to the letter.

    United We Stand replies:

    The woyane leftover kitfo hunters falsefly thought that they would finally get liberated decieving from the Aigaforum’s basement building to the ground level office to appreciate the fresh beauty of nature and access to healthy unexpired shiro. My innocent question to the good folks of Aigaforum is: don’t pups deserve the right for decent food, too? Actually, i take back it and please excuse my silliness; traitors who betray the trust of their people by conspiring with certified criminals should never have one and my priceless advise to them is ‘hanti mealti, eti hine- brahwan snitn kfide’yu!’
    As for the ‘never kneel down camel’, it will regardless keep on marching against all odds in order to honor the promise of the martyrs; sowing peace, justice, love, unity and development on the grave of divisive hatreds in our region. This is its small share of contribution to humanity, free of the terrorsit woyanes and thier pro- and corruption clil warlord puppets.

  29. We pray and wish Isaias 30 more healthy years for he will surely bring these miserable people more agony and destitution.

    Long Live, Isaias wodi-Tembien!!!!!

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