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Southern Ethiopia — the playground of Meles Zenawi

By Yilma Bekele

Most locations are just bland places. There is not much variation in the topography. Look at Google satellite map of Africa and you will see what I mean. Endless flat land, a stretch of desert, an occasional river or a few hills is the norm. Our Ethiopia is different. In the North we have the Semen Mountains rearing high as if trying to reach heaven. With their rugged nature and sharp escarpments they kept us safe for centuries. They were our natural defense. The North is keeper of our old history. With its exotic monasteries, ancient obelisks it is here Jesus walked and Mohamed (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) sent his family for safety.

In the East our low lands are as fierce as the warriors they give birth to. There is no place lower than Afar depression on mother Earth. Loo and behold today it is considered the birthplace of the Human race. It is here mankind is thought to have become bipedal.

The West is where the mighty Nile flows with our water and soil to nurture that other civilization in the land of the Pharos and the great pyramids. It is also home to the famous tropical forests of Gambella and every animal life one can think of. With its lush landscape and colorful people this is where man feels one with nature.

The South is where God took his sweet time to create paradise. Who would deny that after visiting the Rift Valley? The lakes of Langano, Shala and Hawasa, the caves of Wolayeta, the natural splendor of Arba Minch, the hot springs of Wondo Genet make a grownup cry with joy. Our creator blessed us with beauty and wealth when he made our home.

The South is also where God’s curse has befallen us for all our sins. He sent us Meles Zenawi to teach us the price of vanity. I am really sorry to write in such a way in this week of Easter. But truth has to be told. Meles Zenawi is a curse on the land of the Habeshas. Such venomous hate one might say. I believe I am entitled to that. For twenty years the regime has rained death and destruction on our land and people. I am not imaging it. All what I say is verifiable fact and recorded history. Spare me your tolerance and indignation please. You wouldn’t think that if you stand in the shoes of the discarded and displaced.

You see my friend our TPLF leaders grew up isolated and alone in their little hamlets up north. There was no diversity. To Adwa and vicinity as Gertrude Stein will say ‘there is no there, there.’ That is why when they conquered our country they did not know what to do with the South. The diversity confounded our warriors. They know that they hated the Amhara, they loathed the Oromo, they were not really concerned about the Afar, the Gambellan, or the Somali but the South was a foreign land to our northern warriors. That is why when they created the Bantustans they lumped all the Southerners into one big bowl and named it ‘Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region.’ What a defangled name is what comes to mind when you hear this twisted designation.

The South is where TPLF asserted total control unlike in the other Bantustans. The South is where Meles Zenawi exercises his renowned divide and rule principles as an art. TPLF arrived with ready-made political Parties for every Bantustan they created. Local faces were chosen from the prisoners of war they have acquired during their struggle. The puppets were already versed in accepting their TPLF masters as the final word on any and all issues. Thus all the local boys were assigned a baby sitter or a minder from Adwa. The South has Abate Kisho a Sidama with Bitew Belay as the real power. Corporal Kuma Demeksa of Oromia was taken under the wing of Solomon Tsimo and Hilawi Yesuf lorded it over Addisu Legesse in the Amhara Bantustan.

Abate Kisho was a simple sports teacher from the town of Leku near Yirgalem. He was not at all ready for prime time and it showed. He even has the audacity to side with one faction over the other during the TPLF drama. It was pathetic to see Meles haul his ass to jail with some trumped up charge. The current Foreign Minster replaced him as the new toy. By 2001 the Sidama people were becoming hip to this patronizing practice and demanded a certain amount of autonomy or self-administration as granted by the Constitution. Meles replied with tough love and sent his Agazi forces to teach them a lesson. Even the US State Department noted this wanton murder of unarmed protesters in Hawasa. Melese Marimo the vice president and perpetrator of this crime was rewarded for his ordering of the massacre by being sent to South Africa as an Ambassador, of course with the First Secretary a TPLF cadre in charge. That is the normal operating procedure in all the Embassies.

The issue percolated and during the election of 2005 the Southerners answered by siding with CUD (Kinijit) and were able to trounce the regime’s candidates. In 2006 Meles convened a meeting in Hawasa and was able to mollify the locals with some bizarre actions. The renaming of ‘Southern University’ to ‘Hawasa University’ was seen as a triumph of Sidama assertiveness. The current puppet Shiferaw Shigute was crowned as the new face of Southern independence. Abate Kisho was released from Federal prison and sent back home poor but alive and a good symbol of what could happen when natives fill their head with funny notion of being equal.

Of course the raping and pillage of the south continued unabated. There was no stone left unturned to cultivate animosity between the different tribes and keep them at each others throat. The Sidamas were made to compete with the Wolaitas, the Siltes were divorced from the Gurages, and the Konsos were made to envy the Derasas etc. etc. The cadres encouraged turmoil and civil war. As in the rest of our country Southern Ethiopia was full of drama with the TPLF active in every village fanning the hate flame.

Ethiopianess was discouraged while allegiance to tribe was glorified. Meles and company have done their homework in how to create havoc on our country while in their caves. They did not dream of building hospitals, schools or factories but were busy drawing maps, creating language barriers and perfecting the Kilil concept. The South was their dream come true. Our common language was their first casualty. It was deemed inappropriate. Trained teachers were sent away to their respective Bantustans and the English alphabet became the language of the schools in Sidama. Without adequate preparation, without trained teachers, without books available the Southern children were left to fend for themselves. It was sad to witness a simple application that has to be written in one language to be translated to another when it reaches Hawasa the capital city. The South was made unable to communicate within its own Bantustan. It was a crime. The TPLF party was the orchestrator of such tragedy.

Shiferaw Shigute is the Frankenstein monster Meles created. He is the son of Meles Zenawi. Like his parent he is devoid of empathy and proud of his betrayal of his people. Look at him closely and you will see Meles – indifferent, arrogant and know it all. From his expensive Savile raw suit with matching ties to his air of superiority he is the kind that makes his maker proud. When his own Party found him guilty of abuse of power and voted to oust him, our fearless step child thumbed his nose at the assembly and said “I did not do this alone, we shared the money with the wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs. Azeb Mesfin. If we are going to be accountable, we should both judged by the law. If we have to return the Birr, we both have to return it” and stormed out of the meeting. His stepfather reversed the decision of the assembly. Like father like son! It is Shiferaw Shigute practicing ethnic cleansing today or rather it is Meles Zenawi using his toy boy that is displacing our people. It is the concept of Kilil coming home to roost.

Why am I going thru all this recounting our ugly history is a valid question? It is because the past is important to avoid making the same mistakes again. We learn so we don’t repeat that which has not worked. I am not obsessing about the things that we cannot control but rather I am hoping we learn from it so we can focus on tomorrow where we have the power to build a better Ethiopia. The do’s and don’ts of today are based on the lesson from the success and failures of yesterday.

Thus we learn from human history to see what works and what to avoid. The quest for liberation and a building a better Ethiopia for all will be accomplished if based on that principle. Each and every one of us is the building stone for it to succeed. Some folks were upset because I criticized a few physicians for their enabling activity regarding building a ‘referral hospital’ in our country. People feel upset when asked to boycott Ethiopian Airlines or avoid drinking Woyane beer. We advocate such action not out of hate but precisely because such form of ‘peaceful resistance’ have proven to work. There was a time when the West led by Britain and the US tried to justify their investment in South Africa by claiming they were creating jobs for the poor African masses. It was not true. They were realizing huge profit from slave labor.

What did Black South African say about that? Steven Biko, the charismatic young leader wrote ‘those who professed to worry over Blacks suffering if the economy deteriorated had missed the point. We’re already suffering’ He often reminded us ‘those who live in constant fear of being shot, beaten, or detained without charge, for those whose children already live in abject poverty and near starvation, an economic downturn is not the major area of concern.’ Nobel Laureate Albert Lutuli, president of the African National Congress in one of his speeches said:

“The economic boycott of South Africa will entail undoubted hardship for African. We do not doubt that. But if it is a method which shortens the day of bloodshed, the suffering to us will be a price we are willing to pay.”

We are not saying anything different. Your investment in Meles’s land scheme, your patronizing Meles’s Airlines, your partying in Alamudi’s hotels, your support of the so-called hospital is hurting our people. No need to qualify it with good and bad investment, it all goes to the same pot.

As some of us are preparing to celebrate Easter let us not forget what it really means. Easter is Jesus Christ’s victory over death. It is a time of renewal and rebirth. Let us work for the rebirth of our glorious history. Let us resurrect the spirit of our forefathers that stood united and were able to hand us a proud history. Our love for each other our tolerance of the little imperfections in each of us is what our country needs in this time of hopelessness and apathy. Happy Easter.

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34 thoughts on “Southern Ethiopia — the playground of Meles Zenawi

  1. Meles Zenawi’s insouciance, flip-flopping, arrogant, defiant, belligerent and intransigent behavior cannot be attributed to just his character. It is related to the misguided foreign policies and aid he continues to receive from the European Union (EU), United States (US) and other major donors. Their indecisiveness and kids glove handling approach has encouraged him to defy international law and to continue to divert US and other taxpayers monies to buy military hardware in pursuit of policies of aggression and expansion towards neighboring states and beyond. He is also being rewarded for the cruel and inhumane resettlement programs, ethnic cleansing and genocides in the Gambela, Ogaden and Oromia regions of Ethiopia.

    Ma replies:

    What else does someone expect from an Eritrean? No wonder!

  2. The only place where TPLF will prevail is Somalia. The atrocities of Somalians warants permanent presence of TPLF there, It’s prophesied, its justified. The Amharas’ brought the North on themselves for humiliating and deposing their God-given king (for cutting their own head, in the words of a British author) , for their apostasy and lawlessness. To be more realistic, the South too has issue with its creator as well. TPLF’ abuse, incompetence, over zealousness, crime and out-of-placeness uproot itself after a hasty robbery spree of mere 20-something years.

  3. Happy Easter to all Ethiopians in and out.

    -Unite we will win, Personally I will send money for my mom, through
    different way rather than TPLF banks, And also I will boycott
    everything it belongs to HITLER OF ETHIOPIA and THEIR EEFORT.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  4. if any body is serious about bringing change to EtHIOPIA, THE FIRST THING THEY SHOULD DO IS to stop their hard earned cash from getting into woyane’s hands. How do we do this?

    1. boycot Ethiopian airlnes which is ONE OF THE CASH generating institutions for the woyane.
    2. don’t buy coffee, shiro and berbere from woyane
    3 no business with TPLf companies (all those under EFFORT)

    these simple actions do not require you to throw a stone, or to go out to a demonstartion, or to fire a gun.
    it is in your hands to decide. No body can force you but you can make a choice to bring change

  5. there is AWALA system of sanding money to Ethiopia. so we don’t need to use the WOYANE BANDA BANKING system to help our family.
    by the way the TPLF band they used the same system to break the we have to do the same to this mercenary TPLF band until they are totally isolated and finally destroyed……GOD bless mama Ethiopia

  6. Dear Ato Yilma,

    I understand many of your frustrations because I do share them with you.

    But when says Meles is this and that because he is from Adwa? you failed into the trap of low level analysis of discriminating people by birth place or ethnic or region. You failed into it.

    Meles and Cos are not bad because they are from Adwa? You are completely wrong. You are telling us there are no human who live in adwa? Brother Yilma why you do not focus on the problem? why you hijack yourself and swimming in the ocean of narrow regional discrimination of people.

    Mr. Yilma, as you have alreeady said in this article, there are bad apples in every apple farm. Meles is not a bad apple because he is from Adwa or because adwa does not have people who live in it. You are making enemies yourself by insulting one awarja in Tigray. You really need to focus on the problem and divorce yourself from ethnic, regional, national bashiing of people. I am telling you this because I like you as my citizen and I am rebuking you to correct yourselves. Meles Zenawi’s cursedness has nothing to with him being from adwa or Tigray. Mengistu Hailemariam was not from Tigray and Haileslassie was not from Tigray; close to 2 million people died in Ethiopia because of Haileslassie and it is actually that cursed Hailelsassie who brought us Meles and Mengistu. I do not agree Tigreans has to have unfair share in Ethiopia, but the entire Tigreans, Wollo population were almost effaced from the face of Ethiopia. It is the the west who saved the Tigreans who are now surviving. Meles came to exist based on those historical facts. you need to look into your history too. It is cause and effect, nothing comes out nothing. Mobuta Sesko was not from Tigray. All dictators in the world are not from Adwa. There are dictators , cruel people in every society and in every country for that matter. If you are a rational person I suggest you divorce from this type of bashing people based on their region or birthplace. It is completely wrong.

    I am asking people to focus on the problem solving but no one is willing or has the capacity to work on problem solving except bashing about ethnic hatred. you will never achieve a good system by discriminating anyone even criminals has to be treated with dignity and face their crime in the court room. Anything far from that will never bring justice. We will keep on recycling that they did this and that. How much are prepared to sacrifice for a good cause in Ethiopia?a good cause I mean to teach people and to convince them to bring change? None, I guess expect bluffing in this website. Are you active engaged fostering unity of people based on facts or you are just fully engaged in scribbling your anger but do nothing ? That is not the way, if you and I cannot do anything, Ethiopia will stay where it is and my advice is to focus on the problem than wasting time chewing about the birth place of a fellow man.

    Anonymous replies:

    You made a good point

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    Yelema is not the one murdering Ethiopian.
    yelema is not evicting Ethiopian from there ancestral land and pushing them in drove to live Ethiopia.
    yelma is not selling the land of Ethiopia to Arabs,Indians and China
    yelema is not selling our young Ethiopian to slavery.

    so Gazaee Yelma is not the problem the problem TPLF(Tigray people liberation front)you are smart fueger it out…

    Mekdes Kidane replies:

    Ayat Ghezie.Go to aigaforum and find your self.This site is for Ethiopians.

    Anonymous replies:

    do u mean I am not Ethiopian? I will go to Aiga. Thank your for advise. But recognize this you are wrong and read the following:

    Ontario Human Rights Code
    Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination
    § Race
    § Ancestry
    § Place of origin
    § Colour
    § Ethnic origin
    § Citizenship
    § Creed
    § Sex
    § Sexual orientation
    § Age
    § Record of offences
    § Marital status
    § Family status
    § DisabilityWhat is Harassment?
    Ontario Human Rights Code
    § Engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct
    that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be
    So, What is Harassment?
    § Any behaviour that demeans, humiliates, embarrasses,
    degrades, abuses or offends a person and that a
    reasonable person should have known would be
    § May be one incident, conduct or comment which is
    particularly offensive or an ongoing pattern of behaviour
    § Does not require intention to harass
    So, What is Harassment?
    It can Include
    § Physical
    § Verbal
    § Non-verbal (ie.
    § Psychological
    § Visual (ie. display of
    visual material, ie.
    pictures, posters,
    § Sexual
    § Racial
    § Personal (ie. disrespectful,
    improper behaviour)
    § Abuse of authority
    § Electronic (ie. e-mail, SMS
    social media criminal codes
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc. …
    § Recruitment tool
    § Cyber-venting
    § Online defamation
    § Cyber-bullying
    § Hostile/discriminatory/harassing work environment
    § Decreased productivity
    § Cyber-slacking
    § Employers are disciplining employees for “cyber conduct”

    We live under this noble law. We cannot allow ourselves to be degraded into low life disourse.

    NO BS replies:

    no body is decrementing you we just not taking Ur BS that is all.and live your inferiority complex somewhere.

  7. # 2
    The only place where the tplf will prevail is in Somalia. it is prophesied and justified ?

    Can you please explain what are you trying to say or your are religion bigot.

    U must be an enemy of ethiopians, Including this somali ethiopian.

    Ps Wanting for explanation if there is one

    Anonymous replies:


    It’s the order of nature – one of them. The wicked gets whacked by the more wicked and so on. Somalians used to slaughter Ethiopians and the creator has not forgotten. The injustice carried out by TPLF on the innocents won’t be forgotten down the road either. Have you not heard the saying, “the long arm of justice”? Everything we do, whether right or wrong, except our thought, has due consequence and metted reaction; King Solomon’s saying that there is an answer and reaction for every thing we do. If Ethiopians had done injustice to Somalians, the same applies. In the wild when the predator overkills, it too gets killed before its time. Likewise today, the barbarian acts of TPLF, Al-Queda, EPLF, Islam Extremists etc., would be paid back many fold. As for the Tigrian tribe staying in Somalia, it is written. Justice is sweet for those who wait.

  8. Dear Gezaee,
    you are exhibiting what is called ‘passive aggressive’ behavior which means you are expressing your aggression in a non assertive manner. Did you actually read my article, because you are not refuting anything I wrote but bringing in your own conclusions and claiming it came from me. I never never said Meles is a criminal because he is from Adwa, nor did I even talk about an awraga you did. Regarding ethnicity it is your friend Meles who brought that into the equation when he created KIlil. I said Adwa is not diverse, do you claim otherwise, I said Meles is ethnic centered do you deny that? You brought Mengistu I agree he is a bad person but he never expressed ethnic preference that I know of do you? You even brought Mobutu I don’t know why. The West did not save Tigrai every body donated including all of Ethiopians on the other hand the TPLF and Meles played games with the aid and are responsible for the death and starvations of many Tigreans and this is confirmed by former TPLF members. I am not bashing no one but exposing the ethnic based system being built by your friend. Thus showing that all the military Generals except four or five out of sixty are from Tigrai is a statement of fact not my imagination. I am glad you want to focus on solving the problem so you think getting rid of the problem maker is a good solution or not? No I am not bluffing on this website but exchanging ideas on the other hand your friend Meles does not allow that in Ethiopia what do you think of that? I am not just scribbling my anger but sharing my knowledge so people can connect the dots and do something about your criminal friend. I also contribute money and labor to those that are fighting injustice. I applaud ER for giving you the forum to express your ideas however wrong and misguided you are on the other hand we can not do that on your website or newspaper do you see the unfairness of that? That is why I said your response shows a passive aggressive trait. The people who read the article are not as stupid as you think and there is no need to try cheap tricks or putting words in peoples mouth. Melkam Fasika!

    Gize19 replies:

    I was bitterly upset by the reply of that blind moron and his rubbish talk. I was intended to tell just just of him.
    When I reached at the bottom, I found your eloquent and crystal clear response. You told him in black and white why you mentioned that little Bantustan land but I don’t think he has the mind and willingness to know and understand what is written rather than what he is looking for to see.

    I enjoyed and learned much from your articles and I am following up them each time.

    Melkam Fasika.

    Almaz replies:

    Tigria with double or two heart!!!
    We told you before.

  9. Most concerning and shocking aspects of Zenawi’s oppression and one that separates his heinous crimes from even the late Kim Jong-il, is the genocide he’s conducting in Ethiopia’s eastern region of the country. In 2007, over 50,000 Ethiopian troops were sent into the Ogaden to battle the ONLF, which has resulted in the deaths of an estimated 100,000 Ogaden civilians. Using a scorched Earth campaign, Zenawi’s forces have committed mass extra-judicial killings, torture, gang rapes of women, children and men, and using food aid as a political tool. The Tigray minority leader has even blocked all access to NGOs, independent observers, and reporters from accessing the Ogaden. Dr. Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, has described Zenawi’s Ogaden atrocities as the world’s largest ongoing genocide, and has accused Meles of carrying out deliberate and systematic genocide against the Ogaden people. Yet even with such shocking revelations, hardly any international action has yet to been taken against Zenawi’s deplorable human rights abuses.

  10. My problem is the internet and paltalk. People go on paltalk and curse woyane or post insulting words and feel they have done something. They think they have accomplished something. These mediums give you the opportunity to air your frustrations but are never meant to replace actual struggle to topple dictators.

    So, dear brothers and sisters, go out there and do something that hurts woyane in real time. Talk is cheap. It is high time for action

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    wow,i true that………

  11. Dear Yilma,

    Thank you very response.

    You probably do not know but Adwa is the most diverse place within Tigray or in the North. Reason, due to the Adwa war during the Italiian invasion, Amhara, Oromo, gurage,… fighters remained there and they are still there. You never heard but that is the truth. Even feature of people from Adwas is not the same as the other part of the Tigray because they are very diverse and mixed. If you do research you will find Adwans who are Amhara, Oromo ,…descent. I studied with them and I know Adwa is very diverse than anywhere in Tigray. This is a fact. There was Oromo, Amhara,…descents adwans who studied with me when I was a child. This is a known fact in the North.

    You are just biased, prejudice like every body else. Even if Adwa is not diverse, it does not make sense to your grievances. If that was not the case, Meles would not win the heart of every Europeans country leaders?Why is meles thriving winning the hearts of world leaders? is it because he was born and grew up in a non-diverse adwa? it does not make sense brother. Do not take this personal this.

    To your other points, I will come back later when I get time and respond to you.

    Jegnaw Ethiopiawe replies:

    no body is baying what you are trying to sell in this forum.go find other people like you or take your comlaint to your master MELESSE and his family in is not working heir. but if you go to AIGA forum you may have more support.

  12. Gezaee H.,

    I agree with you in this issue. I simply cannot understand as to how some people keep moaning and moaning endlessely about persons, personalities and individuals for lack capacity and vision to make issue based analysis since the issue is about the identification of common problems and finding broad based new common solutions which may bring the much cherished democratic victory and justice for all.

    “My homestead is the best of the best, my region is the holy of the holies, my high rising mountains are closer to Gods rather than the far away mountainless flat lands that are closer to the goats and only abundant in the Golds, etc, etc. chauvinism style noise makings. Rather, we would like to hear working strategies with some new inclusive unity/alliances that may plan and implement the county wide uprisngs already ready and in waiting across the mountains of Gods, flatlands of the Goats and the Golds. Succumbing to frustration and talking none sense does not amount to cool contemplation, nation and region building in this 21st century.

    I appreciate the dynamism and systematic hardworking of Elias and would have liked some impartial ones or group that may add value to Elias’s dynamism by cold blodedly planning and constructing country wide balanced solid alliances with no significant parties left out of the affairs of their country.

    yilma b. replies:

    Dear Gezaee,
    You still did not address the questions I asked. You assertion about the diversity of Adwa is not true, if what you said was true where did they go now? your conclusion about Meles being loved by ‘every European country leader ….winning the heart of world leaders’ I find a little strange, how do you know that and what is the point? If they love him so much I suggest they keep him but the issue is Ethiopia and we have never voted for him except the people of Adwa. May be you thought going to all those meetings gives him legitmacy, but that is not true either he goes there to sit on the side lines and get his picture taken so he can bully the Ethiopian people, he is saying see I am important. Did you notice he is the only constant in those pictures year after year while others are replaced what do you think, may be that has something to do with Democracy and real elections? As for your pal Menfes Kidus from what he wrote his name is a misnomer more like Menfese Irkus in my humble opinion. There is nothing wrong with loving and praising Ethiopia, here in the US they even sing America the beautiful every chance they get So I love Me and I love Ethiopia. Woyane supporters dismiss our web discussion and pal talk as useless if so how come woyane does n ot allow that in Ethiopia? whereas the radio and TV is woyane domain and as Elias reported did you hear Mimi Sebhatu dismissing the ethnic cleansing by her friend as correct wow is all I said especially coming from her the person with two countries I am sure she has the US passport in her purse while taking the one country those farmers had My dear friend we are always coming with ways of getting rid of this cancer if you read my piece I suggested boycott among other forms of struggle, and a few of my fellow Ethiopians came out with different ways of sending money to our poor relative without using woyane bank, this comes from discussion and that is real of course soon enough there will be other ways folks at home will try like boycotting EFFORT and woyane business, burning down major facilities and making the country hot for Woyane. This has been done by others that fought for their liberation no reason our people will not try that stay tuned you will see,’A luta continua’ that is what Africans said in Portugese ‘the struggle continues’ ‘Tegelu yeketelal”

  13. #7 Gezaee H,Haileselassae did what he could for his country with little he had. Yes, millions had died because of drought and he didn’t do it intentionally. Haileselassae was in his 80s when that happened and his ministers from every part of Ethiopia should be blamed for not asking the outside world for help in advance to stop the deaths of millions from Wollo and Tigrea province due to famine. If you think Haileselassae came only from Amharas ethnic group and if he was as racist as Meles, do you think then, he would have let his own and his wives family from Wollo die a horrible deaths of starvation intentionally? Comparing Haileselassae with dictator Meles, is like comparing a lion with a rat! Yes, Haileselassae should have done a lot better, but no body is perfect. Haileselassae didn’t come only from Amhara ethnic group, he was a mixed ethnic Ethiopian that had done his best for Ethiopia and Ethiopians and never done more to Wollo, Gojam or Gondor province. In fact, he did very little to Amhara provinces.
    Amharas have been blamed for everything and have been used as scapegoats by Isayas and Meles to divide Ethiopians by making up stories. And yet, no Amhara leader ever controlled the entire Ethiopian government with only his/her ethnic group and modernize his/her ethnic province on the backs of the rest of Ethiopians and committed act of horror on Ethiopians as Meles and his thugs have been committing on Ethiopia and Ethiopians for over two decades. Which Amhara leader ever evicted Ethiopians in Afar area, the Amharas in the south west, in Gondar, the Gambelas and Oromos by thousands and threw them out in the cold with no place to go and pack some of the Amharas on trucks and taken them where nobody knows the whereabouts of those innocent Ethiopians? Which Amhara leader ever evicted and killed the Gondares and Gambelas to give their land to Sudan free and clear and sell the most fertile land to foreigners? Which Amhara leader robbed Ethiopians and became multimillionaires and billionaires? Which Amhara leader locked up hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians in prison and tortured and killed some of them? These days, only Woyanes commit the crimes and blame it one Amharas, the rest of Ethiopians know who have done them wrong for the last 22 years.

    Gezaee H. replies:

    I am not accusing Haileslassie. I actually hate going back in history. I have no problem if a leader is amhara or gurage. I do not care as long as they are good leaders. I am not like the majority of Ethiopians. Ethnic discourse is not my area of interest.I was just saying TPLF and Shabia used all those shortcomings to bring us where we are today. If Hailelssassie did not expose the nation to such human crisis, I myself would not have been a victim of TPLF and shabia. I lived my entire life as refugee even within my country. I do hate TPLF and shabia. But at the same time, I believe it is cause and effect. They did not come out of the blue. They came to exist because there was a problem and they pretended they want to solve the problem, but now they became a problem themselves.

    We need a completely new way of building Ethiopia. I do agree TPLF is a curse truely. TPLF is now even thinking of importing Chinese or english langauge to replace amharic. This is very bizzare and weird nature and very hard to believe.

  14. Dear Yilma,

    What I said about Adwa is true. If you tell me it is not? it might mean you know better than me. However, I do not think you do so because your statements are prima facie conviction to your ignorance about Adwa.

    About Meles, do not misquote me brother Yilma, I am not advocating for Meles, never will because I do not support him for personal reasons only. What I said is not fiction, everyone knows every leader in the entire world is does business with him. It is me and others Ethiopians who detest him. Why they support or like him, it is thier interest, they do not care whether Meles was elected or not. That is how the world runs.

    About the struggle, you may not agree with me, but I do not see any good strategy among Ethiopians. It is waste of time and they never get anywhere. Reason, simply, whatever opposition there is fragmented and has no ideology that can topple TPLF. I know TPLF can be overthrown overnight if we do the right things. Unfortunately, there is no any political plaform that goes that far. Reason, simply everything driven by hate and there is no plan, thinking, rationalism, agenda, objective, goals, discipline. If there is no discipline and programe that can get anywhere, no one can get anywhere.

    The burning you said,it is not a good and peaceful strategy. Anything that is violent will destroy Ethiopia. you must know when you do burn things, there will be victims. Let us say you take over the palace in Arat kilo by doing that? they will do the same thing after you taking the palace. This means we will continue in the same revenge recycling forever and ever. There will never be peace in Ethiopia. I cannot understand why you guys live in the west but still devoid of ideas of peaceful and effective method of struggle.

    When we do things we need to know the implications socially, economically, culturally,… if we do not see the foreseables, then we will remain in ditched in the same cycle. Thus you strategy is not good either.

    If we could have a civil movement that discipline, principle, ideology, beliefs, ideas,… Meles would not have stayed 25 years. The permanent residence of Meles as a self imposed leader in Ethiopia is a prima facie, there is no unit among the people and there is no strong opposition based on truth and principle.

    You can see it yourself here, you are saying you will burn things. Others are saying the same thing. I have heard all these things in the past 20 years. Nothing has changed. Neither diaspora oppositon mentality nor TPLF mentality has ever changed. Virtually TPLF = Diaspora, their difference is the relative power they have to eliminate each other. That is the fact on the ground.

    Boycotting Ethiopian airline or any targeting of fellow Ethiopians will never topple TPLF. Reasons, these weack strategies ordinary people will not accept. You can not have a revolution by scaring people to do only what you want. At least, not at the beginning, TPLF fighters used to be even killed by violent farmers who did not like them.But TPLF never killed them in revenge. But later, the people who killed TPLF fighters joined TPLF by appreciating thier discipline and tolerance. TPLF did not come to addis that easily. There was alot of discipline unlike today. As such, there is a discipined and principled Ethiopians opposition. I am affraid, unless a new breed of Ethiopians come out out of the blue and overthrow TPLF,I do not believe people like Elias Kifle and you will succeed by boycotting business and by threatening supporters who are perceived and imagined. you can not bring change or mobilize people by intimidating them or scaring them or threatening them.

    I am for change, but a change that must respect every Ethiopian without any violence. I do not believe anything that is based on violence will ever respect any citizen or Ethiopians interest. History is my witnesss. Derg took power by violence, it did not benefit Ethiopia. TPLF took power by violence, it is not benefitting Ethiopia. If G7 or Elias Kifle take power by violence, it will not be different but the same thing. Gulcha bikeyayere wet aytaftem. If Elias filled with all that hates replaces Meles, it will not be different. So we need people like Mandela who are forgiving and farsighted than people who believe in violence and revenge. Peter Botha of South Africa was really criminal in South Africa. But Mandela told to his nation, we need to move forward our country. He said we do not want to take revenge because revenge will not get us anywhere. Peter Botha never even a sigle day was kept in prison.He died respected a natural death. He even refused to go to court. Mandela told them to leave alone. They left him alone. Then the former Aparthied got impressed by such merciful and kind policy and they joined ANC. They were not refused. They are now working for ANC. Will people like you and Elias do that? no ways? No Ethiopian can do that. We are all backward people. Even our country is backward because we think very backward. We spend decades insulting and killing each other. Ethiopia may have a glorious history, but it has now a very dead and degenerated citizen. It does not even matter whether we live in Europe or America. We never learn anything. And things has remained the same. Nothing changed, our suffering is actually getting worse everyday. Ethiopia is now a place where land and people are sold equally to foreign citizens. It is even much worse than derg time now.

  15. Ladies&gentlemen, visitors of the honorable ER website, as you know, our bro G, a hired criminals lobbyists, loves abusing the poor over exploited words such as landlocking, betraying, etc hoping to diverting the Ethiopian attentions and cleasing the bloody hands of his bosses. The question is who betrayed by whome? Meles who fantizes becoming the entire horn africa,s cheif feudalist of tribal/clil terrorist warlords tried to snatch Asab if not possible the whole land of waray ykalo under the excuse of fictious border dispute where ended up occupaying badme for saving face, guided by some Eritrean traitors whom gambled with many Eritrean patriot lives. The woyanes even couldn’t keep silent thier filthy mouthes like the shaebians are doing regarding the martyred tegadalay Naizghi for good reason, ingnoring woyane’s entrapment corocdile tears. In other words, shaebia is silently communicating to stop woyane disrespecting thier very own commarade for cheap poletical exploitation as if they they care more about him than themseves and so just should keep on enjoying raping the ancientland until ofcourse the united mighty muscle of the horn real sitizens checks them out for good one day. Anyway, back to my topic(and sorry by the way, for touching national security confidencial matter), during the Ethio-Eritrea senseless war, the dedebit cadres were heard of bragging that they even purchased people to creat another somalia in the north(meaning, Eritrean spies and it wouldn’t surprise me anymore if my good friend G was one of the dishonorable suspects as well). Here you go buddy, the true meanning of the highest degree of treasoniuos betrayal including woyane’s betraying to shaebia’s principle of unifying the whole horn responsibily, peacefuly, slowly but surely for the common good civilization. It makes you wonder though how the power of money turns decent souls into monster. The fact is war is the consquence and curse of surviving on handouts by scrubing toilets, the woyane way. Therefore, for alah’s sake ato G, please have mercy for the genocide corrupt minority dictator; thanks to sugar daddys and innocent mine sweepers, the pro-aparthied dude had maximized out his despicable credit card limit just to please his frenji masters in order to secure the sexy Menelik fortune-chair. Needless to say, the member of little people was handsomely rewarded for his no question-asked full-service irisponsible adventurism in the stolen election of 2005. However, the unjust and income generating endless dream of crazy greater tgray still alives on as long as the stake-holder mechanics tones up its engine to serve them better which sadly could have been simply solved by mutual intersts like everywhere else far-sighting normal people do without shedding even a single African precious bloods so it may benefit to the two brotherly people as opposed to the only greedy tgrean elites and their opportunist supporters/puppets and handlers. Well, unfortunately, in some corner of the unfair world, it seems there is no respect for the rule of law and genuine democracy at all to say the least. What hyporicy and double-standard! Could it be because Africans are uncivilized cabable of sorting out thier own internal minor/fake problems and underving to enjoy the basic right of hormony/love and peace/development amonst themselves?

    Anonymous replies:

    this reminds me back during the revolution eras: the woyanes had minor disagreement with shaebia and took it out of propration although shaebia attempted to resolve the issue numereous times civily. Then, the woyanes insulted shaebia of contempt, shamelesy using ‘dmtsi hafash’ in sahel, at which shaebia issued a short stamement titled ‘nay hzbawi gnbar tm mbal tm kbl slezmerethe tray eyu'(shaebia chooses keeping silent), by concluding that TPLF was amueter/imature cadres and should better left for time to teach them.
    The late Naizhgi case sounds serious though that may potencialy affect millions of citizens negatively. No wonder, woyane is capitalizing on it. Neverthless, unlike the countless freedom fighters, Mr. Naizghi is lucky enough to make it intact from the field and i’m posetive he agrees that life is for the living specially the new generations such as his beloved daughters. That’s what he was fighting for whether alive or dead, after all.

    Anonymous replies:

    true, coomparing with the backward terrorist woyane, shaebia is a forgiving visionary leadership that thinks for better tommorow for all!

  16. TPLF wants to import an Alien langauge english to replace amharic? I cannot believe TPLFs hatred to amharic and amahra is this deeper? When TPLF replaces amharic by english, I will take arms and dismantled TPLF and its english.

    I do agree amharic have been used to abuse the rest of Ethiopians. But I cannot to the extent of choosing english over amharic. Why do TPLF bother to call themselves Ethiopians then? I think TPLF must honestly vacate from the rest of Ethiopia and go to Tigray and impose english in Tigray than forcing the entire nation to be slaves in economy,culture , langauges and ….

    We can develop Geez as a common langauge if amharic is still a problem. However, importing english is just totally crazy and madness.

    I now supporting burning anything that belongs to TPLF or its affiliates. These people weird and bizzare. They give land to Arab instead of to Ethiopians and now they event wanted to force the amharas to use english instead of their langauge. Things like this deprive me sleep. There are crazy people in this world. TPLF is one of them.

  17. #16, i think you got it wrong about the late x-eritrea info naizhi. my uncle, a bed ridden veteran disabled said of him ‘he was my superior and more brutal than eseyas, always going beyond the call of duty as hard nationalist. he was not much liked by the average fighters iether’.
    After 1991, however, my childhood fried had differnt acount story,one evening naizhi and ali abdu suddenly arrived at the shamruk bar and later started scolding the shaebia leaders including eseyas saying ‘if the eritrean people find out what i and him used to do, would have cruched us into pieces’. we thought sounded with girls might got drunk or trying to spy on us. abdu was embarassed and probably snitched on him. if he was a common citizen would have arested. probably like this incidents might got to do sending him to abroad.’
    there is another fishy drama too: why did the pro-woyane eritrean websites all the sudden fell in love with him and offered free medical attention in the west?

  18. I was followed your scripture with tremendous energy as it would offer some valuable direction to the betterment of the country. Condemning physicals building hospitals which definitely provide comprehensive health services and boycotting the benefits of the nation is not some thing one can expect from healthy mind. Your statement of learning from experience would have been accepted if your conclusion remained positive for the nation. It is not difficult to categorize such conception where it belongs. Believe or not, the future Ethiopia cannot be established in the manner stated.

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