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Russia, Ukraine agents claim to have foiled Putin assassination plot

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian and Ukrainian special services have arrested a group of suspects accused of attempting to {www:assassinate} Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia’s state television said Monday.

The Channel One said that the suspects were plotting to kill Putin in Moscow immediately after the March 4 presidential election, in which he is all but certain to reclaim the presidency.

The station said the suspects had been arrested in Ukraine’s Black Sea port city of Odessa, but didn’t give any further details.

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed the report to the ITAR-Tass news agency, but refused to make any further comment.

Russian and Ukrainian special services wouldn’t comment on the report.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Security Service said it detained three Russian citizens on terrorist charges in Odessa on Feb. 4. It wasn’t immediately clear whether those suspects were linked to the anti-Putin plot.

The Ukrainian Security Service said the suspects were arrested following an accidental explosion that happened while they were trying to manufacture explosives at a rented apartment

5 thoughts on “Russia, Ukraine agents claim to have foiled Putin assassination plot

  1. Dear Elias

    I think you are not very much familiar with Russian politics. For those of us who know Putin and Russia – the aforementioned article is comparible to Meles’s recent claim, at the his rubber stamp parliament, in which he declared that there are Medrek Party members who are terorist but he has not yet collected enough evidence to jail them.

    Claiming terorists who want to assasinate Putin in Moscow detained in Odessa, which is 1000 kilometers from Moscow, is absurd! This is one of the foolish tactics used by tyrants like Meles and Putin to change the focus. As you may know, in recent weeks Putin is under a huge political pressure. He is about to be re-elected as President for a new six year term. He served two four year terms as President, then one four year term as Prime Minister. While, a Prime Minister through his rubber stamp parliament extended the term of a president from four to six years and convinced the people that the constitution actually forbids only consecutive terms. Now he is preparing himself to lead Russia for another 12 years (6+6) and wants to show that he life is really in danger for serving Russia! – like that of Meles who claimed that his security agents foil Eritreas attempt to assasinate African leaders.

    I guess you may have wished the next tyrant to be assasinated could be Meles – but do not forget that tyrants are LIARS!

    God bless Ethiopia!

    A replies:

    all wellsaid

    Anonymous replies:

    Russian, Chinese and Ethiopian mafia is one and the same. Be it locally and/or internationally. Only name change they are collectively criminals.

  2. I fully agree with what Kewle said. Most of the dictatorship that the world is experiencing today has originated from Moscow-Communist Russia. Meles and colleagues were the discples of Stalin and his system of rule-communist terror. Though Russia seemed changed after the break up of the Soviet Union, the reminants of the past regimes still claim and hang on power and leading that great country to its past dark ages.Putin was seen as a reformer and true liberal that could lead Russia to democracy and free market economy in the 1990s. He was commended for his leadership and effort to enable the Russina economy revive from the 90s bad economic situation. His approval rating was at time 85% something among the Russian public. But now he lost all that public favour due to his power mongering attitude and trying to return his country back to his old school style rule-communist dictatorship.

    One who grew up in Communist life, teaching or practice would not accustom nor be trusted to bring democracy.

  3. WHAT THEN? Now he has enough reasons built up so that he may do anything to any one trying to oppose his already declared victory. If people are being teased, being cheated and directly and indirectly provoked we will soon have Big Fat revolution even there in Russia very soon.

    Time is changing and the only currently permanent phenomena is change itself. Social change is inevitable and uncontrollable just like the deep underground volcano getting heavenly pressured and pressed down and getting red hot, liquified and explodes violently on one bright right day.

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