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Zenawi-US asylum contract for Yemen dictator?

Yemen’s Saleh is in Ethiopia, foreign ministry says

By Associated Press, Published: February 24
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s foreign ministry spokesman says the outgoing president of Yemen is in the east African country.Dina Mufti said Friday that Ali Abdullah Saleh arrived in Ethiopia Thursday night. Mufti said he “doubts” Saleh will fly on to Yemen.
Yemen on Tuesday voted to replace Saleh with Vice President Abed Rabo Mansour Hadi, who is expected to be sworn in Saturday. He takes over after months of uncertainty over whether Saleh would step down in the face of popular protests that plunged Yemen into crisis.
Before arriving in Ethiopia, Saleh spent more than three weeks in the U.S. for medical treatment from wounds sustained in a June assassination attempt. The 69-year-old Saleh, Yemen’s ruler for 33 years, has pledged to attend his successor’s inauguration. 

34 thoughts on “Zenawi-US asylum contract for Yemen dictator?

  1. Birds having the same leather fly together. Both Meles and Salih are accountable for a number of innocent lives. May be Salih could only be responsible for massacering his political opponents estimated to be 1000 to 2000 ppl but Zenawi’s case is genocidal with objective evidences in Gambella and Ogaden.

    So they are sharing the same crime finally they will end up in Hage or be tried in the hands of respective nation any time soon.

    It is never surprising when the fake Democratic Tigre Government lead by Criminal Zemawi is offering refuge for Salih the head of a typical government in Yemen.

    Down to Woyannee

    Dehab replies:

    SALIH is a ex-president and a private citizen. Can he be denied to make a transit?

    Anonymous replies:

    Dehab; i wonder why you failed to mention “a dictator who is implicated in the murder of thousands of demonstrators and other free citizens” in your characterization of Salih? Salih is not just an ex-president and a private citizen, but more importantly he is a criminal with blood allover his hands.

  2. Saleh is Dictator Menghistu’s friend. True, he helped Ethiopia defend its borders when the Somalia of Said Barre invaded Ethiopia. For that alone Ethiopians should give him a refugee status as Zimbawe welcomed the brutal dictator.
    Surely, he deserves to live in Ethiopia. But, Meles’s reason is different and selfish.

    Meles’ has never helped anyone other than himself. Some may say he helped Eritrea. I disagree. I don’t think Eritreans will accept Meles as a refugee.
    At any rate, Meles is preparing his arguement, laying down the theoretical foundation for that eventual day when he needs the same accommodations.
    He will then say, remember:
    Zimbawe helped Menghistu
    I helped Salah,
    and some one should help me.
    Here is one thing the Meles minority regime has in common with Menghistu Haila Mariam. They both like the Yemeni dictator.

    Poverty-Legacy of Woyanne replies:

    Sorry dear, I think you made a huge historical error whether intentionally or not. Salih wasnot intimate friend of Mengistu rather the former leader who was ousted by Salih actually was. Then he was running down to Addis Ababa to settle down after lossing power in Yemen.

    Regarding Somalian invasion led by Ziad Bare it was not Yemenies assisting Ethiopia but they were Cubans and Russians doing a great job while Americans were refusing/denying to deliver armaments purchased by Emporer Hailesilasi in advance.

    During the war Colonel Mengistu took part in action while Meles Zenawi with TPLF soldiers marching along somalians to attack Ethiopians. Because Zenawi was granted refuge in Somalia and possessing somalian passport to travel any where even now he has been doing his distructive mission in dismantling and distructing Ethiopia.

    Dehab replies:

    History teaches us that the Ethio-Yemeni relationship goes thousands of years back.

    Rule of Law replies:

    It wasn’t Saleh who defended Ethiopia during the Ethio/Somali war. It was Ali Naser Mohamed President of the other half of Yemen whose capital was Aden before reunification.

  3. “friendly tyrant” Meles Zenawi does anything asked by his masters. How long should Ethiopians suffer under woyane state terrorism and ethnic politics? It is a matter of time that Meles will give up power dead or alive.

    abie replies:


    I have heard Today, that some of Meles Body Guards attempt to assasinate him?

    That means he is in trouble!!

    Dehab replies:

    If Meles decides not to run in the next election, could anyone claim a victory?

  4. ነግ በኔ as far as i know not President Saleh but the south Yemen President helpd Ethiopia during the 1976 war with Somalia. That time Yemen was not united. There was North Yemen and South Yemen.

    Dehab replies:

    Yes, it was President Ali Salim al-Beidh of South Yemen(Socialist with its capital: Aden),who helped Ethiopia during the invasion of eastern and south-eastern part of my country by the brutal army of Mohammad Siad Barre, armed to the teeth by USSR and helped by dozen of the Arab countries including the Cubans. Later ofcourse, the Cubans and the Soviets, being chased out of Somalia by rotten tamatoes throwing Somalies, have changed sides.

    Haq replies:

    Don`t tell half truth ! Cubans helped ethiopians big time. Remember the term

    ” Cuba Ethiopia Guadegna ! ” 70,000 of them … that is !

    Dehab replies:

    Posetively accepted! Indeed, the Cuban compagneros have paid the ultimate sacrifice and even had a Cuban Martyrs’ Cemetery on the mount of St. Georgis in Harrar.

  5. Both Legesse(Meles) and Saleh are Yemeni citizens carrying Yemeni passports . Yemeni’s had considered Ethiopia their second home for centuries. Now it is Saleh’s turn to ask for Ethiopian passport and make Ethiopia his home. The Yemeni-Ethiopian community in Ethiopia should support him in anyway to make him feel at home.

    Anonymous replies:

    whaaaaat?!?!!? … “Yemeni’s had considered Ethiopia their second home for centuries” History Prof., please keep your day job.

  6. Correction on the comment #2.

    I think, it was not Ali Abdullah Saleh who helped Mengistu in fighting the Somali(Ziad Bare’s) invading force(in 1969 Eth. calendar).
    It was, the then, South Yemen president(the socialist) who sent Yemeni soldiers to fight along the Ethiopian soldiers to crush the invadors.

    Dehab replies:

    No, No, No! No Yemeni Mig-pilots! They were only BM operators, supporting the Ethiopian force defending the city of Harrar from a fierce Somali attack on the western front of Feddis.BTW the EPRP ‘jelles’ were attacking Ethiopians on the side of the enemy(Somalia).And at this very moment anything south of ‘Korre’ including Jijiga was under the Siad Barre’s control.

    Semahun replies:

    And where were the EPRP ‘jellies’, as you call them, attacking from?
    And what did they use to attack?
    And why are you obsessed about EPRP ‘jelles’?

  7. Wrong history.Yemen was helping Ethiopia to crush the Eritrean Revolution lead by EPLF. Generals from Soviets, East Germans,the Libians and Yemeni mig pilots during the endless campaingns of Mengisu’s Red Zemetchas. Cubans helped Ethiopia in war against Somalia.

  8. What is the motive behind ? Guys why do not you look things in different ways, why is the criminal woyanne group announcing about discarded ( trashed ) murderer ?
    I do not think murderer Saleh would ask asylum in Ethiopia because he has been granted immunity by his colleagues and most of the military commanders of the Yemeni defense forces are his family members.
    May be the criminal and murderer ( Meles Chenawi )could ask advice how to handle his case ( experience exchange ) from Saleh to get immunity grants.

    Semahun replies:

    You think Saleh will stay in Yemen? He has to be an idiot to do that. My take is that he will eventually settle somewhere in the West. The likely place would be the US of A.

  9. Hello Elias Kifle, the GREAT (Keep it up),

    It has been told several times that Woyane is already dead (decayed from inside) and the US government knows this well. We must keep the pressure through all means necessary. Of course, the easiest way is to remove the head of the beggars, be it through coup d’etat or by physically eliminating him. And, as I have said it time and again, this is the best opportunity to Tigrayans to wash their faces clean and not to risk ethnic cleansing by the other Ethiopians after the definitive fall of the tyranny. They can do this job because of the simple reason that they are more trusted by Meles and, as such, they have the possibility to be in the near of him. Without sucrifice there is NO FREEDOM.

    A Peaceful Ethiopia will prevail.

  10. Meles and Issayas have been spreading that they are Yemeni, that is why got years of arms support from Arabs and especially Egypt. Egypt is definitely their masters until this day because they have something in common, all are anti Ethiopians. No wander Ethiopia still exists. Add to that Western full support to these groups. Ethiopia only has her god and no one else. Even her own children are betraying her through dividing themselves into different religions and ethnicity. I wonder how they will find Ethiopoia then when it is broken up.

  11. As they say, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” It is a given that Meles shown himself by the company he keeps. Meles admires dictators and fascinated by their brutality and see them as super beings. Obviously, Meles has proven himself to be one of the most brutal dictators in the world. Because of the close relationship of the Yemeni dictator and the Woyane dictator, now we know why, some of the Ethiopian refuges who fled to Yemen were deported back to Ethiopia and why the majority of them intentionally massacred, drowned and some refuges were left without food and water at the sea shore. The Yemeni dictator is the enemy of Ethiopia and he shouldn’t be given asylum to live in Ethiopia, that he denied Ethiopians.

  12. What is the differens between Asprin and Aspro. Yemen once fought agains Eritrean independence momement and have suffered a lot of casualties as a result. Eritea witnessed Yemeni prisinors of war twice. One during the Mengust era and recently during Hanish war. I personaly saw the pow in asmara in 1996. In the the war against Mengistu yemenis participated as MIG pilots and tank manuvereres. Not only yemen but also other eastern europes (communists) germany, and others. As in the Ogaden war, it was the 20,000 Cubans who helped Mengist defet the somalians. At the time Somali was in side deep Ethiopian territroy. But now what is the point ? it is normal to see a dictator help save dictator. This is tit for tat. Meles (Abebe) will probably leave in exaile soon. My guse is he will be granted asylum either to England (in the neighbor hood of Ase Tedrose family or Haile Sellassie family) or in a secret place in US.

  13. I know that Meles said : the revolution in Yemen is trouble for Ethiopia”. Why? the possibility is that Iran is coming next to Ethiopia one day or another. She is in Eritrea and she is in Yemen. Had it not been for Saudi interference, Iran by now would have al shabab in Ethiopia. That is the link. But Meles is breathing now because Iran itself is under severe pressure.

    So, for sometime don’t expect Meles to go. Meles to go there has to be an insurmountable pressure inside Ethiopia. The only possibility is if Muslims unite. Otherwise, Meles is not scared of Amhara at all. Sudan in his hands, Somali in his hands, who will provide protection for any movement? Meles should thank the Muslim Sudanese who provided him with sanctuary during his fugitive years.

    Stop supporting Evil replies:

    Woyanew Gragn, it is ungodly and pure evil for any country to give safe heavens for dictators who have been accused of crimes against humanity and that have slaughtered countless number of innocent people and robbed their poor countries.

    Anonymous replies:

    If you can read, no where Gragn Ahmed said or implied that it’s ok “to give safe heavens for dictators who have been accused of crimes against humanity”. THERE’S NO WHERE HE SAID THAT!!! YOU SAID IT’S OK, AND DISAGREED WITH YOURSELF!!! So, why don’t you read carefully before you make up your mind.

  14. To Gragn, your comments are insulting. Weather it is The dictator
    MELES or any other that comes along to put Ethiopia in danger
    Will be destroyed by the heroic effort of it’s people & help from
    Almighty God. That is what happened when Gragn Mohammad
    also tried to do advance his evil campaign against Ethiopia.

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