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5 thoughts on “VOA interview with Ethiopian Review editor (audio)

  1. Elias, you are a true freedom fighter. I am really proud of you like the majority of Ethiopians. Fascist, Woyane has to be eliminated by any means. This tribal are dangerous for society.

  2. Accusing Elias as Shaebia is a laughing matter they need to come up with a better Drama otherwise Everyone in Ethiopia wont believe none of this and how long are they going to continue this way but the Ethiopian People needto standup if not they might put 85 million in prison.

  3. Let me tell you something, if our heroes like Megos Asgedom, Abraham Deboch were alive today, Meles Zenawi Asres would have jailed them for their attempt to kill the fascist Rodolfo Graziani. Meles Zenawi is fascist, we have to eliminate him by any means.

  4. The reality is we all are dealing with stone and stoned-head-humanoid woyanes and their neo-fascist drone-crazed Westerners. Strike both to gain your freedom and justice.
    Start talking about getting rid off the drone-base from Arba Minch which is a trade off deal made by woyane to stay in power and do the dirty work in and outside the country!

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