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OLF and Ethiopia

By Yilma Bekele

The news that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has decided to struggle for freedom in consort with all Democratic forces in Ethiopia is the best Christmas present the Ethiopian people gave themselves. There is no question we are entering a new chapter in our struggle to be free like any other human being. The decision by the leadership of the OLF is a very significant development that has a potential to tip the balance of power. If you ask me, two hands are always better than one.

As reported by Abebe Gelaw of ESAT the OLF at its Plenary National Council meeting held in Minnesota on December 30 and 31 “announced its historic decision to drop its long-held secessionist agenda and to embrace the unity of Ethiopia under a genuine federal arrangement that must guarantee the rights, equality and liberty of all Ethiopians.” What more can one ask for?

The OLF led by Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu made a very tough decision. All Ethiopians owe him a debt of gratitude for his farsighted leadership. The position he reversed is not an easy one. It took courage by him and the other leaders to take such undertaking. Generations of our Oromo people have grown with that aim as a call of duty. It will take a lot of work to change that.

Change is something that is difficult to accept. It is natural that most of us resist change. We all have our comfort zone and any thing different is disconcerting. The OLF and Brigadier General Gulchu’s decision is bound to disturb our comfort zone. That is what leadership is all about. This is not the first tough choice made by the Brigadier General. On August 8, 2008 he defected from the Ethiopian National Defense Forces with two hundred solders and officers with him.

As a person sworn to protect Ethiopia he did not look kindly at becoming an errand boy for TPLF. Upon defection he joined the OLF and rose to position of leadership. Today under his leadership the OLF is entering a new chapter. The Oromo people have paid a heavy price under different administrations. The rest of the Ethiopian people have suffered as well. The realization by the OLF that the bond that ties us together is so strong and deep that decoupling is not a worthy endeavor is a breath of fresh air. If this bold decision will shorten the suffering of our people even by a day we welcome it.

The new situation does not sit well with some people. It is understandable. Separation, secession, self-determination have been a mantra of the liberation movements in Ethiopia for the last fifty years. It is like all other liberation movements that emerged in the sixties. You know us we Ethiopians once we got hold of something we don’t let go. ELF, EPLF, OLF, TPLF stayed true to that religion of unending struggle. It has not brought us peace or prosperity. A new OLF is emerging from the old. A smarter and mature OLF that will satisfy the real needs of the Oromo people.

The lack of competent leadership has been the Achilles heel of the movement. Many so called ‘educated’ leaders have caused a lot of agony and hardship to the Oromo people. There is no need to pretend otherwise. Over fifty years of sacrifice and nothing much to show for it is a loud statement. The TPLF mafia group acerbated the problem by stocking hatred and animosity while ruling with an iron fist from the background. The OLF was reduced to peddling hate to collect revenue while exposing its constituents to abuse and shame. In today’s Democratic Ethiopia every prison, jail, detention center is filled by Oromo political prisoners.

Ginbot 7 Movement and Dr. Berhanu should be given credit for patiently working without much fanfare and prepare the ground necessary for such decision. It shows maturity by both organizations to put differences aside and work for the common good. There are only winners and no losers in this situation. The OLF press release states “The OLF National Council also focused on the timely demand of working with other democratic forces in forming the new Ethiopia that will guarantee and protect the fundamental rights of all peoples in Ethiopia. The new social contract will and should be based on the free will and consent of all peoples in Ethiopia.”

The job is half done. It is a very promising beginning. The real work starts now. Changing people’s hearts and minds is not an easy task. On the other hand if it were easy we would not be where we are now. The TPLF regime will do all it could to throw cold water at this news. It will go out of its way to dismiss it as useless. It will create bogus news and opinions to discredit the participants. The regime fears unity more than any army. It was the unity of all those organizations under the umbrella of Kinijit that exposed the hollowness of the TPLF regime. The unity of OLF with any other organization is their nightmare come true.

The news will also get its share of criticism from the opposition. It is understandable. After all separation was the only demand on the table. The leadership of the Fronts saw it as the magic cure. The central highlanders saw it as the final disintegration of Ethiopia. Most Ethiopian political leaders used the issue to further their own agenda. Some used it a recruiting tool regardless of the consequences. At the end it came to loose its meaning except to the people on the ground that are still paying the price for failed leadership and unholy alliances.

Some in the opposition are crying foul before they even saw the press release. That is nothing new either. We love to jump the gun and dive into condemnation and mudslinging. It is a shame when it comes from those that should know better. Reasoned and well research thesis that will enhance the discussion to higher level is what is expected. I am not against opposition to the new position as articulated by the OLF but I am only asking for a seasoned discussion that will take the aspirations of our people into consideration.

It is not a good idea to scratch the bottom of the barrel and emerge with such prize as “Oromo nationalism was built by successfully deconstructing the Ethiopian nationalism. Since 1991, the former has effectively displaced the later in Oromia and as a result an entire generation has been brought up with that narrative. Furthermore, despite its limits, self-rule has allowed the rise of millions of bureaucratic elites who have vested material and political interest in preserving the gains of the Oromo struggle and maintaining the nationalist narrative.”

What exactly does that mean? Has OPDO satisfied the aspirations of the Oromo masses? Are we praising it for raising a new generation that is programmed to hate Ethiopia? Is that Good? When did being mildly screwed pass as a fair reward or a fair exchange, is that what is meant by limited self-rule? Furthermore when did Bandas that serve the occupying force get elevated to future leaders? I hope we are not thinking of rewarding TPLF controlled Oromo thugs that have amassed huge fortune robbing the Oromo people and build the new Oromia on their shoulders? It is a wobbly foundation if you ask me.

I am assuming the so called ‘bureaucratic elites’ are the same ones that for example are selling and leasing fertile Oromo land to such as Flower growers that suck every drop of water from the rivers and streams, discharge carcinogen chemicals that will stay in the soil poisoning the drinking water for the next hundred years, that hire our Oromo girls of fifteen years old to spray the flowers with chemicals without adequate protection not even lousy gloves and increase the chances of respiratory and other disease with no health insurance and no compensation and no retirement – I will say these folks are not good material for a solid foundation.

Name-calling and cynical dismissal of our leaders efforts is not a winning strategy. The OLF and Ginbot 7 are not some garden-variety organizations to be dismissed lightly. They are doing what they believe is the right thing to relive the hardship of eighty million Ethiopians that are faced with hunger, disease and ignorance as we speak. We give our leaders the respect that is due. We respect them for their vision of a better future, intelligent leadership, and their sacrifice of family and profession while working on our behalf. That is not much to ask.

Both Dr. Berhanu and Brigadier General Kemal are successful in their own right. That is why they have attained such a high level in our society and the profession they choose. They did not kill, bribe, threaten or bully to reach where they are now. We should encourage such behavior in our leaders. They are just like us and they should act like one of us. I do not have the pleasure of meeting the brigadier General but I have the honor of meeting Dr. Berhanu. I found him to be both humble and real in the way he looks at himself and his surrounding. I like it when my leader is just like me not someone that sits on my shoulder constantly telling me how better and different he is from me. If we don’t show them respect who would?

We welcome our Oromo brothers and sisters. It will not be an exaggeration to suggest that it will be very rare to find an Ethiopian with out a trace of Oromo in him. That was one of the reasons the concept of separation of Oromia from the rest of Ethiopia did not get traction. It was not because there was no national oppression, it was not because there was no injustice but rather the prescription being suggested for the disease did not feel right.

It is very unfortunate for our country and people that we are a witness to such malpractice by TPLF Doctors regarding Eritrea. Separation was the medicine administered to the illness we had. It did not take long to see how wrong it was. Today both people are paying the price. Mistake was made. People’s lives were ruined. We hope future generation will set this right and bring children of the same mother together again. It will happen. Take my word for it.

What makes every Ethiopian happy is this single step taken by the OLF leaders. A single bold step in the right direction is what I thought. Our role will be to sing ‘wefe komech, wefe komech’ stretch our arms and make sure no one fails. We are not into looking back at what happened yesterday. Why do that when tomorrow is a brand new day and we can create a new reality. We are going to get rid of our old baggage. We do not obsess about our past failings but look forward to what can be achieved when we work together. That is the message of OLF to the rest of us. It is smart to hit the reset button and start new and fresh.

It is a good beginning for 2012. We can build a lasting union on solid foundation starting now. We urge the leaders to involve as many people as possible in this national dialogue. This is our school in building a brand new Ethiopia. No one has failed like us so we really can turn that negative experience into a valuable lesson. Our association with the TPLF virus and the Derg germ though depilating hopefully have given us a good dose of anti body for a long and bitter struggle.

Our vow for the New Year should be ‘I have heard, listened, experienced the atrocities of the TPLF regime now it is time to do what is necessary to liberate myself.’ It is true you cannot liberate others while you are still a slave. We are slaves to old ideas, old biases and old-fashioned way of thinking. Starting 2012 we are going to think different. We are going to judge others as we judge ourselves. We are not going to wait for others to liberate us while we sit on the side watching. That does not work. That has never worked. To own your freedom you have to work for it.

I am not being a blind cheerleader. There will be bumps on the road. In order to minimize unfortunate misunderstandings I believe the best remedy is to stay vigilant and be part of the struggle. It is a lot better to contribute sincerely and positively to enhance the quality of the struggle. Nitpicking and negative comments will only help those that are working overtime to protect their ill-gotten power and wealth and that is exactly what we claim not to want.

Let me say something before some of you raise it. I am qualified to say all I said because I am an Ethiopian. If you want more I am an Amhara, a Gurage, and an Oromo born in Sidama. I share blood with all the first three groups and due to birth I have a strong affinity with my Sidama brothers and sisters. I am a rainbow Ethiopian. Melkam Gena.

52 thoughts on “OLF and Ethiopia

  1. Well, I do not see any evidence backed analysis in your article. It is completely based on lust and day dreaming. It is really important to see what is going on the ground in OROMIA.

    Let me point few of so many grave mistakes you mentioned

    1. ….”Over fifty years of sacrifice and nothing much to show for it is a loud statement”

    This is blatant lie. It is due to the very heavy price the OLF has paid that today’s OROMUMMAA is so strong across OROMIA and else where. Do not thing it is any other party other than OLF which decided Afaan Oromoo letters to be latin. There by creating conducive ways of writing and reading for Oromo. It is because of OLF that the name OROMIA is brought to the attention of the world….! After all OLF is a party of Oromo for OROMO. So it worth supporting OLF.

    2…..” A smarter and mature OLF that will satisfy the real needs of the Oromo people.”

    I do not know how you speak for Oromo people. From what I read and see the vast majority of politically conscious Oromo people are well pleased with what genuine OLF not OLF led by ex Tigrian army leader responsible for killing innocent OROMO.

    Have you ever see any celebration of “Irreechaa” in Oromiyaa? Please try to find it on YOUTUBE and observe what is going on! You would find no one (i will repeat…NO ONE) carrying a flag colored “Green, Yellow, Red”. This is what the genuine OLF is struggling for…INDEPENDENCE!

    3….”I am an Amhara, a Gurage, and an Oromo born in Sidama” So why you bother for OROMO. Just leave the matter of Oromo to the Oromo people. There is no need for hybrid to take over Oromo political issue if s/he does not support the vast majority.

    Way Forward:

    It is not that simple to bring back the already ignited “Freedom and Independence Light.” The best solution is to listen to the vast majority of Oromo people’s need than sticking to a faction of ‘OLF’ built up by ex enemies of Oromo.

    My Question:

    A)Let’s assume that the new G7 Plus new “OLF” win and control Ethiopia.
    Then what would be:
    1. Working language?
    2. Language of instruction in schools
    3. The fate of resources in OROMIA?
    4. The fate of Ogadeni people?

    B) Why is that when the OROMO and OGADENI need independence other parts (especially the Amhara) do not like this???

    I do not think it is a matter of unity….BUT WHY IS THAT????


    etyopiyawiw replies:

    I know why dumbass . .

    because you are an idiot who can think nothing but your tribe.
    Can’t you use your mind and show some vision and thinking than just saying because this is my tribe, I deserve this. Ethiopia is a diverse country – it is not the home of just your tribe! We have lots of problems to address but independence is not the solution – it will create havoc to the region. But some jerks like you have not grown up yet enough to foresee that – just blind craving for independence without thinking, what then after wards? If all you can think of is your tribe and all, just go and join Woyane and its dogs. They have no vision but tribal obsession. Go and join them and talk about tribes and ethnicity every day. They will make you a Minister because of your tribe! They will then throw you away when you start using your mind!

    Think outside the box and bring some insights on how to go forward!
    That unity is strength is obvious to every school kid!

    Garii replies:

    Becuse big is better. Whay do not you thaink the south does not cry the way you do? Did not we suffer under differetnt mecenary rules? You may despise some of the Amhar thinking but living under one country is a better option for both of us. Moreover you have not brought anything following you idea. I commend the action of the Group led by General Kemal. Chanage and adapatability comes only from farsighted people.

    Waka replies:


    1. ….”Over fifty years of sacrifice and nothing much to show for it is a loud statement”

    This is blatant lie. It is due to the very heavy price the OLF has paid that today’s OROMUMMAA is so strong across OROMIA and else where. Do not thing it is any other party other than OLF which decided Afaan Oromoo letters to be latin. There by creating conducive ways of writing and reading for Oromo. It is because of OLF that the name OROMIA is brought to the attention of the world….! After all OLF is a party of Oromo for OROMO. So it worth supporting OLF.

    It is not yor sacrifies rather woyannes divide and conquer policy as if that these destructive messanger worries for the oromo sacrifies and at the same time he is now hunting your members accross the nation as a terrorist group ,dont get me wrong i dont have no problem of oromoes using their languages as our experience shows that these gang can take it away if he thinks he can get a credit or if it threatens its position for that it is woyanne football game VS woyanne it is not a blatant lie as you imagine rather fact

    Latin?:) replies:

    your questions are clear.
    This is your answer:
    Oromos or Ormas are not indigenous Ethiopians, you know the rest of the story. It is the Oromos who came to Ethiopia,not the other way around.In Ethiopia we use the geez alphabet and amharic is the official language. If they don’t like that they can go back to where they came from or to any other place where they dont have to write in geez and speak amharic.

  2. This is nothing but yet another example of what Jawar Mohammed, the renowned political analyst, recently described as orgy of self-congratulation and self-deception by the Ethiopian ‘unity’ crowd.

    The only new information provided is the admission by Ginbot 7 and its affiliates that the purported change in OLF program is the brain child of Berhanu Nega’s group. This too is not news to many because Oromo nationalists have already nicknamed Kemal Kelchu’s splinter group as a new OPDO donning Amhara mask. If he had done some research, Yilma Bekele could have found out easily that Oromos have started referring to Kemal Galchu as Kemal “Gantuu” (Kemal the traitor) and Kemal “Galtuu” (Kemal the infiltrator).

    It seems Yilma Bekele is unaware that Kemal Galchu was an OPDO general whose only prior achievement was being taken as a prisoner of war by TPLF/EPLF while fighting in the Drergue army. Now that the truth is laid bare, Yilma needs to provide good reasons why he thinks Oromos would follow an OPDO under the command of Ginbot 7 in light of the fact that they have completely rejected the OPDO under the TPLF command.

    I have a two other questions Ginbot 7 and its affiliates need to answer:
    (1) Who are the leaders of this OLF they are talking about other than the military officers who “defected” from the Wayane army?
    (2) How big is the membership of this splinter group and where exactly are they located.

    If only they attempt to answer these two questions they would find out that the general has neither lieutenants nor followers, and hopefully, this would suffice to give them some degree of political sanity.

    Waka replies:

    Dont think it is a congratulation for our sake rather for the sake of your likes not to prolong the sufferance of the ethnic oromo Ethiopians any way will free our country from the gang and doesnot have no ibterest to start with another gorillafor the next 40 years
    and please dont call jawar mohammed a political analyst a good orator with no experience and most probably with hidden agenda for some arab countries.

  3. “It is very unfortunate for our country and people that we are a witness to such malpractice by TPLF Doctors regarding Eritrea. Separation was the medicine administered to the illness we had. It did not take long to see how wrong it was. Today both people are paying the price. Mistake was made. People’s lives were ruined. We hope future generation will set this right and bring children of the same mother together again. It will happen. Take my word for it”.

    Ethiopia wasn´t, isn´t and will never be my mother! Or are you ready for a new 30 year war again, mr. Yilma?

    Waka replies:

    For Ethiopia you are done believe me, it would be nice if you only stays by yourself and build your country. Ihave since long saw a single Ethiopian interest about Eritrea except Eritreans does not even worried about their country like they do about Ethiopia and this will end as soon as the chimp in 4 kilo get his justice period your dream of exploiting Ethiopia is gone thx for its brave sons like Seye Abrha
    and the Ethiopian peoples.

    Abesha replies:

    You can’t find in the future Eritrean youngsters to fight for another 30 years for Eritrea. They see the result of Eitrean independence. The Eritrean youths had enough of it. Let alone another 30 years they are running away from the recent Ethio-Eritrea war. They just fed up with the endless military services and escape to Sudan and choose dying in Sahara and Sinai deserts and Medtreanian and Red seas.

    History also teach us for more than three thousand years Eritrea is part of Ethiopia. If you deny this no one going to believe you because from Queen Sheba/Aksumite kingdoms to King Yohannes 19th century the central government seat was based in current Tigray and Eritrea. In the first century the world fourth world power of Aksumite empire use ports of current Massawa and Adulis in the coast of the red sea for thier trade and naval ships.

    Your time is up. You can’t stop the next Ethiopian and Eritrean generations to live together in brotherly way. Once these traitors and puppet of Egypt and Arabs Shabia and Woyane governments destroyed the Eritrean and Ethiopian people will be free to decide thier destiny. Shabia & Woyane have been given a chance but they misearably failed. No Eritrean & Ethiopian follow them. So don’t go mad for bright futurity of the two brotherly countries & peoples to come & live together.

  4. Ato Yilma,

    Great word of encouragement. We need to be cautious though before we jump for the joy. For sure, General Kemal is staunch supporter of Ethiopia. He went to Eritrea for struggle however, he was under house arrest. His love for Ethiopia could be forced to change if he is really under secret alliance of TPLF, Shaebia and OLF. So we really have to be cautious. Perhpas this reconciliation could be due to bringing more mainstrean Oromos to OLF struggle. I haven’t seen many Weyane stooges on sites commenting negatively on this alliance that is why I am skeptical about it.

  5. Dear Yilema
    Thanks for youa rticles. We wish to see people like you with positive attitude to all people in our beloved country.
    THis is the very high time to all of us stand together to destroy the Most brutual and suppressive regime of Weyane. We are going in the direction becuae the time has come. We wish to see our impoverished people of all groups get out of decades of opression, marginalisation, slavery etc.

    This is time.
    Prof Wako

  6. Celebrating the decision of a fake “OLF” led by Kemal Gelchu and Hailu Gonfa – former OPDO members and Woyane Generals, for telling you what you wish to hear is disingenuous at best and misleading at worst. Doing so is rather sowing more mistrust among Ethiopians and help breed more problem before even redressing the past.

    I suggest that the author reads Jawar Mohammed’ article at the weblink below:

    Jawar’s analysis is farsighted and has captured the impact not the intent of the latest OLF faction story. His critic was aimed at the response to the second coming of OPDO under a hijacked trademark of OLF as a feel good solution. Jawar is arguing that the latest cosmetic solution does not address or deal with the underlying political impasse of attaining a unified country without confronting history and its past. No short cut path to democratic republic of Ethiopia!

  7. I am very happy to hear the OLF declaration. I admire the leaders of OLF who took the right path. I am full confidence that they will do better for the Oromos with the new stand. I appreciate all who put their efforts in this endeavor. Weyane is now in deep trouble. Its days are numbered. Soon, Weyane will melt away.

  8. Hay Bekele,

    Don`t be joyful. You may be disappopinted when your expectation of Absynians Oromia control fail. Kamal Galchu has no impact on Oromia politics now a days since he remain with few friends as a member. He already lost everything in the past and almost dead at present. This ” change of program ” is only a way of survavial. He want some handout for his personal life. This news will cycle for a while, then became thing of the past. The Oromo strugle will continue with more determination clearing more traitors and infilitrators. Since 2008, Oromo camp is becaming more clear and clean. Most of Oromos are happy than ever because this will unite nationalist and filitor Fake ones.

  9. Some of you who are refereeing to Jawra’s so called article needed to know who Jawar is. Jawar has been the supporter of OLF group that came up with the new vision. He has been participating in meetings and wrote extensively criticizing the rigid stance of the other group. Because of his position, he is the most despised figure by people in the group that opposes the new vision. This guy is the most confused, discombobulated, and unreliable creature you can ever see. Some of you may have a problem with the new vision because of your deep-rooted beliefs. However, to refer to the article of Jawar is wrong. Honestly, I do think Jawra himself fully understands what he wrote. Political turncoats like Jawar will never do good to society except creating confusion and suspicion among working people. People who knew him well very surprised to read his diatribe.

    Waka replies:


    My special thx and admiration to you, you know this un experienced orator get too many followers only shows some thing is wrong on the whole comunity.

  10. Dear Yilma Bekele,

    The rubric of your article should be “Ethiopia and the Ethiopians,” instead of “OLF and Ethiopia,” for the name OLF is a degraded name, a rejected name, a forgotten name, a fake name, and a dead name. You are trying to bring forth a dead name from its grave even though there is a sign that says, “Don’t disturb the dead!”

    One puts holiness with holy people, wickedness with wicked people, beauty with beautiful people and ugliness with ugly people. OLF is wicked and ugly but Ethiopia is holy and beautiful!

    Putting the name OLF on equal status with the internationally and Biblically known and respected name, Ethiopia, is a disgrace to the history of Ethiopia and to the indigenous Ethiopian people. There is no such a name, “Oromo,” or such a language, “Orominga,” or such an organization, “OLF.” Ethiopians and the people of the world know only the name, “Galla” and the language “Galligna.” That is all we should talk about, and we should not waste our time talking about jihadist OLF that represents a fake name Oromo that doesn’t exist in the Ethiopian history. Only the name Galla and its language Galligna are recorded in the chronicles of the Ethiopian history. Oromo and Orominga are the recent inventions of the Jihadist and Islamic movement of the OLF that opposes the existence of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom, the history of the Amhara people, the language, the flag, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

    OLF has been the agent of foreign Islamic powers such as Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Turkey, Somalia, and the secret Muslim Brotherhood in Eritrea. The Ethiopian Gallas reject the name, Oromo, the language, Orominga, and the OLF movement: they prefer their original name Galla and their language Galligna to the artificial names Galla and Galligna. To confuse these innocent Ethiopian Gallas, a financially, militarily, and logistically supported OLF whose fundamental agenda is to dismantle the unity of Ethiopia has been for over 30 years the headache of the Ethiopian Gallas and the Amharas. Therefore, we should not call the dead OLF from its grave to come out and peruse its disintegrating agenda all over again. I don’t comprehend why some people like Yilma Bekele and others inhere in the dead OLF movement instead of telling their readers to completely forget the secessionist movement – the OLF an extinct species which has no value at all if one spends his/her time to protect such an endangered animal from defunctness.

    I understand Mr. Yilma Bekele and others pressured by other species are trying to save this endangered animal, the OLF, from disappearing from the planet earth. In doing so, they are endangering the lives of many Ethiopians by protecting the predatory animal – the OLF.

    DAMO replies:

    The problem of this world people like. You are spewing your venom in public which doest not help Ethiopians at all. In fact, the main problem of Ethiopia today are people like who are suffering from a shallow pride. Meles would not have been destroying the country had it not been for your ancestors who have suffered the empty pride. But one thing is certain. We will never return to the feudal regime which helped develop your twisted world view. Disgusting!!

    Garii replies:

    You are done. you are in desperate at your grave. No hope for you and the likes. On both directions your move will be knocked down and no hope for revavial. Your word is dead mans and hopeless. OLF and Oromia are with bright future murching with promising end.

    Take breath, not suffocate yourself with twisted mind.

    Mekuria replies:

    Assta B. Gettu, you never change/ You’re worse than the OLF you blame. Pig-headed individuals like you are the major cause of divisions among Ethiopians. You’re fostering more divisions than unity.

    Anonymous replies:


    To tell you the truth, you are not Mekuria: You are maferia! You call people “pig-headed,” and you are less than those people whom you have insulted. I advocate trash people like you should not be invited to join the precious unity of Ethiopia. You have no clue why people like you preferred the name “Oromo” to the name “Galla.” Can you tell me why, mister maferia?

    Abesha replies:

    I don’t understand why Elias posted such comment. Assat B. Gettu you are dead wrong for using such dregotary word for Oromo. This is a time we need unity to save our country from Woyane selling to the Arabs, India and China. I agree with your idea of fighting Jihadist weather from Oromo or Somali is important. I consider political Islam and Muslim exterimist a danger to Ethiopia. For this we have to collaborate with US and Israel to fight Islamist from any Arab nieghbours. So you have to look the bigger picture to save Ethiopia. This is not a time to divide Ethiopia by using such degrading words for one of the major ethnic group of Ethiopia. So be wise and avoid hatred.

  11. Ato Yilma: Selam

    We all appreciate certain degree of good manners or decorum when we comment on other people’s ideas and thoughts. However; after reading you article with interest, I am bound to say sugar coated poison is still a poison. Your article, could dupe nobody except the gullible.

    Argument/analysis that isn’t grounded in facts, naturally, leads to wrong conclusion. Or as health professionals may says wrong diagnosis leads to wrong prescription/prognosis. That is what you just did.

    I could write more about these Woyane soldiers who claim they lead “OLF”, but there is no need for it. Suffice to say their claim is deceitful and fraudulent claim. Furthermore, they exposed their political folly and naivety to everyone. They don’t represent genuine Oromo wishes.

    The fact that the essence of your articles says that Dr. Nega helped general Gelchu to changed his mind says a lot.

    The authentic voice of Oromos, the OLF we new in the past and we now know, lead by committed pioneering sons and daughters of Oromos, will never compromise the human and sovereign rights of Oromos for anyone; for Ethiopian or any group.

    The genuine struggle will continue till the original OLF objectives for Oromians and Oromia is achieved.

    I suspect the next step of the Woyane soldiers is to says the armed struggle is over, returned to TPLF and rejoin the OPDO and live under the TPL iron fist. The quicker they do that; the better its for them.

  12. Meles Zenawi and the “Republic of Tigray”

    Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 02:01 PM ed

    Amanuel Biedemariam

    On a recent interview with ESAT, former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Herman Cohen made some startling revelations regarding matters that influenced the history of the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. While I am not a fan of the Ambassador and cognizant of the negative roles he played on the region over the decades, it was shocking to witness the candid responses to the barrage of questions hurled at him by a brilliant ESAT interviewer Abebe Gellaw. This raises some questions. Why now, how does it factor into the political calculations of Meles, and ultimately what does it mean to Ethiopia?

    Key: The hegemony of a minority regime is not sustainable. What does that mean?

    It means that it is a matter of time until the minority regime will crumble. The role minority regime can play in Ethiopia is on life support. It is a dead man walking per se; a rejected system that could not be revived no matter what. Ambassador Cohen said that Meles failed to realize the vision of his own constitution. Article 39 was meant to provide autonomy to the country’s various regions. Instead, Meles “imposed the same type of authoritarian regime that Ethiopians has always had.” Meles’ actions are in contradiction to the constitution and outright disregarding to the rights of the rest of the country.

    For over 20 years, his reign accorded preferential treatment to the state of Tigray. The prevailing opinion is predicated upon the argument that the clique’s objective is to create an independent state, Abbay Tigray. But is there evidence to back this up?

    Over the last 20 years, Tigray has had disparate advantages over the rest of the country. After the TPLF came to power, they have redrawn the internal Ethiopian map to favor Tigray to the dismay of Ethiopians in various parts of the country. There are many reports that accuse Meles and his clique of taking fertile lands from different parts of Ethiopia and, made them part of Tigray. Resources are transferred from the Ethiopian heartland to Tigray. This included the banking, major industries, the air force and major portion of the country’s armaments using the threat of Eritrea as excuse. In Tigray, there exists an international bureau. Evidences of building towards greater Tigray are plenty. Many Ethiopians believe Meles literally gave-away major portions of Ethiopian land to Sudan to appease Sudan and to ensure a friendly and non-threatening Sudan. There are regular flights between Sudan and Tigray in a daily basis. The transformation of the city of Mekele and overall, the state of Tigray is intense relative to the rest of the country etc…

    Key: “The TPLF was at the gates of Addis. We wanted to make sure that the war ended with what we called a soft landing in Addis and there should be no destruction….We didn’t say takeover the government. We said take over Addis.”

    This is clear evidence that TPLF and Meles never enjoyed support of the Ethiopian people. The US, in effect, was forced to accept the inevitable change at a crucial moment in history. According to the Ambassador, Meles promised change but failed to implement any of the reforms he promised.

    Key: the US, according to Ambassador Cohen is, primarily interested on its “Strategic Interests.” Human rights and other issues are secondary considerations if at all. The question then becomes, does the minority Meles regime-hegemony serve US national interests? According to Ambassador Cohen, “The hegemonic minority rule of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is difficult to sustain as Ethiopians are demanding freedom and democracy.”

    Given the fact that it is clearly understood that the agenda Meles pursues is unsustainable, and also, given the fact that the US’s key strategic interest in Ethiopia is a united Ethiopia; Ambassador Cohen’s campaign, albeit pushed by a personal motive to sell a book, is likely the modus operandi. Hence, it is clear to all, Meles Zenawi and co must go. Meles Zenawi can no longer ensure US strategic interests for many reasons.

    For twenty years, Meles and co shunned goodwill towards any group, individuals, national organizations or nations. Meles played hardball. He used the War on Terror-card against everyone. He used it against Ethiopians, in the Ogaden, Oromo, Somalis and Eritreans. He used every tool at his disposal mercilessly. He imprisoned Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis or any Ethnic group that he felt could get on his way. If one is to ask, if there exists any group of people that supports the minority regime in the region the answer is an emphatic no. Ask the Ogadeni’s the Somalis, the Oromos, Eritreans or any group and one will find no loyalty for this regime.

    There are many indicators that Meles is on his last legs. For over three years, Meles gambled on associating anything Eritrean with terrorism. The trajectory seemed on the up and up when he proclaimed that the noose is now on Eritrea’s neck and bragged of what is to come. He invested a great deal of time and resources to accomplish what he could not through military and other subversive tactics. He literally gave-away Ethiopia to China and others just to get Eritrea and failed. Meles tried to buy time by talking sanction and Eritrea. He, in effect, muzzled the voice of the Ethiopian opposition because the focus was the sanction. However, that is all the time he could buy because Ethiopians are back with vengeance ready to devour him.

    This was highlighted by the recent OLF announcement that clarified a united Ethiopia position. This simple expression of unity jolted the Weyane clique as if hit by tsunami. All one has to do is look at the recent headlines in the mouthpiece website of the genocidal regime Aigaforum. Their incoherent frantic attacks on any Ethiopian opposition are a reflection of the fragility and susceptibility of this group. And they are right to be concerned because for the first time Ethiopians are beginning to speak with one voice. They are talking a voice of unity to an organization that could only survive in a splintered environment, an organization that is truly afraid of a united Ethiopia. When all these groups come together to decide the future of Ethiopia, guess who is going to be on the outside looking in? Meles and his genocidal friends! Meles and co in turn will run for their life if there is a safe haven somewhere.

    According to Ambassador Cohen, “Save Addis from destruction” propelled Meles to power. However, TPLF’s main agenda was Tigray not Ethiopia. After 20 years, Meles has put the people of Tigray in a precarious position by placing them in the middle. He cannot out-rightly proclaim independent Tigray while he is ripping the benefits of being a ruler of Ethiopia because his masters will hang him dry. This is reflected by the lack of affection and respect that Meles shows the people of Ethiopia. But how are the people of Tigray faring and, how will they fair in the long term?

    The reality is no temporary gain is sustainable unless coupled with peace and stability. Meles Zenawi could not win any peace with any group or nation in the region. He could not unite Ethiopia and certainly, he cannot ensure peace for the people of Tigray. The people of Tigray are surrounded by hostility because the hegemonic agenda Meles pursued in the name of Tigray did not promote friendly ties with anyone.

    Meles Zenawi is at a downward spiral, scared and is likely to make erotic decisions as he recently did by “retiring” (expelling) many officers abruptly. It is odd to see Meles, while involved in military campaign in Somalia, releasing officers’ en mass at same time. The reality is, he is scared and he felt that he is removing threats as he repeatedly does. Meles clearly believes that the support he gets from the West is forever. He also believes that they will stick by him regardless of what he does as long as he can ensure their strategic interests. However, US interests cannot be ensured if officers trained by US are chopped-off their duties abruptly as in this case.

    When ESAT asked the Ambassador if Meles was in good terms with him, he replied, Meles got angry after the Ambassador spoke-out in the aftermath of the 2005 election massacre. Meles felt that the Ambassador spoke outside the scope of US Ethiopia strategic relations. In effect, bit the hand that feeds his madness. Think how mad Meles will be after the interview. The Ambassador added fuel to the raging fire that is consuming the regime. In other words, Cohen is telling Meles his time is up.


    Meles Zenawi will go down in history as one of the worst leaders for selling his people, Africa and his soul if he had any. He should face justice for corruption, embezzlement, torture, genocide and all the crimes he committed against the people of the region collectively. Meles used hunger, climate change, war on terror, fear, economy, stability etc…to sell his agenda. All is coming to ahead now. The people of Tigray need peace, stability and prosperity. The region also needs it. However, Meles has proven he cannot provide peace, stability or prosperity. The West already knows Meles cannot ensure a united Ethiopia. These are key constituencies Meles has lost. And regardless of what he does, without them he cannot stay in power for long. That is the stage we are in and I do believe Ambassador Cohen’s timing is not accidental. The Ambassador is telling Ethiopians it is time.

    [email protected]

  13. Lemenessaassa,

    You may hate the green , red and yellow but we do love it. It will prevail to eternity. Those who envision to change or to efface the mother Ethiopia will drink the wine they brew. History prove that. All have lost it. Leave alone the narrowists like OLF, TPLF, EPLF,…, even the Italians, British, Ottoman, Arab,… you name it, all have gone back wearing black cloth or ye hazen Kaba. If you are envisioning to get rid off the green, red, yellow flag, then you without realizing it, you are digging your grave.As I said history proves that. No narrow ethnonationalist will touch Ethiopia and its flag.

    I do not want to go into the ethnic discourse because I have great respect for all the ethnic regardless where they came from. But people like this must be dealt with no mercy. Ethiopia never compromise. If you tell me you choose Latin because you hate Ethiopia? The best thing to do was not to choose Latin? But to leave Ethiopia and go to Latin Country. Because Ethiopia has never been Latin. The fact that you are telling that you choose Latin is a prima facie evidence you are telling us the Oromo people came from Latin and they do not belong to Ethiopia? Is that what you are trying to say?

    Let me call you my brother, that is my good intention to you, the type of your fanatism has not helped even Eritreans. you can see it for youselve. They are drowning and dying like everyone fleeing from their own home. Your ideology will only put the Oromo into a big trouble.

    You must know we Ethiopians are very proud of our history. Anyone who down play with our history will be confronted as all times head on .

    Know that we will not bet on our inheritance with anyone. Our inheritance is written not only in the books but on the stones of Ethiopia. You can never erase even if you do not like it. You will only bring to the oromo more misery and suffering. You must know if people like you get their hands into the oromo people. There is the possibility that Amahra, Tigrean,… other Ethiopians nationalists could end up asking the Oromo to leave Ethiopia and they could end up stateless like Palestenian.

    I advise my oromo brothers to respect Ethiopia. You cannot live in Ethiopia and tell me you hate Ethiopia. That is very stupid. It is like breaking the pot that feeds you food. Other Ethiopian must take such statement seriously. I take seriously. The main reason OLF did not succeeed is not for other reason, but it has an ideology that lend does not help it for its success.

    Lemesemassa is telling us Ethiopian Oromos are not Ethiopians but Latin. Latin is a European language. There is no evidence of Europeans lived in Ethiopia. Oromos do not look European or Arab. Oromos look the most beautiful Ethiopian and even fit well the biblical description of Ethiopian, handsome, tall, beautiful, bronze skinned, fearless and brave, fast people who trade across the sea of the red sea.

    To my brother and sister Ethiopians, amhaharas, oromos, tigriean (including deki barhiri negashaians,)… self-denial is the worst crisis human being can face. We must face head on the self-denialist who tell us they are Latin. Fabricating false and baseless history will not benefit any oromo. Truthful and bona fide Oromos Ethiopians must never give ears to this type of self-denialist narrow elusionist.

    Ethiopia will rise to the stars and its enemy will fall down to the abyss.

    United We Stand replies:

    My dear brother ato Gegaee from the land of warsay/ykalo,
    Allow me taking you to another topic. Please take seriouly NAY ARBA’A ERITRAWI ZEGNETKA/your fourty years eligiblity for Eritrean nationality/. That’s if you genuinely have respect and appreciation for the Eritrean freedom fighters who regretably carried and dropped the racist Meles at the fortune chair of Menelik Palace. I hope that is not too much to ask buddy:)
    Truely Yours,

    Latin?:) replies:

    “There is the possibility that Amahra, Tigrean,… other Ethiopians nationalists could end up asking the Oromo to leave Ethiopia and they could end up stateless like Palestenian.”

    Well said brother Gezaee. I was wondering why the others were so soft on Lammeessaa given the historical fact that Oromos or Ormas are not indigenous Ethiopians.We in the Welega region can identify people like Lammeessaa should the need arise “to ask them to leave Ethiopia”. No mercy with people who think like Lammeessaa.

  14. I have been admiring Siraj Mohammad for few years now for his bravery in his stand as he will be a very good example for educated young people in Ethiopia and outside. Though he has the right to write whatever opinion he has against the recent historical decision by OLF, the part in his recent article he wants to collect people who are evidently happy by the good news into one basket as “Ginbot 7 and its affiliates” is ridiculous to the least. By doing that, I feel he is trying to elevate himself one more step to be a psychic reading everyone’s mind behind the happiness. It is being stupid to generalize and speak for people instead of putting forward one’s own ideas clearly. I have one word for Siraj “Ye’kes mist awoksh awoksh bilwat metshafun atebech”. It was wrong in the first place for the media to bring you into spotlight as a novice college graduate before you were tested with time and experience.

  15. Olana,

    Ye’kes mist awoksh awoksh bilwat metshafun atebech”?.hmm… Safuu!

    I thought that said ims by mistake because you may not speak good Amharic. You should have stated, “The holly book is below you, the holly father is above you, wriggle your bottom so that your husband loves you,
    and the talented young Siraj admires you.” :)

    Instead of going out of your way and trying to pull down this talented young BLACK LION why don’t you put your own piece to the public and let it be judged? THUMBS UP FOR SIRAJ!

  16. 14 # Gezaee,

    you and all others need to know the fact that the online and offline media outlets are filled with tplf propaganda cadres disguised as oromos at other times as Amharas and actively bent on provoking hatred and causing havoc and division in order to extend its tyrannical bad governance.

  17. Gonderew,

    Please do not tell us things which are in your mind which you cannot prove them. There is nothing new in that region. The new thing in that region is that you cannot say anything. I have heard these baseless accusation the tigray region is benefitting? This is baseless and the people are living the most rustic life on earth. Apparently there is more development in the rest of Ethopia than in Tigray. Reason, there is no business there because the region is still a war zone and not good for business. Mekele and asmara are the same ghost cities with no business. Tigrean elites live in addis at the palace. TPLF VIP are in addis and they have only cadres in Tigray who keep on an eye on the people not to say anything. Opposing or complaining in the Tigray region is punisheable by death. You cannot complain or say something going wrong.

    Actually the other region is more relaxed because there is some window of expression through addis ababa. Tigray is really a dead republic now where all the people live in misery like before. Nothing new because Meles is ruling Ethiopia.

    About taking land to tigray from other region. Brother do not worry. An Ethiopian land in Tigray belongs to all Ethiopians, not just to Tigrean. Tigreans are a part and a parcel of Ethiopia and the same applies for the amhara or oromo and …. whether you put a tract of land or lot in Tigray or in Gonder does not really make any difference. If there is any border in Ethiopia, it must be administrative only at least in my understanding. Ethiopian land must never belong to any tribe that is my believe. As such do not worry about such things. Think better and bigger than the Meles politics of ethnic. By the way, did you see when Shabia invaded Tigray? It was all Ethiopians who has given their precious lives, so the land in Tigray does not belong to Tigrean only but to all Ethiopia. This is at least my own believe and I do believe it was like that before even. Mengistu was putting land in Wollo, gonder, tigray, … at that time it did not matter because everyone knows it is administrative and no one cares. I do undestand your fear that Meles has plan to make abay or great Tigray. Such stories must be fiction and elusion even if Meles has such imagination, he will never realize it. Reason: Simply such thing does not belong to this 21 century living condition. Our people cannot afford to live in Meles’s Ethnic world. It is an old world that does not belong to the 21 century. Ethiopians has to be educated about this. You have seen European becoming one nation and with one currency. Forget to have a bantustan Ethiopia we cannot afford to have a bantustan Africa. Africa itself has to unite and protect it resources by forming African security council. The contintent is very rich and it will be a target of outside forces who wish to exploit.

    So do not worry, a land in Gonder belongs to all Ethiopian. A land in Gambela belongs to all Ethiopians. That is why Mengistu tried to settle people from Tigray, Eritrea and wollo in Gambela. ignore the Meles kilel.

    But one thing, without undestanding and having any tangible evidence, do not accuse people in Tigray or amhara in anywhere or oromo anywhere because of past or present or future leader are amhara or tigrean or oromo.

    Even Mengistu was accused of stealing and developing only Woilayta? But was it true? it was not true. Mengistu did nothing special in Wolayata.

    Do not divide people by bring these type of accusation. Your comments supports Meles indirectly because you are accusing and scaring Tigreans as they are robbing and stealing Ethiopians. Meles may be stealing or selling Ethiopian property. But he lives in Addis and he does not even know what goes on Tigray. Do not tell me he does. The layman in Tigray = the layman in Gojam = the layman in Gonder = the layman in Wollo = the layman in Harere = the layman in bale = the lay man in Arusi = the layman in Showa = the layman …

    Bring great ideas instead of wasting time lamenting about Meles things. Meles is human he will go away soon or later. His legacy will be dismantled when he go like Mengistu because what he did is not relevant to the 21 century. It is true Ethiopians live in stone age. But we do not want our people to continue living in stone age. So sooner or later, we will dismantle his bizzare ethnic policies of bantustan and his article 39 and his landlocking policy. We will delete them. Did Meles go? if yes, delete article 39 delete landlocking Ethiopia. Delete ethnic federalism. Delete Oromia, delete amhara region, delete somalia region. Delete others ethnic region.

    Banda Geday replies:

    Hello GeZae:
    No No there is no reason the tigre shifta can take a woreda into the republic of tigray. period. the tigre people has supported the land grab from gondar region we clearley understand that. that land will one day be a place of sarrow of great maGNITUDE. those took the land which is not thier has to think twice and must know that Azeb the eritrean immigrant cannot save those setteled by force when the time come for justice.

    yegiresat replies:

    You look a true ethiopian man from Tigray. My belief is also similar with you. I am not sure that whether you know it or not, during the pre woyane regime, derg or the kings no one was preventing the tigray people from tilling the lands of wolquit, tsgede or humera. This was appreciable. Nonethless in todays ethiopia no one is allowed to practice such habits even a people from dega tsgede are not allowed to go to kola tsgede. Tere is an amharic proverb” BAGORESKU TENEKESKU”. We welcomed Tigrean brothers in their hard time, but today they are killing the indigneous people of wolquit setit and tsegede. Didn’t u realize this. By hook or crook we will take back our ancestoral land, but we don’t have the moral to revenge you.

    Honest replies:

    If Tigreans moved to Wolkait, Setit and Tsegede then why are the city names in Tigrigna and not Amharic?

    Use your head, dedeb.

    Anonymous replies:

    Gezahee is a really rare Tigrayan. It is very rare, I wish there are more people like him form tigray. Most are afraid to say something, or opportunists blinded by ethnicity. Gezahee maybe you can bring more Tigreans towards your way of thinking.

  18. Note: #14/Mr. Gezaee,
    My deep apology in case your application already found out untrustworthy fitting for Eritrean citizenship which unfortunately looks so. In the name of Alah the merciful, please stop making it personal by tormanting your sinful puppet soul, man!
    I’m sure, with your sexy asmarino tgrigna accent you have bright lots of potencial notorizing countless one-night stands with Eritrean butt- heads, for that matter any chics who have steamy hot for wedi shuq like yourself. After all, music and sex is an international language that does not require hiring transtalor.
    Just kool down, you’re so lucky unlike me WEDI DEFA’E DNKUL-SEHAB GEMEL, which i’m proud of shepherding by the way especially my beloved camel whom i stil have much precious lessons to learn from. In fact, i would better preffer sticking with my country-girl GAMEY (barrowing from Abrham Ghebremedhin’s song, one of my favorite Ethiopian artists) that can keep me closer to GMELEY.

  19. Dear Banda Geday,

    your nick speaks volumes about you? hahaha, spare me, I am not going to respond to your tartar.Reason, simple, you will take me out of my interest line into an unnecessary diatribe of ethnic or tribal discourse which have little or no interest at all. I have alot of work to do than preaching genocide or anything like that.

    I personally advise you to find people who are in a similar direction with you because I do not believe I qualify to be your accomplice at any level. My dream is for all people who live in Ethiopia regardless ethnic, tribe or religion or region or province or …. your topic is out of my interest.

    Those of you who tell me I am Eritrean or sought Eritrean citizenship. Honestly you are sick and I can feel your illness. I am Ethiopian born and bred and no need to seek citizenship from the impropder name.

    Those of you who talk about Meles, talk to Meles. Meles and I have no grounds of lame and blame. I do not know Meles. I do not care how he got to Arat kilo and all I care is I do not support him. No more and no less.

    United We Stand replies:

    Dear bro Gezaee,
    Once again, please accept my deep sincere apology. Seriouly, I thought i swear saw you in Asmara, WELAH LE’AZIM YMHLELKA BSLE ABAY HABTEY LETEMARIAM, OR IN YOUR ASMARINO LANGUAGE ‘ABNEPHILIPOS!’. Thanks for asking “ANTA FARA-HAGERESEB! where the fuck exactly did you met me?”

    Well, after i sold out my cows and goats at Edaga Hamus i used to head straight to my favorite spot Edaga Arbi to clean up my many pockets with swa and the warm touch of gual-hiwan. That’s where i saw that could easily pass as your identical handsome twin brother; holding the Johns line and a quarter that probably pocket-picked from his unsuspecting mama’s paurse thightly on his young palm hand, waiting excitedly to take turns with the honorable Madams.

    Frankly speaking, i was surprised, because the holly house was frequented with the sex-starved Derg soldiers, the usual suspect good for nothing drankards and the lonely Hagies like myself with short pants/sticks, shoeless, showerless who had zero chance ever getting laid down with the Asmarina girls. That’s why as soon as i saw you i aked to myself “This cute horny fella must love adventurism like the woyanes challenging his raging boyhood with all positions”…..
    (unfortunately time up & conclusion 2mrw)

    Anonymous replies:

    Dear Mr. United We Stand,
    Please leave alone WOUNDED HEART poor fella ato Gezaee; the recent baptized Ethiopian(lets hope niether the sinful kitfo nor the voice of freedom revoution has nothing to do with it), true son full of dictators Africa and citizen of the fairless planet earth.
    For gods sake, rumors has it that minister of Serving The Truth, jokignly nick-named ‘Little Dictator’, wrongly accused him of spying and trying to spray suspicious substatance into public well at night time and later shamelessly charged him three yrs of hard labor at the notourious Adi Qual max prison. Neverthless, before he satisfies his terms of fabricated punishiment by paying back in full to the Eritrean society of his questionable crime, his habesha niga ass suddenly and mistriouly showed up in the free democratic world of the west.
    Now, the Eritrean high suprime court sentenced him in absentia never ever to set foot again in the land of Warsay/Ykaalo because of alleged espionage and terrorism activities. Trust me guys, if this kind of groundless penality does not make one to overthrow a Big Dictor Fish (unfortunately loved by his fierce independent peaceloving people),so s/he may once again return to her/his beloved city, i just don’t know you tell me what fucking else, man!
    I totally feel and pity you dude and may Alah the merciful help you to clear once again your priceless beatiful name to regain your rightful dual nay-arba’a citizenship. Take it easy and watchout from pretenders.
    (written by mr. United We Stand himself)

    United We Stand replies:

    By the way Gezie buddy, please be advised that the Eritrean government is offering unconditional amnesty for those all run-aways; unless ofcourse, you’re entertaining/fantizing a crazy dream of one day being assigned as prime minister of the religious fanatics and tribal clilsts woyane terrorist puppets in post shaebia, the land of warsay/ykaalo.
    I hope this is breaking sexy news for you bro!

  20. ‘As a person sworn to protect Ethiopia he did not look kindly at becoming an errand boy for TPLF’

    Soldiers are sworn to serve Ethiopia. all those serving in the woyane defence forces should take the lead of Col Gelchu and choose to serve Ethiopia.

  21. I support unity of opposition political groups. However, I think the current unity seems to be the same as the one we celebrated earlier, AFD. It is a good start but presenting it as a done deal is exaggerating the facts on the ground. Rumor has it that Oromos are leaving General Kemal’s group in droves after the announcement. Talk to your Oromo friends.

  22. I think the OLF faction who are opposing is the Muslims. Let us face it, the OLF Muslims are funded, more equipped and have more power than the regular OLF. That is why these Muslim OLFs as the great thinker, such as Gezaee mentioned above, are more protected by Muslims and Arabs all over especially Egypt. That is why they will not settle without secession. I would like to know what Arabs and Muslims have done for Somalia? At the end, they are just Africans for Arabs. There are OLFs also who very much conspire with Shaebia and TPLF to materialize the secession. Let us remember even though one groups do not agree with other groups, they all agree in one think and that is to break Ethiopia because they don’t like Amara, to me that sounds childish when even under Amara they lived in harmony and in stable region. So the type of OLFs could be people like Lencho Leta. Again my question is what was happening when Kemal Gelchu was under house arrest in Asmara? Was he being brainwashed by Issayas? What is the relations between TPLF, Shaebia and OLF right now? This is what we have to find out. Just because Eritreans such as Beidemariam write about that SEEMInGLY pro Ethiopian, he seems happy that Ambassador Cohen seems to support the breaking away of Eritrea.

    Honest replies:

    Kemal Gelchu is Muslim himself and he is the one who is saying OLF unite with Ethiopia.

    Your response is foolish. Do your homework first, dedeb.

  23. Hi Yilma,
    Do not fool yourself. These middle school drop-out militia-men captured at war-front by Woyane/Shabya, turned “OPDO” and given the so called “General” title can not represent and speak for the Oromo people. These people (Gelchu and Gonfa) were servants of Meles until two or three years ago. It seems like you guys are going around and hand-pick our representatives by yourselves the same way Meles is did. Please tell whoever is in charge of this fake drama to come by the front door and talk to the genuine representatives of the Oromo people. The Oromo people are not a party to this fabricated news and a drama staged by derg militia-men in collaboration with Dr Berhanu Nega. Good luck.

  24. [Gezaee]

    ‘Please do not tell us things which are in your mind which you cannot prove them……So do not worry, a land in Gonder belongs to all Ethiopian. A land in Gambela belongs to all Ethiopians. That is why Mengistu tried to settle people from Tigray, Eritrea and wollo in Gambela. ignore the Meles kilel.”

    Gonderew’s analysis is lucid, perceptive and discerning;However,I must add,it will very hard to consider for those who are on the wrong side of history.You pleaded don’t tell us things… hard to prove.This analysis is extracted directly from the speach; the evidence is contaied in the interview.What the writer does is wached the interviews ,perhaps, several times and interpreted its factual message. If you still believe U.S is in bed with weyane chief you are sadly mistaken.The weaki leak interview made it clear that the U.S is unhappy with Melese.U.S exposed his diabolical nature when it revealed in one of the cables ,in one of their meetings Melese demanding the assassination of Bashir. Also, U.s make it clear Melese is comitted to a governement sponserd heavy handed economic plan.As a result he had befriended with China by signing agreements for oil exploration as well as infrastructure for the country.The key word here is a havey handed government sponserd economic plan.This in turn has forced him to adopt a much hard line policy with ONLF.Bottom line U.s is not happy with the relationship of Legese and China.Beside,one of the cables made it clear that in 2008 large chunk of Ethiopianl land has been secretly transfered by Melese to the sudan.

    The revelation of these leaks are meant relationship between the despot and U.S are wanning. With this agree the domestic political dicontent here in the U.S.citzens are increasingly demanding to curtail foreign aid,they are demanding an end to financing global tyrants.The Republican candidate Ron Paul who is second on the poll for the primary had made it clear thae if elected he will balace the baget by instiuting austeerity measure.He openly said will close the department of education and EPA.Under such circumstance you can forget U.S continue financing dictaors across the world.
    Fiunally, the analysis of gonderew is in line with what wiki leak and with changinging political wind.I completely agree with the conclusion of Gonderew Melese’s days are numburd.

  25. Brother Tariku,

    My concern is not with who Meles makes allies. That does not matter for me. But concern is that Ethiopia must not be ruled by a sworn enemy. That is my point. This man has no any capacity to help the people of Ethiopia, but to destroy them only. He is the most wicked person I can say. Everything he does is 100% against the country. I find it so hard how such person came out of Ethiopian womb filled with such evil agenda and an engineer of conflict and hatred and social parochial dissenssion. A personnel without any human moral cannot change Ethiopia. Actually he has become a big problem now than a solution. Ethiopians are busy wasting time to figure out how to remove him and this is not good for the country. Our people were supposed to work. Unfortunately now people have to spend time to figure out how to remove him. He is so selfish and he is holding the country hostage just for his own personal ago and driving the nation against its will.

    He wanted to see all Ethiopian to work as slave in their country. What a curse. He has played with the blood of those who has given their precious lives for freedom. This reminds me what Aboy Sibhat said last year on Radio Merhawi , a tigrignea radio broadcasting. Aboy Sibhat said that Hayelom died without knowing the program of TPLF? he said no one knows about TPLF except him and Meles. This means, leave alone the 91 million Ethiopian, even Tigreans do not know the program of TPLF? That means every Tigrean who supports Meles supports because Meles speaks Tigrignea. It does not matter what he does as long as he Tigrean. This is really an insult to the people. Imagine, if Hayelom did not know what TPLF is, how would the Ethiopian know what TPLF is? why must Ethiopians support such secretive and destructive Meles TPLF? I do sympathize with the Ethiopian people very much. I feel sorry two or one person from Tigray tells them what to do and where to live without them having any right to choose how to live? Very unfair, very unjust to our society.

  26. This way or that way, NO genuine Oromo nationalist in a walk of life is far away from the only ONE Kaayyoo-Oromoo of self-determination. Gen. Kamal’s group now explicitly announcing an ‘Internal self-determination’ as its goal is not in principle wrong. The members of this faction do have a God-given right just like the right of Ob. Dhugaasa’s faction persuing its goal of ‘External self-determination’. Of course Ob. Daud’s group being open for both types of Oromo people’s self-determination and stressing a REFERENDUM on the two options is a conciliatory position. The last decision on the issue must be left for the Oromo public at large. I think what angered Oromo nationals, who are now opposing the move of the General is the euphoria and the premature celebration of the Abesha camp. The Abesha elites just tried to hide their own giving-up of the ‘centeralism position’ and their accepting of the ‘language-based federation’, which they vehemently used to oppose. Actually the position now taken by Gen. Kamal’s group is not new for the OLF, but the move of the Abesha camp to this position of accepting the ‘Federal Republic of Ethiopia’ or the Internal self determination of the Oromo people is new. Simply put, the Oromo camp is the one who won in the negotiation between the Kamal’s group and the G-7, it is not at all a victory for Abesha camp. But, interesting is to observe how the criminal cadres of the Gujile are now enjoying the “conflict” and trying to sow more discord in the Oromo liberation bloc!

  27. I followed this good Doctor’s “stockholm’s ” syndrome with keen interests. I got disappointed
    in many ways for wasting my time to learn from someone who is a medical Doctor glorious Ethiopian. He does not offer me anything new in his piles of referals, books, opinions he used to support his notions of “xaqillay Gizat or Mot” his inferences, his wishes seem to me are Ethiopia his father Qess Negash was born from or nothing else, is what he wants. Ofcourse he is entittled to his iaeas, wishes, biases in anyway of shape. Yet, he failed me and the audiences in diadnosis, as well as the right prescriptions for the patient that is on life support. In this case, let assume Mr Ethiopia is 3000 years old man on ventilator and he happen to be the care taker Board certified physician on duty. Doctor Negash besides blaming everything that went wrong with this man, has no curing single pill on the cabinet, let alone giving it to the patients. He lists how the patient’s arms slapped own eyes, and tears dropped, how legs befall this man, how his hearing went out, and the list goes. In addition, he goes on blaming all medical practioners who dealt with this patient one after the other, yet does not want to blame his great grandmpa who happen to be this man’s physician as well.

    Doctor Negash can be the great idealist, perhaps be the perfect practitioner where he practices, yet did not bring all medical and social, familial history to the table. He would love to avoid some worthy and relevant parts of this poor, old man’s history out of personal prejudices. This type of practice is neglect via prejudice to not cover all relevant points into finding the diagnosis, sunseqently treating Mr. Ethiopia heal.
    Sadily, his texts and medical guidances were written back in 14th and 15th Era, his medical licenses are to be upto date, cutting age scientically backed so to speak. Yet, I did not hear his methods on researched, well tested, proved current practices from this man.
    If all experts do believe such ideas, of Doctor Asfaw would get them anywhere, Mengadun cherqi Yadirgilachihu ilalehu. The problem Ethiopia suffers is chronic, with complex problems. It requires multidiciplinary, well researched teams of social scientists, instead Medical practitioner. Ethiopia has aged, also evolved, as well as historical injustices that had contributed to its ailments are being malpracticed by unqualified personnels as well as greed obsessed gun carriers who want to shoot and kill if not owned by him/her. Here we need to becareful not aggrivate these hostage takers. We may even use among multidiciplinary team we have, expert from hostage negotiator to sane our patient from being blow up!
    After listening to the good Doctor, I say how unlucky is this country we call Ethiopia. Produced so many theorists but so little practitioners! Further more the good Doctor goes far to the right, up to hurting the TEAM as a group or disperse without arriving at
    conclusive solutions. This leaves me sad, disappointed departed never to listen to the man named Asfaw Negash Motbynor.

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