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Ethiopian Youth Public Meeting in Washington DC

The Ethiopian Youth National Movement (EYNM) invites you to a public meeting that will be held today, Sunday, Nov 27, 2011.

Venue: Sheraton National Hotel, 900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204
Date: November 27 (Sunday)
Time: 2 pm – 6 pm

The meeting is organized by a youth movement dedicated to bring democracy and positive change to Ethiopia through peaceful resistance. The meeting is designed to form a strong and cohesive alliance of all civic organizations and draw the participation of the Ethiopian youth into mainstream political struggle against the Woyanne (TPLF) regime.

Please also visit the Facebook event link below for more information and to indicate your attendance

For International Live Video Broadcast: USTREAM.TV: Ethiopian Youth Public Meeting

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The Ethiopian Youth National Movement
We are the People! We are the Future!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @EthioYouthMove

6 thoughts on “Ethiopian Youth Public Meeting in Washington DC

  1. A movement that has a unifying name, such as the Ethiopian Youth National Movement (EYNM), not the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), should be, by any means and at any cost, supported and encouraged by all of us Ethiopians who love, and die for, the unity of our country. We already know, from our past experiences, working hard for more than 30 years just to liberate one province out of many other provinces will take us nowhere but to a catastrophic failure, and having recognized this glaring and humiliating OLF’s defeat, the Ethiopian Youth National Movement that embodies all Ethiopians, regardless of ethnicity, color, gender, religion, race, and geography, will definitely succeed in capturing the imaginations of this unique Ethiopian young generation and in achieving victory over Ethiopia’s arch enemy, the Woyanne regime.

    What is the difference between OLF and EYNM? As most of us already know OLF has been a dysfunctional movement for a number of years because of internal rivalries within its leadership, a leadership that landed the organization itself in Asmara to find a save shelter under the most oppressive leadership of Isaiah Afewerki. Under Isaiah Afeworki’s leadership, OLF has done nothing for Ethiopia except betraying some of the Ethiopian Amhara Freedom Fighters and exposing them to be slaughtered by the Ethiopia’s adversary, Isaiah Afewerki. Most Ethiopians, especially the Oromos, abhor OLF because it is a selfish and divisive organization established by selfish people greedy only for power and fame. Recently, to appear before the public as a living organization, not yet dead, the OLF has proposed a marriage contract between itself and Ginbot 7. Whether that marriage is legal or illegal is an open question.

    On the other hand, EYNM is a brand new organization, never tainted either by Ginbot 7 or by the terrorist OLF, unless this new organization is knowingly infiltrated by one of those old and dying organizations to kill it because of malice and envy.

    The main goal of EYNM, as it has made it clear, is “to bring democracy and positive change to Ethiopia through peaceful resistance.” In contrast, the main goal of OLF is to bring change to Oromia through burning villages, destroying farm crops, stealing chickens, caws, donkeys, camels, and eating camel flesh. OLF wants to impose democracy on the Oromo people by force without the consent of the Oromo people.

    These young Ethiopian breed under EYNM invites every other Ethiopian youth to be part of this energetic youth movement to bring down the Woyanne regime, using the most sophisticated weapon ever invented by Mahatama Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. – none violence!

    My profound and sincere advice to EYNM is to include in their activities some wise old Ethiopians who do not need any leadership position but only to give their indispensable advices to EYNM. If, however, EYNM ignores the counsels of the Ethiopian elders, it will incur the fate of the biblical Rehoboam, son of King Solomon, who rejected the counsel of the elders, and because of his rejection to the counsel of the elders, all Israelis in one voice said to Rehoboam:

    “What portion do we have in David?
    We have no inheritance in the son of Jesse.
    Every man to your tents, O Israel;
    Now look after your own house, David.” (2nd Chronicles 10:8-16)

    So, all Israel left the king, and every one of them went to his tent. I don’t want such things to happen to EYNM; I don’t want to see all Ethiopians say to EYNM: “We have no inheritance or any part in EYNM.” Therefore, the counsels of the Ethiopian elders are very important that should not be ignored because of their old ages.

  2. What poisnous rehitoric is that written by one of woyal loyalist written in the name of Assat B Gettu…

    What kind of peaceful struiggle are you talking about. would yuou like to present an other dozens of youths for woyanne sacrification.

    First of all peaceful struggle never and ever works in Ethiopia under the leadership of Tigray people……. Because they are not basically literated and obviously brought up and coming out from one of the least uncivilized area in Ethjiopia ‘Tigray’. So how can you play with irreplacable life of the youth with such retarded, arrogant and uncivilized creatures coming to power just by gun not by the good will of the people in election. They would never negotiate with power with any kind of party vowing peaceful struggle.

    So the only way to get librated is by the language they would understand and then they would be brought to justice to compensate the oppressed citizen of Ethiopia for the crime they committed for the last two decades.

    Who are you to condemn Ginbot 7 or OLF. This shows how you are so stupid and carrying vacume skull with no brain to think. Do you realize that when you are opening your absurd mouth on Ginbot 7 and OLF who are arch enemies of woyanne but real organizations of the people of Ethiopia. You are bound to do what you should do as long as you are woyanne or Tigree but whether you like it or not you and your families would be tried the way you are trying innocent Ethiopians.

    Victory for genuine political parties like Ginbot 7, OLF nad ofcourse the new emerging youth association.

  3. Tigist sibeza mongnenet #4

    Until you know the art of natation in the open sea of none violence, the kind of swimming Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., enjoyed with their peaceful adherents, until you comprehend and fully understand the consequences of violence, which are property damages, the total destructions of human lives and the exposures of your own country to foreign enemies, until you have learned the sanctities of human lives, the dignities of the living and the none living things, until you measure the balance of power between you and your enemy, and until you are confident the blessings of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church are accompanying you, the most feared Tigrean army generals are behind you, the Ethiopian high school students, the university professors, the nurses, the doctors, the merchants, the taxi drivers, the factory workers, the peasants, and all Ethiopians are marching along side with you, the decadent organizations – the OLF and Ginbot 7 – will have no effect in accomplishing your goal, to bring democracy to Ethiopia, using the devil’s weapons – arms struggles – instead of using the saints’ weapons – prayer and none violence.

    It is time for the young Ethiopians to test their untested weapons: boycotting riding government buses, stopping buying any products from government stores, shutting down all factories, refusing renting any government houses or condoms, abandoning all schools and universities, and marching on the streets of Addis Ababa, using “sit ins” and showing no resistance to the overwhelming Agazi force. Such none-violence demonstration must be national, and should not be limited to the big cities only. Students who participate in such none-violence demonstration must first learn the good examples from the UC Davis Campus students who were pepper sprayed continuously by UC Davis Campus police in California, and yet these students never left their spots. Of course, the Woyanne army may use bullet spray instead of pepper spray. This is where the slogan, “I will die for my country” comes to reality, and, indeed, it is a legitimate cause to die for one’s own country, and if such a death brings salvation to the 95 million Ethiopians who have never seen the light of democracy.

    You stated as your tiny brains dictated to you: “So the only way to get librated is by the language they would understand and then they would be brought to justice to compensate the oppressed citizen of Ethiopia for the crime they committed for the last two decades.”

    To bring someone to justice, one should not use the language his enemy understands; one should not use the weapons his enemy already knows. He must rather use a language his enemy could not understand; he must use the most sophisticated weapons his enemy has never seen before: in this way he can defeat his enemy decisively. In other words, if you use the language Meles uses, and if you use the weapons Meles frequently utilizes, then you are not going to win the battle; however, if you use the language of peace Meles never understands and the weapons of none violence Meles has never seen before, without any doubt victory will be yours.

    Your statement: “…coming out from one of the least uncivilized area in Ethjiopia[Ethiopia] ‘Tigray’ is laughable. Tigray, even though I am not from that area, has been the cradle of Ethiopian civilization. Axum, the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, the birth place of Emperor Ezana, Emperor Abraha, Emperor Kaleb, and the first African city to have accepted Christianity, is in Tigray province. For your information, no other Ethiopian cities are richer in history than the Tigray province, and it is this tiny province, the home of Emperor Yohannes, that is now ruling 95 million Ethiopians legally or illegally. To turn things around, you have to be wiser than the Tegaru, smarter than the Tegaru, and brighter than the Tegaru. One thing I know, for sure, you will never be smart, wise, bright, intelligent, and persuasive as far as you are getting your defective instructions from the two defective organizations – OLF and Ginbot 7. I was with Ginbot 7 for few years, but I got out of it after I saw Ginbot 7 was dating the promiscuous girl – OLF.

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