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26 thoughts on “Woyanne says Yenesew Gebre suffered from mental illness

  1. This is an old trick used by governments to make people feel that what they believe in wrong. The good thing is that they have come to admit the thing happened after a week. Why did Meles take 1 week to admit this news. If it was news, it should have been told the day it happened. this shows how ESAT and cybermiedia is taking the shots and ruling the information war. Way to go for ESAT and cybermedia. Meles is kneeling down and losing the jamming and repression war.

  2. If he was insane, why did Meles imprison him 2 times? This is fishy and it looks like meles is looking for a way out. Remember Meles also told us the dead martyrs of June and November 2005 were duriyes. So who trusts him anyway. So the spin from Meles would not change the fact.

    On a higher level, Yensew is the HERO who opened the way for decisiveness and bravery. Thanks for Meles to swallow the bitter pill and tell the story after being forced by Abebe Gellaw and ESAT.

  3. This is adding salt to injury of the Ethiopian people by this minority regime. For how long will be the treatment like slaves of Ethiopian people by Wayane. Enough is enough better choose between “give me liberty or death” no other alternative.

  4. If this indivisual is mental like the government now wants us to believe, then why would weyane’s education institution hire a person who suffer from mental illness?
    if this teacher is mental then the intire population of ethiopia, is insane.except the few and the privilaged tigreans who are being fed with golden spoon. live the life of wealthy european, hire 2 maids and a full time baby sitter, a guard and a driver.

  5. If wayne/TPLF knew that Yenesew was mentally ill, why did they put him in jail?? Sin Tewaweq Anitenanq ale yagere sew!!!Ke Muwachuna ke Meles manewu in de ibdii tesaadab?? Meles ikoo ibdi tebloo be alem hakim beetochi iye takeme idelem indee??

  6. Knowing Woyanes, this is expected to come from them. Just before I read this article, I was saying to myself, I bet Woyanes going to label Yenesew as a mentally unstable man.
    My fellow Ethiopians, tomorrow please ask for prayers for Yenesew and his family and tell his story to your churches. Please let the whole world know how much Ethiopians have been suffering in silence. Nothing like this have never been seen during the other butcher Mengestu era. Yenesew was muzzled by woyanes not to communicate with others, but in the end, the drastic and desperate action he took to end his life is a testimony the kind of hell woyanes had put him through. The TPLF regime is the worst Ethiopians have ever seen.

  7. Yenesew Gebre is our hero! He died for the sake of our country Ethiopia. We hate people like Haile Gebrselassie who collaborate with woyane regime, we hate foreigners like alamodi who are robbing our country, but this brave young man Yenesew Gebre will be remembered forever. Our straggle against the woyane regime will continue!

  8. There we go again. This is nothing new, the former Soviet Union used to send dissidents to mental institutions where they were kept durgged and sedated. Now our own communist leaders are telling us the young dissident and teacher was crazy.


  9. This Meles regime is known for shrewdness and lying to stay in power by any means. Ethiopian people should rise up before Meles finish them one by one by slow death. What are we waiting for? It is sad watching Ethiopian citizen burn himself out of frustration and hopelessness. It is sad. What happened to the Ethiopian Wonie? Everyone who is fighting is a terrorist according Meles, if fighting for your right makes you a terrorist so be it. I want my freedom or death.

  10. Indeed. very sad. Now about this half-sister, she didn’t even want to say that he is her brother like any ethiopian. She kept saying he is her mother’s son. He was probably arguing and fighting with her because he can’t stand his “mother’s daughter” being a sellout. She couldn’t stand him. She wanted to see him buried for good because he is better loved and intelligent. Whoever visited Solomon tekalign may have been visited her. disgusting. At this period of time, a sister should mourn a brother and “SHUT UP” whether what happened is political or healthwise. Maferia! She may get promotion or money for her evil doing, for soiling her brother’s name. That is what they are good at. What if he asked her money for Alcohol or Chat? What is this crap? I really think Meles wouldn’t agree with her. atleast he doesn’t think Alcohol and chat makes one crazy. She could have said she is tired of helping him after he got fired from work. What a sister! Sister from hell, ayadris! For the others woyane puppies of “balesilTanat” what do we expect? They are criminals.
    RIP yenesew.

  11. BBC is quick to report on Woyannes PR move to discredit the late Mr. Yenesew Gebre, they are showing their true colors for all Ethiopians who gullibly belive the likes of BBC as credible news organizations.

    The second sad part is the Ethiopian opposition who keep squandering the sacrifices of honorable people like the late Mr. Yesenew, except for making noise from their hiding places outside Ethiopia they showed they can’t even come up with a united voice in regards to the self sacrifice of a hero.

    Time to stop talking too much and bickering among the leadership of Ethiopians in the diaspora, get your act together, go back to Ethiopia and lead from the front.

  12. It is with profound sadness to hear teacher Yenesew Gebre to take his own life by setting himself on fire. However it would have been worth while and can send a stern warning to the terrorist regime if he had taken along with him one of the Woyane officials rather than dying alone. My heart goes out to his family and relatives. May the almighty God rest his soul in peace

  13. This cruel-fascist Woyane surprisingly said Yenessew was crazy that why he burnt himself….First of all we do not hear anything from tyranny, it is the Ethiopian people that should speak about the sacrifice of this young man for democracy and justice. How once sister says her died brother crazy/intoxicated unless she is threatened, intimidated by Woyane. Even who proofed she is his sister? This bloodsucker Woyane is insulting not only the remains of Yenessew but also the Ethiopian people. Because he sacrificed for Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. Because there is no freedom of speech the Doctor who was treating Yenessew didn’t say anything for fear of revenge by Woyane..that is why Yenessew sacrificed himself for. To all Ethiopian people let us wake up this is the final stage of Woyane do not listen Woyane while it is insulting the respected human remains . Woyane is always lying, LYING LYYING LYING, KILLING PEOPLE AND OUR MOTHER LAND. Religious father what is the implication of insulting human remains? This dangerous, this is serious,…This young man, Yenessew didn’t get a chance to work in his country, no freedom, no justice, no bread even no peace upon his death. Death for Woyane!!! DIASPORA LET US RAISE THE SLOGAN OF YENESSEW, A YOUNG MAN WHO SACRIFICED FOR FREEDOM!!!

  14. Hello Elias the Great (it is a great job),
    As DA said it it is indeed the end of Meles the liar. The Ethiopian “Yenesew Revolution” (like that of Tunisia’s “Jasmin Revolution”)has just started. The Yenesew Revolution must not loose momentum. Everywhere, we will see more Yenesews in the next days. Let us be prepared for the coming government of national unity. Ethiopians will at last live in peace within themselves and with their neighbours. Tigryans must side with the people of Ethiopia rather than with the minority liar regime in order to avoid an ethnic cleansing by the rest Ethiopians. This is a serious issue which must be given an attention. Tigrayans have now the chance to proof that they are Ethiopians.
    Ethiopia will prevail and the “YENESEW REVOLUTION” will succeed.

  15. the satanic woyane regime has no conscience or shame to come out with such lie.

    Everyone knows that the Tigre People liberation Front are abusers of human rights, they torture and imprison people routinely, thier greed and looting of the country has created an economy that runs at 40% inflation. People are being driven from their villages and towns unable to survive.

    this alone is good enough reason to protest.

    the days are numbered and sooner or later the fire that has started in DAWRO WAQA will engulf Tigre People liberation Front .

  16. Members of the organized criminals known for terrorizing neighboures,villages,towns,families,cities,and households can not fool Ethiopians,no matter how hard they tried to cover up the crimes they committed against citizens,in Ethiopia.It is a desperation and failed attempt by the regime’s media outlets that they replaced the truth and the facty with faulty and unbelievable news and propaganda tha Yenesew Garbe is mentally disabled a person.Bullshit!Bullshit! AND Bullshit!

    Zinawi’s cadres who are addicted to lies can not think clearly and straight;no wonder they tried to twist the truth about the hero we missed dearly.Well,Zinawi will definitely pay the price in the end.

  17. “በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ አስተያየት መስጠት አልችልም”። ዶ/ር እግዚአብሔር ይጠብቅዎት ፈርቸለዎታለሁ። ጀግናው የኔሰው መምተኛ ቢሆኑ ዶ/ሩ እውነቱን ለመናገር አይፈሩም ነበር። “አዎ በሺተኛ ነበር” ብለው እቅጩን ይነግሩን ነበር። ሆኖም ግን ነገ የሚያመጣውን ጣጣ በመፍራት አስተያየት ከመስጠት ተቆጥበዋል። ይህን ማወቅ ያቅተናል። የአቶ መለስ አፋኝ ቡድን ስንቱን አሞታል እያሉ አስረው ጭጭ አደረጉት? የሚቆጥር ይቆጥረዋል።

  18. “Mellese Zenawi’s regime said that Yenesew Gebre, the Ethiopian teacher who burned himself to death to protest the gross injustice in Ethiopia, was a mental patient, according to VOA.”

    Give us a break!!! As if Mellesse and his regime have any type of credibility left? As if we Ethiopians have any trust left in Mellesse and his regime?

    Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs have one of the best track records for deception, lying, and playing Ethiopians in this century. They have been cheating, deceiving, and lying to the Ethiopian people all these twenty years. Ethiopians have experienced the darkest form of deceits, treasons, and treacheries in history from the actions and statements of Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF/EPRDF thugs.

    How can we forget how they manufactured false evidences, made up witnesses, and created none existent crimes to send Ethiopian democrats, oppositions, and ordinary citizens to jail? How they committed treasons and treacheries on the country and its people based on lies, deceptions, and hatred. How do we forget how Professor Asrat, Doctor Taye, CUD leaders, Judge Birtukan, and very many democrats were all tried, judged, and convicted by using manufactured evidences, false witnesses, and none existent crimes by Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs.

    If there is any Ethiopian in this world that have any trust in or give any credibility to the Mellesse/Woyane/TPLF mafia then that person must be either mentally sick, totally delusional, or must be EPRDF hired sellout slave. No one can or will believe Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF mafia group. They have lost all credibility with the Ethiopian people since 1993.

    This new campaign of deceits, lies, and character assassination, which is the typical modus oppranda of the Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs only reflect the fear, denial, and delusional state of mind of Mellesse and his thugs. They may think their obvious deceits would change the course of history or Ethiopians’ resolve to remove the most crude, dark, treasonous, and treacherous pseudo “government” and “parties” Ethiopia have currently in Woyane/TPLF/ EPRDF and “leader” Mellesse. No, Mellesse’s and his Woyane/TPLF/EPRDF thugs’ lies, deceits, and treacheries are all exposed and known beyond any doubt. They don’t have an iota of credence and credibility. They have zilch, zero, none.

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