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Ethiopia: One in 8 children die before age 5 (video)

KETV in Omaha, Nebraska, reports that currently close to 20 percent of Ethiopian children are orphans and 1 in 8 die before they reach the age of 5.

3 thoughts on “Ethiopia: One in 8 children die before age 5 (video)

  1. This is one of many signs of economy growth of Woyanne style.
    What else can we expect from a bunch of people who have robbed the country blind and have become multimillionaires running the poorest country in the world. The parents of these children are forced to leave their children at the orphanage because of extreme poverty or died from lack of basic medical care. Or the children are being used for profit. According to the report, it cost 15 to 20 thousand US dollars to adopt a child from Ethiopia. It is heart wrenching and a great shame indeed! As they say in Ethiopia: leterabe tiche letegebe aznalehu:: I feel sorry for the souls of those who have gotten filthy rich by looting the people and the country.

  2. What a curse and shame to all of us Ethiopians. Woyane are spending all energy and money fighting illegal wars in Somalia, blackmailig Eritrea and stealing and transfering money to swiss banks while poor Ethiopian kids are dying from lack of proper healthcare and nutrition.
    Our small neighbour Eritrea which the woyane leaders lose sleep trashing its image day and night has reduced infant moratlity greatly that it is the only country in sub saharan countries to meet UN millenioum goal. A high ranking Canadian official at the UN brough the issue of Eritrea being the only subsaharan country on the track to meet the millenium goal and asked why Ethiopia is not using its resource and energy in meeting that goal instead of conspiring to put more sanctions on Eritrea; most of officials at the meeting agreed to his comment.

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