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Prof. Vestal talks about his new book on Ethiopia

Ted Vestal new bookDistinguished professor and a great friend of Ethiopia Prof. Theodore M. Vestal will discuss his new book, The Lion of Judah in the New Word: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and the Shaping of Americans’ Attitudes Toward Africa, at a book signing event in Washington DC area on September 25, 2011.

Sunday, Sept 25, at 3:00 PM
Place: Howard University, Locke Hall, Room 105, 2400 6th Street NW, Washington DC

Monday, Sept 26, at 6:30 PM
Place: Edgar Allen Poe Room, 3rd Floor, Enoch Pratt Free Library Central Branch
400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Maryland

For directions call 410-396-5494
For more information: [email protected]

Listen to Prof. Vestal’s recent interview on PBS:

11 thoughts on “Prof. Vestal talks about his new book on Ethiopia

  1. Thank you for preserving and passing the Haileselassie era’s history to the new generation which happen to have very little knowledge about the true historical facts of that time . Educating the young is the key for a better future.

  2. Koster
    It seems that you are a fool That prof vestal a renowed autor of the
    world history point about his imperial majesty Ethiopianess or amharaness unlike your fictionories from the dedebit desert trash
    the history like no one in the planet and those fools like you who believes woyannes history version or only learn that would be seen as an alien after woyannes dissapearance “so to say woyannes history is only for woyannes and no other”

  3. Koster,
    You are absolutely right that the late HailSselassae was a mixed race from Amharas, Guragaes and Oromos, including Christian and Muslim in his family. Ethiopians don’t have any idea how many Amharas have been imprisoned and hanged during HaileSelassae era and he did very little for Gondar, Gojam and Wollo area. Yes, he could have done better, but I still think he did what he could for his country and love his people more than the two inhumane dictators who came after him.

  4. In the current 3D version release of The Lion King, Scar, the ever scheming, reactionary, murderous and evil brother of the king, threacherously wheels and deals, and misleads his way to the high rock with his hyena co-conspirators. Simba, the heir apparent, after years of exile and Hakuta Matata foreign persona, finally returns to reclaim his people and the kingdom.

    In one memorable line, Lana, the lioness princess, says, “Everything’s destroyed. There’s no food. No water. Simba, if you don’t do something soon, everyone will starve.”

    This is a story straight from the biblical Israel or present day Ethiopia.

    Thereafter shall arise two princes to oppress the nations, under whose hands there shall be a very great famine in the right-hand part of the east, so that nation shall rise up against nation and be driven out from their own borders. – The Apocalypse of Thomas.

  5. Koser
    What do you mean? Haileselassie wasn’an Amhara ? hahah that’s so funny and an insult to him and his line of Juddah !!! I am wondering if you wan to say he was an Oromo ???? Shame

  6. Hailu, one of the most ill informed person. Who cares if this king says he is from the line of Juda. Notice he did not say he is the from Line of Ahamara,Oromo etr.. instead he choose to Say the line of Juda. hat, our lineage, our culture not good enough for him that he has to go to a foreign culture and adapt a name. In fact, especially people from the north always feel comfortable claiming outsider identity leaning on the outside source to validate them, it always comes back to hunt them. Our Failure lies in this very fact that we need other to validates, we always look to outside country to assistance, rather than look inward. To you maybe being the oldest Christin may be a source of pride, but look at it this way if we were the oldest Christins , we were also the first to give up our own ways of worshiping God and submitted to foreign Gods.

  7. HIM Selassie’s worse mistake was the mishandling of the Weyane uprising of 1943. The time has come for Britain to apologize for its use of aircraft to surpress the uprising; bombing Mekelle in october 1943. Britain’s apologize could have a positive impact on contemporary Ethiopia.

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