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Ethiopia’s mother of corruption bitch-slaps Al Amoudi

At a recent party at Sheraton Hotel in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi, slapped Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi in front of hundreds of guests, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

Azeb, who is commonly known as “the mother of corruption” in Ethiopia, was reportedly incensed that Mohammed Al Amoudi failed to invite her to the party.

The {www:bitch-slap} that landed on Al Amoudi’s hairy face was so laud that it attracted the attention of almost every one in the hall, sources told Ethiopian Review.

After the incident, both Azeb and Al Amoudi left the party separately.

It is common for Al Amoudi to slap and punch his assistants when he gets drunk. His favorite punching bag is his chief assistant Abnet Gebremeskel. So he receiving his own medicine from some one higher up in the Woyanne {www:food chain}.

60 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s mother of corruption bitch-slaps Al Amoudi

    so what do you expect from thifes? eventualy they Will be destroyed and Ethiopia will be free.and gladly provied the means for them to kill each other

  2. I think it would be better if the two Arab bastard bitches slap each other on Jerry’s Tv show. Few weeks ago I was told by someone who is an Eritrean while I was eating in one of Ethiopian restaurants said that Azeb is a half Sudanese on her father’s side Azeb’s mother was at first a hidden prostitute. Then she became a maid to a Sudanese family on the border of Ethiopia and Sudan and the man of the house slept with Azeb’s mother then this bastard and bitch was born. In addition Azeb before she joined TPLF Azeb use to be a maid to a Sudanese family in Gadarif Sudan then she became a prostitute in Ondurman city Sudan.

  3. Yes, he deserves the slap. Have you guys read the wikileaks report about Alamoudi? I guess he deserved the slap since TPLF gave him all the top privatization deals including our gold. Alamoudi is the defacto government in Ethiopia. He is above the law since he is their main source of hard currency. He is their main money launderer. One thing is for sure, truth always prevails. At the end, the co-conspiritors against the people of Ethiopia will turn on each other. Long live the peace loving people of Ethiopia.

  4. I think Ethiopians needs to reevaluate their negative opinion of Azeb. Just because she used to be a prostitute doesn’t means she cannot redeem herself. For Azeb to slap the Wahhabist agent Al Amoudi (while the likes of Tilahun Gessesse and other so-called patriotic Ethiopians kiss his shoes to get some crumbs) is a heroic deed indeed.

  5. Sometimes reality is funnier than fiction…Well well, had it not been in the context of starving Ethiopians and the misery of the nation we could have developed a series of comic episodes based on the characteristics of these beasts of burden who entered the seats of governance posing as so-called revolutionaries.
    In actual fact the infantile woyanes are the most backward and reactionary-mercenary elements Ethiopia and Ethiopians ever tolerated since eons.
    After twenty years of mass deception and pseudo-intellectual collaboration along with the power- that -be in the West the hayinas’ camp is slowly unravelling without a knockout punch everybody was hoping for in the tradition of the good old Cowboy John Wayne. Did sheik Hussen prophesize that the woyanes will be vaporized or will do a double bitch-slap? Or more deceptive stylish psuedo revolution is in the making before Ethiopia morphs into Singapore Success and every child is fed four meals a day and the dummy dum Ethiopians will pay for the Phantom Dam to nowhere that fantastically benefits the Sudanese.
    Show time for the Emperor has no cloth. And the shallow- minded billionaire.lost the mojo and the cahoot . And the khat-addict midget lost all his brain cells. The infantile lefty’s Stalinist dogma went down the gutter just like the woyanes’ master Kadaffi ( gudafi ) pseudo emperor a.k.a. King of kings …my foot! Isn’t woyane the lap dog of Guddafi? Now they are both doomed. Enter also Shweyga Mullahs the newest poster-child into the theatre you have an inferno that rivals Dante’s. What an amusement park is the whole woyane landscape! At least poor Ethiopians are getting free entertainment in these miserable and inflationary times. The sun also rises!

    How to end this historical and brief theatrical episode is anybody’s guess. The clowns and their sycophant-hyena supporters are at the end of their ropes. They have reached a critical mass whether they like it or not. Here is the cliff hanger. How soon will they bottom up?
    Remember new year is around the corner.

  6. Please more refreshing comments like Hollywood # 55. To the point with humor. For those who try to influence and mix their critiques regarding Ethiopia with religion as a thing of Christian and being Muslim are Woyane agents with their primitive divide and survive tactic. All Ethiopians are children of Ethiopia who are victims of the evil & wicked Woyanes and their mercenaries. Those who fall on the hook of the religion and tribal rhetoric are either ignorant, confused or as someone pointed out in another article fact denying cowards who want to hide their head in a sand of lies. The situation in our country has nothing to do with religion. Mr. Moudin for example is the most blasphemous person who does everything to the contrary of Koran’s teachings and or Tagay Paulos (Dabilos) with the Bible. They might be an agent and a mercenary but by no means a religious person. So be aware of those agents who are trying to use the religion or tribal card when they are cornered. Information outlets like ER have the responsibility to do more in awareness campaigns in this regard.
    God bless Ethiopia and a Happy New Year!

  7. I have more information for Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit. Right after getting slapped, Al Amoudi left for Dubai. However, Al Amoudi is a dog. He will come back wagging his tail.

  8. We have known this for many decades by now, thieves do not fight when they steal, but once they consolidate their loot they start looking at each other, as to who has moe than them, that creates the kind of tension only thieves understand. The money sacks are full at EFFORT bank, and the stakes are high, TPLF queen bee is looking at the only competion she has to the kind of money power she weilds.

    As EFFORT gets bigger by the minute, CEO azeb Mesfin is feeling confident she has the power to eliminate a potential future enemy, if Ala Moudi starts to feel the heat from them, he too will be scared of the potential future conflict, and may lose his wealth in the conflict. So, to protect his financial stand he may start funding another political wing to combat EFFORT and TPLF, that will mean a potential explosive development in the Ethiopian political land scape. Drag dealers do not fight with clean person, they fight with other drag dealers, hobos fight with other hobos, and crooks fight with other crooks, rich people compate with other rich.

    EFFORT will go against ALA MOUDI, its an expected contest, and both of them know it is coming. Azeb bitch slaping Ala Moudi is the prelude.


  9. He should consider himself lucky. This article is hilarious regardless if it’s true or not. By the time Ethiopians get their hands on him…It will be much worst than a slap

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