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Is Musseveni brokering peace between Meles and Isaias?

Reuters is reporting that Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki is heading to Ugandan capital Kampala this week for a 3-day state visit. There is a wide-spread speculation that Uganda’s dictator has invited Isaias to broker a peace deal with Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi. It’s highly doubtful, but if the speculation is true, and if Yoweri Musseveni succeeds in normalizing relations between Woyanne and Eritrea, it will be a big blow to Ethiopia. Fueling the speculation is a “breaking news” by today that Woyanne’s boss Meles Zenawi has called Eritrean opposition groups for urgent meeting in Addis Ababa on Wednesday. Meles and his Woyanne thugs will be gone soon one way or another. Eritrea’s government needs to take the long-term view and build strong relationship with the people of Ethiopia, instead of making peace with the Woyanne junta that is barely surviving. Read the Reuters report below:

Uganda invites Eritrea leader for visit

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Uganda has invited Eritrea’s leader, President Isaias Afewerki, accused by the West of stoking Somalia’s Islamist rebellion and destabilising the east African region, to a state visit next week, Uganda’s State House said.

Eritrea rejoined the East African bloc IGAD last month, four years after it walked out on the body in protest at arch-foe Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia to oust an Islamist administration the United States said had ties to al Qaeda.

“Eritrea is one of the strategically vital countries to the stability of the region, especially in the Horn of Africa and the wider global agenda,” State House said in a statement late on Thursday.

A U.N. Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea said in late July that Asmara was bankrolling al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants in Somalia. Al Shabaab claimed they were behind a twin suicide bomb attack on the Ugandan capital, Kampala, last year.

Horn of Africa experts say that Isaias has become increasingly diplomatically isolated. Leader of one of the world’s most secretive states, Isaias makes few state visits.

The U.N. has imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, as well as a travel ban and an asset freeze on Eritrean political and military leaders who it says are violating an arms embargo on Somalia.

Asmara denies the charges, and accuses the United States and neighbouring Ethiopia of “irresponsible interference”. (Reporting by Elias Biryabarema; Writing by Richard Lough; Editing by Giles Elgood)

72 thoughts on “Is Musseveni brokering peace between Meles and Isaias?

  1. Elias… an investigative journalist, you should have asked critical question as to your narrative above that “the ICU government in 2006 before it was overthrown had Sheriff Ahmed Sheriff as its leader and it seems like it’s the same one they alleged had connection with Al-Qaeda that is been appointed by the USA. The US has always used all sorts of excuses in order to satisfy its interest. Stable and secure region has never served the US interest. Take Latin America, for instant, in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, US ransacked the continent of all its resources while terrorizing and impoverishing hundreds of millions of the indigenous citizens. Now Latin America is in peace and away from the hegemony of the US, they are doing rather fine but as for the US, it’s on a spiral downturn. Only Colombia and Mexico seems to be the only friends of the US in the whole of Latin America and they are the only countries that are embroiled in violence and insecurities. That says a lot about it. I forgot US’s new friend in Latin America…..HONDURAS…..the coup leader in Honduras who overthrew a sitting and democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya. Hillary Clinton’s election fund raining manager is the PR lobbying for the US supported dictator in Honduras.

    I believe, it’s about time we use our brains more often rather than churning out the lies that have been constantly spewed out by the western corporate mainstream media groups. I think you can make your own analysis. Besides, IGAD has long ceased to operate for the purpose of what it’s intended to do. The US, as usual, had hijacked it as a desposable tool for its own foreign interest.

    As for Weyane, I think your guess is wrong…..way off the mark!!!….you don’t seem to know the polity of Eritrea(At least from an Eritrean point of view)

  2. i know isayas has run out of any option but to beg ,africans to come to terms with the great people and leader of ethiopia,mubarek gone ,ghadafi will soon go what else for esayas ? himself only,run before the dark covers your light ,otherwise we will remove you ,with your thugs ,

  3. One thing is very interesting. Everybody seems to be asking why Isaias is in Uganda. The answer is simple: he was INVITED. So the question people should ask is: why did Museveni invite Isaias to Uganda than asking why Isaias went there?

  4. demfelat truly you are demflat did yoy chew kat or drunk do you know what colony means?that means you loose your country and you civel you and my be your father think that eritreans invite italains to colonize them,but the truth is your leaders gave up their province to not distort hitory ther are millions ethiopians and eritreans they beleave in reconceliation for peace and justis and for living togather,i know you are not one of them but i wish you go hell.

  5. Now that the days of Meles and woyanne/Tplf
    are numbered we true ethiopians should start
    register the names and ID’s of woyanne cadres
    who are enabling and supporting dictatorship
    and tyranny in ethiopia.

  6. It is not the news about I.A’s state visit to UGANDA, whether this came about through his own initiative or invited by the UGANDAN governement, that surprise me the most, but the reaction of some Ethiopians about this development, and the way some of us come to internalize this debate in to the either or category. After all this many years one can think by now we know something tangible about the two leders,and therefore we would not be confused with changing circumstances. Alas that is not the case. Accordingly those who are in favor of any of those “Ethiopian professing “but ,for all practical purpose, who have become very much under tight control and guidance of Asmara seem to think the development of this news is detrimental to Ethiopia.
    Is that all what is left for we Ethiopians to be; to swing where ever the political wind may take us? Where are the zealous Ethiopians men and women who put their country interest first and theirs last? Could it be we run out of those bold, confident, and imaginative minds? I tend to think no. There are still visionaries for Ethiopia; we want these to call us back to a collective action so that our people in particular and the region in general can enjoy peace. As to those who still “lean on the arm of a flesh” such as I.A. I feel sorry for your all. Since 1976, just like those who are working now with Shabia now, I have been near and around Shabia and TPLF.I have always believed and remain to be convinced that any Ethiopian that insist to topple weyane chief through the help gained from I.A is retarded, or outright opportunist, in all likely hood I like to think they are of the latter sort. One thing is sure; the individuals who pursue such strategic suicide know and are well informed about the intent of these forces that Ethiopia is faced with. Many of them, including myself, happen to be former EPRP veterans. How sad how deplorable! All of a sudden it becomes fashionable, in some circles, to be in favor of one dictator over the other in the struggle to liberate Ethiopia. What is more, the same politically enlightened individuals, so they seem to think, come to believe the use of a term such as UNITED ETHIOPIA as a taboo. The country can only be saved by those who have great confidence of the people of Ethiopia, by those who believe on self reliance, and on those who are willing to recruit leaders from the grass root level on the home turf. I will say this show me a man without principle, I say I will show you a man who will be at the mercy of the wind. Show me a man anchored with principle, I will say he is a one of a heck of a man where his people people flock around.
    My the LORD him self give us the courage to say no to evil,and only do those things he approved of.

  7. #35.Ambabi,

    Agitating Ethiopians to confront the wrong imaginary distant enemy amounts to prescribing suicide for a sickness that is primarily caused by the local viruses, that is to say, alternating Ethiopian ruthless dictators and and criminal tyrants down the line.

    Why trying to divert attention from the minority tyrannical Wayane dictators at a time when Ethiopians are trying to buld democracy and the tyrant is flirting with China and collecting crumbs in to his own private bank accounts by badmouthing the West for fear of democratization as his new techniques pleasing the Chinese and milking them for a while. Ethiopians are NOT fools that may just keep manipulating for your personal FAT caw milk storage. Hmm…

    Even Chinese totalitarianism will soon crumble as the middle class rises and gets stronger and stronger to build democratic egalitarian society. BEKA!

  8. #40.Alebachew,

    Thank you for telling the truth in case there are thinking and any action oriented Ethiopians left. Endless chatter boxes and empty feel good patriotic bragging are in oversupply.

    Uniting and stopping Wayane in practice is pathetically under supply and this needs to be reversed through the thinking and action before it is too late whereby even the name Ethiopia may completely disappear from map forever. That threat is real.

  9. Critics that who claim they don’t like Woyane and Sheabia _ in real life, most of them are diehard woyane supporters. They are hired oppositions by woyane to sow division within the Ethiopian oppositions: simply to create havoc among oppositions: those people can also be an obstacle to create oppositions that welling to have a workable relationship with the Eritreans government. And some of them are Derg/Haile Selasia followers who infatuate with Eritrea. For those of our Tigrayan brothers and sisters who have ill wish toward Eritrea, my god have mercy on you. Understandably you are jealous -due to the success of Eritrea. That is why your soul is eating you alive. I don’t know what kind of insects are eating your head, but if you have anything left, you would know that the people who are leading woyane- Meles, Bereket, Samora are all born from the people whom you called askary. Congratulations, for you been led by ASKARY.

  10. I do not agree on what Mehari said. First of all Mehari himself is looking the picture from his own benefits. At least Mehari must be optimistic and give some percentage to a possible peace. The move should be appreciated at least. Secondly Mhehari choice bad word “slave”, our brothers and sisters are not slaves at all. They are defending our nation. What Mehari can not understand was that our land is yet illegal occupied by weyanes and Meless is yet do not abandoned the dream of invasion. Therefore Issayas is right to keep big military under military service. We need to remember Eritrean independence was possible with unpaid military strategy. Therefore, to see if Issayas want to keep our military as it is or not we need to see Meles leave Badme and respect the rule of the law. Otherwise to hammer Issayas for unfair issue is just DEW BELELEY KIBLETSELKA……

  11. My Ethiopian brothers and sisters don’t be deceived both meles and esayas have the same one master,this 2 western puppets have the same agenda which is to destroy or break down both people slowly but surely.our hope is only the Almighty God because when western puppets are very loyal for their western masters it is very hard to remove them peacefully.

  12. Time of desperation, and I can’t wait to see truth unravelling. This next six months are the most exciting months of the last 6 months. If you are wondering, just wait patiently. If you can wait 20 years, 6 months are easy but thrilling and worth waiting patiently. As an Ethioian, I can imagine how you all peaceful and innocent Ethiopians will quench your thurst for justice.

  13. 60#.Suture,

    “Critics that who claim they don’t like Woyane and Sheabia _ in real life, most of them are diehard woyane supporters. They are hired oppositions by woyane to sow division within the Ethiopian oppositions:…” You wrote

    Thank for the timely observation!

    You are absolutely right because that is what is exactly happening all the time under the guidance and generous open handed funding of the cunning fox tyrannical Wayane dictatorship manipulating from behind the door and forcing us to dance at its own evil drumming.

    We must be able to ignore these divisive and frightened dirty agent provocateurs and concentrate on the main issue to keep advancing the Ethiopian agenda of liberation and democratization. BEKA!

  14. The no 1 comment by the name Tazabi is a cadre like trying to tell elias about ethical journalism which he knows it only in dreams as on the reality you gusy are jungle animals starting from your boss down to low life cadre like your self your boss in 4 kilo is not leasing the nation rather takes the ethiopian peoples hostage like he was advised and being helped by former cia top agent paul hinze

  15. Bothers and sisters, instead of blaming elias or anybody that contributes anything against the killer regime it is better for everybody to wake up and do their share. That is why meles is selling the country to investors, selling the Ethiopian babies for money, and so on. He knows the Ethiopian diaspora only knows how to talk and point fingers on each other.

  16. I think we need to see the big picture first. Scumming money from your own ppl is one thing but to allow foreigners to loot your nation is double hell, losing your dignity and the resources in big junk that lasts for very very long time. Fighting the super powers is not something that can not be won unless we are cowards. Let say for instance how long can stay Meles without the support from Washington ? Who encouraged woyane to invade Somalia ? Why did US said nothing when Ethiopians were killed in Addis after 2005 election ? Ethiopia is buying military hard wares while millions of Ethiopians starve. In conclusion the pain in the horn is not just because of dictators but mainly because of the big boss. Therefore, bearing this in to mind Ethiopia needs government with a self reliant vision and work with its neighbors mainly without recruiting white advisors otherwise the problem will never end.

  17. #69. ?

    “I think we need to see the big picture first. Scumming money from your own ppl is one thing but to allow foreigners to loot your nation is double hell, losing your dignity and the resources in big junk that lasts for very very long time.” You said

    In my opinion the opposite is exactly the correct logic. That foreigners may exploit your resources is understandable because they are taking care of their nations interests but when you yourself brutally exploit your own people and starve them to death like the NAZI rulers that is the worst and unforgivable crimes of all crimes. And your frontal fighting infatuation of superpowers even when you couldn’t lift your small finger to challenge a small minority of local tyrants for the last 20 years sounds laughable but we have all some dreams. The problem is NOT at all about being black or white because blacks, browns or in between tyrannical leaders can even be much more brutal and pathologically blind savage since they have NO any kind of HUMAN RIGHTS groups and citizens participation in decision makings in their communities and societies. ):

    Yes, the BIG BOSS idea may be true but they don’t impose tyrannical rule and a tyrant. If you are a dictator what else can you say other than saying that what all the crimes that your doing is not your fault but the fault of the Big boss or all of the Three Big Gods. Kikiki…

    The BIG picture starts from where you stand, that is to say, the Tyrant Wayane dictatorship and the tyrannized 80 million Ethiopians. And the rest naturally follows. Otherwise…

  18. Ambabi#61,
    Its sad to see our poor and miserable nation with so many ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ like you who wittingly or not,supporting the shiftas in Asmara hence perpetuating the misery,agony and immeasurable atrocities committed by the shifta gangs against our poor people.
    You are arguing that its necessary to hold the Eritrean youth under the national slavery service indefinately so long as there is a threat from Ethiopia.What a fool you are/////
    Ethiopia has no reason to open up another war against Eritrea.They got what they want after defeating Shabia in a humulating way and they still remain in control of Badme for over a decade now regardless of the UN verdict.One would ask,why Shabia is not staring a war to liberate its occupied territory when atleast the law is on its side.The answer is very clear.Waging a war agianst Weyane is tantamount to committing suicide and Issaias knows this very well.
    Then why holding the poor youth of the nation indefinately squandering their productive years when there is no enemy insight but only hauling rocks from somewhere to nowhere.Remember,someone who went to Sawa in 1995 at the age of 25 is now 41 years old.Never got married,never gone to school and never worked and all his/her dreams of being a responsible citizen simply shattered.What a curse to be born from such a people.
    The truth is though,to keep the youth at bay at minimum and to break their spirit at maximum.
    Its high time that We Eritreans stand up to fight tyranny and dictatorship and reclaim our nation that can live in peace with all of its neighbours.

  19. #27 Asayachew
    #55 Haile
    You deserve to eat your meals out of the potty, scumbags!
    You are the weakest links of the weyane and shabya ignoramus brigade.
    That lazy undetaker is taking so much time to bury dead sell outs like both of you.

    My blessing unto you…
    May your soul NEVER rest in peace!

    Mot le Weyane and Shabya!

    Egziabeher Amlak Ethiopian ena Ethiopiawianochen Yebark!


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