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‘Zenawi told me that he is Yemeni’ – Gaddafi

In televised speech 20 years ago this month (June 1991), Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi told a cheering audience that Ethiopia is an Arab country and that the new leader, Meles Zenawi, is a Yemeni:

Apart from the the royal family, and with the exception of a few black groups, all the rest of Ethiopians are Arabs. Zenawi, the leader of the current revolution in Ethiopia, said to me: I am Yemeni. I know myself to be a Yemeni. We are Yemenis. Apart from the royal family, the Ethiopians are Arabs. This Zenawi, the leader of the Ethiopian revolution (looks) Yemeni, and his name Is a Yemeni one…

No wonder Meles is selling Ethiopia’s land to Arab investors and gave away 1,500 sq. kms. of western Ethiopian land to Sudan, a self-proclaimed Arab country. What more evidence is necessary to prove that Ethiopia currently is under an occupation by a {www:ravenous} junta that is in the service of foreign interests.

Read the full text here.

44 thoughts on “‘Zenawi told me that he is Yemeni’ – Gaddafi

  1. I have no doubt about Meles comment. He is famous in a lot of lies he spread in the last two decades so don t be surprised if he say I am the only Ethiopian leader who lead the country and work for other s interest.

  2. Hagerawi feker yelelew le Ethiopiawinet semet alba yehone neger gen Ethiopiawi bemehon yetefetere bemenfes gen tera Areb yehone le Ethiopia hezboche yeketat zemen archume new.

  3. We have said it again and again that this guy is a robbot not a normal humanbeing ,take his 20 years official presentation be it with foreigners ,rubber stamp ,televised speach , and the so called millenium speach in bullet proof box and tell me or show me where the guy said a single truth and i mean it serious a single one ? the very truth is the chimp is phsycopat who is always ready to kill if you challenge him with the truth.(There was a meeting with addis abeba university students and one young lecturer try to bring him down to the reality after his long time fabrication and fantasy and i am always interested to know the where abouts of this brave man after i saw the reaction of this shifta boss and you cand find the video by ethio media video archieves.

  4. Of-course this may be true as Habashas are originally from Asia, most probably Yemen. Both Habasha and Yemeni claim that Queen Sheba was their queen, may be the queen of both nations. Thus, the allegation can be true.

  5. You are full of shiit. This is even genetically true that Ethiopian are Arabs. So what i up with being yemeni if we go back to our ancestors? We will be at peace. Any comment that antagonizes our neighbors i the wort one can do such as this website. Ethiopia used to rule Yemen and Yemenis used to occupy earlier part of North Ethiopia. Our language is semetic and our words are shared in common. So don’t get surprised if you are ugnorant read history. Al though I have issues with Meles on how he treat his muslim fellows in Axum and now in Wollo University students and Ogaden Quran desecrating in toilet he is sometime right.

  6. haaaaaaaaa this is real funny. I thought when Elias said last time on TV that Meles is not Ethiopian, I was thinking he is losing his mind. Now I know why he said that. Elias always one step ahead of every one.

  7. Weyne! The Adwa Yemenis are selling our land, our gold mines etc. to the Arabs. We have heard many times that Ethiopian women are raped by the Arabs. Should we see these in our country in front of our eyes? Lets rise up and get rid of the Meles (Yemeni) regime.

  8. The kind of government this guy and his associates have managed to surive enclosed in and rule in Ethiopia for that long is clearly a band of ignorant ROBBERS, who, for the most part, have no clues as to what they really are doing! and that ignorance is taken advantage of by different foreign interests, not a “junta”! This term junta stands for a category of government tyrannical nevertheless nationalistic. So, they don’t even seem to deserve that nomenclature.

  9. Meles eko somalli nege belo bsomale passport seyacheberber neber nege edme keseten hendawe nege sememe hamet pacth yebalal yelal seleze aygermem……..ethiopia hagere sel tesmto aytawekem…

  10. Tyrant Meles Zenawi has been playing the role of an invader and dedicated servant of foreign power. It is inexcusable to keep him in power any longer.

  11. Elias,

    Can you find that audio? It is as important as the interview he gave to Paul Henz about his plan to Tigray first and to Ethiopia second. His surrogates will tell us that Meles is now a changed person. Who will not act as a changed person when you sit on tons of property looted from the Ethiopian people?

  12. The so called Hizbawi Harenet Tigray or TPLF is a front for criminal boss Legese and his Shabian chorts, as chief guardians, to advance Arab interest. However, so long there is any breath in the heart beat of every Ethiopian we need not just talk about Melese and his mission. We must press upon our people to rise, and die resisting the fascist occupier. If all Ethiopians: the Afars,Amharas,Oromos and the rest of us stand together and take every weyane official’s life in our hands we will see a sharp division among the population of Tigriay either to be or not to be with the side of the people. One thing we know, weyane won’t be able to kill all Ethiopians. They will kill, there is no doubt about this, but will also be forced by the community of nations to stop their genocide. Either way we see it, Ethiopians are left with two choices. Accept total domination by weyane crime syndicate, and her ring leader Legese. Be ready to embrace the notion, like the Armenians, being left without a home land.
    Or be courage’s and face the adversary, as it is much preferable to die fiercely resisting than to live under occupation by a foreign agent. For the latter to happen, the people need to rise where ever they are and begin to take matters in their own hands. The crime boss can’t rely on former tplf militias to sustain his unlawful rule, as that generation is in retirement age. In the end, no matter what, when placed in tight circumstances people will likely follow the guiding light of their conscious than to heed the murderous plan of a mad man. The members of the military and other officials are not exception to this-I fit comes to this, that the war is drawn between unarmed civilians and heavily armed weyane soldiers, each official will be forced to follow the dictates of his /her own conscious. The leaders of differing parties need to lead us to action for our freedom; mere political lecture as it is done by some gurus is not the solution. Shame on those who go to meetings only to be lectured by some party officials.

  13. Hmm… What does Tyrant dictator Meles thinks of Yemen’s Ali Saleh’s battles in which the Yemeni dictator was shot once in the head and once in the chest and currently on life support machine in a Saudi hospital just few kilometers from my air conditioned residence?


  14. What a shame!
    The Ethiopian people should oppose prime minister Meles Zenawi, who is trying to group our historical and ancient Christian country with the Arabs.

  15. Let me remind you people.There was news paper that post zenawi’s picture taken by mosad when this gorila fighter went to libiya to make agreement on how to get weopon from gadafi.At that melese wore muslim close.

  16. His own speech is his own downfall!

    The document Elias Kifle, in his special gift of disclosing hidden mystery to the world, has posted on the Ethiopian Review clearly shows Muhammad Kaddafi of Libya has had five burning issues he shared, as the document explains, with the previous and contemporary African dictators for the past four decays. These five issues are Race, Revolution, Imperialism, Zionism, and Communism.

    For Muhammad Kaddafi and for many other world leaders, race has been one of the polarizing factors in our world history. For example, America fought one of the bloodiest Civil War in its history because of the race and other economic issues. Nilsson Mandela was jailed for about twenty years by the Africana’s white race for Mandela is from a black race. The war on race still continues as the white are proud of their white skins and as the red or the light skins think they are superior to white and black races.

    From his heart of hearts, Colonel Kaddafi believes in his Arabic race and persuades his Libyan subjects that most of the African countries are Arab origins, and the Ethiopians are not the exceptions because the Woyanne leader, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), has assured him he is Yemeni, looks like Yemeni, and carries a Yemeni name; therefore, according to Mr. Kaddafi, all Ethiopians, except some blacks, are Yemenis, which means Ethiopians are Arabs. If Ethiopians are Arabs, then they are Berbers because, Kaddafi thinks, the Berbers were the original Arabs; the other Arab came after the sudden appearance of Islam.

    Indeed, the Kaddafi Map of Africa, as he himself explains, is different from the Map of Africa most of us have learned at school. The Map of Africa we know gives boundaries for each African state; however, several African states, starting from Malawi to Tanzania to Kenya to Somalia to Ethiopia to Djibouti to Eritrea to Sudan to Egypt to Tunisia to Libya to Chad to Niger to Mali to Algeria to Morocco and to Mauritania have no boundaries at all according to the Kaddafi’s Map: all these countries are Arab lands and they belong to the Arab race.

    To bring back the lost Arab lands to their mother land – Libya – Colonel Muhammad Kaddafi encourages the Arab nations to join him in his Revolution and to drive out Imperialism, Zionism, and Communism out of the Arab lands of Africa. He boasts he has helped Eritreans in his Revolution to free themselves from the bondage of Emperor Haile Selassie. He has helped Mengistu Haile Mariam to over throw Haile Selassie, but Mengistu Haile Mariam abandoned the Revolution, murdered his own people, mostly the Tigryans and the Eritreans. In his last effort, to disappoint the Russians, he turned to Zionism and Imperialism, so he failed.

    Kaddafi continues to say that he finally found an Ethiopian Yemeni who believes in the Kaddafi’s Great Revolution and who would oust Mengistu Haile Mariam who had started acting like an Emperor from his power, and that Ethiopian Yemeni man is Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi). Happy and elated, Kaddafi announces to the Libyan people that Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) is now in power, and he asks the Libyan people to send him Libyan teachers, Libyan school curriculums, and Libyan engineers and scientists. Kaddafi assures the Libyans that Meles is proud of his Arabic race as all the Libyans and the rest of the Arabs are.

    That any person who does not believe in the Great Libyan Revolution will fail, Kaddafi affirms to his Arab audiences and gives examples: Colonel Jaafara Muhammed Numayri of Sudan, an admirer of Egyptian President Gamal Ab al-Nasser, at first rejected Western and USSR’s aid. He continued to depend on the Sudanese common people. He murdered his opponents even his close friends; at the end, he completely ignored the Russians and turned to Washington, but he was finally ousted from power by Dictator Omar al-Bashir, and he was sent to exile. Kaddafi attests that those who depend on the West, ignoring Kaddafi’s Great Revolution always face defeat and humiliation. Mengistu Haile Mariam was humiliated, and so were Numayri of Sudan and many others who tried to convince the West and the state of Israel.

    Kaddafi in his wild dream thinks that everything in Ethiopia is now normal after Meles took power and after he has driven out Mengistu Haile Mariam, and Ethiopia, the Arab land has returned, thanks to Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) to the Arabs. Kaddafi shamelessly says that a judicial Body of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) has been established, and according to AMU, Libyans can live anywhere as citizens of the Arab world. Libyans will have the right to establish themselves in the land of Mesopotamia along the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

    We heard Colonel Muhammad Kaddafi declaring that Ethiopians, except the Negroes, are Arabs, but we never hear him saying that Ethiopians, as Arabs, have also the right to live in any Arab lands, build their Churches and read their Bibles.

    Why do you think Kaddafi is so impressed that Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has testified that his origin is Arab and that he has attested to Kaddafi that almost all Ethiopians are Arabs? Colonel Kaddafi knows very well the strong relationship that has existed for centuries between Ethiopia and the Jewish people. Ethiopians in their secular and religious history are more related to the people of Israel than to the Arab nations. In short, the Arabs have been our number one enemies who fought us many times and try to destroy our rich Judeo-Christian heritage. Kaddafi speculates by converting one Yemeni Ethiopian (Meles Seitanawi –Zenawi) into the Arab race that all the rest of Ethiopians will become Arabs destroying their glorious Jewish history and joining the unsung history of the Arabs. That is why we see Kaddafi disparaging the Ethiopian Royal Family, the Ethiopian Solomonic line and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church.

    By reading this document, I can conclude Colonel Muhammad Kaddafi has been one of Ethiopian ruthless enemies in the Arab world: he incited Mengistu Haile Mariam to destroy the Ethiopian Royal family; he helped Isaiah Afewerki to dismantle Eritrea from its mother land Ethiopia; he encouraged Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) to overthrow Mengistu Haile Mariam. All in all, he has created confusion, lawlessness, and tribalism in our country by muddling in the Ethiopian politics.

    Finally, the judgment day has come, and in a very short time he will go down in history as one of a condemned Arab leader, a murderer, a terrorist, and a merciless killer of his own people.

    Thank you, Elias, for the document!

  17. All of you will live in a dream land far far away from Ethiopia for many years to come. TPLF will rule Ethiopia whether you like it or not until you come to your senses that Ethiopia belongs to all of us.

    You must recognise that it was TPLF who got rid of the Derg (Mengitsu) while you have been enjoying life in luxury in Europe and North America and most of you have already renounced your Ethiopian Citizen anyway.

    The Ethiopian people needs the real issues to be raised and highlighted not gossips.

    All of you seem to lose yourslef steem raising the issues affecting the Ethiopian people.

  18. I believe Gaddafi on this. No doubt, Zenawi leaves no stone unturned to serve his purpose of destroying the nation. His action speaks louder than this words.

    The question is he being ‘Yemeni’, would he be lucky and face the fate of his ‘cousin’, namely, Saleh – the Yemeni Despot?

  19. #7 GRagn ahmed

    The reality is in Ethiopia there are 4 ethnic and linguistic families. These are the Cushitic, Semitic, Omotic and Nilotic. So you can’t not say that Ethiopian languages are of Semitic origin. And most of the Ethiopian people who are categorized as Semitic is based on the Afroasiatic language not on their ethnic or race.

  20. gadafi did not say that what gadafi”speach was the west is not stealing only our wealth it also steals our identity like shekspear is a syrian arab his name is shek zubeir ethiopia is an arab state with arabic historical identity, i remember this because he gave this speach durring his visit to sudan and i was there, but abaut meles it was not in that speach may be this time we have to concider to minimize our lying habits to black mail the enemy.

  21. It is boring when all the comments say the same thing, because all the opposing views have been deleted. It feels like a communist manifesto. It is time to show that in this day and age Africans “can handle the truth” just like everyone else. How can you blame Senawi for being a dictator if you practice tribal censorship yourselves? this was an intresting remark by Gedafi and it has been smothered with one sided self-righteous condeminations. It would be better if things are disscussed openly. Let people hear opposing views early on so that they don’t become dictators later on. Let us make oppeness a grassroots, cultural thing. Otherwise it is reduced to a tool used to condemn those in power by those outside of power, untill those outside of power make their way in, and then the cycle starts over. Democracy begins at home (page).

  22. As Meles Zinawi failed in many areas in the past and is a failure at present,will for sur he continue to fail.He did not succeed in Somalia but managed to break the hearts of those mothers who cried blood indefinitely.The farmlands have been given to foreighn profitors for litle or nothing;how many children will be left to take care of the crops, how many children will be left to go to school, how many children will be left to grow into adulthood, and how many mothers will be left childless? Can Meles Zinawi give Ethiopians with clear answers?

    Meles Zinawi never had a fixed iedentity,and never had a proud Ethiopian gut,never ever had been reared with proper maners,never had morality instilled in him,no accountability,no responsibility he felt for all those crimes that he had been committed.

    Ethiopians,there is nothing of him in you because his not an Ethiopian,you are.This crime addicted creature can not be trusted with anything of Ethiopia because he has a floating identity.

  23. at the time of difficulty if Meles said we are Arabs for Ghadaffi i am not surprised because isayeyas also joined Arab league that is for the sake of politics and economy

  24. If Obama said “I am from Kenya and I am Kenyan” I do not think he will make it to be the United States of America’s President. My question to Ethiopian Parliament is, if they are really genuine they should investigate, if Meles said the alleged comment on Libyan TV and impeach Meles Zenawi.

    Just a wish full thinking!

  25. To #7 GRagn Ahmed

    You muslims extremist do not give up the dream of Islamising Ethiopia and make Ethiopia Arab and muslim nation. 500 hundred years ago Gragn Ahmed well beaten for his jihad war aganist christian kingdom. Now you spread your poisnous propagnda and try to declare your jihad. Recently the muslim extrimist torch churches in Jimma by claiming the descration of Quran. Your evil deed still fresh in Ethiopian christians mind. Now you plan to do the same by claiming the descration of Quran in Dessie University. You better stop this false claim to disturb the harmony of muslims and christians in Ethiopia. The peace loving muslim of Ethiopia know your evil deed and will not fall in your trap.

  26. Gadaffi’s commnet has some tryth to it . Meles Zenawi is not Tigrayan as most people think he is ; he is a Hamasien imposter as Hamasien is clearly an Eritrean region .

    The Ethiopian people are not divided. It is our understanding of Ethiopia which leads us to think that Ethiopia is ethnically divided. People say that Tigrayans support Meles Zenawi. But they don’t have any proof in support of that. The truth is that Tigray under Meles is worse than the Soviet Union under Stalin. No one trusts any one. You cannot even trust your own relatives. You don’t know who is a weyyane agent. You can criticize Isayas Afewerk ; but you cannot say anything against the Hamasien. If you criticize in public the Hamasien, you take the risk of being beaten or even killed. If you are a civil servant, you will lose your job. If you are a merchant, you will be obliged to pay too much taxes. The TPLF speaks about elections. But in Tigray, only TPLF chosen individuals are candidates. There are no independent candidates let alone political parties. Can Jimma Times really think that the TPLF marshals support from Tigray people while it has been humiliating them? I don’t think that any one can seriously say that Tigrayans support for it’s anti-Tigray policies. The TPLF is an Eritrean weyyane ; it has nothing Tigrayan. It is controlled by Hamasien people such as Meles Zenawi, Teodros Hagos, Sebhat Nega, etc. It is the first time in history that the Hamasien control Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia. This does not mean that the TPLF has no supporters in Tigray. But how many are they? Three thousand or four thousand? But these are collaborators of our enemies: the Hamasien. The TPLF is the common enemy of the Ethiopian people. It is very important that our political analysts bear this always in mind.

  27. i just want to say this to mr. elias, brother instead of feeding us this kind of rubish news why do not you try to give us some constructive and authentic news and deccumentaries, this is un blievable, it could make sense to some light headed but not to those who are serious abaut their country.
    please wake up and be sensible and responssibled because i start questioning your authenticity as ethiopian. yigebagnal tequami mehon gin ayn yaweta ye mender lekefa le wudket enji le dil ayabekam weyane keld ayawkimna.
    wegene yimechih.

  28. blood trusty shabyas will try everything even to trade their mum as whores to people like gadafi unlike ethiopians who are well catured respected world wide for their rich history the shabyas are braging with a borowed inconclusive identity, as being yemeni it is not a big deal we all share that link yemenis to their habesha brothern visavis.
    haters go to hell

  29. #35 simulingerachihu

    The people of north Ethiopia and also most of the Eritrean people like the Tigrigna, Tigre, Amhara, Saho, Bilen are all descendants of the Agew regardles what language they speak.

  30. #38 if grave is worm you can go and live your proverb too old the second is that you wrote as if you know let me advise you do not disgrade this web site you know meles mother is frome seraye and tedros has no hamasen and nega too esayas might be temben i am not hamasen and i don’t like some of esayas’s policies but your comment absolitly trash.”in eritrea there is one system for all”

  31. I know zanawi while he was living in mogadishu as refugee.
    He use to do bathroom cleaning at public places.
    Zanawi’s goal is on only to hold onto power. Zanawi doesn’t care
    about ethiopia or anyone he is working for the powers who put him there.

  32. It has been reported in flyers that Zinawi has indeterminate identy resulting from decades of inaduqateness instilled in him due to disgusting shame of his mother’s grandfather and his very close relatives,who still are considered ThE LIVING DEADS.

    The history of Zinawi’s parents and families is as ugly as a bat.By night,during the fascist attempt to invade the motherland,they sabotaged the patriotes and took side with the enemy and gave essential road maps and military secrets to fascist Italian Generals.During the battle,although countless fascist solders and their leads,the likes of Zinawi’s grandfather were wounded and captured,many more were gradually hunted down along with their Italian Masters subsequently.

    Zinawi’s being a Yemeni had been quite obvious as it was what he should possibly seek for as per his grandfather’s will and wish recorded in the family’s diary.Due to the circumstances surrounding to the death of his grand-grandfather along with his keepers and masters at that battle,the son of a patriot who was in the fight against Zinawi’s blood and Fascist Italia,clearly documented a lot of blood stink deeds of Zbandas and secretly distributed the news to the citizens at that time.This was why villages,communities,towns,neighbourhoods,cities,and the entire country knew about the darkest history of Zbandas.Although Gddafi was happy that he got an Arab brother,although momentarly,clearly,Gaddafi was quite a guillible to not have had asked Zinawi for his family’s album for he wanted to accept Zinawi’s story to be valid.It is true Gaddafi hates fascist italians in many ways;so knew Zinawi this fact,it was quite a skilled game for Zinawi to hide his true identity so that Gaddafi would not get mad and would give him a nick on the neck.

    No doubt,Gaddafi sensed something fishy in Zinawi’s appearance and manner that were identical to those of Sisilian basters who once came to Libya and wanted to stay there indefinitely.Although Gaddafi was well aware of Zinawi’s fast flight with the loan that he gave him,he was not fooled by Zinawi’s hiding the very fact of his bloods’ dark history.As bats fly only at night and are eratic in their flight,Gaddafi brilliantly contacted friends in Egypt and got the fact about Zbandas true story and their disgusting deed to Ethiopians in the fight against Italian Fascists.Surprisingly,an Egyptian General and Gaddafi,chatting and seeping chaye sitting in the balcony of Gaddafi’s mansion in Italy,laughed about it and said to Zbanda,”It is all in the family.”

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