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Tension in Ethiopia’s capital

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa is {www:swarm}ed with security forces today as the ruling Woyanne tribal junta prepares to celebrate its 20th year in power. Youth groups are also attempting to stage protests to demand an end to the 20-year-old dictatorship, but every gathering is immediately dispersed by the Federal Police, Meles Zenawi’s death squads.

Meles Zenawi's death squad harass and disperse young Ethiopians in Addis Ababa

In the morning, the Woyanne regime staged its own rally in support of its recently announced plan to build {www:hydroelectric} dam along the Nile River. It has bussed thousands of government employees to Melskel Square to listen to a speech by the khat-addicted dictator. A short while later, the crowd dispersed without incident.

Woyanne rally at Meskel Square - 28 May 2011

48 thoughts on “Tension in Ethiopia’s capital

  1. I think this is a good idea. Even though nothing is happening putting too much pressure and making the life of TPLF and EPRDF hard is a good idea so that they make a mistake and mass protest will take over. If there are more people out on the street standing as a form of protest, the army will get tired, tension will even rise more, they might start to round up, kill and beat yet there are still more people outside, how many of them are thy going to elliminate, let this continue for months, in the West, every embassies, any pro TPLF organizing such as the protest that occured in April is another great example, every effort, they do make their life miserable. Invite foreign and Ethiopian journalists to witness and publish. This can really work.. unfortunately fear might make us stop the protest if they kill people, will we still go out despite the killig? It is must people must die to liberate the whole Ethiopia. Like the Tunisian guy who burned himself to liberate Tunisia from dictatorship. In Ethiopia,some kind of creativing must be done to over throw Meles, not just Meles but his whole TPLF and pro Tigray Army that is toxic for Ethiopia. We must do the sacrifice. at the same time, we must be quick and ready to set up a protected genuine transitional governemnt composed of all parties, even this transitional government must be loyal to Ethiopia and their promises and other groups must make them accountable and secure their loyalty and their life. Quickly make the army to turn away from pro TPLF/Meles army instead pro Ethiopia with no pro ethnic tendencies. We have a lot of work to be done. I say, start with the Army first. It is very easy to oust Meles but the fear lies the Army. How are we going to convince them to protect all Ethiopians but not certain fringes? We should first convince the army about protecting Ethiopia.

  2. There is an end for everything. The most hated individual in Ethiopia and the mentally unstable murderer Hitler Meles’s last days won’t be pleasant here on earth and after that horrible day, the gate of Helll is open and waiting for him to meet Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and the rest of the evil men associations to toss his black behind like a rug doll. BURN IN HELL MELES! BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY! MAY THE WOMB THAT CARRIED YOU ALSO BURN IN HELL!

  3. Jirru,

    You are either disappointed that the revolution did not happen or you are afraid of the revolution. First tell us who you are and your background ha, got you, you won’t. Seriously, 20 years has passed what has Ethiopia accomplished tell me the truth? If accomplishment happened please be real which groups benefited, tell the truth. One thing you have forgotten is that, paying billions of dollars to Djibouti for port while giving away port that belonged to us is not development. Our survival now relies on Djibouti and maybe Somalia for port, if anyone refuse, what, go to war with them? So, another step for regressing development? What has this regime really benefited Ethiopia list them, except put make up here and there. What basic needs of poplations have been fulfilled, I am talking about basic needs if so, is it world bank and IMF imported food that is genetically modified when we are able to grow our own food? What Meles has done is for his own security, has sold us to IMF and World Bank to allow corporations in and loot, for example, is it development when through World Bank our Electric company is sold to France and the benefit mostly goes to France corporations? Where is the benefit and development you are talking about? Read about what I wrote early about revolution. It will happen sooner or later. Revolution is an ongoing process not a one day event.

  4. I think we should follow Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union another strategy that weakens the regime. It is not difficult to kneel down the tyrant Woyane regime through sabotage. How long the Ethiopian people will be led by the khat-addicted Woyane leader? I remember this guy when he was taking his correspondence exams 18 years ago, he could’t able to take it in the normal test hours as he had to come out many times to feed his smoking habits. His examiner didn’t feel good. Really this was a humiliation to our country.

  5. It is everywhere in Ethiopia known that the most hated regime in Ethiopia (TPLF and co.) will collapse soon and it must not be necessarily today. Tigrayans must not make here a mistake, unless they will face a severe reaction from the other ethnic groups of Ethiopia. They must stand against the faschist regime now and stand with their Ethiopian brothers. I hope that we will never see something like “Hotel Rwanda” in Ethiopia. But I am afraid that it will happen if the Tigryans do not stand for the common cause of all Ethiopians; that is getting rid of these Hyenas.
    Ethiopian youngsters please send these bastards to the hell once and for all. We must not be afraid of them and we must know that freedom costs something.
    long live a peaceful Ethiopia.

  6. Elias (Likisks) Kilfe

    today is the day you and and your likes have suffered a mortifying defeat.

    I will admire you if you survive the shock and mental breakdown you experienced when looking the million + pro Weyene/EPRDF rally in Addis Ababa. As usual my idol and hero, for whom I do not mind killing and dying, PM Zenawi was the star of the show. The lion of Adwa roared for about 10 Mins (below is the speech …)

    In the mean time please enjoy Solomon Teaklign new marvelous Ginbot 20 song!–Ginbot-20

    Now, your best option to minimize or avoid your agony is to hung yourself up of jump off a cliff.

    God Bless EPRDF!

    Today is the happiest day in my life!


  7. #19, ante Evil worshiper–you will also burn in Hell for supporting a thief that has robbed the country blind and a tyrant murderer that is responsible for countless number of innocent Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis.

  8. They did not enter Ethiopia as entrepreneurs;they were robbers.From among the robbers,Meles legesse Zinawi,billions of dollars in his bank account and gallons of blood in his hands,remains at large.

    There was a house,and it was there the navy seals shot the fugitive on the head and the chest and captured him dead.He left behind many chlldren and wives and plunged into the sea dead,Bin Laden.

    Will Ethiopians capture the fugitive,Meles Legesse Zinawi?

  9. I see a warmup for the raek thing to start.Last week was the Taxi drivers and this time the Young.I am sure the despot has no sleep since the the Tunisia movement started for our problem is identical.The water is going under test.So far so good.It is a matter of time for the fire start burning.My concern is we have to act fast to give direction.Unity is strength and diversity is beauty!!!!!!!!!!!.

  10. Ginbot(Gulibet) 20 revolution….u are so funny. u must be comedian. I hope u will realse a new comedy soon. What did u say?..Likisikis?? hahahahaha…dont let ur boss(crime minister zenawi) listen to what u said. he knows who really likisikis is. you are one of those likisiskises who line up to get firifari from him.

  11. Ginbot 20 revolution,

    You must be one of the looters. Meles Zenawi and Solomon Tekalign are terroists and looters of Ethiopia. Solomon can not sing or compete in art, therefore his alternative to fill up his eating habit (he eats like a pig, I personally saw him in kazanchis) is to sell himself to the highest bidder (desperate woyane).
    Your champion (Meles) is a criminal that is looting from people who are dying of hunger. The money he stashed in western banks is a blood money. How could you defend Azeb’s one day one million Euro shopping spree? Would that be from Meles’s “6,400 birr” monthly salary? Or her undisclosed corruption income from Ethiopian investors? Or is it from the so called EFFORT? (Efret in Amharic because they don’t want to play by the rules of business).
    Looting a country and lying to the world is not patriotic. Taking advantage of a donation money to enrich oneself is not humane. The problem is we have a sick psychopath as a leader and thieves and looters following him. Rest assured however that there will be a day on which the ultimate justice will be served for everyone involved.


    What is new? how many times colonel menigstu rallied millions of ethiopians at meskel square back then abiot addebabay. was that b/s of love mengistu. same thing today, just people have no choice. what if there was free press and no brainwashing,and no fear factor played in the little EPRDF DRAMA? IF that was the case and people turned out in millions, it would have been the happiest day of all Ethiopian people.People can chose EPRDF or whomever they want,but give them freedom. Give them freedom and u will see how many millions will turn out to the other party. Remember 2005.

    IN all history of human kind, dictators problem is to see themselves the source of power,wisdom,almost they think they are gods of their little ridiculous short life which always ends in disaster.they can not see they are not God. when they see the armies around them, can arrest or kill anybody they do not want,,feel like God. bow to me,live with my mercy or die. spend the rest of your life in jail. I only worship God,whatever they think they are not gods..i am sorry for those who worship them blindly. look gadafi after 40 years still want to stay in power and running from hospital to hospital to avoid being hit by NATO bomb. a couple years ago, probably he never thought this would come to him. All dictators are like that,,the day of judgment will catch’m in surprise.

  13. Protesters Absent as Ethiopia Marks Anniversary of Meles Rule

    By Peter Heinlein | Addis Ababa

    VOA News

    Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have turned out in Addis Ababa’s main square to mark Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s 20th anniversary in power. A “day of rage” counterdemonstration planned by democracy activists failed to materialize.

    The turnout at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square was a fraction of the one million predicted. And with thunder clouds hanging overhead, a scheduled four-hour event was cut in half.

    Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s nationally televised anniversary address lasted little more than five minutes. It was largely a patriotic appeal for support of construction of a massive dam that is challenging Egypt’s long-standing monopoly over the Nile River waters.

    The controversial $5 billion hydropower project is being financed almost entirely with domestic funds in the absence of support from international lending institutions. Meles called the dam an example of Ethiopia’s fighting spirit.

    He said “This dam has on it the fingerprints of every Ethiopian. It is not only a producer of energy, it is a certificate that shows the whole world we are the owners.”

    Small bands of youths ran through the crowd chanting “We will not let Egypt stop us from using our water.”

    Local physician Berhanu Gebremariam said he had come out to show support for the social progress of the past two decades. He said Ethiopia’s determination to go it alone on the Nile dam project was a great source of national pride.

    “Nile is the origin in our country. We haven’t used it for decades, but now we woke up. We should use it, but that doesn’t mean we are going to punish Egypt. Egypt is our neighbor. We share,” he said.

    Democracy activists had been using social networking websites such as Facebook to call for a North African-style “Day of Rage” against the government. But in a tightly controlled society where Internet penetration is less than 1 percent, there was no sign of any protests.

    Government officials said the online campaign was mostly the work of dissident groups abroad, and has little domestic support.

    A random sampling of public opinion on the streets of Addis Ababa Saturday found most people going about their regular business, staying clear of the demonstration. The capital is known as a hotbed of anti-government sentiment, but residents expressed little enthusiasm for public protests.

    The last major demonstrations in the streets of Addis ended in bloodshed following the disputed 2005 elections. Nearly 200 opposition activists died when government forces opened fire on the demonstrators.

  14. My dear Ethiopian brothers & sisters, let’s live the past for historical learning expreince and look forward to the brighter future where peace, justice, develepment and mutual interest rules spreme. I’m an Eritrean who supposed to say this for I lost 2 siblins during the derg/woyane eras and still has no an intention of scoring even w/my Ethiopian cousins, though some kind of componsation wouldn’t hurt. However, from Ethiopia’s current state of financial health seems unfair of expectation.
    Therefore, I think we have to suck it up our pride for the sake of the big picture by trying to forgive and forget b/c revenge only breeds endless sycles of hatreds which could scare away from joining the enclusive prodemocrats, such as the Trean potensial activists. This honorable culture is well known in Eritrea across the lines of tribal, religious and class. For insistance, while I was watching Eritv recently, my older sister jokingly educated me that the Eritrean southern governor, ato Mustafa Nurhusien is in fact an offsprint of a muslim father and christian mother of such practice.
    May alah bless us all w/ the highest rights mankind deserves!

  15. Ginbot 20,

    Your Idol for whom you don’t mind killing and dying, you must have hailed him when your read UN’s news 8.4 billions of dollars was siphoned off under Meles’s rule to over seas. He must be your idol giving up ports that are usable for Ethiopia, your idol, Ethiopia’s gold was stolen from a bank under his watch, your idol selling lands off to foreingers making indigenous peoples displaced, whole book can be written what TPLF/Meles has done. I would like to see your face when TPLF is overthrown, what would you say then, oh that is right, you will be one of those acting as normal Ethiopians to get benefit again under the next leadership, so people like you continue to exist writing toxic behind computer.

  16. # 9 Ginbot 20 Revolution says

    It is not because the Ethiopian people needs more suffering from the Adwa regime but it is lack of freedom to protest. It will erupt in a sudden and will engulf the whole Ethiopia. Please don’t underestimate the Ethiopian people.

  17. The fact is Ethiopians forced to celebrate 20 years of Meles dictatorial rule with empty stomach. I believe history will remember him as one of the worst dictators in Africa. The truth is Meles and his tribal gangsters destroyed Ethiopia for the past twenty years. Let’s take a look the facts and Mele’s strategies to stay in power for the past 20 years.

    First Meles managed to divide the country among ethic lines. He promoted fighting between tribes which prevented unity among Ethiopians.

    2nd Meles took the country to war with Eritrea which cost billions of dollars, wasted over 250,000 Ethiopians lives and nothing to show for.

    3rd Ethiopia used to have two ports thanks to Meles we are land lacked country no access of adequate exporting or importing routs.

    4th Meles borrowed to build the two dams which are not materialized economical prosperous. The country’s national debt increased significantly since Meles took power. Unable to pay the debt, Birr became worthless and Ethiopians are paying the heavy price.

    5th Meles took the country to 2nd war with Somalia. He strategized to benefit from the West handout using the marching band “fighting terrorism” He manipulated the West for his own advantage to stay in power received war machines and economical assistant through World Bank and IMF which benefited him and his tribal gangsters.

    Now Meles and his gangsters will take us 3rd war with Egypt. The fact the matter is Egypt will not accept or allow the building of the dam and Meles knows it because the Nile River is their life line for centuries. He asked the IMF and World Bank for money to build the Nile dam. This time the West realized his political calculations and refused to fund the so called Nile dam. The cost of building the dam will reach approximately $7-$8 billion US dollars let alone the environmental damage will be created. There is no study or research found anywhere that building the dam will elevate poverty in Ethiopia. China or India may lend him the money and in return the present and future generations will suffer and pay the heavy price. The sad part is that Ethiopians have to endure the consequence of his reckless behavior and dangerous decisions just to stay in power. Building the dam is one of his strategies to divert attention from the ill economical and political problem in Ethiopia. For Meles and his tribal gangsters this is just one of their games playing it carefully to stay in power.

    Millions of Ethiopians are no longer able to feed themselves or their family even though they work. As of now, over seven million Ethiopians starving and need food assistance. There is no job for the growing college gradates; if they are not belongs to the ruling tribe or their followers. Several thousands Ethiopians forced to leave their home land. Most Ethiopians are poorer than every before. However, Mele’s tribal gangsters and their supporters are the wealthiest people in Ethiopia. Yes, Meles has many reasons to celebrate his dictatorial rule because he managed to stay in power for 20 years despite destroying Ethiopia, looting the country’s wealth, depraving economical and political rights to 80 million Ethiopians.

    Thank you,

  18. How is the most undisciplined, arrogant, Khat addicted, mentally disturbed, cold-blooded, coward, looter and killer tyrant manage to stay in power? Only by intimidating, torturing and spilling the blood of innocent human beings, period! The most majority of Ethiopian people are in misery because of this heartless dictator that looted and sold Ethiopia and massacred Ethiopians. There is nothing to be admired about this despicable subhuman called Meles. May God bring the end of Meles!

  19. It is just a matter of time that Gadhaffi will be captured, as it was a lengthy and daunting task of capturing Bin Laden dead.It is now two decades since the robbers entered Ethiopia and had done too many wrongs and committed weired and despecable crimes of all sorts.

    Meles Zinawi,member of the crimefamily:A deceiver,a habitual lier,a divider,and a robber,and a cronic addict to Khat and blood and a destroyers is wanted for all the crimes that he and his associates committed for the last twenty years.The case will be closed if and only if,Meles Zinawi is captured and be brought to justice.

    Husen Mubarak is bed-ridden,Ben Ali is exiled and isolated,of course,Sadam and Bin Laden are dead and forgotten,but Zinawi and Gadhaffi are at large.

    You see,every murderers haave their own distinct fate.Aren’t murderers sick on the head?

    Gadhaffi is a frightened mouse running around in the basements of hospitals,not to seek treatment, to escape from the justice that is chasing him around from that unforgettable day to now;perhaps till tommorow,but one way the other,he will be kissing his fate and say goodbye to the world he lived as dangerious dictator.So,what is like to the other murderer,Zinawi to hear or see that Gadhaffi has either surrendered or captured dead or alive? Or,what will Gadhaffi learn from the fate of Bin Laden;well,Bin Laden never had been given the chance of being captured alive because of his being wanted as a fugitive for causing global distruction on both property and lives;crimes on a grand scale.So,it might not be too late for Gadhaffi to choose either to surrender or to be captured alive.But Zinawi has committed crimes of all sorts on a grand scale;so,what is his choice and fate?

  20. Many Addis Ababa citizens preferred to stay home to joining the few crowds who came out to Meskel Square to celebrate Meles’ 20th year in power.

    To hear the poetry, the music, the song, the speeches, and the subdued women’s ululations from the besieged city of Addis Ababa sends to all Ethiopians at home and abroad who used to the hearing of music of heartfelt joy, freedom, peace, and tranquility in the time of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia a sobering and heartbreaking message and a nostalgic event to the happiest days of Haile Selassie. The army helicopter hovering over the Addis Ababa sky sends not good will to the people of Addis Ababa but a demonstration of power, oppression, and subjugation of the 80 millions of Ethiopians.

    Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) looks like a street beggar with a hat on his head as he delivered a short speech, asking his audience to contribute money to his plan to build the Abay Dam. The question is how do the Ethiopian people trust him that the money he is collecting from them is going to be used for the new project only?

    His dress and worn out hat suggest to the people of Addis Ababa that he is telling them that he is one of them: poor, humble, and down to earth. Is he really? When he appears in various conferences and especially at night club, he wears his best and very expensive suits; this means, he respects the night club more than the Ethiopian people who came to Meskel Square to celebrate his unlawful entry of the city of Addis Ababa, 20 years ago, with his hungry, power thirsty, and mendicant army.

    As soon as he entered the city two decays ago, he found the people of Addis Ababa defenseless and vulnerable; therefore, he ordered his rag tag soldiers to loot the city indiscriminately. Among the thousands of homes looted and taken by force was my father-in-law’s house which he built working hard day and night. It was gone without compensating my father-in-law a single penny for that expensive house. Meles took it and assigned some of his soldiers to occupy it. Still the whole city is mostly occupied by the Tigreans, and the women of Addis Ababa are still producing thousands of children for the Tigrean men. Case in point, the children we saw singing for Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) at the Meskel Square are, most of them, Tigreans if one looks closely at their faces. The whole point is Meles wants Addis Ababa to be the capital city of the Tigreans like the Mekelle city in Northern Ethiopia. I am certain he has informed his Tigrean armies to rape the Ethiopian women to produce more Tigrean children and fill the city of Addis Ababa with the Tigrean men and women.

    Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has been in power for twenty years and many of the children in Addis Ababa born to the Tegaru are twenty years old, ready to serve in the army: some of them will be police men and women; some of theme will be college and university professors, medical doctors, deacons, clergies, popes, and archbishops. The confused Oromos, Amharas, and other Ethiopian tribes must go to school to learn another language they have rarely heard of – the Tigrigna language.

    For twenty years, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has done an irreversible damage to our country, Ethiopia, economically, religiously, and demographically.

    Economically, over a million Ethiopians cannot live without a foreign aid, and the country itself is one of the poorest nations in most of the developing countries. Ethiopia is rich in natural resources but Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has mismanaged the resources by selling the fertile lands to foreigners. These foreigners who bought the land come to Ethiopia with their children and settle here, and after few years, they will outnumber the indigenous Ethiopians and drive out the inhabitants of the country. Meles has never realized this when he simply gives away thousands of acres of Ethiopian lands to the Indians, to the Arabs, and to the many other land-hungry foreigners.

    Religiously, for the purpose of his divide and rule strategy, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has divided the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church into two religious denominations with their two patriarchs: The one Patriarch, Abune Merkorios, leads the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in exile in the United States, and the other Patriarch is Aba Paulos who leads the other Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church in Ethiopia. Aba Paulos was born and raised in Tigray where Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) came from, and that is why Meles appointed him in the first place to be the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church because he is from Tigray. The division of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has weakened the Church and silenced her from speaking out the atrocities which are being committed for twenty years by Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and by Aba Paulos whom Meles had appointed for the purpose of enervating that dynamic Church. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is now like የወደቀ ግንድ ምሳር ይበዛበታል: The various foreign wolves – religious pastors and Imams – are knocking at her door to enter and snatch her young sheep – the young Ethiopian Children – away from her. The hireling shepherd, Aba Paulos, cares nothing about his flock.

    Demographically, by introducing Kilil and by allowing the Tegaru armies to rape the women in Addis and in other Ethiopian towns and villages to produce more Tigrean babies, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has altered the demography of Ethiopia for many years to come. To boost the population of the Tigrean province, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) took Wolkait-Tegedie from Gondar and some regions from Wollo and annexed them with the Tigrean province. Bringing foreigners to buy the Ethiopian fertile land and allowing them to settle in Ethiopia is another method of changing the natural demography of Ethiopia.

    Some Ethiopians in the diaspora who have been waiting for the Addis Ababa youth’s demonstration to take place in the same place and at the same time as Meles Seitanawi has been celebrating his unceremoniously entry to the city of Addis Ababa may have been very disappointed today. We must remember Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) has changed the demography of Ethiopia. The youths in Addis Ababa are not anymore Amhara youths or Oromo youths or other Ethiopian tribes’ youths: Theses youths we have been expecting to see them demonstrating in the city of Addis Ababa are mostly Tigrean youths; they cannot go out to demonstrate against their man – Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) – and Meles has already warned the mothers of these Tigrean Children ahead of time not to go out to the street and join some Amhara or Oromo children in the demonstration. In fact, no Amhara or Oromo children have showed up; if they have showed up, it could have been a bonanza for Meles’ death squad to slaughter them as they are children of the most feared and hated tribes. So they kept quiet, and it is a good choice; I don’t want to see the Amhara and the Oromo children to shed their precious blood while the Tigrean children are multiplying, growing, giggling, and enjoying life to the fullest.

  21. Meles zenawi rigem was planed to destruct ethiopian and want to creat a new nations based the interst of his supporters since its rebael hood orented and burn ethiopian flag . After inter the country call it ”a dirty close” but enforced by people and until tody he tortued that he disable to success.he divede the ethiopian in to pecise base religouse,triabe, langauge and natural resorese and creats many hates each, among the scoicity.the unity movements were consederd as a terrorst organization.If some body proud about ethiopian country,the regim take him to pireson, but tody tacity comes togater . every of as needs unity,peace democrsy. every of as want to stop meles regim. somalia benashangule gambella centeral country , afar people .we win the diveder rule . the punshments towards to meles criminal familes. ethiopian buled again on meles grave

  22. the propaganda on Nile water can’t protect meles on power.weak person turst meles zenawi that he going to dam for ethiopians .he lies for 20 years
    egypt now agree to sign as others but meles controversary refused .remeber when eritrea disntigrated, the UN Butruse Butruse galli didn’t say let us waite until ethiopians elected their governmnts.Today the meles resaon to stay till egypt elect government is unaceptable.
    ”baka” meles 20 years lies

  23. Some say Meles Zenawi is smart. I say even if he is smart
    He is using his knowledge to harm Ethiopia nothingelse . He kills , tortures , imprisons civilians on top of that he sells the country’s fertile land to Sudan and any other country that offered money while there is no real development being done with the money . Even Mengistu Hailemariam’s Derg while not receiving aid money as much as the current government and having to fight continuous wars built more factories and did better than this Meles Zenawi’s woyane . All the problems Ethiopia is having now being at the bottom among other countries of the world in any scale is due to lack of leader nothingelse. Meles zenawi is the worst possible leader that’s why the country is the poorest . Even Somalia will soon be in a better position than Ethiopia if Meles Zenawi continues to lead.

  24. well said #18
    Forgive me prodemocrat and human right activists for sounding procapital punishiment, I’m one of those people who believes suspected criminals should pay their crimes to society whether it’s stealing or unnecesarly spelling another innocent bloods when they found guilty. If the penalty is death, so be it. Nevertheless, the accused crimes should not be aired to the public reapitdly like a most requested hit song. Once the justice hammer slammed the desk, the file case should be closed so the grieving ones may move on minding thier own businesses.
    However, with the absence of democracy and rule of law, it’s unfortunate common tactic that corrupt, racist and slick politicians/dictators use usually to manipulate peoples’ emotions for thier own advantages. Even both the holly Bible and Quran strongly advise us to refrain from such unholly practices but rather as you well said it to love and forgive of each other.
    By the way, you just reminded me now regarding my meeting of ato Mustafa Around 30 years ago in Sudan while I was passing through from Ethiopia. I think he was assigned from the field as consulat representative there. Anyway, I don’t know about now, but back then he was a humble selfless active individual.

  25. Elias, hi! Today,ginbot 22/ 2003, a strike has started at Arba Minch University,505 km south of Addis. Right now,there is a very hot fight between Federal police and students of water technology. The reason for the strike is shortage of food(Cafe’s has been changed to Shiro throughout the week)and water.

  26. History tells us that even the other world known blood sucker murderer Hitler who was responsible for the deaths of more than six to fifteen million innocent people had and still have delusional people who support him. The few people who celebrated the 20 years of misery under Meles are: Woyanes of course and the uninformed who have no clue about the damages and the looting Meles and his cronies have done to Ethiopia — about the tens of thousands Ethiopian youths who are locked up in prison and being tortured as we speak for just being young and strong Ethiopians so that they will never come out to fight TPLF — about the mass murder Meles and his gangs have committed — about the millions acres of Ethiopian fertile land Meles has given to foreigners — about the billions and billions of Ethiopian Tax Payers money that have been stolen by Meles, his wife and the members of TPLF– and most of all Meles is supported by people who cannot tell the difference between Democracy, Dictatorship, and good and Evil, period! Uninformed idiots are the biggest threat to any society. May God bring the end of the blood thirsty Evil Meles.

  27. it is very unlikely to expect an organized demonstration to take place in Ethiopia. we have a government that literally hates its own people. it has an army ready to shoot at unarmed civilians. there is little or no internet service in the country to organize Egypt style revolution. however, it is going to take a little incident to lit the outrage. then, hell will break loose. while the rest of Ethiopia burn in flames, the few woyanes who have shared the 8 billion loot will quietly flee the country. those who are serving this regime either out of pure tribal loyalty or for few crumbs will face the judgment day. it is not going to be pretty. street justice will prevail. woyane has always been quick to lose an opportunity to do good. Instead of transforming the system in to one that participates the majority of Ethiopians, meles and the few are still hell bent on creating havoc in the country. well, if that is the only way to get rid of these blood suckers , then let it be. justice has to prevail one way or another.

  28. Why there was no demonstration during TPLF 20th reign on Terror? The reason is simple-TPLF has managed to instill fear among the people and people due to lack of leadership and due to continues betrayals by its own leaders people like Hailu Shawel, Ledetu and many other… people retired to despair!
    If anyone was expecting a demonstration on May 28th then he/she doesn’t have a good grasp on political facts on ground. The enemy at hand is totally emboldened by western donors and its ability to hide its the crimes it committing in ethiopia day in and day out and of course the non-existence of a functional opposition with in the country-all these factors have been contributing to the total submissiveness of the people who are worried everyday if they could put food on the table…. In fact those who were advertising those types of demonstration without making any necessary preparation on the ground to make it happen should refrain from engaging in such futile attempts as such actions could have severe psychological impact on may Ethiopians who were eagerly anticipating something to happen during the 20th anniversary of the tyrants in Ethiopia!

    Then what is the solution-the solution is the so called opposition leaders within the country need a sweeping restructuring and they need to get rid off the so called septagenrian doctors and engineers from their ranks and files. Medrek and Andenet need to fill young and aspiring leaders in the leadership circles not dying and old leaders who have made good living during consecutive regimes… these have vested interest in the keeping the status qou because they ebenfit from it-case in point -Hailu Shawel who is building a business empire instead of a functioning opposition… the list goes on and on!

    What Ethiopia need is leaders like Birhanu Baye and ofcourse those who lifted the gun to face this brutal regime in the language it understands well…unless those dramatic changes take place, I don’t see any change taking place in Ethiopia soon…we could talk about democray untill cows come home but what is needed is action !!

  29. During Jeremiah’s ministry to the people of Judea, the people of Jerusalem, out of their desperation and frustration, once said: “Harvest time is over; summer has ended, and we have not been saved” (Jeremiah 8:20). In the same way, the oppressed and tormented Ethiopians are not hiding their frustrations: they are saying to Elias Kifle, to Tinsae, to Beka, and to many other organizations, “May 28 has passed, and we are not yet saved.” My advice to the Ethiopian people is to be patient and to pray hard for their eminent deliberation from the evil reign of the Meles regime.

  30. for agamino #29
    Not your are not agamino your are shabia. Belive me one day you will bag ETHIOPIA to save your life from Muslim fanatics of your own.

  31. Dear Elias Kifle, Editor in Chief,

    There is nothing shocking,disgusting, and humiliating than the following story. The story is not connected to the topic on discussion; I just want the whole world to read it and understand with what kinds of people we are living.

    If you don’t post it, at least you can read it for yourself and share the story with your staffs.

  32. Dear Mr.Jiru # 3
    The informative comments you made well taken. But the association of world bank, IMF and UN with USA and EU you seem to avoid it. Please look at them, they are not created by God to fullfill the need of oppressed people.
    What goes in Egypt, Tunisia or Syria/ north Africa is not revolution; it is evolutionary movement, with leader, with no clear objectives, with no destiny. You don’t want this to happen to ethiopia.
    Organize, lay down clear objectives and know the roots of your enemeies.

  33. We must stop any form of discussion until we realize our god given basic human right to speak listen to write freely with out TPLF oppression
    WE MUST SAY NO TO TPLF ETHNIC APARTHEID AND DICTATORIAL RULE NOW—— and stop focusing on minor issues to take off our attention from TPLF brutal rule

  34. New York Times – re Weyane and Sudan !

    Woyane is too clever and smart ! It just can not be matched by any one on the continent. Desperate opposition and haters have zero chance of replacing Weyane in the near future!

    Weyane is about to deploy thousands of “peace-keeping” soldiers in the oil-rich Abiye Region of Sudan to help prevent a civil War between the two opposing parties. New York Times reports “Ethiopia is trusted by both parties in Sudan” and this demonstrates smart and long-sighted Weyane Diplomacy. (Stupid Shabia is opposing Independence of South Sudan). Weyane’s involvement in Sudan will earn it much respect, $ and most of all diplomatic backing from the international community for the role it plays in the region. Whatever happens UN and major Western Powers will side with Weyane.From now on toxic diaspora should give up their hope of Weyane going in the foreseeable future!

    Thank you PM Zenawi !


  35. My dear friends, I Warn u not to get carried away. The Ethiopian people are at the mercy of the brutal
    Weyane’s puppet regime who controlled from what & when the people eat upto, by deafult, what to think & who to support. The people are, basically, hostages. The people of other countries have, at least, their basic needs provided & even take it for granted that they have the luxury of accessing international
    media, possess facebook, Twitter & emails which empowers them to demand for more right. The vast majority of Ethiopian are poor & don’t really know when & where their next meal will be coming from. Whoever controls the food, controls the people. The Savage weyane has even used donated aid food to coerce the people to vote for the unelctable weyane to an unbeleivable 99.5% of the vote. It’s rediculous!
    The people of Ethiopia cannot sustain a protest for three days, never mind three months like in Egypt, Yemen, Spain, Greece, Iceland. The weyane can easily pull the plug out on the vast majority of the people. Weyane won’t even allow the people to listen to VOA or German Radio or watch ETSAT or EriTV. Weyane jams radio programmes that it doesn’t want the people to listen to & even pays the Chinese millions to jam satellite channels. The people are basically held hostage of Weyane & it’s security forces. There are only two ways where the weyane could fall apart. One is thru war it might open against Eritrea which would be the end of it this time as it has this time declared it’s objective to overthrow the Eritrean government. It, basically, will commit suicide as the wa will finish in Mekele in no time at all. It’s way way way beyond the capability of weyane to even overthrow an armyless Somalia by itself & own capacity, without the Military & financial help it got from the US. Weyane is a useless group of rag-tag murder squad who can only defeat unarmed villagers of old people, women & children.
    Another way of weyane Could crumbling is only if the West pulls the plug on the weyane. Basically, The weyane is totally reliant on the West, particularly, the UK & US, even to oppress, dispossess, disfranchise & politically & socially totally disable the vast majority of the poor people of Ethiopia. Weyane has already managed to buy off & enticed a chunk of the diaspora community to come & invest making them politically onside of Weyane & blackmailed. First strategy of a resistance movement is never to underestimate your enemy (weyane). Weyane is being advices by foreigners & knows how to debilitated the diaspora while Weyane would keep the people in the country in checks.
    There is one undeniable truth, those people who live in the region need to coopeprate first before before you lot seek help or cooperation from across the continent with a white man.
    Liberation starts from within yourself, in the mind first!!!
    God bless your struggle for a just justice!

  36. #9 Ginbot 20 Revolution,

    You and your types of cadres who boast beyond measure are simply foolish and brutish who willfully despise truth for gain. No one will be surprised with your love to kill innocent Ethiopians. What else is expected from ordinary Shiftas who never had any settled political strategy in the entire last 40 years? Your party is a political bandido who had never had any fixed goal. It has been and will remain to be, until it is forced from power, a coalition and amalgamation of thives, liers, modern robber barons, and adicats.In one word
    Your master and his cadres are incapable of comprehending what is brewing within our society- you guys are blinded by your own transgression against God and man kind. The types of comment you posted above is just what Ethiopians expect from willful wanton weyanes, such as yourself.

    Now, commenting directly on the subject, a popular national protest to topple the Shabian clique from center of power in Ethiopia is invitable.If all those who have a stake in the affairs of the country, forge their talent, resource and, yes, will together Melese will be under tremendous pressure to leave office peaceflly.However, as in the past we are left in the dark if there is any, if at all, preparation in store to mobalize, the public and execute this event. If this is not alarming enough, it is even perplexing to know about the official set day of May 28th well in advance of the planned event. Are we to believe this decision is well intended? Are we not compromising on the security and the activity of the participants by handing out the blue print of the planned activity to weyane security? Any ways,

    At any coast, the opportunity to topple the most irresponsible clique and replace it with liberal democracy that will upheld the rights and guarantee the freedom of citizens is within our means. We just need to be a little more discreet, well organized and more of action oriented activists than tons of talk and commotion.

  37. Well, everyone’s message was very important and Tangeble. Narrow minded woyanne must……………..go. without doubt. My question to all Ethiopians and honest democratic members are, these woyannes, TPLF and EPRDF are mus murdereres and will not leave us alone easily. There will be a lots of price to pay. In order to do that, our UNITY IS FIRST AND MY FELLOW ETHIOPIANS; PLEASE LETS BE UNITED. FOR Ethiopia Hagere AND WOGENEEEEEEE!!!!

  38. Those illitrate woyannes like Ginbot 20 rev were beggers and bare foot reaching addis with afro hair full of kicham now after 20 years of ferfari from a looted Ethiopian wealth they dont care for the starving
    Ethiopian kids that means that these dumbs will never learn unless they got strock by the peoples power.

  39. @Adwa man #47. bad news…… Shaebia never dies. Sheab means people and Shaebia means “of the people” or “popular” ….. So bad news for you as Shaebia is immortal. Your ignorance of the simplest of fact is dispicable. Dedeb weyane!!!!!

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