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Internet is down through out Ethiopia – update

UPDATE (7:00 PM Addis Ababa time)

Internet is now working in Ethiopia. Broadband connection to eastern Ethiopia is still down.


This morning Internet seems to be down all over Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Review has tried to communicate with its contacts in several cities and all of them have confirmed that they are unable to access their emails or read web sites. It is not clear who or what caused the shut down.

Banks and other organization that depend and Internet are also closed today, according to an Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa.

Heavily armed troops and machine gun-mounted truck are patrolling the city.

Yesterday we have reported that an unknown group has sabotaged fiber optics lines to eastern Ethiopia shutting down broadband internet connection to government offices and Woyanne-affiliated companies.

Next Saturday, May 28, the ruling Woyanne junta will celebrate its 20th years of misrule. On the same day, the junta is preparing for a large rally at the Addis Ababa Stadium in support of its Nile Dam scheme. Students and government workers have been ordered to show up at the rally.

Less than 2 percent of Ethiopians have access to the Internet (see here). This was done purposely by the Meles regime to keep the people of Ethiopia in the dark age.

26 thoughts on “Internet is down through out Ethiopia – update

  1. woyanne cannot control this huge country. Woyanne ruled not because they are too strong, but because the people didn’t challenge them. Now things have changed. People demand real democracy. Life is getting harder. Woyane is getting messier. So they will be overwhelmed by the people unless they move faster to democratize Ethiopia (which of course they will never do willingly).

  2. well done we will continew until the downfell of weyane regim. we will start 28 may demonstreat in all ethiopia an abrod. this is the day. god bless mama ethiopia.

  3. This is it. This is the moment to seize and bring change to the country. According to my personal belief, chance/ opportunity never comes twice. There is a big opportnity that our voice being heard by the world and get help from most powerful nations around the world. That is exactly what people in Arab world are doing. The wind of change sweeping in this part of the world must be made possible to pass through Ethiopia. We have to throw shackles of oppression that hold us back and come out in mass to overwhelme the oppressive machinary of this regime. Let me assure you that the regime would have no option than allowing people to continue protest if we come out in great number. I do not think they would have the courage to open fire on people demonstrating. That has been what happened in the middle eastern countries.

  4. I have my doubts that these are tactics used by TPLF to disrupt communication and create a semblance of false hope. We have to be careful on what we report. Although showing that the regime has lost control is an advantage, we have to also be careful not to fall prey to their design.

    Than being said, the fact that people are talking about uprisings and sabotage by itself is an advantage as it always shows that the even when a light goes out, people would plant and grow the seed of opposition that would take place in their minds. And this psychological connection with opposition is of major reminder to the people that something is simmering ready to explode and engulf TPLF out of power.

  5. The regime of the fascist and racist, Meles Zenawi is confused and panicking. Meles has had secret meetings with the Tigrayan military and security officers and has instructed them to stand on high alert.
    The rumours circulating in the Tigrayan community say that some extreme and anti-Tigray Amhara groups and their allies are trying to incite violence. Zenawi always uses the Amhara card to rally the Tigrayans behind him and his teachings which describe the Amharas as the sworn enemies of the people of Tigray have covinced his followers.
    Any talk with the Tigrayans concerning the Amharas shows the depth and bredth of the anti-Amhara feeling among them.

  6. Help me understand wegenochie …what the hell is Medrek and Andnet doing in Ethiopia…can anyone tell me what effeorts they r making to cause change….i am confused her…can’t the leaders go out demonstrating and risk even being arrested..isn’t that what the Ugandian opposition leader did? I swear i think the so called gudina, paulos, gebru and et all are just tools to prolog the regimes lease on life…after all what can we expect from opposition personals who let the only female leader burtukan in jail while they were enjoying their freedom….one would expect them to hand themselves in prision unless she was released…instead ..they admited they asked pardon to government ..and let burtukan suffer in prison…they are all there to warm up seats…good for nothing…thanks to them burtukan is now suffering from terrible depression and now she lost faith on her compatriots who let her rot in jail…and to make matters worse seye is heading to get his masters degree….it is a joke in the opposition gora!!

  7. It is unfortunate that the government regulates every thing in and out of the country. At Ethiopian time 8:20 in the evening, I was trying to chat with a family member on yahoo messanger. For few seconds we seemed to engage in conversation but both of us were missing what we were conversing to each other. Subsequently the line went dead.

    Mercy on us. We remain to refuse civilizaion. We repress and hit one another. Now is the turn of the adwans. They monitor from what we talk to each other to what we buy and eat. God mercy on us.

    The disapointed

  8. #11. Help-me,

    There is no use recycling the same sterile old questions lacking appropriate answers just like the last 20 long years. We have been asking help after help to understand the meanings of tyranny and its appropriate antidotes for a long time too.

    what we are talking now is completely different unity/alliances within diversity in order to organize a new and an earth shaking 21st century vibrant crosscutting people’s uprising to claim back their dignities and define their destinies by themselves as well as build democracy and transform that good country in to an island of peace, prosperity, tranquility, etc. where justice for all is held supreme.

    Tyranny and criminal dictatorship coupled with runaway bad governance and exploitation of the last 20 long yeas have reduced the divided and subjugated Ethiopian masses in to none entity shameless beggar society of the medieval type.

    The problem have been right here in Ethiopia for the last 20 long years but the solutions are now just discovered and tested in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere while adapted and on the verge successful in Ethiopia. Welcome and join the once in a life time party that is going to be life transforming action. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! CHANGE IS WHAT WE NEEDED!

    “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” ~Thucydides (Ancient Greek philosopher, 460-404bc)

  9. #13.abatireg,

    “talk talk talk talk …………. ha ha ha …….talk talk talk only………ha ha ha ha.” you authored. :)

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” ~Oriental philosopher :)

  10. to NO. 11. Help-me says:

    An opportunist like you need to look in the mirror when asking the same question you are asking about medrek and andnet. Yes the will do what ever you ask them to do while you are joking from your comfortable home through the web. Aren’t you the one who asks where your ten dollars went, let alone sacrifice jail and prison, you can’t even sacrifice a one meal or cognac worth of ten dollars. And if you do contribute 10 dollars towards helping the opposition, you would scrutinize and complain a 1000 dollars worth. Please shut up and learn to undo the opportunistic mind you got.

  11. To all commendable Ethiopians;

    The enemy that invaded our homeland, and looted and murdered Ethiopians must be completely crushed to its defeat.The enemy is composed of deceivers,murderers,and destroyers that had swallowed our children alive and robbed the resources of our country.

    Ethiopians will not stop the BEKA struggle against the suppressive and oppressive regime unless and until the minoriy rulers who run the system that they established two decades ago are defeated,captured and brought to justice.

  12. Pump up the volume. The heavy weights are rolling over the air heads. Either be with us- the people or blow with the wind. Continue the psychological warfare until the final push.
    Persevere Persevere. Persevere!!!

  13. There is no doubt that the blood thirsty woyane animals are doing everything in their power to stop the humiliation by blocking the news before it hits the international media. I wish the bloody hand Meles and his blood sucker puppets nothing but DEATH!

  14. The Ethiopian people and Woyanes are like oil and water, they will never assimilate, they will never agree this is proved in the last 20 years. Woyane is the number one enemy of Ethiopia, they are selling fertile lands to the Arabs and other foreiners. Our gold mine is sold to a foreiner. They are looting our country. We don’t know these peole they may finance terrorists. So we have to be carefull.

  15. You men of the Country of Ethiopia. Be brave stand on your two feet and accomplish what came out of your mouth. Protect the country and the people. Make sure you accomplish all the demands you put forth. Now you are talking Ethiopian Men! Ethiopian women, wives, sisters and alike atleast support your men. Encourage them out. Stay behind them to succeed. Fuel them to accomplish. Remind them to die like their anccestor! brave, real men and with dignity for their country and the people. There should not be backing off. Your heard it from religion leaders. Ethiopians became shameless. Young women openly prostituting the streets of every Ethiopian capital city, where they should have been in college and the leader of this country in many ways. If this is not devistating please lets dress alike and committ suicide. We cannot live with this shame for ever. We cannot live in this country being conguradulated for converting us to modern slaves. As we are the oldest nation in the world and bignners of civilization, if we have had democracy, justice and all that good staff can you imagine who would say what to who? Once it was predicted that Ethiopia will be the bread basket of Africa. Do not forget your ultimate responsibility as The Brave Men of Ethiopia. Check in your DNA, there are no fear of any kind in you. You have never been collonized. Wodefit Gifa Jegna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think TPLF gov shut down the internet.Most people in Ethiopia are very poor so most people don’t have access to internet.All most people want in Ethiopia today is to get 3 times a day meal.

  17. This is a very good start to stop the Woyane regime looting Ethiopia. The Woyanes are going to sell the whole Ethiopia if they get time. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear the Grand Menelik Palace is sold. The Nile Dam project is to deceve the Ethiopian people (Woyane in sheep’s clothing) . These are the same Woyane players, the only difference is that they have changed the ball. The people who are on a buying spree like Sheik Mahamed Alamodi of Saudi Arabia , the Indian inverstors and others should now that their possessions will be nationalized with no compensation. This should get their money from the Woyane accaunts which is accumulated in foreign banks. Sheik Alamodi has close ties with the Woyane, we have to investigate what links he has with the Woyane and abroad. Because we Ethiopians have the responsibility to know who is investing in our country and why? Terrorists may get a safe heaven in our country.

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