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Allow Red Cross access to Ogaden


Reports coming out of Ethiopia indicate that the mass arrest of the Oromos has continued unabated. Meles is engaged in a {www:witch-hunt} strategy to destroy any form of opposition to his dictatorship. Like most desperate dictators in North Africa and the Middle East he unsuccessfully attempted to associate the emerging new pro democracy movement with foreign forces.

The naked truth is that the minority dictatorial regime that has been in power for 20 years through brute force and fraudulent elections is severely threatened by the uprising that is brewing all over Ethiopia. Civil resistance is slowly but surely spreading in almost every part of the country. Like the dictators in the Middle East and North Africa, Meles is trying to deflect public attention by preposterously linking the pro-democracy movement in side Ethiopia and in the Diaspora with foreign forces.

The Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia (GCMCE) strongly condemns the latest {www:political machination} of the Zenawi regime, demands the immediate halt to the mass arrests, egregious human rights violations in the Ogaden, Oromia, and other regions, calls for the unconditional release of all political prisoners and the resignation of Meles Zenawi so that it paves the way for the formation of a Transitional Government.

We also call on the regime to allow the International Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to resume their operations in the Ogaden and other drought affected areas of Ethiopia.

Beka! Enough! Geye! Yeakel! Bass! Aloni! Ditteh! Wetandeem! Gides!

Freedom, justice, equality for the People of Ethiopia! Victory to the people of Ethiopia!

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Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia

3 thoughts on “Allow Red Cross access to Ogaden

  1. Cordoning off people so that they suffer to their death is the same method used by all leftist thugs in history. Didn’t Stalin starved 30-35 million peasants to death? That number is conservative estimate. How about Mao, Envar and that devil straight out of hell Mengistu? They all did that same. They are ruthless beyond pale. Boy, I despise them. They all had renounce the Almighty. The goon is going by his book. He had renounce the existence of the Creator and the Almighty has not been in talking terms with him for quite a while. God has stopped teaching and guiding him. May the Almighty strike him down by a deadly lightening rod and sniff him out. Even some of his own beast of burdens are getting the wind of his stinking smell (If I can believe what I am hearing from barren Makele).
    In the meantime, who are these folks with seemingly good intentions around The Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia (GCMCE)? Do they have a website? I appreciate if Brother Elias shed some lights on this one.

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