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Tigray Region president attacks peaceful protesters

Abay Woldu, President of Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray, yesterday has ordered the notorious Federal Police to attack peaceful residents of Mekele city who have been protesting an eviction order.

protest in Mekele, northern Ethiopia It’s reported that two weeks ago, on April 20, hundreds of Mekele residents staged a protest march against the order by the city administration to vacate their homes. When the protesters marched toward Abay Woldu’s office to air their grievance, the Federal Police stopped them and instead allowed only their representatives to meet with Abay. The representatives were promised that he will look in to the matter and give them an answer within a week.

Yesterday, government officials, escorted by heavily armed Federal Police troopers wearing gas masks, went to the neighborhood to mark the hundreds of houses to be demolished. When the residents started to resist, the Federal Police attacked them with tear gas. Several children collapsed during the attack.

Today, the residents regrouped and staged a protest. The Federal Police responded by savagely beating them and arresting those who are thought to be organizers, including Andom Araya, who was seen carrying the Ethiopian flag at the April 20 protest march.

The Federal Police also disarmed the local militia who have been sympathizing with the residents.

Abay Wolde is a politburo member of the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (Woyanne) and Meles Zenawi’s yes man.

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23 thoughts on “Tigray Region president attacks peaceful protesters

  1. TPLF is a rotten party. It is a private group owned by Azeb and Meles. The proud Tigreans who sacrificed so much with the hope of better Ethiopia are just being used as a scapegoat to enrich this tyrant family.

  2. Look just at EFFORT. It is a stolen wealth. Let alone a rebel group fighting a government, even a rich government gets into debt when it is in war (the US is in huge debt because of the wars). How come a rebel group financing so much war can at the same time save so much wealth? They just robbed the country. But when they rob Ethiopia, they did it under the name of Tigray. EFFORT is milked by Azeb and co. But the scapegoats are Tigreans. She appointed her self as CEO of a multi-billion company simply to siphon money. How come a stupid lady with little literacy and no business experience can be a CEO of such giant company? She is just an ugly greedy lady who digs a deep well to the final demise of her own family.

  3. Expect more from tyrant government. I believe Meles is doing this to show that he is not ethnicist and that his sticks are merciless even to Tigrayans. This guy is trying to tell the rest that he will spare no one. Well when the time comes the law of gravity has has never been proven wrong. But I still support the nile dam initiative.

  4. EFFORT is a woyanne organization build during their jungle time but was not that strong but to decipt the west relief organizations like that of Bob Geldoff and their foreign supporters (institution)to topple the military rule but not that big like the father of T.P.L.F Aboy sebhat wants us to believe but a fincial wing to loot Ethiopia as they were not that sure to stay that long and starts their work(looting)what ever they get starting from electric cable and different fabric engines and transport it to their strong hold and does not stop there keeps on with their mafia like act stealing many big gold crosses from different churches and till the day to day no one knows the where abouts of these historical treasuries after they crossed tekeze and does not stop since then ,the gold reserve that was changed with batlamera and 10 thousand ton cofee that dissapeared over night from the store and the kuncho woyanne (maffia bosse) appear in tv window the day after and threats Ethiopian coffee exporters to cut their fingers if it happens once again to cover his wife who has stolen it with 100% oh his knowledge which is all normal in the woyanne inner circle be it (lies loot decipt crime kill falsify fabrication )through out their adult life .

  5. Abay weldu of Axum-Adwa who is the deputy chairman of TPLF is messing with the wrong people: the people of Mekelle-Enderta, the place known for rebellion against repression, against opression, against corruption and against neopotism, against over taxation, in the long history of Ethiopia and it is also the birth place of some of the most known revolutions through out the last century namely that of 1943 Woyane that lasted for half a year, thanks to leaders such as Dej. Bezabih Negussie, Fittawrari Wedi Weldai, Basha Gugsa and Blata Hailemariam all from Enderta who said no for opression.

    Axum-Adwa man,

    Respect people’s right, and please Axum-Adwa man, Abay weldu respect your own law more than anything, and let the people of Mekelle-Enderta live like humans beings in the houses and homes that they constructed for themselves and for their children. Please take your racist politics (your awrajawinet and your subservient to wedi Zenawi, the Banda) to where you came from and depart from Enderta the home of Ras Woldselassie, Ras Araya Dimtsu, Atse Yohaness and Ras Seyoum Mengesha.

  6. If Tigray nothing to do with Melse & Azab ,they have to prove to Ethiopian people they are part of the revoluation “BEKA”should start from Tigreans they are Ethiopians ,but they have been silent for 20 years now when TPLF didn’t give them what they want they start protesting funny we the Ethiopian people always defined you when Badame happen you guys never been with as i will say loud ” TIGREANS LET IS SAY BEKA TO MELESE TOGATHER”.



    BEKA ,BEKA, BAKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEKA

  7. Yes Tigrayans, stand wit your brothers and sisters Ethiopians. Bring down TPLF that is trying to divide you from your brother and sister Ethiopians. Say no to blood money.

  8. The Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) has no respect even for the people whom it says it represents.

    For goodness sake, people are protesting because they are being told to go to hell for protesting against illegal eviction from their properties and the land they have owned and lived for generations.

    In the opinion of the TPLF, you should not protest when a TPLF official takes your land and demolishes your house. You have to keep quiet and simply disappear from the scene.

    -when they shut your business don’t protest, just accept it

    – when they tell you to disperse at a protest march just do it or else you will be shot in the head. (they used tear gas this time)

    -When the TPLF say you will not get a job unless you join our group and become a serevant,you should join or else you will have no job.

    The law of the jungle truly operates here.

  9. Do you think tyrant Meles hesitate to kill the Tigreans if he thinks his reign of terror is in danger. A tyrant knows only how to rule by all means and does not even hesitate to kill his own brothers and sisters or parents

  10. It is time for our Tigrean brother and sisters say enough is enough – BEQA and join their Ethiopian brother and sisters and fight the hodams and Tigrean gujeles

  11. OK. It is sad to see people getting this kind of response from the so called government who supposed to be elected by the people for the people. But when you have a country like Ethiopia when the people that call themselves government are un-elected, this kind of news (wore) is the norm. Now, we have tyhe head terrorist down, let`s make sure that those who terrorise the people brought to justice. Meles and his associates are by no means a representatives of any government but MAFIA. GOD BLESS AMERICA! I am celebrating the news. One down there are few more.

  12. Those who are created in the image of Meles do what Meles does, so Abay Woldu is doing what Meles has been doing on the rest of the Ethiopian people for so many years.

  13. Have you seen any one mortally hurt? No! Were the so-called ‘federal security forces came out with deadly weapon? No!! Did the goon’s lieutenants brought out and used those barbaric ‘Agazi’ snipers as they did in Addis in 2005 and before? The answer is astoundingly ‘No’ !!!!!!
    The goon is putting on a mock show!!!
    In the meantime, those former Derg henchmen who are still in the death row should be very lucky and thankful that there is a Tigrayan among them. They will live until they die a natural and a ‘dignified’ death being fed the best food in town all along. Folks!!! This is all a showpiece concert Dedebit style!!! Don’t believe it!!!

  14. THE eVIL SPRITED M Have Many times undermined the Ethiopians Deported from Eritrea by the Eritrean Government ,the so called 4000 buidings where built 90% by the Ethiopians who came to mekele deported by the Eritraen government,they have faced so many times harrasement reguarded as Shebia since they where lived in Eritrea and since their birth place is Asmara ,we all know those hard working Tefenakayoch have made a remarkable work in the development of the city from 1993 they came with nothing but they have changed the city in all manner of technical activities even Arkebe ukbaia have appropriated them ,we have Seen the cockroach Meles saying come Eritreans to Ethiopia is your second country give them their property ,i am not her to oppose the Eritrean they should get their property we know Eritreans more than Meles Eritrea is our birth land even though we are Ethiopians by blood and Citizenship what makes me very angry was that Meles is using Eritreans and Tigreans for his political goal ,we know him wht he have said when Shabia deported Ethiopians 1993 @the down fall of Dergue from Asmara keren in in human manner ,when the Journalis asked him why Ethiopian transitional gov intervene in the issue ,fe answered shame fully as much as they are in Eritrea or in Asmara they should obey what ever they do them ,he underlined why do they went to Eritrea ,dear friends from the beginning we do know that Eritrea was part of Ethiopia ,this realizes from the beginning he is flexible evil man in History , those Ethiopians know facing the sticks of the Agazi force of Meles have faced many perspiration and oppression when they where in Eritrea or Asmara and know they are facing similar from their government,in my Opinion the main actors who are disturbing Ethiopians and Eritreans specially the two Tigriga speaking brother hood people are the Coacroch Meles and the Mafia Issyas they resulted , We know there is no freedom of expression in Tigray the people of Togray is being ruled by systematic way of oppression what makes Eritrea and tigray differ each other is that Shabia provides full oppression by restricting the freedom of movement belief and forced National service when we cam to the TPLF woyane they provide freedom of movement ,and partial freedom of expression in Tigray but the main Enmy of woyane is the one who oppose their agenda clearly they want to know evry ones heart beat by providing partial freedom of expression if you run out of the border of the line marked by the group you will sucrify a large amount of scarification believe me,The Tigray people is the most oppresed one currently in Freedom of expression ,movement persicuation than other nation and nationalities some of the TPLF cadres think The people of tigray is our slave it doesnt make any sens if we say stop the people stops i am quit sure if the Tigray people is largely harrased by this group it will be the end to the group

  15. The best part of this story is the fact that the local police refused to shoot at their brothers and sisters. At the end of the day, this government will only be brought down by popular uprising. In such a case, strengthening the natural bond between local armed officials and the general public will be critical. We have to find a way to relay that message to the armed forces in the military and police. Their duty is to protect the nation from foreign enemies. The police job is to protect the public from crimes.

  16. God help the peoples of Tigray. On the north they are at the boder with the evil Shabia and in the south Chenawi has planted seeds of hate with our Ethiopian compatriots, now what are we going to do. It is time that we side with the rest of ethiopian people and say enough to this regime. All ethiopians should know that the people of Tigray has not benefited from Meles. He is rulling in our name. My tigirian fellows lets make history because this man will leave us with no friends in the north and the south. We will be sandwiched. Lets correct this by standing formly againt this evil leader. I am afraid for the futureof Tigray. BEKA trading in the name of tigray. BEKA BEKA BEKA

  17. I am in the process to create a mini website dedicted to the beka(yiakl)movment.i will announce the url lewti nileal.long live ethiopia&short live meles who trade in the name of we tigriayns.beka

  18. weyane/tplf regime is a cancer. it must be destroyed before it destroy you.

    long live eritrean-ethiopian cooperation.
    long live eritrean-ethiopian cooperation.
    long live eritrean-ethiopian cooperation.

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