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A senior Ethiopian church leader endorses “beka” (interview)

Abune Mekarios, one of the most senior leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, has called on Ethiopians to unite and say “BEKA” (enough) to Meles Zenawi’s dictatorship. Abune Mekarios sent out his message during an interview with ESAT. Watch parts 1-3 below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 4

50 thoughts on “A senior Ethiopian church leader endorses “beka” (interview)

  1. Abune Mekarios;

    All genuine papa like you speak only Truth. There are some who don’t believe this but I am convinced that You are The True Grand Son of Atse Yohannes. Your concise message demolished the tplf junta who are racists, fascists, liars, thieves etc. Who denies these characteristics? All the bad things came after the tplf era.

    I have a question to Kesis Yared of Columbus, Kesis Zebene of DC and Daniel Kibret (modern day opportunist) and their friends. You all, what did you feel when you hear this True Message? You do not know Aba Paulos or are not even close better than Abune Mekarios. Please tell me the your real inner feelings?

    God bless the True Sons & Daughters of Ethiopia.

  2. Your Holiness, I can’t thank you enough for speaking up the TRUTH.



  3. I like Aba Mekarios , he is speaking the truth! May God bless him !!

    The people power is more powerful than the people in power !!

  4. Thank you Aba Mekarios!! It is very encouraging that we have courageous fathers like you. In this day and age even the patriarch, the imam and the pastor are working hand in glove with butchers.

    May God Bless You!!

  5. Yes You are right, His Holiness Abune Mekarios is a carbon copy of the great Ethiopian Church leader Abune Petros.

    As to the race although He is what you said, religious fathers at the highest level do not mention their race (EXCEPT THE TPLF AFFILIATED ONES) as true fathers serve all the human race with the wisdom of God and truth in the bottom of their heart.

  6. Thank you Abatachen! Thank you for standing for the oppressed Ethiopians and speaking out against the looter and murderer Aba Diabilos. May God always keep you safe for the sake of Ethiopia/ns. May God open the minds of the blind supporters of Meles and Aba Diabilos to understand and receive your important message and wisdom.

    *Thank you Elias for sharing this up lifting message with us.

  7. Finally we see one religious figure shows a true concern to Ethiopia. I have been waiting to hear for long time and i hope other religious figure follow his foot step to come forward to condem meles setanawi. the only i would love to see was, aba mekarios use the word of God to validate his point. However, God bless him for his couragious words.

  8. #1 Comment on those Kesises is right. All are classical opportunists.
    Never trust them. Yes Abune Mekarios is our time father of ETOC.God bless his holiness.

  9. What a brilliant theologian standing with the people for the people!

    Even our LORD JESUS CHRIST and his disciples died while fighting against the brutal Roman colonialists and their Spineless rich Jewish collaborators of the time. ):

    It is really shame that the wayane Abba Paulos is so much sex maniac. What is his problem? Is he over consuming lots of Viagra tablets? Jesus!!

    I think that dictator Meles needs to send the sinful Abba as a laborer to build that grand dam and by that way help him pay in kind for his worldly sins against the lord. :)

  10. We need more religious leaders to speak out against Meles and Aba Diablos as Abune Mekarios has done. Yes, people say: a picture is worth a thousand words, but in Aba Diablos’s case the fact that he has aligned himself with looters and killers without making a single statement against the TPLF criminal activities and human rights abuse in Ethiopia for more than twenty years is worth more than thousands of pictures to confirm that the woyane patriarch is a godless worldly evil man that has the blood of so many Ethiopians in his hands. The looter Aba Diablos is the total opposite of a religious person is all about.

  11. To Ayida Belay:
    You wanted to understand Hewan’s piece negatively like WOYANES (most likely you are woyane). I understand Hewan this way. It is because of association of some individuals all evil acts and deeds of woyanes to TIGRIGNA SPEAKERS, Hewan asserted that the association of woyane with tigrigna speakers is not true and the speech of respected Abune Mekarios is a good example.

  12. Ewnet be Bale TARIKU Singer des yelal
    Betsu Abatachen Thank you so much may the almighty give you long life yes you are ye abune Petros Metek

    stay blessed

  13. May God bless our dear Papas and give him lengevity.Amen,Amen,and Amen.

    We shall gather the eneregy and stregth through the blessing of our dear lord,God;Ethiopians together shall crush the enemy to its eternal deafeat.Ethiopians,keep the faith,keep the struggle,and keep your spritual strengh intact and march forward to our common goal,defeat the enemy.

  14. I nominate Abune Mekarios for Post-Meles National Patriarch. Everyone should support this man for the next Patriarch. I have heard people reject TPLF, but I have never heard it so clearly spelled and outlined as Abune Mekarios made it.

    God Bless, Amen

  15. Abatachin, Aba Mekarios, Today and tomorrow, you are the hero to those hopeless Ethiopian immigrants who live in around the world. You are the hero to the those voiceless and powerless poor Ethiopian in Ethiopia. We Ethiopians live under the gun everyday by small ethnic group for last twenty years. It is time to stand united to remove these barbaric for once in for all. Ethiopia says BEKA. Where is Atse Tewodros? We need 100 Aba Mekario to push these barbaric ethnic group!!!!! Enameseginalen Abatachin Egziabbher tenawon yistlen!! Where Are those who called themselves Stupid “Educated People”????

  16. I admire the honesty and integrity of this spritual father. But I have a trouble time to understand how TPLF can be removed without bloodshed while all Meles army are private incontrary to Egypt which is national army.

  17. The right announcement and call on the right time. Arc Bishop Mekarious thank so much for all your support for “Beka” slogan. if we are united as it is woyane no more kill our country and our people.
    stay sronge our father God Bless.

    Thank you Eias Keflie for sharing as usual God bless you.

  18. Melese , lesson to Abune Mekarios of Mekele it is your last chance (BEKA) go Melese go go go go!! this time Nile DAM propaganda save you, you sold our kid, our land , our woman,or port nothing left BEKA!!!!!!!

  19. በቃ is a timely, catchy, effective and meaningfull message that must remain permenantely embeded in the mind of lost people.

    Beka to sinful lives; Beka to losing; Beka to darkness; Beka to the curse, Beka! Beka! Beka!

    Moratorium on Tejbet, Tellabet, Areqebet – Metetbet; Setenga Adari bet, Khat bet, Tenquai bet – Beka!

    Beka to foreign idologue and ideology – most of them idotic (in the end) when it comes to us – Beka to Marxism, Lennism, Maoism, Satanism, Demonism – Beka!

    Beka to Immorality, Apostasy, Rebellion, Backsliding, Ignorance, Backwardness… Beka!

    The alternative is the lives we lived the last 36 years or worse, evident in the implementation of subjugation, oppressions, limitation, exile, plunder, desperation, hopelessness, loss of identity, banishment from homeland, untimely death, poverty, discrimination… brought upon us by our ever entrenched ancient enemies abroad and within (ጠላት ከሩቅ አይመጣም), namely, the Babylonians, Medians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Arabs etc. We do not know the extent of our diseases for we are so in denial blinded by ignorance. Beka, Beka Beka!!!!

  20. Abune Mekariious!
    Our Holy father.
    Thank you, thank you so much.
    The God of Abraham, Yakob and the chilldren of Ethiopa bless you.
    We love you so much.

    Blessed is the man that walkth not in the counsel of th ungodly, nor standth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
    (Psalm 1:1)
    The so called pathriarch of the Ethiopian Church Aba Diabilos (lucifer) is usless beast.
    I am decesendant Abune Petros. An Ettiopian marthyr.
    We shall overcome!
    Ethiopia prevail!!


  21. Abune Mekarious
    our holy father.
    Thank you, Thank you so much. We love you.
    May the God of Abraham, Yishak,yakob and the children of Ethiopia bless you. We Ethiopians are the chosen people of the new tetamen. since we have accepted Jesus Christ as the son of God.

    Blessed is the man that walkth not in the councel of ungodly, nor standth in the way of the sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of scornful (Psalm 1.1)
    The so called patriarich of the Ethiopian Church is Aba Diabilos (lucifer).

    I as an desendants of Abune Petros, Abune Michael, Lidji Haile Mariam Mamo. Ras Abebe Argayi, Dejazmach Geru Duki, Zewudi Aba koran etc. the great Ethiopian Patriots, will never ever accept a Woyane apatheied ethnocracy in my country Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia prevail!!

  22. tt7,
    let’s not over use the “BEKA!” slogan, at this critical time our main goal and focus should be on to bring the end of Meles and his TPLF cadres. May the heavenly father free Ethiopia from the brutal TPLF regime that have looted and killed the citizens of Ethiopia. BEKA to dictatorship! BEKA to Meles and Azeb! BEKA to Agazi Army! BEKA to all Woyane criminals! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—Amen! Amen! Amen!

  23. A man of God is always to be found with the people of God, carrying their burdens on his shoulder, listening very closely to their daily grievances about the high prices of food, oil, and other essential commodities imposed blindly upon them by greedy, oppressive, and godless leaders, taking notes how their government is running their country, and exposing the evil leadership of that government to the world. Of course, a man of God first sends his fatherly advice to those responsible for the day to day businesses of the common people and warns them to follow justice and the rule of law.

    When a man of God has the facts that evil men and evil women are running the country, looting its resources, enriching themselves, depositing in foreign banks the money they have stolen from the hard-working peasants, he disassociates himself from such ruthless leaders and fearlessly condemns them. Such a man of God, I dare say, is his holiness Abune Mekarios, a fearless Elijah the prophet, a fearless John the Baptist, and a true follower of Jesus Christ.

    When Ahab, king of Samaria, insisted Naboth to sell him his beautiful garden, very close to Ahab’s palace, Naboth responded to Ahab, “The Lord forbid that I should sell you my ancestral inheritance .” Ahab went home very angry at Naboth; however, his wife Jezebel conspired and murdered the poor Naboth and congratulated her husband that she had murdered Naboth. She told him to go down immediately and possesses Naboth’ beautiful garden. Happy and relaxed, Ahab went down to take to himself Naboth’s garden, but God’s plan has always been different from man’s plan. So Ahab was shaken when he saw at the garden the man of God, Elijah the prophet, standing there like a huge Ethiopian eucalyptus tree. So, out of his enragement and animosity, Ahab said to Elijah, “So you have found me, my enemy!” The fearless Elijah responded to Ahab; “I have found you, because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord” (1st Kings 21:1-29).

    God knows how many Ethiopians have lost their ancestral land like Naboth, who said, “The Lord forbid that I should sell you my ancestral inheritance”! Hundreds of Ethiopian peasants who refused to leave or sell their land, their inheritance, might have been murdered or sent to jail by the Woyanne regime. The blood of Naboth reached God’s throne as soon as Ahab’s wife Jezebel murdered him, and God the Almighty sent Elijah to denounce the crime family, Ahab and his wife Jezebel. In the same way, God has inspired his holiness Abune Mekarios to go out and tell to the world what his holiness has witnessed – the atrocities Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb) have committed in Ethiopia for over 20 years. Some people from the Meles family may have tried to silence Abune Mekarios not to say anything about the poor living conditions of the Ethiopian peasants, but a man of God cannot be silenced from telling the truth to the world.

    When John the Baptist saw the immorality of King Herod the tetrarch, John didn’t back up from telling Herod that it was immoral and illegal to take his Brother Philip’s wife, Herodias to be his (Herod’s) wife. John said, “It is not lawful for you to have her” (Matthew 14:4). Of course, John the Baptist, for telling the truth, was imprisoned and later beheaded by Herod the tetrarch.

    Immorality is not just taking one’s own brother’s wife to be your wife; immorality includes any illegal activities such as selling lands to foreigners without the permission of the rightful owner of the land, rigging votes, stealing the people’s hard-earned money, jailing and killing people without fair trials, and being an accomplice of all illegalities.

    I think Abune Mekarios has done the right thing by running away from Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his wife Jezebel (Azeb) to save his life as Elijah ran away from Ahab and his wife Jezebel who threatened to kill him after Elijah slaughtered four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and four hundred prophets of Asherah in the valley of Kishon. Elijah did this because he was very zealous for the Almighty God (1st King 18 and 19). However, Abune Mekarios did not hurt any of those Ethiopian enemies physically, but his strong message that all Ethiopians at home and abroad must come together to bring down the Meles regime may have indeed shaken that oppressive regime from its foundation.

    It is my ardent desire and undying hope his holiness Abune Mekarios’ urgent call for unity will galvanize the Tigrean army to join the silent Ethiopian revolution and give it a new life, a new meaning, and a new direction in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  24. We have seen one courageous Bishop among many others who can stand up in public and declare a national unity to liberate the Ethiopian people from their dire conditions, and this holy Bishop is Abune Mekarios. Is it also possible from the Ethiopian Muslim community to see one pious Imam come forward and condemn the Meles regime? A Muslim Imam though may think twice before he joins Abune Mekarios and leads the faithful to the same goal – the removal of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) from his office. An Ethiopian Imam owns property; he has wives and many children; therefore, he fears he may lose his property and his family if he publicly declares war against the evil establishment of the Woyanne government. On the other hand, an Ethiopian Bishop or Archbishop owns almost nothing except his askema (ቆብ) or mitre; he does not have a wife or children, and he dedicates his entire life serving the faithful. When he sees injustices in his country, he will be one of the first Ethiopians to give his life to restore justice in the country. I am sure there are some Ethiopian Imams who are on the side of Abune Mekarios, but we have not seen them yet sharing the views of Abune Mekarios with other Ethiopian Muslims. Why not?

  25. A man of God fears no one but God. God bless you Abune Mekarios. Ethiopia is in dire situation and the church as allways is the vanguard of the state of Ethiopia, as Abune Petros said no to the destruction of Ethiopia in the 1930’s. We are lucky to have beloved Tewahido church fathers at our trying times. The Ethiopian orthodox church needs be acknolwedeged as the guardian of Ethiopia and needs to be placed in its rightful place.

  26. ውል ውል አለኝ ደጅህ
    ውል ውል አለኝ ደጅህ
    የደጀሰላሙ: የግቢው መሃዛ
    የቅኔው የወጉ የአነጋገር ለዛ
    በክርስትና ህግ የታሸው ባህሌ
    እዚያው ቀርቷል ለካ ውስጠኛው አካሌ
    መስቀል አደባባይ ዳመራው ዝማሬው
    እልልታ ጭብጨባው ማህለቴ ግንቦው
    አክሊልና ልደት ንግስና ታቦቱ
    ይመስጥ የለም ወይ የህዝቤ ውበቱ
    ሁራኤል ገብርኤል ሚካኤል ባህታ
    ቅዱሳን ከበቡት ሆነውት መከታ
    በእሳት ሰረገላ ተከቦ መሬቱ
    ጠላት አያስገባም ይፍጃል እሳቱ
    ተው ተው መድያናአልም ተው ተው የኔ ጌታ
    አንተ ብቻ እኮ ነህ ይሀገሬ አለኝታ
    ሲርበን ሲጠማን ማረን እንላለን
    የሰማዮን መስኮት ፈጥነህ ክፈትልን
    ውል ውል አለኝ ደጅህ
    ውል ውል አለኝ ደጅህ:: -ይ/ኃ 2003

  27. +++++++++++++++++++++

    ኢትዮጵያ ሆይ ተነሽ ክብርንም ልብሽ:
    በአዲሱ ምስጋና ይሞላ ልብሽ
    የተወደደ ነው በእግዚሃብሄር ህዝብሽ
    የአህዛብ ብልጽግና አያስቀናሽ ፍጹም
    አላፊ ጠፊ ነው ምኞቱም አለሙም
    ደመና ነውና ይበናል በቅስፈት
    በግፍ የተገኘ የተከማቸ ሀብት
    ይልቅ በቅንነት በሰላም ለሰራ
    ሲሳዮም ብዙ ነው ክብሩም አያባራ
    ጉቦና ፍትህም ማጣመም እንዳለ
    ከወንጌሉ ጋራ አለብን መዛመድ
    እግዚሃብኤር ያለው ሰው ለሱ የታመነ
    ከግፍ ስራ ህመም አካላቱ ዳነ
    ክርስትያን ነኝ ብሎ ጉቦ የሚበላ
    የሚያቃጥል እሳት ያገኘዋል ዋላ
    በመታመን ጸጋ ይጠራ ስማችን
    እውነተኛ እንሁን ለውድ አገራችን
    የራሱን ስይሻ ለሀገር የሚያስብ ሰው
    በእግዚሃብኤር ዘንድም የተወደደ ነው:: -ይ/ኅ 2003

  28. Bless the land,bless our dear father,bless the patriots.

    May all Ethiopinans have prayers and thanks-ginving to God for having given us the holy patriarich,our father to lead us in deep spritual path to reach our victorious destiny, defeating our common enemy to its eternal death,in its grave,deep and wide,dark and cold,consumed to hungry demons,devils,and angry satans,to their joy and satisfaction.

    Death to the enemy!!!

    Victory to all Ethiopians!!!

  29. It has been now twenty years since woyane declared war on Ethiopia and Ethiopians;since then,we lost to the enemy A) Sacred lands to the humanbeings and wildlives B)Dickons,priests,holy churches, Abunes that belong to God and Ethiopia C)Large portion of territories that belong to Ethiopia since creation D)Babies,little girls,and young women that belong to Ethiopians.

    But,we’ve not lost hope;not even an ounce and an inch.Throughout our twenty years struggle against the enemy,we became bigger and stronger,wiser and deep thinker,and propeler and mover chasing the enemy away from all direction and made it scatter in chaos.

    We thank God for delivering his words through Abune Mekarios leading us to the invevitable victory.We all,Ethiopians will keep the words that his holiness delivered to us in keeping the faith and the struggle to free our country and people from the enemy.

    We trust in God.

    Victory to all of us!

  30. As Legese Zenawi practices a political prostitution,Aba Paulos does too by the name of god and Ethiopian tewahdo church.This fake and diabolic individual is a very narrow minded extreme tigrayan,who will never hesitate to slaughter thousands of innocent Ethiopians by sending his ignorant religius militia who reside in Addis and are well off with weyane”s stolen money.He is a pervert who flirted with Beyonce Knowles,the singer who is well known for dressing up with very short mini skirt with extreme sexy outlook.HE is indeed a sexual pervert forget a patriaech.

  31. The criminal,Aba Paulos is the right hand of Meles Zinawi as other looters and murderers are.

    Aba Paulos is just a devil that entered in the holy churches and does the work of Meles Zinawi;he is an addict to all sorts of alchol and has been committing wicked adultury to the women that he knew from the past and that he came accross in varieties of events,coincidences,and incidences;of course,he is rich and wealthy with a lot of blood in his stealing hands.

  32. Wow! when i watched the video i was shocked,because i never thought a true church father like abune petros exists in our generation. petros stood for the truth and gave his life for his country and religion.

    these days it is rare to see church fathers like abune mekarios who did not afraid to tell the truth. he spoke for the millions of ethiopians who doesn’t have freedom and live in fear. our fear is killing us one by one. One day, when we be able to overcome the shadow of fear surrounding us, we will see the light of freedom.we might even wonder why it take them this long to wake up and see the truth. GOD BLESS AND LONG LIVE ABATACHEN ABUNE MEKARIOS.

  33. Solomon,

    I’m wondering why not you post who are not even supporting this
    notion of endorsement? I’ve many friends who wrote their opinion against; none of those comments were posted. If you really believe in democratic process & criticize woyane for being non-democratic, why not you be an example? You & I know that Jesus never endorse killing others.
    Show me in the Bible where Christ endorse fighting or killing. The religious leader who endorse killing is from his own opinion. His opinion is his . Do not mix Christianity with personal opinion. He can personally endorse blood bath without mentioning Christianity. This is completely a crime playing on the mind of innocent Orthodox Christian citizens who genuinely follow Christ without reading the Bible but rely on their priests to tell them what is in it. This is getting support using someones weak point to promote someones agenda. Do we really need an endorsement to motivate us to fight for justice ? Do we really need someone in religious figure to tell us to kill someone ? You know what..? Vatican was once endorsed the fascist Italians to fight & kill INNOCENT Ethiopians. You’re playing the same game. This is a win win to Woyane to use this cheap propaganda of endorsement.
    Wow! the Ethiopian people were waiting for this endorsement to slaughter their fellow citizens. How come they’re not going out and kill each other to satisfy you and your peers ? It means it didn’t work. Woyane , EPRP & Derg used the same cheap propaganda for selfish reason. To be honest, Ethiopia is in a crack where no human power will bring its relief EXCEPT GOD HIMSELF. We’ve to recognize that our muscle is not big enough to do this job & repent our sin for what we made in the name of religion & also for relying on our might. Ethiopia is a land of promise. GOD NEVER EVER GIVE AWAY HIS GLORY TO SOMEONE, GOD WANTS TO SAY “I DID IT” & we come to the point to say “HE DID IT”. If we’re not ready for that, the fate of Israelite will be ours perishing in the wilderness for their stubbornness.

    I’m not writing this to be posted which I know you won’t! But I’m writing to you to stand with your conscious rather than a popular idea and face the consequence.

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