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Langano says BEKA!

BEKA has now spread to outside of Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Review has received the following photo that was taken at the Langano Wabishebele Hotel today (see below). The slogan is also written on hotel room and bathroom walls at multiple locaitons. BEKA (enough) is a slogan that calls for the end of Meles Zenawi’s 20 years of dictatorship and misrule. Langano is a resort Ethiopian town about 200 km south of Addis Ababa.

8 thoughts on “Langano says BEKA!

  1. 1. Does ethiopia will have progressive leader after the present or will it be militar dictator like egypt or derg?
    2. Can the blue nile dam unite all ethiopian regardless of their back ground or ethnicity?

  2. Yes it time for woyane( minority tigrian regime) to go. Beka! Gaye! It is also a time for all Ethiopians of all ethinic background( including Tigre) to take over the power.

  3. Kg, your quetion deos make sense but from now on I belive who ever is in power will do a better job not only they want to time has change if one is not uniting us. the power will be short term regardless of who take the power. it is not the 60’s,70’s nor the 90’s but the right time for anyone not to make a mistake. likly mengestu were in a better time. I belive what is life after all not ending up in person after having 10, 20 years of lexury. or lossing your is not worth it.

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